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About Wisdom Mart

Wisdom Mart an imperial International entrance exams coaching institute and admission consultant in Delhi over the years with their consistent and ingenious work has made them a chief coaching institute in the field of global education. An emphatic approach towards standardized GRE coaching and other exams as well, this institute renders a wide pool of services in education, training and admission section & visa consultancy department. It being renowned a one of the best in Preet Vihar Delhi, Wisdom Mart specialize entrance exam coaching for the world’s best universities/colleges of countries ranging from Australia, USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand etc. At Wisdom Mart, they believe in providing training-induced and pragmatic coaching to exams such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, and GRE. Also, they offer admission consulting & documentation processing services to India’s Top MBA B-s school and abroad universities. Besides it mains services, they also facilitate ancillary solutions such as air ticket, PG accommodations and Loan facilities etc. An extensive network and tie-ups with education Industries best such as Nova press (an educational publisher) help them immensely in contesting and excelling their competition and placements of students internationally. Another strong forte of there is rich and professional classroom sessions with a keenness to develop analytical thinking and facilitate result based teaching.

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Wisdom Mart Reviews

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Sombir Image

The coaching institute has the perfect tricks which can be used in entrance exams and their modules and worksheets are also good for preparation inside this place.

Sukhwinder Singh Image
Sukhwinder Singh

It is all upto my expectations, teachers are best here inside this place, every individual has been considered here in their academic structure.

komalpreet kaur Image
Komalpreet kaur

The staff is very helpful, experienced and is energetic towards the students in this Wisdom Mart.

Priyanka Image

The coaching institute has a brilliant approach to the teaching purely for the sake of the performance in the entrance exams like this exam in this Wisdom Mart.

Parvez alam Image
Parvez alam

It is normal coaching institute with a unique teaching methodology in this Wisdom Mart.

Jaskaran singh Image
Jaskaran singh

The coaching academy isn’t an easy exam to crack because of its legacy in this Wisdom Mart. The efforts put in by both of the students and the faculty counts.

navneet Image

Doubt clearing sessions in this Wisdom Mart are the best of the kind.

Name Image

The test series of this coaching institute matters at this place more than the actual study material which is a great thing.

Akshita Image

The way the teachers teach the topics greatly with passion plus with the time that you get access to their site, which has very useful content on the side of that exams which is a great thing.

Abhimanyu kumar Image
Abhimanyu kumar

The study material and the practice questions which is a great thing level is also from lower to the higher level at this place. However, it’s fee is little high but its worth to go with so much of the quality education.

Vasundhra Image

They provide the online mock tests which is a great thing which also help the students to crack for that exams they are preparing for.

Naveen Image

They first started to teach with the basic then went to the ahead at this place so that every student gets to revise all formulas and every type of question at all levels which is a great thing at this place.

Preeti Image

The teachers and then the staff of this coaching institution has had been very cooperative and supportive with proper teaching for every course’s great pleasure at this place to study in this institution around.

Manisha Image

There are things like the students get to clear all the doubts of certain exams which the students learn in around 4 years at Wisdom Mart.

shubham Image

If you are willing to find the best of the classes then this coaching is surely the one at Wisdom Mart.

Priya Image

I guess there are a lot of things which you should consider in a gate coaching in a coaching, and this coaching does it all at Wisdom Mart.


I believe that the most important thing which I am coming across is that the coaching institute has got the brilliant teachers and I love this fact at Wisdom Mart.

Aditya bhushan Image
Aditya bhushan

As an EC branch this coaching is an amazing one and I am in love with this coaching institute.

Shekhar chaudhary Image
Shekhar chaudhary

Ethics and the case study in the pain for the many of the aspirants because it has been demanding the creativity, and then no one couldn’t develop the creativity in being the day in the institution which has been great at this place.

Ravi Image

Answer writing in the exam in this coaching academy which has been great at this place. Which is the most needed thing for the preparation. And if we are talking about the practice in there, it should be on a daily basis on there in this town.

Abhishek kumar Image
Abhishek kumar

Individual attention has to be given to the students in the coaching academy at this place. Separate doubt session for everyone in this coaching institute. Join now and feel the difference in here in this town.

Mansi Image

Absolutely smitten by the aura of the teachers which are present here, which is because of that is what plays a vital role for the success of a generation as vulnerable as ours in this town at this place.

Gautam Prasad Image
Gautam Prasad

This is one of the best coaching institutes in town because they have had been the students centric and then not money centric things in this coaching institute at this place at this place.

raj Image

Weekly tests have been there in this coaching and study material helps in cracking any exam with flying colours in the coaching institutes at this place.

