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Blue Sapphire consultants provide services in IELTS, Spoken English for students and Interview preparation, air ticketing, hotel booking, free assessment and immigration services for professionals. Located in sector 34A, Blue Sapphire is a trusted immigration service provider, it treats its client with the most genuine seal of trust. The company charges reasonable for all its services and provides a great output for that with much more than the expectation. Along with it, its preparation courses like IELTS, spoken English and interview skills development are taken into consideration by experienced trainers that explain each and every concept efficiently and professionally. The committed team of counselors, education advisors works with a strict student approach. IELTS is a tough stuff to take on when it comes to career but this company helps you to achieve all your dreams. The company also provides services like flight booking and hotel booking under economical prices. So with a complete package like this one you can achieve your lifestyle in a country of your choice.
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Harshit tailor Image
Harshit tailor

The faculty of the coaching has been teaching at the very high pace. It is difficult to understand topics at times in this education centre.

Amita Image

Excellent learning environment is there at the coaching institute which has been great, Its convenient for these exams for these courses. Outstanding Faculties coordination in large and management support in all the ways to excel the students for these exams for these courses.

roshni saini Image
Roshni saini

They have had the best and the most experienced team at the coaching for these exams for these courses which has been great. Its convenient for these exams for these courses

Pankaj yadav Image
Pankaj yadav

For the need of the students in this education centre, the coaching institution in this education centre provides the best of the facilities.

Tamanna sharma Image
Tamanna sharma

The students in the coaching are like orientations in this education centre.

Monika Image

Coaching institutes trains the students of the institute for how does it feel to face the exam such has these exams in this education centre.


Their study material is stacked with the best procedures, frameworks, and thoughts. The foundation gives a total study at BLUE SAPPHIRE located here.

Ashi Vatsa Image
Ashi Vatsa

Taking my decision to choose this foundation to get ready for the section is the best decision made. The educators here are very useful at BLUE SAPPHIRE located here

Karanvir Rathore Image
Karanvir Rathore

You need to pick the best training institute where you will discover well done to study. The staff here is experienced and cooperative at BLUE SAPPHIRE located here.

Anil Image

The month to month tests encourages you a great deal to dissect your planning pay attention to it; this is the thing that that makes distinction in this education centre.

Namita yadav Image
Namita yadav

Best place to the study as the teachers are qualified here and professional so they train their students professionally over this BLUE SAPPHIRE.

Vaishnavi Vyas Image
Vaishnavi Vyas

The way of the teaching as over this BLUE SAPPHIRE here is very good and Understands the problems of each and every student.

Mahendra singh Image
Mahendra singh

The institute has their own study material for exam preparation here so that students do not need to any other books over this BLUE SAPPHIRE.

Ritika Image

Faculty of the coaching institute is quite good. Good for personalised attention. Best part was one to one doubt clearing sessions for exams for these courses.

Shivani Sharma Image
Shivani Sharma

Competitive environment and then the focused learning at the institute provides the necessary edge and exposure to the students for exams for these courses.

Krishika Bisht Image
Krishika Bisht

The faculty of the coaching institute present over here is the best and they help you a lot and their way of teaching is very good one can easily get the things and they motivate a student a lot for exams for these courses.

Kiran Mishra Image
Kiran Mishra

I have been in this coaching since one year in BLUE SAPPHIRE located here located hereand my results and performance hs boosted to the top.

Banti Image

It's extremely smart coaching job center in this exam.they have good academics and healthy study setting for the scholars.

Umesh Image

The educational programs area unit quite smart in this exam. they supply their own notes that area unit written by them.

Suman Image

Atmosphere and surroundings area unit awing here in this exam. one in all the nicest places to try to to the papers schoolwork and find a decent learning atmosphere

Softy Saulanki Image
Softy Saulanki

Over all the classes are good around here in this academic institution we have to do more things about it.

Mehak Image

When I have had joined the coaching, faculty said the course duration is four month but course did not complete around here in this academic institution.

Sana Image

The coaching institute conducts tests which improved around here in this academic institution my speed of question solving and also helped me to develop the self-confidence.

