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Gate Revolution Fees & Courses

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About Gate Revolution

Gate Revolution, Chandigarh is a unit of Gurugram Group of Institutions. This group was founded in the year 2003 by a group of leaders and visionaries who wanted to impart intellectual education in an environment that is stimulating as well as innovative. The group has promoted coaching and education in the field of engineering science, management as well as aviation. 
The fee at this coaching center, i.e. Gate Revolution, Chandigarh is quite affordable. You can always negotiate depending during what part of the year you enroll yourself in the course that you desire to undertake. In addition, the facilities are top notch. You surely would fall for them here.
Gate Revolution, Chandigarh is one of the very few names that have pioneered in the field of GATE coaching. It also offers to coach for ESE, PSUs and other technical entrance exams. There is a branch of this coaching center in Patiala as well. Over the years, Gate Revolution, Chandigarh has established as the leading brand name in the North Indian region. The institute has risen beyond the expectations of people as well as the promoters of the institute. The volume of intake of students, as well as the results, is a clear indication of the rising popularity of the institute. The growth in the number of students is unmatched. The institute has its own study centers which are equipped with the state of the art facilities. Gate Revolution, Chandigarh also has a name in the field of distance education.

Gate Revolution, Chandigarh mission and vision:

Gate Revolution, Chandigarh believes in imparting quality education to students. It is committed towards to satisfaction of its students by imparting education that makes them social and ethically responsible.

Salient features of Gate Revolution, Chandigarh:

• Computer science and information: Gate Revolution, Chandigarh combines the best of both of worlds- the traditional teaching methods as well as information tech. a thought oriented approach coupled with the right direction has ensured the success of both, the students as well as the institute. 

• Faculty members: talking about the faculty here at Gate Revolution, Chandigarh, you would find teachers here who are Best Faculty awardees and at the same time, our intellects in their own sense. The kind of teaching they undertake is absolutely breathtaking. One cannot afford to get his eyes off the lecture. With immense support from the faculty here, every student feels himself to be lucky to be under such able guidance.

• Professional environment: at Gate Revolution, Chandigarh, time is of the essence. Every professional here tries to make utmost use of time and resources in order to maximize the result. The students are therefore advised to make the most of the facilities here so that one can realize his true potential and work to the best of his ability.

• Infra: it is no exaggeration when we say that the infra here at Gate Revolution, Chandigarh is the best you would ever find. In fact, the coaching centre itself credits a large portion of its success to its infra. The centre is fully equipped with AC, modern seating arrangements and spacious rooms. Well, even those who enrolled here and could not make a mark in the entrance feel that they have been able to learn from the coaching centre in terms of overall personality enhancement and communication skills.

• Test series: regular tests keep the students on their toes. They do not make them lousy in their approach. Gate Revolution, Chandigarh conducts regular tests in an exam simulated environment so that no student feels the pressure on the exam day.

• Doubt clearance sessions: Gate Revolution, Chandigarh is renowned for its doubt classes. Various sorts of tests bid for countless doubts. This coaching centre ensures that students no longer remain confused and their concepts are enhanced. All tests are suitably discussed. Sometimes, weekend classes are also held to broaden the ambit of assistance to students.

• Motivation sessions: Gate Revolution, Chandigarh actively conducts these enriching sessions. These sessions are taken by veterans in their fields. Regular guest lectures, workshops and seminars keep the students engaged. They also help the students understand what the world after a GATE looks like.

Courses offered at Gate Revolution, Chandigarh

Gate Revolution, Chandigarh offers the following courses. Take a look:
• Regular classroom program: the regular classroom program at Gate Revolution, Chandigarh is designed to provide the students with a competitive edge. It ensures that students are equipped with strong fundamentals as well as problem-solving skills. In addition, clearing the basis is the prime focus here. The program assesses your performance periodically, giving you enough feedback to improve your final score. This program undertakes an intensive study regime of 6 hours each day. The program is available for courses such as GATE, ESE and others. Class tests are conducted regularly to assess the performance of the students. In addition, the study material is more than sufficient to clear the exam. Even for the subject that is non-technical, the faculty is a quite top notch. In addition, the complete focus is laid on personality enhancement. The special faculty is hired for interview prep. Various performance tracing and analysis tools are used to help streamline prep and increase the focus on the areas in which a student lacks.

