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About Engineers Academy

Considering the significance of these exams, the institute provides its students with dedicated faculty, the best course content and a proper study guide. The faculty pays proper attention to each child and prepares the best course material to make them understand those questions that are to be attempted and those not to be. Their books are high on quality and do not compromise on standards.

Each chapter is well explained. Each module has self-practice questions at the end. You can assess yourself after each round of study to know where you stand. Special classes are moreover held by Faculty on closures of the week to clear huge themes and aggregate questions. No utilization is given concerning arrangement. This is why Engineers Academy Allahabad is one of the best coachings in the city. 

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Engineers Academy Reviews

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Avinash Mittal Image
Avinash Mittal

If you are searching for the preparation of these exams then you should go for this institute, the way of teaching of their faculties are enough for the preparation of these exams in here around Engineers Academy which is a great coaching.


Staff is too good to be given any remarks. They are very motivating and informative and its good after all around here.

Santosh Image

The institute helps in improving the personality of the student for these types of exams here in this center They pay attention towards each and every student.

Shabana bano Image
Shabana bano

The quintessential teachers provide you with best knowledge and help you to become a person you could be proud here for this being here.

Raju sharma Image
Raju sharma

Friendly fee structure, Air conditioned Classrooms, good location are amongst the main highlights of the coaching classes for here being.

Pratyush Image

Course Structure and Teaching Logic makes them different which is really very amazing. No one talks about their teaching logic in the way they do here great at this academy brilliant institute.

Dheeraj Kumar Image
Dheeraj Kumar

The course is structured and has a number of booklets to suit it for these exams particularly. The course is completed in time providing plenty of time to self-study.

Devendra Kumawat Image
Devendra Kumawat

I should say its an amazing institute, staff over here is very helpful and supportive at this place at Engineers Academy here around.

Akash Image

Don’t understand what their special classes are for. But the other classes very good regardless of their high fee course in this type of course around.


This coaching academy posses excellent faculties with the years of the experience in here in this coaching institute. By teachers unique guidance and help they make students fully prepared for their competition exams in there in this town at herein this institute.

Samriddhi Suman Image
Samriddhi Suman

The material provided by the institute is effectively and efficiently crafted by teachers who have been mentoring students for over 20 years now and is very helpful being at this place here, full of tricks to get quick solutions.

Harash Kumar Image
Harash Kumar

Every subject which is being taught with precision and clarity, with faculty always being there for students and teaching with perfect professionalism for these though exams.

ਅਭਿਸ਼ੇਕ Image

The coaching institution has had helped in improving the personality of the students in a way that no other institute can. They pay attention towards each and every student being at this place is great.

Ajay Kumar Image
Ajay Kumar

I think that the best part of the coaching is to help the students which are amazing thing with the other exams too around this institution area.

Mayank gauttam Image
Mayank gauttam

The faculty here are not mere teachers at Engineers Academy located hereafter but heroes for the students studying here.

Neeru Image

The teachers are very calm and then the qualified, who give their best during their classes. Very rare number of doubt comes in your mind as, the teacher always start from the basic level for studies in here.

Neeraj Image

This coaching doesn’t just cover the syllabus but ensures that each and every student in the coaching gets to understand each and everything in this type of course around which are present all the way through in this type of course around of the coaching in this type of course around.

Kaustubh Image

This is the best coaching no matter what whatever you say around this institution area, since the teachers around this institution area are the best around this institution area.

Aher Kajal dadaji Image
Aher Kajal dadaji

The coaching institute provides us for those exams which you are preparing around with very good study material.

Abhinav aery Image
Abhinav aery

The study environment is really very brilliant in this type of course around in this coaching academy all around this coaching institute without a mess.

Anurag Tripathi Image
Anurag Tripathi

The DPPs, and the tests helps us to cover all the topics very clearly so that the students get good marks in the coaching academy which has had always been there in this type of course around around here.

Pratibha Laxman Misal Image
Pratibha Laxman Misal

The institute has special point which is speed test for us good study coaching being here. I think this is very good point of this institute.

Vinayak Image

They strive to address the concerns of those who feel like the lack of placements is due to the language barrier, them speaking Hindi as opposed to the qualifying English medium students for these exams particularly.

Kajal Image

At this coaching institute for those exams which you are preparing around, the teachers of the institute come fully prepared with the course and the fee structure of the coaching institutes.

Virendra Singh Image
Virendra Singh

I believe that the type of the attention the teachers give to the students in this type of course around are the best ones which you may ever see in this coaching institution in this type of course around.

Ashvanikumar Dhaneshri Image
Ashvanikumar Dhaneshri

The atmosphere of the class is very conducive which has had been there and that’s amazing hereat. All of the teaching and non teaching staff discharges their duty seriously in the coaching academy.