Prashant Image

The coaching have been the best mentor around here in this academic institution for me in terms of education and the lifestyle

Nandini khandelwal Image
Nandini khandelwal

The coaching starts with the basic formulas and then it has to take off with the other topics which had been taught around here in this academic institution.

Jaswinder kaur Image
Jaswinder kaur

The coaching institute at this centre has had in improving the personality of the students in the right way over here.

Sahil dholta Image
Sahil dholta

They are the finest at what they do. Still can't imagine myself appearing for exam without sir guidance over here.

Manjinder Image

Not a single regret of starting my classes here. The knowledge that I gained here is unmatched. I never thought appearing for this exam can be made that easy over here.


It normal coaching centre over the BLUE SAPPHIRE with a unique teaching methodology.

Gagan rathore Image
Gagan rathore

Their online prep courses are very convenient over the BLUE SAPPHIRE and good.

Preeti Image

The centre gives us the online test each week and they give compliments of little presents for high scorers over this centre.

Avinash yadav Image
Avinash yadav

The idea of the bargaining the inquiry is fantastic and gives visual and sound association both over this centre. Furthermore, we can ready to especially refreshed about the present status in the field of the rivalry.

Rahul Kumar sharma Image
Rahul Kumar sharma

The study condition is extraordinary. Students are extremely propelled and instructors are exceptionally experienced in this academic coaching institute over here.

Nikita chaudhary Image
Nikita chaudhary

This establishment encourages you to gain proficiency with the real fundamental ideas in an exceptionally offbeat manner in this academic coaching institute over here.

Abhay S Kumar Image
Abhay S Kumar

Teachers are extremely experienced .They educate with parcel of intrigue. Propelling addresses given by the workforce are demonstrated exceptionally accommodating to us in this academic coaching institute over here.

shivani Image

The study material of this coaching center in this BLUE SAPPHIRE here is really outstanding and very much relevant, faculties are very good.

Kavita saini Image
Kavita saini

There are things like the students get to clear all of the doubts of the subjects which the students learn in around years over here at this coaching, probably the best coaching over here at this institution.

Vishal Singh shekhawat Image
Vishal Singh shekhawat

They have had been skilled experts to guide the students who are about to choose their future in here, this is a great over here in this coaching.

nauhbat saini Image
Nauhbat saini

They have had highly been experienced faculties who trained their students with quality education. I highly recommend all the aspiring candidates to joover hereat the coaching, this is a great over here in this coaching.

Ashok Image

The over here in this coaching has cooperative and knowledgeable teachers, this is a great over here in this coaching. They teach the strategies to clear the exams. Both of the staff members and teachers motivate us to achieve our goals at the institution.

Sanjeet saini Image
Sanjeet saini

They offered books to better outcomes. Every booklet is overflowing with substance in game plan like the request papers over this institution this is a brilliant institute is marvellous. This prepares students for the test.

anurag pareek Image
Anurag pareek

Their branches are organized in noteworthy urban territories in India this is a brilliant institute. It is the best course for getting prepared for these types of the test is marvellous. They give the best workforce to troublesome test and gives motivation over this institution.

Rohit singh solanki Image
Rohit singh solanki

I picked this association since it structures their own special examination material over this institution to consider their own one of a kind empowering reasoning and the study material is incredibly helpful this is a brilliant institute is marvellous.

Natasha Image

We at this coaching academy which do not face problems like the revisions, concepts, retention and then at the last but not least answer writing which has been great, time management BLUE SAPPHIRE, over thiss place.

Khajit Rai Image
Khajit Rai

Best competitive environment over here in BLUE SAPPHIRE. Students get best guidance for career options from highly qualified experts.

Ajeet meena Image
Ajeet meena

They provide best study material and best guidance over here in BLUE SAPPHIRE. Good atmosphere for study. Teachers are very helpful and friendly in nature.

ramn Image

Concept clarity has increased manifold and my confidence too has got a boost over here in BLUE SAPPHIRE. I recommend this institute to all.

