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About Commandant Academy

Commandant Academy Patna offers a total bundle of courses for preparation of various competitive exams under one rooftop. . Being with us offers an aggressive domain to the students and they take a few to get back some composure of contending. The institute has dependably kept up its name in the primary foundations and has conveyed inconceivable results reliably. Each test is an extensive instrument to check the progress of the student and make them prepared to confront the exam with certainty.

Contemplating the centrality of these exams, Institute gives their students gave staff, best course content and authentic examination oversee. The establishment has a legitimate timetable for the tests which is provided to the students beforehand. The week by week and month to month tests when students to self-investigate themselves and track their execution. We go for keeping up a solid situation. The establishment has created a great determination and has a delightful achievement rate. Regardless of whether it is a classroom or a genuine situation we give assets filled information, content material, and the test arrangement.  The study material is given by the institute and covers all the significant focuses and prospectus on which students need to think.

The methodology of the institute is that the students are set up to confront every one of the parameters of these selection tests. The institute likewise leads different instructive workshops, course and visitor addresses on a general premise to hold the focal point of the students. With advancement drew in structures and moreover incredible instructing, the emphasis is on outstanding submitted towards its objective. The practice paper makes things very easy to understand The students get an engaged circumstance at the foundation. The tests held are exceptional and urges students to end up familiar with their weak focuses. The academy takes full consideration of mind supplement with entrance readings. A solid and persuaded mind dependably delivers more beneficial outcomes. Different motivational and learning sharing occasions are encircled now and again to keep students occupied with their essential errand with full power Our exceedingly prepared educators, propelled study material with interactive media introduction makes the classroom more successful and fascinating for the better comprehension of students.



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Commandant Academy Reviews

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The faculty members are one of the best in the industry and its great job done by this institute and always willing to help out students at a personal level.

Shivi Image

The notes and the sums provided by the coaching institute are being very sufficient to understand concept and practice thoroughly at this academic institution.

rahul Image

The institute gives generally excellent study material around for those exams which you are preparing. The educators are useful and experienced. It has an incredible domain. Their study material of the coaching institute is loaded with significant inquiries and ideas covering every single basic theme.

Kajol ghidoda Image
Kajol ghidoda

Even the teachers of the coaching institute for these courses around at this coaching come on time and before the students, most of the lecture time in the coaching instate for these courses around at this coaching is given on the doubt solving.

Kamlesh Kumar Image
Kamlesh Kumar

I was pretty much very confused about my career options at this academic institution. But then This institute has provided me a direction and motivated me in fulfilling my goals.

Abdul Ghani Image
Abdul Ghani

It has been given me an incredible profession around for those exams which you are preparing. They showed me from essential to cutting edge level. They engaged every one of my doubts the same number of times I asked them. My involvement with them has been stunning .

shubham patil Image
Shubham patil

They have the best and most experienced gathering here at this academic centreThe staff gives proper thought towards each student and supports them in a bad position.

Abhishek Singh Image
Abhishek Singh

Excellent classroom teaching and the doubt clearing sessions which has had been in there very being. Post-exam support, revision modules, and seminars are helpful too at Commandant Academy around this city.

Manisha Image

The best of the staff and administration is this one which puts in consistent support and they took an average student like me to a great level at this academic institution.

Mansingh Bagriya Image
Mansingh Bagriya

Study material is provided by the academics is simply too smart for these couple of exams per want after all and pattern of study.

Akash Image

There are regular doubt sessions which are held in the coaching institute inside this amazingly great institute.

Rajiv kumar Image
Rajiv kumar

It has given us enough study material so we can autonomously plan from our own for different in this coaching institutionat Commandant Academy in this area.

Monika Image

The academics area unit is able to clear the doubt of the scholar for these couple of exams.

Madhu Image

I guess that you shoud be sincere and leave everything else to this coaching in terms at this centre which is a brilliant feature.

Abhijeet mani Image
Abhijeet mani

They have a decent module yet I will say staff itself was sufficient in Commandant Academy a great coaching .


Each penny can be worthwhile here .they are terribly untiring for these couple of exams and sincere towards the scholar and the students.

Neha Image

A very knowledgeable staff is there with the use of best methods to ensure students success. Will definitely recommend it to others here in this particular institute.

Satvik shukla Image
Satvik shukla

Faculty members are very cooperative in this examination course. Its rooms are not so spacious but its chairs are very comfortable that we can sit there comfortably for hours in this examination course.

Virander Image

Teachers are quite helpful and understanding at Commandant Academy and its fine. The faculty pays proper attention at each student. The regular tests conducted helps to know the platform student stands at.