Gaurav kumar Image
Gaurav kumar

Apart from the things which are going inside the coaching institute around this institution area which is amazing thing, we also get the support on the outside of the coaching institute too.

Manju arora Image
Manju arora

They have a better than average module yet I will say staff itself was adequate and that’s extraordinarily great.

Varinder Image

Informative and studious crowd you are going to find around this coaching place centre. Educated and experienced faculty to give your studies another level around this coaching place

Dheeraj Image

The coaching institute provides a lot of test series in here which could help to understand the examination pattern of the exams like this one for those exams which you are preparing around.

Ajay Choudhary Image
Ajay Choudhary

The students around this institution area become smart in terms of the preparation for the different subjects around this institution area and the other exams which is amazing thing.

Kanishka Image

If you have been looking for good faculty who helps you to clear all your basic doubts, then for studies in here.

Madhav Image

The batch strength of this institution is really very low for these examination you are preparing at; this makes every student of the institution really more of the comfortable in asking the doubts from the teachers.

ria walia Image
Ria walia

The teaching pattern of teachers in the institute is quite good in this place around this institution. Their communication with each of their student is really good.

Krishan Kumar Image
Krishan Kumar

From 1st week onwards this coaching centre have been the mentor I required for this exam’s coachingthis institute is great for this.

Mansi jaiswal Image
Mansi jaiswal

The Courses in the academic coaching here at this institution arena for the exams are good and demand based. Affordable and quality wise a great academic coaching.

Akanksha Sute Image
Akanksha Sute

Thanks for great personal attention and doubt clearing classes within this place. excellent individual monitoring and analysis on learning which is good at this institute.

Sejal Singh Image
Sejal Singh

The monthly tests helps you a lot to analyze your preparation in this place around this institutiontake it seriously; this is what that makes difference.

saurabh kakade Image
Saurabh kakade

The classes are organized and they manage the students very well while serving them for the price they charge for these exams particularly.

Sneha Sariya Image
Sneha Sariya

The faculty is basically nice, as some teachers here at this academically great centre in here are perhaps the best I’ve ever seen, while a few others are average here at this academically great centre in here.

Hemant kumar yadav Image
Hemant kumar yadav

The best part of this academy is that the coaching has been providing a brilliant support to the students in a way like I have felt never before for these examination you are preparing at.

Mona singh Image
Mona singh

The institute provides very good study material this institute is great for this.

Manjeet Kishore Image
Manjeet Kishore

Their study material is full of important questions over here around which is by far great and concepts covering all essential topics is by far great.

Durga devi Image
Durga devi

I went here for interview guidance program which is a great thing for this centre at this coaching. The interviewers were highly knowledgeable and experienced.

Vijay Singh Image
Vijay Singh

Absolute eye to attention this coaching centre which has been gives you in everything right from syllabus to revision being at this place is great.

Vyom arora Image
Vyom arora

Atmosphere and surroundings are awesome here. One of the nicest places to do the prep for these exams and get a good learning atmosphere at Engineers Academy located hereafter

Neha Jamil Image
Neha Jamil

I was being very very sufficiently fortunate to get individuals with great relational abilities and helping inclination and it’s a great job done here.

Ashok Gehlot Image
Ashok Gehlot

The coaching institute is very cooperative in examinations like these and it helps in achieving the success for the student in examinations like these.

Ravindra Image

The best thing about this coaching probably the best coaching for this institute here is the studen’s welfare which the coaching shows in this town over this place.

Tardeeep singh Image
Tardeeep singh

The coaching institute has been featuring wonderful tests practices followed here to make clear exam and its better for this course on this place.

Vivek Image

All the teachers and other staff are supporting which is a great stuff. They are always ready to help every individual to improve on his/her weakness for around this coaching centre.

Kana ram jat Image
Kana ram jat

The institute has not provided good results being at this place here. They have faculties who don’t have proper knowledge.

Saba khan Image
Saba khan

They have had been very amazing and brilliant in the well trained group of teachers for studies in here.

sanjay kumar thakur Image
Sanjay kumar thakur

One positive feature you will get here is meeting with different state’s and students from various study and backgrounds by which you can form where you stand in the competition while TEST happen at the centre and that’s extraordinarily great.

Mokshit sarswat Image
Mokshit sarswat

I was confused about my career options for studies in here. This institute has provided me a direction and motivated me in fulfilling my goals.

Ganpat kumar Image
Ganpat kumar

The coursework is throughly discussed over here around which is by far great with the students which makes the study process clear is by far great.

Divyanshu Rawat Image
Divyanshu Rawat

Teachers, amenities and everything is there in this institute has been so brilliant inside this academy since the day we joined this coaching academy out there at the same time of being here.