Aryan Image

It has been providing best platform for Student’s to crack maths problems over this BLUE SAPPHIRE The teacher is well experienced and his teaching method helps Student’s a lot.

Sunita Image

I am satisfied with the guidance given here over BLUE SAPPHIRE. It is the Right approach.


I use to feel getting ready for centered tests would be troublesome in here. The staff helped me overcome my fear over BLUE SAPPHIRE.

Sukhjinder powar Image
Sukhjinder powar

The institute has long distinguished for the best preparatory course and results for various entrance examinations over here in this place.

Sunil meena Image
Sunil meena

The test series was planned every month and results were supposed to be out on the website at student corner over here in this place, with a great analysis which defines that in which topic you are weak and strong.

naveen kumar Image
Naveen kumar

The success ratio in the institute is too high over here in this place. If you are hardworking then you will definitely find your way.

Gulnaz Image

It has provided us enough study material so that we can independently over this course in here to prepare from our own for the entrances.

Jahab Image

They have the best and most experienced team over this course in here. The faculty pays proper attention towards each student and helps them in difficulty.

Shakib Image

This institute is value for money. It utilises our precious time in a very significant manner over this course in here. They value the efforts put in by the students.

Rajesh Image

The examination material given by the establishment is troublesome and draining, setting you up for the most desperate result possible then so it’s great.

yaduvendra Image

I verifiably endorse this foundation my contribution to the association has been very incredible then so it’s great. Their devices and tips have helped me improve my capacities and speed.

Shiv pratap singh Image
Shiv pratap singh

The association offers instinctive appearing and urges students to as inquiries which have wound up being helpful for me then so it’s great.

Malkit Image

The institute provides the best study material and assessments over here in this course. Equipped with best technological tools for learning and good infrastructure.

Shekhaabid Image

Each student gets individual time and attention over here in this course and you would never have any road blockers approaching the faculty here.

Rajeev singh Image
Rajeev singh

Professors gave extra doubt solving classes just to ensure our success over here in this course. This is the best place to learn.

shreya Image

I have my last module next week and I can - hand on heart - say it’s been the best decision of my life over here in this course.

Surjeet Kumar Image
Surjeet Kumar

Excellent institute for the exam and coaching over here in this course. It has peaceful atmosphere and friendly teachers. It's really a good experience.

Suresh kundu Image
Suresh kundu

I feel very aggressive when I can’t solve a question which has had been a great thing over the BLUE SAPPHIRE in here; the teachers here help me a lot through this.

Ayush Image

It has had been a course for undergraduates is also famous in there which has been great. The fee for the courses which has had the quiet in the budget of being over the BLUE SAPPHIRE in here

Jaiveer Prajapat Image
Jaiveer Prajapat

I find it really very unique as it helps you to get your questions evaluated daily and it also been which has been great the helping to get the good competition as many selected with certain posts over the BLUE SAPPHIRE in here.

Harpreet Singh Image
Harpreet Singh

The schedule of the coaching institution which has been there with the so much of the organised that with every day which I could attend my classes in being there which has been great over the BLUE SAPPHIRE in here, given that the tests on the weekends and then every evening in the coaching academy.

Nishu Image

If you are willing to do anything in the engineering part, I guess you should join this coaching institution out there in this coaching over the BLUE SAPPHIRE. probably the best coaching in here

Ritika Image

This is a technical exam, in order to get numbers in it, we have to go complex and this coaching helps us to solve that complex under one shot which has had been there. I like this coaching institute for these things over the BLUE SAPPHIRE.

Deepika Image

The subjects taught by the teachers is really very great as far as the coaching institute is being seen which have had been here over the BLUE SAPPHIRE. This coaching has really helped me to go through it all.

Amit Kumar Tyagi Image
Amit Kumar Tyagi

I think that the best thing about this coaching institutions is that it prepares the students for all over this place.

Pabitra Maharana Image
Pabitra Maharana

I've had also been a part of this coaching year ago and I guess that all of them have had been amazing at that part of it over this place.

Jitendra kumar Image
Jitendra kumar

There are many of the Orientation sessions are also organized in which they told what strategies you would make and what you have done to get sure success in the coaching institution over this place. 