Mohit Dagar Image
Mohit Dagar

Current affair printed booklets are awesome in this examination course in this examination course. The printed material is available for all subjects.

Himanshu Image

I think that the best part of this coaching institute over here in this place greatly is that the teachers take care of the students as the parents.

samyak jain Image
Samyak jain

The institute provides an easy way to crack entrance exam with will, power and, the confidence great place though

Lalita Image

They provide suitable guidance, critical study material, practice tests, and enticing sessions here at this academic centreThe staff is valuable, experienced.

Hardik Image

The examination material given by the establishment is troublesome and draining in here, setting you up for the most desperate result possible in Commandant Academy a great coaching .

Shivani Image

They made learning difficult concepts learning fun and joy all the teachers are super friendly and understanding here in this particular institute.

Teena Image

They conduct various tests like speed tests and online classes that none of some other establishments provide in this coaching institutionat Commandant Academy in this area.

Kawaljit kaur Image
Kawaljit kaur

Personal consideration was given to each and customary assessment was done at the foundation denoting the focuses to be improved and that’s extraordinarily great .

Sumit Image

The great thing about this institute is that the centre head and all teachers always listen to my problems and solve it as quick as it around here in this centre.

Sangeeta Shambhoolal Gupta Image
Sangeeta Shambhoolal Gupta

Overall their short notes help a lot to remember things in a limited capacity to focus timeat Commandant Academy in this area. They have traps that assistance to take care of the issue rapidly in this coaching institution

Mukesh Kumar Singh Image
Mukesh Kumar Singh

It forever maintains a healthy competition for these couple of exams among students s and also they try to relinquish their best. the study material provided by them is phenomenal.

Sourav kumar Image
Sourav kumar

They have had being very good knowledge of exam pattern around in here at this coaching , which is great enough syllabus and explain concepts accordingly.

Ranveer singh Image
Ranveer singh

They will provide you a quality caching and the notes by them are very helpful in this examination course in this examination course.

Ashok Image

. The newspapers part of the coaching institute is really very amazing at this point being there in these type of examinations. It helps the student to get the best out of the newspaper in that point.

Saurabh Image

Faculties at the institution are very great, that they are always ready to guide their students and to teach them unique tips and tricks to crack the exam effectively and efficiently, this is a here at this academic centre.

Anchal Singh Image
Anchal Singh

I guess that the teachers of this coaching institute are the best one present in this town great place though.

Manish kumar Image
Manish kumar

The best and excellent service provider in the boards as well around here in this centre. Very helpful people and preparation technique is also good.

Ankita singh Image
Ankita singh

The best part of being in here is that the mains exams preparation go to the point where it could have been great on the peak being substituted in here in these type of examinations.

Pooja jangid Image
Pooja jangid

This spot has induced me to work all the more tenaciously every day this is a brilliant institute is outrageous. The mull over material is all around made and the thoughts are incredible cleared up great study culture hereat.

jordanjy16 Image

The encouraging personnel can clear up the students question in quiet way in this coaching institution. This propels students to clear every single ideaat Commandant Academy in this area.

Navjot Singh Image
Navjot Singh

Talking about the right education system then, so this coaching institute does it all great place though.

Swati reddy Image
Swati reddy

The faculty here is just not mere teachers but heroes for the students studying here because of the level of motivation they provide for these courses in this convenient coaching institute.

vaishnavi Radheshyam Apte Image
Vaishnavi Radheshyam Apte

It is one of the good coaching where batch strength around here in this centre is only 35 & individual attention is given which keeps students motivated.

Ashu tyagi Image
Ashu tyagi

This institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completion and its good. The concept to deal the question is excellent and gives visual and audio connection both.

Nisha Kanwar Image
Nisha Kanwar

I think that the best part of this coaching institute great place though is that the teachers take care of the students as the parents.


The coaching institute helps in being improving the personality of the student which is great enough around in here at this coaching They pay attention towards each and every student of the coaching.

amrit Image

The mentors have helped me in understanding the fundamentals well and its good and worked on my weak points.

Palak Gupta Image
Palak Gupta

There are many facilities, which are not available in any Institute in our country like doubt removal program by expert, periodic test and result, multidimensional performance analysis, communicative support, faculty feedback system simulation lab for online test, periodic test award, mentorship program, by director, assessment classes, medical consultation, expert counselling, hi-tech security is available over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Raman Image

Each subject has its own lectures and area schoolroom is provided in here. Here u will observe on-line mock check tests for your preparation for these courses in this convenient coaching institute.