• Weekend classroom program: this program at Gate Revolution, Chandigarh is designed to give students a minimum of 9 to 10 hours of study time during weekends. The course e covers around 850 hours of classroom coaching. Class tests re-conducted separately in addition to the mock tests that are held at the end of the course. Gate Revolution, Chandigarh sees a lot of students who are professionals working in different avenues. As a result, they do not find the time to attend classes regularly. This weekend classroom course is specially designed for such professionals.

So this was all about Gate Revolution, Chandigarh. If you wish to learn more about the institute, you can always book an appointment and walk into the coaching centre to know more directly from the professionals there. They would be more than happy to guide you.
For more information on a variety of subjects such as courses, institutes and tips and tricks to clear various entrance exams, log on to the Studydekho website. Contact us in case of queries and additional information. In case there is anything you want us to write about, feel free to communicate the same.
We wish you all the best for your coming endeavors.
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Gate Revolution Reviews

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Harita Bansal Image
Harita Bansal

A right coaching model preparing exhaustively for these exams

Yogita Image

The foundation makes a timetable and takes standard assessments are held for these exams. They've been the best guide for me.

deepak Image

The institute has special point which is the practice test for us. I think this is very good point of this institute in here.

shivansh Image

Here in this coaching, the reasoning class is the best one and I love it in this coaching.

Arshnoor Image

Here at this coaching, we are not just taught about the best courses and the other things, which we have taught of, we are taught things which are beyond the gate exam in this coaching.

jaspreet Image

If you think that you are in the best coaching in the country then try to join this one in this coaching.

Dinesh Kumar Image
Dinesh Kumar

The gk taught by the teachers is really very great as far as the coaching institute is being seen in this coaching.

Shubham Thukral Image
Shubham Thukral

The teachers here are really brilliant since each of the teacher teaches in this coaching each of the subject of gate separately.

vikas bharti Image
Vikas bharti

This coaching institute has had been brilliant for the mechanical branch.

Amanat bawa Image
Amanat bawa

Gate is an technical exam, in order to get numbers in it, we have to go complex and this coaching helps us to solve that complex under one shot in this coaching.

Himanshu Image

The students here become smart in terms of the preparation for the psus and the other exams which are being present in this coaching academy probably the best coaching in here

Shubham Luthra Image
Shubham Luthra

I believe that this coaching is doing great in the psu coaching and this is the best part of the same, probably the best coaching in here which has is being present in this coaching institute in around.

sandeep bhindr Image
Sandeep bhindr

Apart from the monmthly magazines, probably the best coaching in here we are provided with the latest updated for the psus which are being present at this stage. .

PANKAJ garg Image

The students are really happy for this gate coaching institute, probably the best coaching in here and the knowledge it provides to the coaching institute out there in this academy which have been present in here.

Asdfg Image

The coaching not only prepares us for the gate exam, probably the best coaching in here but also for the other exams which come along the way of the coaching institution being in here at this point.

Fvtvgrv the gt gt gt Image
Fvtvgrv the gt gt gt

This is one of the best coaching institute probably the best coaching in here which is here and I have to be beliving that this coaching needs to provide more to the students in terms of the notes which have been provided in this coaching institute.

Kunal Image

There are lecture of GK, English and the other subjects which helps us students to face more probably the best coaching in here and more things for the welfare which has had been around in here.

Agam Image

This coaching is brilliant for the mechanical branch in this town. This one is the best one according to me.

Rahul Image

The best thing about this coaching is the studen’s welfare which the gate coaching shows in this town.

Munish Image

The teachers here in this coaching tend to make the students smart in terms of studying about the gate coaching in this city.

Radhika Pathak Image
Radhika Pathak

There are things like the gate coaching institute being there inside the coaching institute along with the other things in the coaching academy been here at this point.

Sillu Image

If you believe that you are at the best coaching then you are wrong since this is the best coaching that I may find in here in this part of the coaching institute.

P R Mahajan Image
P R Mahajan

There are lecture of GK, English and the other subjects which helps us students to face more and more things for the welfare which has had been around in here.

harpreet kahlon Image
Harpreet kahlon

The teachers here are really brilliant since each of the teacher teaches each of the subject of gate separately which have had been there.

Riya Image

I believe that this coaching is the most brilliant coaching which we have come across all the way through it in the coaching academy.

vishal bhawsar Image
Vishal bhawsar

This coaching is brilliant for the mechanical branch in this town.

