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Pearson Test of English (PTE)

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Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Updated: Mar 13, 2024

2 Lakh Indians take PTE each year. This is one of the best alternatives to IELTS  that students in a rush can try. The test is fast, fair, and reliable. PTE or Pearson's Test of English provides students, working professionals, or anyone who wants to move abroad with real-life guidance to survive in a foreign English-speaking country.  

Yes, there are certain differences between IELTS and PTE but those differences do not diminish the importance of any of them. 


What is PTE?

The PTE is a computer-based English language proficiency test that evaluates a candidate's English language skills for academic or immigration purposes. The test assesses non-native English speakers' reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Pearson PTE is recognized by more than 3000 universities, institutes, and governments worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. PTE registration can be completed by creating an account on the official website, filling out their profile, selecting their preferred exam day and center, and paying the INR 17,000 registration fee. 

PTE 2024 Dates:

PTE Academic exam is conducted throughout the year, making it easier for the candidates to opt for any PTE exam dates they want. It is always advisable that candidates should focus on the upcoming dates to not miss out on any exam. Candidates can check the official PTE site to check PTE exam dates 2024.

Time Slots:

The time slots to choose from depend on the date you are selecting. If the date has only one time slot you have to appear for that only. The maximum number of time slots allocated to a date is 5. For example: 8 am, 10:15 am, 12:30 pm, 5 pm, 7:15 pm, etc. 

Result Date:

PTE results get released pretty fast. As it is a computer-based test, it doesn’t take that much time. The fastest you can get your results is in 2 business days. However, generally, it takes a week. 

Passing Marks:

There are no such standards set in PTE. It works like any other academic percentage. Anywhere between 60-75% will be good and below 50% will be considered bad. Moreover, it depends on the criteria set by the government of the particular country or University as they have specifications regarding the marks obtained in PTE. Therefore, you need to be aware of that first. 

PTE Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must also bring a valid passport or government-issued ID to the exam, which will be used to verify their identity. Pearson PTE Eligibility Criteria vary depending on the type of exam the candidate is taking. The general eligibility requirements for each form of PTE exam are listed below:


The Pearson PLC group that conducts this examination has not specified an age range for the candidates. However, any individual from 16 years of age can apply for this examination.

Educational Background:

As PTE is not a subject-based exam, anyone hailing from any educational background can apply. However, it merely depends on the purpose you are applying for. For instance, an Individual willing to do his/her Master’s abroad must have a graduation degree.


Unlimited attempts can be made.

PTE 2024 Application Steps

The application procedure is easy, visiting the official website alone will do the work as all the information is there. The below-mentioned tables will make you aware of the procedure and the tips you need to follow while registering yourself for the examination. 

Book a Test

First, candidates need to visit the official site and click on the “Book a Test” button situated in the right-hand corner.

After that, they need to select the exam type and then the date. The time slots will be shown once you select the date. Then, they may proceed to select a time slot and click on the “Book Test” button.


After booking the test, candidates will be directed to a new page for their registration. They need to create their account with the details asked like name, Email, phone number, etc. They must save the credentials somewhere to be used later.

Fill Application Form

Once the account is successfully created, they can start filling out the application form and upload documents.

Pay the Fees

At last, candidates will pay the required amount to conclude the process. Without paying the fees, they will not be able to appear for the examination.

Collect Admit Card

With the Login IDs, candidates can revisit the account to collect the PTE 2024 admit card. 

PTE 2024 Application Fees

Currently, the PTE exam price is INR 17,00 (including GST). If you want to reschedule the test, an additional fee must be paid:

To reschedule a PTE exam before 7 days of the booked day, a 25% cost is required. To reschedule within the same week of the previously booked date, the full registration fee applies.

Candidates can use the PTE voucher code while making a payment. This voucher will lower the fee amount to zero when candidates pay. PTE voucher codes can also be purchased via the PTE's official website. 

To know the PTE application fees of your country if it is not India, visit this page  and type your country name.

PTE Exam Types

There are a total of 3 types of primary PTE tests: PTE Academic, Tests for UK visas, and PTE core. These exams are divided based on the purpose. The details of the respective exams are as follows: 

PTE Academic:

PTE Academic is for students looking to pursue academics abroad. This PTE test is accepted in 3000+ universities including reputed ones like Oxford, Harvard, etc. Apart from that, more than 350 test centers are covering 117 countries, so that students can choose to appear from wherever they want. 

Tests for UK Visas:

PTE SELT (Secure English Language Test) is for those particular candidates who are willing to move to the UK. The exam pattern changes according to the types of tests.

For working professionals, these visas will be available through this test: 

  • Skilled Worker Visa

  • Start-up Visa

  • Innovator Visa

  • Tier 2 Minister of Religion

Students can also apply but the PTE Academic UKVI test which is a variant of the PTE Academics is more suitable for them.

