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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

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Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

Updated: Jan 9, 2024

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is less than 2 months away. The majority of the registration part has been concluded but the rest is still left. This exam is crucial for individuals seeking valuable Master’s programs in reputed Engineering Institutes in India.  

What is GATE?

So, JEE and GATE are the same thing? Nope, a lot of students are confused regarding these two. JEE is for 12th-pass students seeking an engineering, architecture, or planning course in the most reputed engineering institute while GATE is for graduates looking to do a Master’s in engineering from reputed institutes. 

So, if you are also one of them, there are some details that you must know before appearing for GATE 2024. Information like exam pattern. The syllabus, preparation tips, etc. will not only help you in your preparation but also increase your chances of ranking higher. 

GATE 2024 Event Dates

The registration started in August 2023. Yes, the process has come almost to an end now as the examination will take place in February 2024. But you can still refer to the below-mentioned dates to confirm if you missed something or not. 



First Notification Released

4th August 2023

Registration Date

31st August to 12th October 2023

Application Scrutiny 

30th September to 31st October 2023

Registration with Late Fee

20th October 2023


November 24, 2023

Admit Card

3rd January 2024

GATE Exam Date

3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th February

Response sheet

February 16th 2024

Answer Key

February 21st, 2024

Objection Making Against Answer key

22-25 February 2024

Final Results 

16th March 2024

Scorecard Available 

From 23rd- 31st May

Eligibility Criteria (GATE 2024)

To appear for GATE 2024, Individuals must fit in all the below-mentioned criteria. Remember, the criteria slightly change for international students. 


There is no specific age bar determined for candidates, They must be graduates and that’s all. 

Educational Requirements:

Students residing in India must be graduates or at least in the last year of their UG program to appear for this test. On the other hand, students residing outside India must have completed their UG program to be able to take this test.


The good part is that students can appear as many times as they want. So, keep trying.

How to Apply for GATE 2024

Submitting your GATE application is not tough at all. You just need to open the official site and you will get all the resources you need to complete your application process.


To register for the GATE 2024 examination, you need to visit the official site and click on the registration link given.  After that, you have to create an account using your email and phone number. Don’t forget to verify both.

Form Fill-Up:

To fill-up the form, you need details like ID proof, address proof, photograph, sign, mark sheets, etc. You can also check

Fee Payment:

Fee payment is the last step. Remember, your application will be considered only after you complete the payment.

GATE 2024 Admit Card Collection:

You need to log in to the account you created when registering to get your GATE 2024 admit card. So, save the credentials for later use. 

GATE 2024 Fees

Different fees are determined for different categories of students. Moreover, for female students, there is a relaxation in fees.  But if an applicant delays the fee payment, he/she needs to pay extra charges. 

Student Category

Fees Per Paper

Delay Charges










GATE Exam Pattern(2024)

The exam pattern of GATE 2024 is set to examine the recall, comprehension, analysis, and synthesis abilities of Students.

Exam Mode: CBT (Computer Based Test)

Total Marks: 100 each paper

Questions: 65 each paper

Question Type: MCQ and NAT

GATE Marks Distribution

The mark distribution varies from paper to paper. They are as follows: 

Paper Name

Marks Distribution

Marking System


General Aptitude: 13 Marks

Subject Questions: 85 Marks

⅓ mark deduction for every 1 mark MCQ wrong answer.

⅔ mark deduction for every 2 mark NAT wrong answer


General Aptitude: 13 Marks

Subject Questions: 72 Marks

Engineering Mathematics: 13

⅓ mark deduction for every 1 mark MCQ wrong answer.

⅔ mark deduction for every 2 mark NAT wrong answer

Syllabus for GATE 2024

To get the syllabus of your papers, you simply have to follow these steps. 

  • Visit the site and keep your cursor on the tab named “Get Papers.”

  • After that, you will see a list appear and you have to click the option “GATE 2024 Test Papers & Syllabus”

  • Once you click on that, you will be directed to a new page and all the subjects will be in front of you. Click on the paper names to get the syllabus for the respective papers.

GATE 2023 Cut-Off

Paper Code

Highest Cut-Off











Instrumentation Engineering


Architecture and Planning


Aerospace Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Aerospace Engineering




Agriculture Engineering




Ecology Evolution




Geomatics Engineering


Mining Engineering






Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Production & Industrial Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering




Petroleum Engineering


Engineering Sciences




Textile Engineering & Fiber Science












Life Sciences




Exam Centers (GATE 2024)

7 IIT zones are the exam centers for GATE 2024. You can visit the page and select up to 3 cities from the same IIT zone. 

The IIT zones are as follows: 

  • IIT Madras

  • IIT Bengaluru

  • IIT Bombay

  • IIT Kanpur

  • IIT Kharagpur

  • IIT Delhi

  • IIT Guwahati

How Many Students Appeared for GATE 2023?