Deepika Dogra Image
Deepika Dogra

I come here year ago for my CSE GATE, teachers were fine and study material is why I stick to this centre

Mukesh yadav Image
Mukesh yadav

Test series, classroom coaching, teachers skills, vibe…. Are all excellent

Vishpinder Image

Teachers are very likeable, they made you grind hard. But once you are through all this, the Gate exam seems a possible task.

Jaskaran singh Image
Jaskaran singh

The coaching has come a long way for the gate and the other exam’s preparation.

abdul azeem Image
Abdul azeem

This coaching is probably the best coaching when it comes to the test series, doubt counters and the other thigs about the gate.

Neha sharma Image
Neha sharma

The coaching institute is one of the best one not in just the gate exam but also for the other exams if you ask me for.

sachinn Image

I guess this coaching has already been supporting the students for a very long time, and then probably it is the best.

Deepak Image

I believe that the best part of the coaching is when they prepare us for the gate and ies for the same time.

Nareen Farooq Image
Nareen Farooq

If you believe that you are at the best coaching then you are wrong since this is the best coaching that I may find in here.

Jatin Image

This is one of the best coaching institute which is here and I belive that this coaching needs to provide more to the students in terms of the notes.


There are things like the gate coaching institute being there inside the coaching institute along with the other things in the coaching.

anjana kumari Image
Anjana kumari

There are exams like the gate, ece, isro and the other psu exams which we students can think can give wioth the help of this coaching institute.

Harcharan singh Image
Harcharan singh

There are the other things in the coaching institute and the things that the coaching institute is the best one which has been present in here.

shabnam kamboj Image
Shabnam kamboj

The teachers are very calm and then the qualified, who give their best during their classes. Very rare number of doubt comes in your mind as, the teacher always start from the basic level of the coaching academy in there.

Gurpreet singh Image
Gurpreet singh

The coaching academy has had been providing in there for the query handling and doubt clearing sessions for candidates to allow them to understand the concept thoroughly in the institution.

Ajay Image

Faculties at the coaching have had been very skilful, cooperative and helpful in here at the institution.

A P Kapoor Image
A P Kapoor

The test series of this coaching academy has had been really really amazing. You may opt for this test series and top the exam at the same time of the coaching.

Rohit Image

The prepared notes has had been given in the academy are beyond everything. All you have to do is that you would have to go through those notes which has had been here at the coaching institution.

Shalini Image

The coaching academy is a way too very very brilliant. This is because of the study environment in here at the coaching.

rajat Image

Not taking punctual classes, fluid mechanic subject syllabus running slow and not start till now environment subject and giving previous year question and assignment.

abhishek girdhar Image
Abhishek girdhar

Overall teachers good, sufficient all books gave, giving online test app with a password, in doubt session teachers available there.

chandrika abha Image
Chandrika abha

Good guidance and extra query solving time is provided,The way they clear concept is very good. the coaching centre is very helpful, all giving sufficient booklet and doubts clear in doubt session.

sagar Image

Faculty here is well experienced and management is supportive. I am really impressed, study materials, strategies followed, as well as test series all are of the best quality.

saurav kumar Image
Saurav kumar

Faculties are cooperative and give enough time to each subject, Supportive trainers who always help students Special attention to week students, good experience, given all modules and test series and study environment.

anu kumari Image
Anu kumari

The teachers are highly qualified and are very good but at the end of not providing special batches to us , not physically available, not taking regular classes and giving more to online lecture.

shivani taperwal Image
Shivani taperwal

There are the prepared notes which have been given in the institute are beyond everything. All you have to do is that you would have to go through those notes.

Aditya  Sharma Image
Aditya Sharma

I have experienced that the coaching is one of the best coaching in the real time.

arunima negi Image
Arunima negi

The coaching institute in here has been a way too brilliant like really great. This is because of the study environment in here.

Neeraj Image

This type of the coaching institute is one of Asia's famous instructive consolidation which centers around diverse to the parts of training ; clearing inside its ambit each branch from therapeutic to law.

Sartaj Image

Study material of this very coaching institute is very very enlightening and adequate to clear the test just in the event that you pay attention to that.

harpal singh Image
Harpal singh

Study materials & Notes helps you to understand the topics very easily. Test series are very qualitative. Classes are very interactive in the coaching


It was such a great learning experience in the coaching institute, looking forward to gain more Knowledge from you.

ritika Image

The competitive environment there shows you the competition level and one gets into it and learn. Go and start a journey with them.