Marufa Sabir Image
Marufa Sabir

The coaching academy is proving that everything is possible out there if you follow the guidance of the teachers over this place.

Bhawana Image

You should have been really clear class itself over this place. The doubt counters of the coaching takes a lot of time. The coaching academy has been managing the doubt counters really very brilliantly.

Ayush Image

The environment is pretty good to study as batches are not much big which is a great thing over the BLUE SAPPHIRE. If you really want the best join there. You won't be disappointed.

Kunal sharma Image
Kunal sharma

Completion of syllabus was on time leaving ample time for revision which is a great thing over the BLUE SAPPHIRE . This, with really good faculty and cooperative staff makes this institution.

Sameer Kumar Image
Sameer Kumar

This is the best place to drive towards your ambitions which is a great thing over the BLUE SAPPHIRE.

sumit sikawar Image
Sumit sikawar

It has an excellent team who give their best in educating their students which is a great thing over the BLUE SAPPHIRE. This institute has given the maximum no. of top rank in the past two years.

Pankaj Image

The teachers are very hard working which is a great thing over the BLUE SAPPHIRE and their way of teaching is very good.

Raghav Image

The tutors are amazing, helpful, they always explain and they are always which is a great thing over the BLUE SAPPHIRE there to answer if you have any questions.

Sona Image

To achieve big dream like this it is important as to choose best guidance alsofor these kinda exams.The strategy of this institute is unique and simplified in nature.

Ajay jakhar Image
Ajay jakhar

Whole environment of coaching was so good and classes were held daily for these kind a exams .They help everyone in class time and after the class if anybody is weak in any subject extra time is provided.

Muskaan Image

The course and the substance of the coaching were structured by the scholarly specialists remembering the power of rivalry which is existing now daysover here.

vijendra jhajhra Image
Vijendra jhajhra

The personnel of the coaching institute is very improved with learning and they orchestrate question sessions to make every one of the ideas obvious to the students over here.

Manpreet Image

The infrastructure of the academy is really very much of the excellent and teaching methodology is very great and then comes the above all point that you get the best faculty to teach you and get you selected for exams like those.

Deepali Image

You should be really very clear all your doubts in the class itself. Because doubt counters take a lot of time for exams like those. But still, the coaching institute has managed the doubt counters very brilliantly.

Hitesh Gongely Image
Hitesh Gongely

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

alvin Image

It is an amazing experience ,all staff are motivated, taking doubt session properly ,satisfied with books material, provide us extra classes and good infrastructure.

aman dev singh Image
Aman dev singh

All teaching staff is good and eco friendly evironment,all topics are cleared by teachers,giving us doubt classes.

Paul Image

Best results record track for these exams. They have always induced their students to point high. They don't allow the weight to create. They show them effectively for these exams.

Om Image

All are very co- operative to make a confidence to crack exams in this coaching institutes.

Sagar Image

This is the best place. All staff is well supported and teachers are well experienced and friendly and provided the regular book with recorded cd also.

Navroop Image

The institute has had been very of the helpful teachers. They taught the techniques and strategies for every section in depth, full marks to his teaching skills and moreover the counsellors are very good, in all a great institution in this town.

anuragi Image

My experience was very good with faculties. all faculties are very affable in nature, giving all booklet sufficient but improve in speaking section.

nidhika Image

The foundation of the coaching institute makes a really amazing timetable and takes standard assessments are held. They've been the best guide for me.

sushil kumar Image
Sushil kumar

It has had given us to the enough study material with the objective that we can uninhibitedly prepare from our own one of a kind for the paths in the same way of the coaching.

Sidak Image

From the advocate to the guiding place of the caching institute and the entire involvement with the institution has been extraordinary.

Narendra Image

The coaching institution has had very helpful teachers. They taught the techniques and strategies for every section in depth, full marks to his teaching skills and moreover the counsellors are very good, in all a great coaching institution.