PTE Core:

PTE core is a new type of test which will be introduced in 2024. It will focus on Canadian immigration. We will update you on the same once the official site releases any information.

PTE Home A1:

This UKVI test is for those individuals who are applying for these below-mentioned visas. This test is to evaluate the ability of the candidate’s English speaking and listening skills at CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference for Language Proficiency level A1.

  • Spouse Visa

  • Parent of a Dependant Visa

  • Representative of a Business Overseas Visa

  • Tier 2 Sportsperson Visa

PTE Home A2:

This exam is meant for those who want to extend their visa. The candidates will have to prove that their English proficiency matches the level of CEFR A2.

PTE Home B1:

This test is for Individuals who are willing to settle down in the UK permanently. It will test the candidate’s English proficiency for the CEFR level of B1.

PTE 2024 Exam Pattern

The exam patterns of the respective types of exams are as follows: 

Test Type



PTE Academic

  1. Speaking and Writing (1hr)

  2. Reading (30 min)

  3. Listening (30 min)

2 Hour

PTE Academic UKVI

      Same as Above

Same as Above

PTE Home A1

  1. Repeat Sentence 

  2. Describe Image

  3. Conversation

22 Min

PTE Home A2

  1. Repeat Sentence

  2. Describe Image

  3. Retell Story 

25 Min

PTE Home B1

  1. Repeat Sentence

  2. Describe Image

  3. Retell Story 

  4. Story: Listen and Answer

22 Min

Syllabus PTE 2024

There is no specific syllabus for the PTE examination. If you are well aware of the exam pattern, it is enough to know to make your preparation strategy. If you visit the respective examination page, you will find a video that elaborates on the tests and the section. You can call it a demo. 

Just make sure that you work on enhancing the skills that are tested in these examinations. If your exam does not include writing, skip that. However, you can take the help of various books, coaching, etc.

PTE 2024 Exam Centers

There are 35 Test centers in India. Students can choose any one of them while booking their test.

PTE 2023 Cut-Off

The London Schools of Economics and Political Science (LSE) - 70

University of British Columbia - 65

Columbia University - 68

Stanford Graduate School of Business - 68

Harvard Business School - 75

University of Oxford - 76 

University of Bristol - 78 

University College London - 88 

University of Edinburgh - 76 

University of Birmingham - 76

How Many Students Appeared for PTE 2023?

As PTE a global test, in 2022,  827,000 tests were recorded, and in 2023 there was a 76% increase in the numbers.

PTE 2024 Response Sheet/Answer Key Challenge

As we all know, just like IELTS, PTE response sheets are also available after a week or two. However, if you are not happy with the score you can challenge it. But it is better not to as the overall scores might not increase much. 

PTE score is calculated by machines. The entire test is AI-based, so the chances of mistakes are zero.

PTE 2023 Toppers List

85-90 marks are considered to be the top in the PTE examination. However, it depends on the type of PTE test a person is taking. 

Preparation Tips

Rather than jumping into the ocean, make a strategy of which parts to focus on and which parts can be prepared at the last moment. Go through points to understand better.

  • Before starting your preparation, go through the exam pattern and see which areas you need to put more focus on and mark the same.

  • Make yourself aware of your target score, it will give your preparation the needed pace and motivation.

  • Take some demo tests to see how prepared you are.

  • Read books, listen to the conversation, or watch English movies without subtitles or YouTube videos to enhance the required skills.

  • Take mock tests.

  • Practice each skill set daily so that you don’t lose your grip on any.

  • You can visit to get the needed books with CDs.

  • Get the help of Coaching Institutes if needed.

What is PTE Academic Online?

There is no difference with PTE Academic. This is just the online version of the same. In this test, students can take their examinations from the comfort of their homes. However, they need to make sure that the internet connection is good, and the environment is peaceful.

Note: This examination does not apply to visa applications currently.

Is IELTS More Valuable than PTE?

Yes, indeed, IELTS is more recognized compared to PTE but that does not have anything to do with the value they hold. However, certain differences are there like IELTS is a human human-driven test while PTE is an AI-driven test. PTE is fast as the results are out in just 48 hours. Perhaps, these reasons have made students opt for PTE over IELTS in recent years. You can take whichever exam you want. Just make sure that the country or the university you are applying for accepts the same.

Why is PTE Coaching Needed?

You can self-study, but if you are weak in English, you need coaching. It can give you a clear vision of the exam pattern and how to crack it. Apart from that, you get access to better resources and practice materials.

You can take offline coaching or opt for online as well whichever is feasible to you. But if you have found an offline one in your city, it is better to join the same. In offline coaching, you get better attention from the educators which makes you not miss any information. Indian cities having the best PTE coaching institutes are Chandigarh, Patiala, Noida, Mumbai, etc.

To know more about the Institutes in your state, refer to the right-side list of this page.





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