Vasundhara Sachdeva Image
Vasundhara Sachdeva

I experienced a lively environment at here at the institutes in the way .Everyone is always on his/her toes to get you any type of help or guidance.

Anuradha Image

The course material they provided was incredible, with point by point notes , question banks and exercises. The foundation gives us centered condition in this manner we can introspect ourselves.

Aamir suhail Image
Aamir suhail

The teachers here are the truly lethal forces makes every subject and concept looks easy-peezy on mind. Such a nice teaching staff

malkeet singh Image
Malkeet singh

Had a great experience and faculties had in depth knowledge in the particular subjects. Staff members were very supportive throughout the course.

MaNiNdEr kaur Image
MaNiNdEr kaur

Great learning experience.If one opt to study for GATE coaching this is the right place to join.

NEHA Image

The students who are going to prepare for the competitive exams in this coaching institute, they are recommended to join this coaching centre.

parul Image

It is the best institute , the faculty here is very cooperative and helps all the times. The teachers explains with best concepts and examples.

mohini Image

Faculties are so good . Staff are so supportive and friendly. Best institute for preparation of entrance exams.

Ankush Image

It was a good experience studying in the Academy. I have learnt so many things there and the teaching staff was very helpful as well.

Sakshi Image

Only worry was its revision cells not that likeable as their teachers. Solutions and test series

Mohd Arsh Image
Mohd Arsh

Hope is the 4 letter word and that’s what they taught us they never leave hope keep grinding and grinding till you find success

Parul Image

The teaching skills are upto the mark. Each and every subject is taught perfectly with awesome tricks and shortcut.

vaishali sharma Image
Vaishali sharma

It is the wonderful, one of the best institute, and aims to give the best study tips and education to the students.

Sumit Image

Their study material is stacked with the best frameworks, structures, and considerations. The foundation gives a total study.

saurav kumar Image
Saurav kumar

Parveen sir was a very good teacher, teachers are always available for the doubts ..., study material should be improved like there should be a more solved question...interactive environment, weekend classes always merged.

Sagar Image

Teachers are good....but syllabus was running very slow ..., study material was good ...the environment was good and doubts cleared ...

Shubham Image

Faculty of the gate revolution is no doubt excellent. they conduct the regular class test as well, which are really useful, the best place to crack the gate, JE and IES.

Ashima Image

Study material is sufficient and sometimes, teachers are busy after the class so, doubts are not cleared. otherwise good.

Anu Image

The institute was ok. not so good not so bad. overall ok

kapil sharma Image
Kapil sharma

Decent faculty and management staff. Good previous years' track. Healthy competition among students.

tarun garg Image
Tarun garg

Excellent experience good faculty material and friendly environment

Ankush Samyal Image
Ankush Samyal

Gate revolution is a must join institue , i have experienced alot other institutes , but this came to my satisfaction , with good teachers , good faculty , a must must join institute , test are conducted in good manner , teachers are awesome .

sakshi wadhwa Image
Sakshi wadhwa

Good institute !!great help of teachers.disciplined and motivating environment.!infrastructure is good!!

Anish malik Image
Anish malik

One of the best institute.Teaching faculty is best and suppotive.provides good study material and happy to be a part of gate coaching....

nikita goyal Image
Nikita goyal

Best institute for gate preparation!!!great faculty!!!helping teachers well maintained infrastructure !!proper study material is provided.faculties are fully dedicated and experienced!!

jashanjot kaur pharwaha Image
Jashanjot kaur pharwaha

Great institute !!!practice tests are given regularly so that students get to practice daily on the basis.faculty motivate students to improve their performance!!

Ishaan Fx Image
Ishaan Fx

Amazing institute for gate aspirants !!well organised infrastructure!! Disciplined is maintained!! Motivate the students to prep harder!!faculty is helpful and supportive!!!

saloni gupta Image
Saloni gupta

Its a great gate training and coaching is given.faculty are experienced and motivates the children to perform good in every test series.material is up to day.infrastructure is good!!!!

kiran Image

Best gate coaching institute.The faculties are dedicated,and are very experienced,best training institute...concepts get clear training to institute..nice infrastructure.good results...

Gaurav Image

One of best institute for gate .Faculty are good

Anukriti Munshi Image
Anukriti Munshi

One of the best institute. Teaching faculty is best n from iits. Happy to be a part of it.

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