Rimpi Image

The coaching institute has had been for one of the greatest sign of the mentorship by offering the students the best they can do for the best time in the coaching at this place. I believe that on their part this is the best thing that they can offer to us really at this point being there.

pallavi sharma Image
Pallavi sharma

There are monthly suggestions and the feedback rounds where we can share what we feel about the teachers of this coaching through all the angles possible in there inside the coaching academy which has been totally coming around in there.

Anita Image

If you are serious and sincere about the preparation of the coaching institution at the same time, you would get the best of the results at this place.

Yogita Sharma Image
Yogita Sharma

Talking about the best part of this coaching institution, then I would like to say that the doubt counters in here does a great part in this one present here at this point at this place.

shiva Image

The coaching institute takes a great care for the students at the same time at this place.


There are monthly magazines which help us to stay updated of the world around us and this is a really beneficial stuff for the same at this place.

manish  banwasi Image
Manish banwasi

I believe that the stronger you perform in the coaching institute and then the better rank you get but in terms of the other things you see, this coaching does a brilliant job for being a part of the same which has had been here at this point at this place.

PK Jha Image
PK Jha

I have had been here since the last of the 2 years and then I felt that I am very much of the confident enough at this place.

Jaya Image

This coaching is one of the best coaching for the exams in this one as far as I have seen in this town which has had been there in the coaching at this place.

Praveen kumar Image
Praveen kumar

Excellent personal attention is to be given at the classes with integrated test series which is brilliant and great at this place. Test series are based on the actual exam pattern providing an insight to the students.

Akshit gupta Image
Akshit gupta

The time of the coaching institute which has been allotted to each class is an hour but each class runs only from 20 to 25 minutes which is brilliant and great at this place. This causes very delay in course completion..

siddharth Image

Teachers of the coaching institute don’t clear the doubts of the students of the coaching institute which is brilliant and great at this place. Even they have had not updated with the new syllabus.

Nitin Image

When I have had joined the coaching institute which is brilliant and great at this place, faculty said the course duration is four month but course did not complete the course.

Abhigyan Image

The study material of the coaching institute is full of the important questions and the concepts covering all the essential topics which is brilliant and great at Wisdom Mart .

Pawan Image

Thanks for the great personal attention which has been given and is a great coaching doubt clearing classes. Excellent individual monitoring has been provided and analysis on learning and is a great coaching in this place.

Neena Image

The coaching institution which have been the best and most experienced team in this place and is a great coaching.

kulbir  kaur Image
Kulbir kaur

The teachers at the coaching specifies that you have had been on the particular topics on over how to deal with and is a great coaching in this place.

Shashank Image

The coaching institution has been teaching us about the new tricks and different ways to solve the questions so quickly so that our time could be saved in exam flawlessly and is a great coaching in this place.

Deepak Image

Environment of coaching classes is really very well and this is why the students stay positive and is a great coaching in this place.

Vanshika Image

The coaching institute has been teaching to believe in our own goals in this place. The institute motivates you until we are all set on a definite target and is a great coaching.

Amarpreet kaur Image
Amarpreet kaur

The teachers of the coaching institution could really carefully assess your strength and the weakness in this place and might help you work on it and is a great coaching.

Vinod Image

The coaching has been providing a lot of test series which could help to understand the examination pattern of the exam in here and is a great coaching in this place.

Suryam Shahi Image
Suryam Shahi

The coursework of the coaching is being very thoroughly discussed in this place with the coaching students and is a great coaching. This makes the study of the course process clear and makes us confident.

Ria Image

It has been really very easy to communicate and is a great coaching with the teachers and clear our doubts in this place.

Taniya Image

The individuals of the coaching institute with a very fantastic qualifications at this place is by all accounts the standard in the spot they have done an amazing job. The staff is accomplished and go from top instructive schools.

Sharanjit kaur Image
Sharanjit kaur

The clusters and the classes of the coaching institute are being organised at this place so well that students can hit offset with different things they have done an amazing job.

Harbir Image

I think that this is the very best of the choice to decide at Wisdom Mart for clearing the test and other fitness test instructing in light of the fact that all the personnel are intense about study they have done an amazing job.

Parwinder kaur Image
Parwinder kaur

In my very of the closely-held conviction it is an extraordinary training with the splendid staff they have done an amazing job at this place. It is astonishing and on the off chance that you want to peruse in a similar instructing, at that point its a brilliant possibility for you.


The staff of the coaching institute has been to the enrolment is finished with the goal of furnishing its students with guiding at Wisdom Mart they have done an amazing job and steady support to accomplish better.

Sidak Image

Very great establishment for the prep at this place. Very qualified workforce and great outcomes delivered each year.

Neha verma Image
Neha verma

The foundation accentuation on current undertakings and vocabulary in here. Study materials are accommodated the equivalent at this place.