In 2023, around 6.70 Lakh people applied for GATE, and among them, 5.17 lakh appeared for the examination. 

GATE Response Sheet 2024

Students will be able to access the response sheet on 16th February 2024. This way, they can see the right answers predict how many questions they have done right, and predict their score.

GATE 2024 Answer Key Challenge

GATE allows students to challenge their answers that are marked wrong by GATE at worth rupees 500 per question. To do the same, they are required to log in to the account that they created at the time of registration and challenge their answers.

After challenging the answer key, they will be provided with their answer sheet with all the right answers and the answers done by them. They need to choose the answer they think to be right and provide supportive documents. 

Toppers (GATE 2024)

  • Jayadeep Sudhakar More

  • Rohit Bhagat Kalwar

  • Atanu Das

  • Suban Kumar Mishra

  • Bhanwar Singh Choudhary

  • Siddharth Sabharwal

  • Aryan Choudhary

  • Thandava Sesha Talpa Sai Sunkara

  • Aishwarya K

  • Karthik Thrikkadeeri

  • Anshuman

  • Devendra Patil

  • Manish Kumar Bansal

  • Joshi Yash Kishorbhai

  • Anshika Rai

  • Shreya Bhardwaj

  • Shubham Banik

  • Manish Singh

  • Ashutosh Kumar Yadav

  • Udit Jaiswal

  • Saurav Kumar

  • Gaurav

  • Deepti Dilip Moar

  • Keerthana Nair

  • Sreeram K N

  • Suvendu Kar

  • Shivam Ranjan

  • Mahammadtaukir Alauddinbhai Karigar

  • Arunendra Kumar Verma

  • Sh Gowtham Gudimella

  • Nikhilesh Rajaraman

  • Amit Kumar Pandey

  • Tejasvi Kamboj

  • Sayantan Pahari

  • Akash Srivastava

  • Advita Sharma

GATE Preparation Guide for 2024

Sometimes knowing the syllabus is not enough. You need a complete strategy to do unstoppable preparation. 

Analyze the Syllabus First:

Analyze the syllabus and see where you are standing, are you aware of everything that the syllabus has or are there concepts completely new to you? This way you can judge your current situation and measure how much effort you have to put in each paper.

Arrange the Chapters According to Priority:

As you have analyzed the syllabus, you know which chapters you need to start first. This way you will be able to prepare the new concepts and revise them in the given time. 

Solve Previous Year Question Papers:

Solving GATE previous years’ question papers will give you an idea of the question types and patterns. You can find the same at

Here you can download any year’s paper from 2019 to 2023. 

Take Regular Mock Tests:

Do you know why taking mock tests is important? Preparing answers or practicing strategies is not enough when it comes to GATE. You need to learn time management as well. Though it seems easy to answer MCQs in an hour, it is not.

There are certain tricks to solve bigger calculations without using pen and paper and these tricks save you time in the examination. These mock tests are available on the official website.

Otherwise, if you study in an institute, they will be organizing mock tests for you.

Books to Read:

Always consider the books that you find helpful. Just because your classmate is reading a book and scoring well does not mean that it will be the same for you.  However, here are some best books for your preparation:

  • Data Structure - Sartaj Sahni

  • Programming - Pearson, Herbert Schildt

  • Algorithms - Thomas H.Cormen

  • Compiler Design - Aho and Ullman

  • Database Management - Henry Korth

  • Computation - Linz

  • Digital Logic - R.P Jain

  • Discrete Maths - V. Balakrishnan

  • Operating System - Galvin

  • COA - William Stallings

  • Computer Network - Behrouz A. Forouzan

How to Get into IIT Bombay or IIT Madras?

Taking the GATE examination alone is not enough. The rank matters a lot. To get admission to the IITs, you must rank in the top 200-500. Remember, the higher you rank, the better it is. 

So, is IIT Bombay better than IIT Madras? Well, it depends on a lot of things such as placements, QS ranking, etc.

IIT Bombay is currently ranked at the top. However, it does not matter which IIT you get into, if you get into one, you are already in a good place. IITs are known to provide the best engineering education than any other institutes. That’s why it is said that IIT is a brand. 

TOP Institute for GATE Preparation

To find the top institutes for GATE preparation in your city, visit StudyDekho. Just name the city, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Punjab, Jaipur, or be it Mumbai, you name a city, and we give the Institutes. Our team does very keen research to filter out the best institutes and present it to you meaning your search ends with us. 

In the end, we want students all over India to succeed by following the right preparation path and this is what we work for. 





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