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About Engineering Made Easy

Engineering Made Easy, Sector 34-A, is an elite coaching institute in Chandigarh for the preparation of various competitive examinations for the engineering students. Engineering Made Easy is quite popular amongst the engineering aspirants as well undergraduates for being a one-stop solution to all their preparation worries. Courses Offered The institute offers courses for the preparation of a wide range of competitive examinations that an engineering aspirant has to face. The courses offered include short-term and long-term programs for GATE, PSU's, IES, UGC-NET, JEE, DET, JET and LEET examinations. Faculty & Course Content Engineering Made Easy boosts of a highly refined and well-structured course content. The courses are such designed to be exam-oriented, focusing more on the important topics. Moreover, an experienced and well-qualified set of faculty members makes ‘Engineering Made Easy’ the preferred choice of the engineers to be. Fee structure The fee structure varies with the type and the duration of the course. However, EME claims to be one of the most affordable in the region, given the quality of teaching and the content they offer.
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Engineering Made Easy Reviews

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Praveen Singh
Praveen Singh Image

I find it maths subject a difficult one to crack but this coaching centre in here help me overcame this subject

mehak Image

I found it really hard to solve the questions in here, the teachers never gave up on me , they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions.

Aditi Image

If you think that the coaching institute would increase your skills and help you with the best possible in this coaching, then you are to your best and you should do that right.

Sukhwinder kaur
Sukhwinder kaur Image

In this coaching institute, the best part is that the things are prepared really very well out there in between the coaching academy around the corner of the institute probably the best coaching in here.

amrita Image

Whenever you talk about gate, its always to talk about this coaching, probably the best coaching in here since this one is the best of this coaching academy in here.

Amit Image

I believe that I really like the exams which this coaching prepares us for the coaching academy, probably the best coaching in here which has had been there in this town.

surbhi Image

Apart from every single concept that I study in this coaching institute I believe that the best part is that the teacher hear the students here which has had been there in this. This is one of the best coachings so far.

Rajesh kumar
Rajesh kumar Image

I think the best coaching in here is this one in terms of the everything which we see at this coaching institute in this town.

Balkaran Singh
Balkaran Singh Image

This is the best coaching no matter what whatever you say, since the teachers here are the best here in the part of the coaching institution being around for the same.

Sahil Image

I believe that I really like the exams which this coaching prepares us for the coaching academy which has had been there in this town.

Kriti Image

The gk taught by the teachers is really very great as far as the coaching institute is being seen which have had been there in this coaching academy.

munna lal
munna lal Image

Apart from every single concept that I study in this coaching institute I believe that the best part is that the teacher hear the students here which has had been there in this.

Shubham chauhan
Shubham chauhan Image

I remember I was in group of 20-25 students preparing for Gate every day grinding and pushing harder and harder. This institute has all the right tools to crack Gate

Naresh kumar
Naresh kumar Image

Online teaching material is for me the best for this centre with a healthy competition is always surrounds the classrooms of this coaching

Pushpa Image

There are smart works and then there are hard works and this coaching has proven to be the best out of the smart work.

Tamanne Image

The coaching has provided us all the information or the psu and for the rest of the organizations being in here.

Adarsh Image

The coaching helps us with the interview session which is the most important session which comes along the way.

Gjgfg Image

The best part of this coaching is to helps us even when we are not in the distress mode.

Suraj Image

I think that the best part of this coaching institute is when the coaching institte clears all the concepts of the students in the coaching institute.

vijay kumar
vijay kumar Image

Good for you if you are preparing from this coaching institution, since this coaching actually stands apart from the other coaching institutes and has had been really awesome too.

gurinder singh
gurinder singh Image

 The teachers of the coaching institution would want each and every of the student of the institution to be successful and be able to achieve their dreams and for the the coaching has a part too.

Simrandeep singh
Simrandeep singh Image

Regular tests are being held in the coaching institution which boost up the ranks of the students in a sigle shot.

hardik Image

This coaching doesn’t just cover the syllabus but ensures that each and every student in the coaching gets to understand each and everything in here.

shrey Image

The teachers of this coaching have a talent of making the students comfortable about what they feel difficult for the exam.

kapil Image

The coaching institutes’ teachers are a way too professional. They know how to make students comfortable and smart.