Ravi kumar Image
Ravi kumar

The best role is played by the faculty in shaping the future for those exams which you are preparing around as sometimes they act as counsellors in the course institute. The faculty is the best part of it.

Yuvraj Image

They have had provided proper guidance which is brilliant and great inside Engineers Academy located in this city , relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessions.

Hemant lakhapati Image
Hemant lakhapati

Conventional tests are a way for the institution in around this coaching. A period table is given well early clarifying the test plan. The tests direct help us to outline our position and tries we need to in like manner put.

Kailash Kumar Image
Kailash Kumar

Both the teachers give absolute professional guidance in each and every subject and its good after all around here.

Arshpreet Kaur Image
Arshpreet Kaur

The faculty’s relentless efforts in keeping you motivated for those exams which you are preparing around throughout the prep is commendable in the course institute.

Gagandeep Image

They are having the best team of faculties & also good hostel facilities which is really very amazingfor these categories of exams. I would like to highly recommend this institute for the coaching classes.

Adeeb khan Image
Adeeb khan

Missing even a single lecture can cost a lot over here around which is by far great is by far great.

Abhinav Srivastava Image
Abhinav Srivastava

Teachers are very studious and intellectual keeps you on your toes all the timefor this examination environment. A very professional coaching

Shakti singh shekhawat Image
Shakti singh shekhawat

All the things have had been already said by the teachers in the first class for these examination you are preparing at. If the students follow them sincerely, they would get it done by all.

Dr.Shakuntala Image

Well educated staff and student I find over this coachingcentre plus they teach you multilingual over this area hereat i.e. Hindi and English in this coaching over here

Gagandeep kaur Image
Gagandeep kaur

Math section over this area hereat is what really gives me nerves in this coaching over here, you know all the deep calculations but this coaching centre with a great team conquer my math fear. Thanks a lot

Jyotika Image

Their study material is loaded with best methods, procedures and concepts for studies in here.

Amarnath Image

The association offers instinctive appearing and urges students to as inquiries which have wound up being helpful for me so its amazing at Engineers Academy and its fine.

Shivani Image

The coaching institute is good for the students at its own and infrastructure is also nice here in this institute which is great stuff here at this academy .

Nishal kumar Image
Nishal kumar

Doubt clearing sessions are the best of the things which is brilliant and great. They provide good advice to the students at right Engineers Academy herein and teach each and every concept with ease of the coaching.

Ajay Image

First of all thanks a lot for all of your precious time in this coaching over here. Conducive environment right for efficient over this area hereat and progressive learning in the coaching centre. Great hats off. Thank you

Tanvir Kaur Image
Tanvir Kaur

Every concept of this coaching institute is covered with in depth knowledge Engineers Academy has really great environment around. Regular class test series help to improve and provide competitive environment in the nation.

Bhawna Image

A very determined teaching faculty with a long list of awesome coaching centre features over this coachingincluding infrastructure facilities over this area hereat, e-library, small batch

Hardeep Bawa Image
Hardeep Bawa

More time is invested in topics of high weightage over here around which is by far great and it is a positive approach is by far great.

Mandeep kaur Image
Mandeep kaur

It's has am amazing environment and the best faculty best institution around this city the teacher always encourage us to strive hard and help us to achieve our goals.

Jasbir kaur Image
Jasbir kaur

Missing the one of the best even a single class of the coaching institutes could cost a lot and it’s a great job done here. Their online prep courses are useful and extraordinary. The staff is significantly experienced and has been in the business for the latest 20 years

Rajbir singh Image
Rajbir singh

The institute creates a timetable and takes regular assessments over here around which is by far great are held is by far great .


Much to my satisfaction, the faculty that I got at my centre is highly experienced being at this place here.


Strength of the batches are really high varies from 30-450 so depends upon the classroom size around Engineers Academy which is a great coaching, not suitable for those who have the habit of interactive face to face study in a small munch of students.

Krishna Arora Image
Krishna Arora

It has had been given me a great career for these exams here around over here. They taught me from basic to advanced level.

Shreya mishra Image
Shreya mishra

The most accommodating guides and they give astonishing study materials and educators give us their most valuable time to us in orchestrated uncertainty class other than normal ones in the coaching institute for this study environment.

Shivani rani Image
Shivani rani

Test series is very responsive really jogged up all your basics and concepts. Overall a real nice place to prepare for this for the culture here.

Rifat Image

It provides you best practice papers , DPPs and weekly exams help you a lot for the exam preparations like these exams for these courses around at this coaching.

Virendra Choudhary Image
Virendra Choudhary

Good going with this institute with the time have with this centre here in this type of course around. Pretty awesome staff very helping and learning of course quality

Vibhanshu Image

This is amongst the finest in state. My brother brought me here after he got selected in bank job thanks to classes he had taken up for here being.

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