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About Shiksha Overseas

If you are looking for the IELTS coaching in Delhi, then you should probably look for the Shiksha Overseas in Delhi. Shiksha Overseas has been brilliant in terms of the quality of the teachers there. The teachers follow the student's oriented methodology which helps the students all the way through. Moreover, the coaching institute has been perfect in terms of the IELTS coaching. The teachers teach the students in a way that they get the maximum prediction about the IELTS exam. They are made practiced in a way that nothing comes out of the notes which the institute has provided. 

There are doubt counters which help the students all the way through the doubts. The students are made perfect in the listening, speaking, writing and reading. No matter where you give your interview to study abroad, you are gonna ace in the exam.

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Shiksha Overseas Reviews

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Reghu Image

The most important aspect of this coaching institute enabling me to understand that while preparing for my entrance exam one has to have a clear idea of what to study and what not to do inside this place.

subhash Image

Best faculties are provided for each subject and they teaching side this place so well that the students get each and every concept very clearly.

Balvinder singh Image
Balvinder singh

Personal attention in the classes with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great practice here in this Shiksha Overseas.

Abhiney sharma Image
Abhiney sharma

The concept to deal the question with the coaching institute is excellent and gives visual and audio connection both in this Shiksha Overseas.

Gaurav Image

The coaching institute has provided us enough study material so that we can independently in here prepare ourselves without the notes making, from our own for various banking courses.

Prem Kumar Saran Image
Prem Kumar Saran

This coaching institute in this Shiksha Overseas is good and infrastructure is also nice.

md.salim Image

The coaching in the institute is known for the quality instruction which is a great thing, framework and the study material at this place.

Richa Image

The institute leads to the workshops and the courses which routinely support the students with their institute’s arrangements which is a great thing at this place.


The teachers are present in the coaching institute which is a great thing at this place, are the experienced professionals from which the premium institutions.

Priyanka Image

It has been lauded for the student and the instructor proportion. If not conceding in the excess of the 90 students which is a great thing at this place.

Ritu Image

The course is so organized and has the various types of the booklets at this place to suit the academy which is a great thing. The course is so finished in the time, giving a lot of the uninterrupted time to study alone

Arti Image

Adaptive learning is the technology which is a way too different and very helpful to the preparation for that exam which is a great thing.

Aarushi Sood Image
Aarushi Sood

I think the best coaching in here is this one in terms of the everything which we see at Shiksha Overseas at this coaching.

rekha Image

I guess this coaching has already been supporting the students for a very long time, and then probably it is the best at Shiksha Overseas.

Bhavna Image

There are things like the gate prepared notes at Shiksha Overseas which helps the students to the best part for the gate coaching in there at the same point.

Balwinder Image

This coaching is probably the best coaching when it comes to the test series at Shiksha Overseas, doubt counters and the other things about this coaching institute.

Sangeeta ranta Image
Sangeeta ranta

I believe that the best part of this coaching at Shiksha Overseas is to go and have not to suffer in the shade of the dark knowledge.

Harsh Image

I think that I am here with the best coaching ever possible for someone preparing for the exams which are being present in here.

Sunita Image

The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice, as some of the teachers are being there in the perhaps that the best I’ve had ever seen, which has been great while the few others are really on average at the point which has had been there at this place.

Rishav Kumar Image
Rishav Kumar

Proper attention has had been paid to the concepts in the town. The institute provides overall development to the students at this place, would surely recommend that in the coaching academy and it is really brilliant.

pravleen Image

They have had been providing us with a very great learning experience in there in the academy which has been present here in the coaching institution which has had always been at a huge state for the same at this place.

Seema Image

According to my experience, the coaching faculty has had the best because they clear all the concepts which is very difficult for most of the teachers and then for the students at this place.

Vineet sharma Image
Vineet sharma

The coaching institute’s strength is the faculty members of the coaching academy which they have had all the way along in there at the same point at this place.

rajan choudhary Image
Rajan choudhary

The teaching faculty in this coaching academy has been really outstanding and then providing the exclusive which has had been the live video lectures to crack the Exams in the coaching academy which is here at this point at this place.

Vish Image

This institution which has had been skilled in mathematics and then to having had built yourself to score higher in the boards in here at this coaching academy at the same point at this place.

Nitesh tayal Image
Nitesh tayal

Supportive trainers have always there for whom we have had always been able to help the students to provide the special attention to the weaker sections have had been really brilliant at the same time at this place.

Manish Image

Not famous enough but a right institute if you are looking for small batch and personal attention at Shiksha Overseas. Teachers very efficient in here at this academic institute

Bhumika Singh Image
Bhumika Singh

The things is which I used to see, I can anymore with this coaching’s perspective of the coaching academy in here at this place.

NASIR hussain Image
NASIR hussain

The environment of the coaching academy is same as that of our aim and it feels really brilliant and great at this place.