Mayank Mittal
Mayank Mittal Image

The teachers at the coaching institution give you a great way to think better, practice more and then get really acknowledgment by their medals of the students which have had been offered. 


This coaching institution was my first inclination when I had chosen up to show up for the SSC tests in there. They have had committed with the experienced and the exceptionally qualified staff in here at the time of it.

akash verma
akash verma Image

Generally there is excellent institution for the SSC prep in here at the town. Profoundly qualified personnel and great outcomes delivered each year.

mandeep kaur
mandeep kaur Image

The mock tests would have helped you a lot. They have had been provided us with the training workshops which motivated us a lot of the skilled teaching.

Rohit Bharhav
Rohit Bharhav Image

Much to my satisfaction, the faculty that I got at my Centre is highly experienced. They provide you a library full of competitive books which you can also get issued in there

gurinderpreet Image

They have had been holding an excellent track record of helping thousands of youths getting their dream jobs in Banks.

Surabhi Image

It has had been the best coaching institute which will make you to enhance your skills and techniques to crack your entrance exam. Guidance factor is the main key which should be assessed before you select an exam coaching academy.


Very very great coaching institute. Helpful and then the competent faculty in the coaching

Vijay Image

Good instructors are always being there and then with great knowledge and friendly nature. Thank you for guiding and instructions to build our future efficiently of the coaching.

Shivam sethi
Shivam sethi Image

Friendly and then the fact and then the supportive teaching environment in this coaching. Excellent teachers who motivate students to excel through effective teaching methods.

navjot Image

The best institute to conquer your dream scores in SSC and the several and the other competitive exams which has had been in the coaching IN THE TOWN OF BEING THERE.

sachin kumar
sachin kumar Image

I have had experienced that the coaching is one of the best coaching in time of the academy coaching,

Ishani Thakur
Ishani Thakur Image

If you study harder enough to get in touch with the teacher you wish for, then you may ask the doubts on the very personal number of the teacher and the coaching itself too.

pooja Image

The concept to deal the question with the coaching institute is excellent and gives visual and audio connection having had both the facilities in this ssc coaching.

Ankush Rana
Ankush Rana Image

The coaching academy in the city has had been to the conducting the tests at the same time which has had been improving my speed of the question solving and has had been also helped me to develop the self confidence.

Arun Image

The classes at this coaching are amazing, the teachers are really helping and understandable in the coaching academy.

sameer kumar
sameer kumar Image

The coaching institute has been special point which is speed test for us. I think this is very good point in the coaching academy.

Arvind thakur
Arvind thakur Image

The concept of the coaching institution to deal the question is excellent and gives visual and audio connection both

anirudh Image

All the staff of the coaching institution has had been has been really helping and co-operative, are well discipline and very well educated. The Academic program of the coaching institute is fabulous.

Ujjawal Image

The coaching institute has the special points which are a great speed test for us. I think this is a very good point of this institution at the coaching institution in here.

sandeep Image

all faculties are highly experienced and qualified,The atmosphere and receptionist are good , peace environment and doubt clear in doubt session.


Test series of this coaching institution is very very important and subjective. Their motivational sessions are proven very helpful for the students.

Riema Image

Faculties of the coaching institution here has been very very much of the experienced stuff, and they teach us with brilliant strategy. They teach us with the new tricks and kicks.

Anurag Image

The students of the coaching institution are very much of the updated about each and every status in the field of the competition of the exams.

Pk Image

If you have had studied harder enough to get in touch with the teacher, then you may ask the doubts of the coaching on the very personal number

Aashu Chopra
Aashu Chopra Image

All of the staff, which has been present in the coaching institute are very very well disciplined and are very well-educated. Academic programs of the coaching is fabulous.

9053425063 Image

The coaching institution has been really a special point which is speed test for us. I think this is very good point of this coaching institute

sonia Image

It's very good coaching center they have had brilliant teachers and healthy study environment for the students.

Subrat Kumar
Subrat Kumar Image

It has always maintains a healthy competition among student s and the strive to give their best.the study material provided by them is exceptional.

Saurav Image

The good thing is that the doubt classes are pretty great. There are lots of teacher seating there to clear all doubt of student.


The mock arrangement which is being held by the fat that are best in helping students to hit their dead center.