Aasma verma Image
Aasma verma

A calibre of full of stars you can in their teaching department for these couple of exams especially maths and English teachers. A very purposeful coaching institute

Alwasi Image

It been very extremely normal coaching centre over here with a unique teaching methodology for this kind of exams hereat.

Niks Image

It's the most effective study affected institute and mentors to assist students and conjointly separate students zone to resolve the matter of scholars for these couple of exams.

Mk singh Image
Mk singh

This coaching institute has been a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams for this kind of exams hereat over here.


The staff of the coaching institute is very helpful, experienced for this kind of exams hereat over here.

Kishan Rajput Image
Kishan Rajput

They provided all the updates regarding the exams and train accordingly and its good. The faculty makes an honest effort to take along every student. It normal coaching centre with a unique teaching methodology.


Teachers here are extremely knowledgeable, supportive, helpful and has been always makes sure that every student under them is absorbing complete knowledge and putting the same in real study around here in this centre.

madhuri Image

Even the teachers of the coaching institute inside this great study culture come on time and before the students, most of the lecture time in the coaching instate inside this great study culture is given on the doubt solving.

Shaitan singh Image
Shaitan singh

I have seen and compared this coaching to the other coaching institutebeing at this place and this one really stands tall and apart which is the best part of this coaching institute

priya Image

The infrastructure of the coaching is awesome in exams like these and really brilliant.

Aashmita Sharma Image
Aashmita Sharma

The best thing which I have had felt was that all the faculty and staff knows you by your name and there is more personalised attention at Commandant Academy and its brilliantly fine, be it doubt clearing or mentoring or any other thing, which I feel is rare at Commandant Academy and its brilliantly fine.

Geetu choudhary Image
Geetu choudhary

Thanks for the help Sir is present great institute for these courses. You are one of the best I have ever come across

Reena Image

Atmosphere and surroundings are awesome here great place though. One of the nicest places to do the prep and get a good learning atmosphere

Sajjan singh Image
Sajjan singh

There are times, when the things might turn out the wrong waybeing at this place, in that time; you may take the help of the teacher for everything you might see in this coaching academy in here

Sonu Image

The tests being conducted at the coaching institute is based on exam for this kind of exams hereat oriented pattern which is very useful in our exams over here.

Sajal Sarkar Image
Sajal Sarkar

Special emphasis was given on the DI/LR section from where very diverse and tricky questions can be put up for Commandant Academy for courses present here.

Jyoti Julka Image
Jyoti Julka

Students step through week after week exam for checking their improvementat Commandant Academy in this area and it is decent in this coaching institution.

Deepanshu Image

It has always been good for the beginners for this kind of exams hereat over here. Teachers are very helpful.

Sudhir akhade Image
Sudhir akhade

The method of the teaching is very simple and easily understandable for all and its good of course .

Siddhi Image

Simply sitting inside the institute will make you feel like a place only to grasp knowledge brilliant study environment here. All the teaching staff are so well educated and disciplined that just simply looking at them make u respect those legendary people.

Himanshu Image

I fee that the teachers of this coaching are perfect in this institutionat Commandant Academy in this area. The teachers are really very helpful

Siddhi sanjay more Image
Siddhi sanjay more

At the time of the exams, this coaching co-operatesbeing at this place with us and we can ask doubts anytime we want to take the coaching in here.

Monika Image

I have seen that the teachers in this coaching are really great at this centre which is a brilliant feature. They are really very lenient and help the students to get the best out of the coaching.

Rahul kashyap Image
Rahul kashyap

Think of an ideal coaching institute for these exams, you may join this coachingat Commandant Academy in this area. This one is the best.

Parkh singh Image
Parkh singh

The coaching institute is brilliant for the beginners over for those exams which you are preparing. Teachers are very helpful and supportive.

Chaman Image

If the student faces a problem in any of the subjects in Commandant Academy and it's quite great, the teachers are always available.

naser ali Image
Naser ali

Very helpful staff. All the topics are taught thoroughly at Commandant Academy and its fine. The institute is full of counsellors who help you through every thick and thin.

Menka Baghel Image
Menka Baghel

Best place in this town to take up the coaching for the preparation of for the examinations around in here at this coaching.

Vineet shrivastav Image
Vineet shrivastav

Amazing studying environment has had been there in the at Commandant Academy in this city which has had been given with the amazing examples in here at this point.

dinesh kumar Image
Dinesh kumar

Such a pretty infrastructure, Well Air conditioned Classrooms which are a plus for those scorching summer days here at this academic centre there is great environment.