Gagandeep.kaur Image

If you form the groups in the coaching institution and then study at this place, I guess it would be a really better decision in this coaching institution at the same time.

leena solanki Image
Leena solanki

The coaching institute has had a special point which is being a speed test for us which is brilliant and great at this place. I think this is very good point of this institute.

Pooja Image

More time is being invested in which the topics at this place of high weightage which is brilliant and great and it is a positive approach.

Sanjay murariya Image
Sanjay murariya

The coaching institute has had created a timetable and takes regular assessments are held which is brilliant and great at this place.

Jyoti Image

I have had chose this coaching institute because it has had designed in their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology at this place which is brilliant and great and the study material is very helpful.

Jigmet Angmo Image
Jigmet Angmo

The coaching institute helps in being improving the personality of the student which is brilliant and great at Shiksha Overseas . They pay attention towards each and every student of the coaching.

Vipin Image

Choosing one of the establishment in the same way to prepare for the tests they have done an amazing job. It is a champion among the most troublesome tests and the establishment has helped me beat my fear at this place.

Mandeep singh Image
Mandeep singh

The workforce of the coaching is in influencing in the coaching institution they have done an amazing job. Diverse mind-boggling sessions are in the like route held to help resolve. The establishment gives library access to us at this place, and we can in like manner issue books.

Vishal Babu Image
Vishal Babu

The coaching institute which have had planned the program in such a decent way they have done an amazing job, that will cover every one of the viewpoints for the placement tests that included classes, workshops, week after week online test and mock meetings at this place.

rashmisingh Image

There was one of the occasion, wherein I had denoted a couple of questions and the educator was eager to sit tight at this place for an additional hour and illuminate my challenges in my life they have done an amazing job.

puroshttom kumawat Image
Puroshttom kumawat

The coaching institute of the country they have done an amazing job at this place, week after week leads test and month to month they will direct mock tests and give the outcomes so as to enable students to assess their exhibition.

Akshit Image

Best place is this one to take up the coaching for the preparation for these exams in here at the time of coaching at this place. The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment which are motivating.

Satish Image

The fees structure of the coaching institution for these exams has been quite affordable and then the institute provides scholarships in there. This is the best initiative an institute takes at this place.

Sahil Image

Very helpful staff. All the topics are being taught thoroughly in the coaching academy in there in the coaching academy for these exams. The coaching academy and the institute is full of counsellors who help you through every thick and thin at this place.

Simran kohli Image
Simran kohli

Teachers of the coaching institution has had been there which are quite helpful and understanding for these exams at this place. The faculty of the coaching academy pays proper attention at each student. The regular tests conducted helps to know the platform student stands at this level.

Shubhi Image

The mentors has had helped me in the understanding the fundamentals for these exams which has been well and the worked on my the weak points at this place.

Akash singh Image
Akash singh

The institute has a very well designed course structure in these coaching institutes.

Chhavi Image

It has had been a really wonderful place which being providing with being the best study tips of the coaching academy and then being the education to the coaching students whom the desire to the succeed in their life in these coaching institutes.

Nikhil Image

This is the best institute. They provide personality development classes before and after the exam in these coaching institutes.

Bharth kumar Image
Bharth kumar

Without the help of the coaching institute for the sake of studying, I could not attempt the entire question paper but the concepts taught by the faculty made it very easy for me in here at this academic institute.

Kamal Image

The Institute grooms and prepares you for the trickiest question and interviews as well in these coaching institutes.

Aditya nand Image
Aditya nand

The fee structure of this coaching in here is a way too amazing. The teachers at this coaching are helpful and loving.

Sona Image

The coaching institute in here has all the facilities a student can look for with no problems.

gaganpreet Image

The institute has had been very of the helpful teachers. They taught the techniques and strategies for every section in depth, full marks to his teaching skills and moreover the counsellors are very good in this academic institution.

Sahil Image

Apart from the general preparing, I was given special attention once my waitlists began pouring in. I had 1-2 rounds of meeting for every one of my waitlist. Furthermore, the general population taking the meeting were graduated class of the institute and know a little about the board or individuals with a gigantic involvement in taking meetings in this coaching institute

Ajay Sharma Image
Ajay Sharma

The institute creates a timetable and takes regular assessments are held for these types of exams.


I guess that once you are done with the selection of the subject, the coaching takes the responsibility in getting the rest of the works done in here.

Gurleen Kaur  Image
Gurleen Kaur

I had a great experience with Shiksha Overseas. After facing a lot of trouble with IELTS , fortunately ,I found this place where I had spent an amazing time learning about strategies and tricks that helped me in cracking my IELTS exam. The staff is supportive & friendly. Furthermore, a big thanks to Ms. Rashmi, an amazing and a well experienced IELTS trainer at Shiksha who taught me with full dedication and made a smooth boulevard towards my dream. I am extremely thankful to the whole team of Shiksha Overseas for helping me to achieve my target.

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