Arnima Image

The rationale and clarifications given by them to many inconvenience a few inquiries has been very useful for me.

rajesh Image

The institute has exceptionally supportive instructors. They showed the methods and methodologies for each area inside and out, full stamps to his showing abilities and besides the advocates are generally excellent, in every one of the an incredible institution.

simran bala Image
Simran bala

Regular test series helps to improve student so that they can perform at their best level of the coaching institute.

Rishav Image

The academy is filled with amazing counsellor's who help you from finding a course of your choice, to helping us with ielts preparation.

Devi Dayal Image
Devi Dayal

The faculty here, have great depth in their subjects and clears doubts anytime, even over the phone.

m Image

This is very very exceptionally wonderful coaching institute. I m extremely glad to join this institution as the educators of this institution are generally excellent.

Ajay Image

The teachers at this academy have splendid knowledge of the law and their teaching style not only guarantees you marks but helps you to build confidence

rekha Image

Keeps a close tab on the Mock test scores of primarily the good students. Willing to hold extra/repetitive classes if classes are missed by anyone.

Jaspreet kaur Image
Jaspreet kaur

The quintessential teachers provide you with best knowledge and help you to become a person you could be proud of.

Saurav Image

Their lead have had comes from their professional and strategic approach for the preparation which is Boosted by their Highly experienced Faculty with great Skill and Knowledge.

Mantrin Institute Image
Mantrin Institute

Are you in a genuine training institute? Being a trainee it is your responsibility towards your career. But Mantrin Institute gives you answers of these types of questions with 100% satisfaction. Reason is that the Mantrin Institute is one and only top and best training institute in Chandigarh. Visit us:

Parmeet Image

Excellent coaching institute for ielts with nice infrastructure

hitesh verma Image
Hitesh verma

I will definitely recommend blue sapphire to all fellows to go through!

harinder Image

Very helpful in ielts coaching , thanks a lot blue sapphire !!!!

heena Image

It was a remarkable and great experience with Blue Sapphire Consultants. They put their extra efforts and really dedicated towards their work. If anybody needs to consult for VISA related queries then I directly recommend Blue Sapphire as they are very popular in Tricity. Also, I wish them a good luck for their great success and providing best services.

farleen sodhi Image
Farleen sodhi

Finally, with the help of amazing staff out there in Blue Sapphire, I got my Canada study visa. Staff is very professional and they helped me in my every problem I faced. My experience was really great & I would suggest everyone contact them, skilled & experienced mentors in blue sapphire will help you to get Visa quickly.

rahul chalana Image
Rahul chalana

I am really happy that I have chosen blue sapphire immigration they are the best visa consultancy firm in chandigarh. Excellent service! I got a wonderful experience from cooperative staff members, they cleared all my queries to step by step and with perfection. I will definitely recommend blue sapphire to all fellows to go through!

surinder kumar Image
Surinder kumar

Blue Sapphire Consultants Chandigarh is probably best visa consultant in India. Their outstanding support in the entire process of applying to universities is phenomenal. I seriously find it faithful and hard working. Moreover, the best thing being associated with Blue Sapphire is that they patiently guided me throughout right from course selection, university selection, application filling, accepting admission offer to the most crucial part i.e., student visa. Thank you very much for all your help so far in pushing my file till this level. Thanks again.

anchal Image

I would highly recommend all future aspirants who are thinking for higher studies in abroad to approach Blue Sapphire Consultants. It was one of the best experiences for me to come in touch with them for IELTS preparation and they helped me at every step whenever I wanted. I wish them a great future ahead with all success

pammi Image

I am overwhelmed to consult with Blue Sapphire Consultants for my higher studies in Australia. They help me a lot in my IELTS training duration. I am really very thankful to all the staff members for their support and motivation.

akshita  Image

It was overall a fruitful experience with Blue Sapphire and I thank the whole team for their efforts and guidance on smooth transitions and settlement in Canada. I am able to prepare my application documents based on the Do's and Don'ts provided by Blue Sapphire Consultants. I am happy to refer anyone who is interested in migrating to Canada as their services are excellent and fee is affordable

sumit Image

If you are dreaming of settling in Canada, I assure you that Blue Sapphire is the only name in the whole tricity known for its precise information, timely guidance, detailing case study. Very much moved by the efforts they have done with the positive results. You can expect genuine feedback and transparency in all dealings here.