Somya atrey Image
Somya atrey

I took the best choice when I picked this foundation for readiness of my test. They have splendid staff and aggressive study condition at this place.

Gautam Verma Image
Gautam Verma

They give assistance to all students with the goal that students don't have wavering in here to make the inquiry. In feline instructing it is most devil thing as all students originates from various field so they need more help of the personnel at this place.

Imra iqbal Image
Imra iqbal

Even however the organization looks extremely little from outside for these exams at this place, when you get inside you will become more acquainted with such a mind-boggling place it is which just spotlights on taking their students to progress!

Shilpa Sharma Image
Shilpa Sharma

This institute is highly recommended to all the serious aspirants who desires to become officers because they solely focus on providing quality education to its students and so they aim at providing personal attention to each student by having only 80-90 students in one batch at this place.

Kavita sharma Image
Kavita sharma

They have had been providing of the proper guidance, relevant study material, practice tests and motivational sessions for these exams at this place. The staff of the coaching academy is very very helpful of the experienced.

Aman Image

You could understand everything by the simply tricks you can also have facilities like the regular tests and online classes for these exams that none of any other institutions provide in the town at this place.

Vikas almal Image
Vikas almal

The faculty present at the training academy teaches at a very high pace. However, it is really great since the syllabus gets covered really fast for these exams at this place.

Tamanna Image

The concepts to the students of the coaching academy for these exams are taught with tricks helping us to solve them quickly at this place. The teachers in the institution here have been a constant supporter. They conduct motivational sessions and provide tips and tricks for the exams.

Sanjib Image

Sunday chapter wise test are organized so that the students can do better apart from it. A series in these coaching institutes are also being conducted and held to score high in the exams in there.

Anmol gilhotra Image
Anmol gilhotra

The teachers of the coaching institution help out the students in all possible ways, always ready to clear your doubts in here at this academic institute.

Naveen Image

They have had highly been experienced faculties who trained their students with quality education in here at this academic institute. I highly recommend all the aspiring candidates to join here at the coaching.

Abhinav Image

The well would been qualified teachers over there made me to learn very interesting short cut tricks which turned out to be very helpful for the solving of the tricky and lengthy questions in here at this academic institute.

Ritu vashisht Image
Ritu vashisht

The coaching academy has cooperative and knowledgeable teachers. They teach the strategies to clear the exams in here at this academic institute. Both of the staff members and teachers motivate us to achieve our goals at the institution.


They have had been skilled experts to guide the students who are about to choose their future in here at this academic institute.

Vaasu gupta Image
Vaasu gupta

The fundamental concepts of the coaching academy have had been taught in great detail before working out the exercise in these coaching institutes.

Anil jangid Image
Anil jangid

Teachers here are really concerned about their student’s career. Moreover the notes provided by the institute itself are enough and has had been there at this coaching institution in there which has had been there in these coaching institutes.

kulwinder kaur Image
Kulwinder kaur

The coaching institute has been great place for the aspirants of these coaching institution. But, in order to achieve success here for these exams or anywhere in life, dedication, focus and 'will for the change' are the first priority which has had been given to the coaching institution in here.

Vishvendra chaudhary Image
Vishvendra chaudhary

All the present issues materials are ground breaking and the critical information with respect to the examination are through and through given meticulous and precise in this coaching institution.

Sukhdev Image

They have a substitute vision for the aspirants in this coaching institution. They have clear ventures under their thriving rate.

Gurjeet Image

Its interview guidance programme is amongst the best in the town in this coaching institution, regarded highly by almost all in the industry.

Aashish Image

They support you at each and every level of your preparation and shows genuine concern towards helping you get through the exam especially if you're a beginner in this coaching institution.

Gurkirat Image

The association has a steadfast method to manage to educate just for execution in choice tests in this coaching institute

Ujjwal Image

The preparation of these exams has never been so much of the cakewalk. It turned out very well with help of this institute. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed at the coaching academy.

Abi Image

It has been the best coaching institute I have came across to prepare for the exam with affordable fee structure in this coaching institute. This institute has the most amazing staff of the coaching centre.

anish negi Image
Anish negi

These types of the exams haven’t been an easy exam to crack at the coaching, it requires grit and an attitude that you don’t get bored. You can count on the coaching institute for both of them. The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty counts in the academy.

Bharvi oberoi Image
Bharvi oberoi

Group discussion and doubt clearing classes make students very confident about subject knowledge for these types of exams.

Sakina Image

They provide proper guidance, relevant study material, practice tests and motivational sessions. The staff is very helpful, experienced for these exams in here.

Dinesh Kumar Prajapat Image
Dinesh Kumar Prajapat

The institute is an extremely helpful institution which not only helps in the nourishment of young minds but also helps young brains for selecting a nice career in this coaching.

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