Anushka Image

The personnel of the coaching institute is very very improved with learning and they orchestrate question sessions to make every one of the ideas obvious to the students.

dinesh Image

It has had been given me a great career. They taught me from basic to advanced level.

akriti Image

The concept of the coaching institute is to deal the question is excellent and gives visual and audio connection both.

Amrit Image

One of the best, with the quality of the teachers, who are available whenever needed, thoughtfully planned classes to help us prepare methodically and cordial staffs who help us go through the process more smoothly.

asif Image

The establishment of the coaching institute has a distinct feature which is the training test for us. I think this is generally excellent purpose of this establishment.

harpreet Image

The faculty of the coaching institute and particularly the administration are profoundly effective and sorted out.

neel kamal
neel kamal Image

There is close to home attention given to the students and the students relationship with the board is awesome. The instructors here are extremely pleasant and supportive.

Nidhi khurana
Nidhi khurana Image

Very Good Faculty. Teachers complete their syllabus in time plus notes are very helpful. We can spend long Hours at Library too in the coaching institute.

Rohit Image

Good teachers with incredible learning and well disposed nature. Much obliged to you for controlling and directions to fabricate our future proficiently.

Rajan Image

A great environment for a novice. It helps one to gain knowledge. It is quite impressive for coaching and source of immense knowledge in the coaching institute.

manisha Image

Best coaching centre in the city .Maths teacher is really a great teacher. Daily online topic makes it the best in the coaching institute.

arvind bhagat
arvind bhagat Image

Such a beautiful and good environmental is there at the coaching institute coaching center for SSC preparations

Jhansi Image

They administrate great. All are by and large well control and accomplished. All staff is very coordinating.

isha pamecha
isha pamecha Image

The staff is exceptionally qualified. They choose specialists who have been in the line since last 15-20 years. The tests led help us to assess our position and endeavours we have to additionally put.

ritu pandey
ritu pandey Image

All concepts are taught very clearly with deep understanding. Even when we fail to do work on our part, they acknowledges each of us in knowing the problems which we face& guide us always in best way.

Prem singh
Prem singh Image

The faculty members for every subjects are the best. Getting best support here.

Sikander ali
Sikander ali Image

The faculty are really nice and cooperative. Everyone are very supportive and reception officers are very friendly and they help students very much regarding their doubts and any problem which is faced by the students.

Smriti Image

Personally interactive teachers, top-class infrastructure and quality students. Everything one needs to learn and prepare.

gajal Image

A very knowledgeable staff with the use of best methods to ensure students success. Will definitely recommend it to others.

navjot kaur
navjot kaur Image

The tutors are very cooperative and give attention to every single query. wonderful experience!!


Great institution with best faculty . They solve each and every doubt. The staff keeps you motivated and guides you from time to time. Study material is also very good in this coaching.

Sonia S
Sonia S Image

The faculty and then the staff is really helpful. The study material is well arranged and organised.

Tanya Image

The classroom decorum of the coaching has been well maintained with a both friendly and competitive edge.

Gurpreet jassal
Gurpreet jassal Image

greatest institude in chandigarh

diksha jindal
diksha jindal Image

The institute is very nice in terms of academics. The faculty has a wide knowledge of subjects. The studious environment adds to the advantage. Best wishes

Charu Kalra
Charu Kalra Image

The faculty is cooperative and helpful. Proper assignments are give time to time to give encouragement to students. Time to time counselling is also done for all the students. tests are also conducted timely.

Tanya Bhardwaj
Tanya Bhardwaj Image

This institute is tremendously brilliant in providing the best pathway for gate preparation. The provided study material includes all the topics with the best set of questions, its hints, solutions and most effective way to approach a problem. The faculty is very motivating, helping and students are provided special attention for their doubts during doubt sessions.

Pragya Sahni
Pragya Sahni Image

The faculty as well as the study material is very good. Each student is individually given time by the faculty to handle problems related to the course

Sonia Goyal
Sonia Goyal Image

A very good institution indeed.. helps a lot to achieve engineering goals. Nice faculty and helpful teachers..

Shimona Arora
Shimona Arora Image

Institution is awesome...It helped me a lot in gaining good education. Study material was quiet good. Nice faculty . Good environment

aditya  Image

yes , this institution needs to be recognised , its have the most amazing teachers in chandigarh

Anuradha Rao
Anuradha Rao Image

Best institute in chandigarh. :)

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