It has great faculty and supportive environment the academic program of this institute is too good with this place .

Swaraj Waghmare Image
Swaraj Waghmare

The test material is up to date and also a yearly revised at Commandant Academy located around here.

Rutuja Shirke Image
Rutuja Shirke

The institute is not a very good choice as per my experience there as I saw that the staff showed bad behaviour and made decisions based on personal bias at this institute which is great!

harwinder mahey Image
Harwinder mahey

It has the best teachers and mentors to help students at Commandant Academy located around here and also separate students zone to solve the problem of students.

Armaandeep Singh Image
Armaandeep Singh

The fees structure is quite affordable and the institute provides scholarships. This is the best initiative an institute takes at Commandant Academy and its fine.

Kartar singh Image
Kartar singh

You could understand everything by simply tricks over for those exams which you are preparing you can also have facilities like speed tests and online classes that none of any other institutions provide.

Jitansh Image

Excellent personal attention classes for these kinda exams with integrated test series.

Akshata kamlakar Manale Image
Akshata kamlakar Manale

An elite in this coaching institute but what really makes difference for me is their interview classes in this great institute.

Ronak Image

This is a tough exam and to make through, this is why you require this coaching around in here at this coaching. This coaching institute in here makes sure that none is left unturned.

RajKumar soni Image
RajKumar soni

They strive to see each and every student exceed their own expectations and ambition, helping them to discover how much they can achieve during and after their studies here in this particular institute here

Chetan singh Image
Chetan singh

The Ethics of the coaching institute and the essay module helped me a lot to carve more and more marks in the exam which is great about this institute.

Akashdeep Singh Image
Akashdeep Singh

Best place to take up coaching for preparation at Commandant Academy and its fine.The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

Jitendra Kumar Image
Jitendra Kumar

The coaching starts with the basic formulas and then it takes off with the other topics with Commandant Academy the best coaching.

SULEMAN Qureshi Image

The instructors at the coaching don't adhere to a solitary source around for this exams in these `coaching. They assemble material from different sources and give the most ideal data.

Pragati Image

I think the best part of the coaching is the leniency and the credibility of the teachers at this centre which is a brilliant feature.

Ankit Image

They have had directed normal tests and assess understudy's exhibitions around for this exams in these `coaching. Individual consideration is given to students.

Ruma Image

It is a really extraordinary coaching institution in terms of many factors such as the quality of the coaching and the teachers in this examination in here.

Saurabh yadav Image
Saurabh yadav

The question bank of the coaching is really very amazing, covers up all the questions of the popular books at this centre which is a brilliant feature.

Prasenjeet Chaurasiya Image
Prasenjeet Chaurasiya

Excellent learning condition. Extraordinary Faculties coordination in extensive and the executives support in all the approaches to exceed expectations the students for this kind of exams hereat.

Stanzein Image

The faculties of the coaching institute are very supportive and then experienced too. Moreover, they have had been supporting for these examination you are preparing at a lot of hard working among the students of the coaching academy.

Kanika Bhadwal Image
Kanika Bhadwal

This coaching institute has given abstract information as well as trains for gathering exchanges around for this exams in these `coaching, interviews. The institute has a very much planned course structure.

anjali Image

Taking about admin they are very helpful over and extra classes and other things books and magazines and for the current affair in this coaching institution here inside this institution.

Khushboo Sharma Image
Khushboo Sharma

I feel like this is the most amazing, time specific institute since the students present here always get time for the self studying at this centre which is a brilliant feature

Arvind Image

The coaching institute which leaves no doubt in the minds of the students and no stones unturned to motivate them to achieve good marks at this academic institution.

Rajeswari panda Image
Rajeswari panda

This one is the best coaching which I have come across till now for the civil services in this at this great academic institution.

Dhankesh Image

I would recommend that the coaching institute to all the students dreaming and aiming for top places in India exams you are looking for.

Hina Naaz Image
Hina Naaz

Consistent, focused, systematic and well- coordinated course curriculum for these type of exams,Tireless efforts of experts and committed faculty members to achieve timely completion of syllabus are some of its highlights of this course institute.

Sunil meena Image
Sunil meena

The attention of the over here in this coaching has had been shed to each and every student from both staff and teachers, this is a here at this academic centre.

kawaljeet kaur Image
Kawaljeet kaur

This coaching institute was the first of my preference when I decided to appear at this academic institution. They have dedicated experienced and highly qualified staff in there.

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