harpreet kaur Image
Harpreet kaur

These guys did an awesome job !! I strongly recommend Blue Sapphire Immigration to those who are thinking to migrate abroad. They have made me believe that there is something more than the business and that's the relationship they build with their client. My deepest gratitude goes to the whole team for handling my case to successful completion. I am glad I approached you guys.

alka sharma Image
Alka sharma

I love to be associated with Blue Sapphire Consultants and thank all the staff for their hard work which goes above and beyond expectations. I highly recommend it who wish to study or work in abroad and may look for a trustworthy immigration consultant

shikha ater Image
Shikha ater

Hello, I'm so glad to consult Blue Sapphire Consultants for my Study Visa in Canada. They are very professional and trusted agents as their knowledge and understanding of the system is wonderful and took all the stress out of the process. A wonderful journey to land down under because of you and your team. I will definitely recommend your team to thumbs up.

saurav Image

First of all, I deeply appreciate and give my heartfelt thanks to the team of blue sapphire consultants who always stand beside me to support from the very beginning till getting my Study VISA. They helped me a lot especially during the IELTS training program when I was not able to get the required bands. But things do change with some good help and guidance and may in future also your team continues to constantly carry many of our wishes to reality. Thanks!

aman pathania Image
Aman pathania

I will only say that Blue Sapphire Consultants are the professional immigration consultants and I would truly recommend it to anyone planning for IELTS or study visa in abroad. Choosing Blue Sapphire for my VISA application process was one of the best decisions of my life. I am really grateful for the outstanding services I got from the Blue Sapphire team.

ravi sen Image
Ravi sen

I am very thankful and appreciate with the efforts done by Blue Sapphire Consultants for assisting us in UK Visa process. Best immigration and visa consultancy I have ever seen.

ishan Image

Amazing and great consultants to get a Canadian VISA. I think without the Blue Sapphire Consultant's expert approach I could not go through the complicated obstacles that came in between my application process. The team is fully supportive and replied to my queries patiently all the time. Thanks a ton for the very smooth work you people have done for me.

sakshi jain Image
Sakshi jain

Having received an admission and then the study permit in Canada is really like a dream come true for me and seriously I have no words to express my feelings. A big big thanks to all the staff members of BlueSapphire at Chandigarh. Hats off to the entire Blue Sapphire team for their commitment, dedication, support and hardwork.

rahul kannojia Image
Rahul kannojia

When I chose to consult Blue Sapphire Consultants I was very confused whether I would attain my goal. But they are superb. I didn't only get right advice but I also enhanced my personality a lot. I have got a study visa to Canada. Thanks

karan raj kohli Image
Karan raj kohli

It was a great experience here, highly qualified & trained staff guides you in everything and teaches you some tricks which will help you get better score, infrastructure is very good, clean and good environment, everyone is very supportive and motivating. Special thanks to Ambika mam and Jyoti mam for their guidance.

sonam Image

It was really nice experience consulting Blue Sapphire. I had done MBA in Finance and was struggling to get a PR. I had visited many consultancies seeking for PR but my application gets rejected due to some reason. Thanks to Blue sapphire my application gets an approval from the concerned department. If anyone is looking for PR program, then I would recommend to avail Blue sapphire services.

prince Image

Excellent services provided by the blue sapphire consultants... It was totally unexpected for me that i get the visa....But M very happy that in 20 days i got my Canada study visa... Thanks alot

sherry Image

I had heard a lot about the excellent reputation that Blue Sapphire Consultants enjoy for its genuineness and transparency. It is this reputation that motivated me to get in touch with Blue Sapphire team for filing my study visa application. I consider myself fortunate to have taken that decision and I am really happy to have got my study visa.

jagjit singh Image
Jagjit singh

Excellent services provided. I am very happy that i got visa within 1 week... earlier my visa was refused then also i got visa only with the help of blue sapphire consultants... thanks alot...????????????

renuka Image

Their whole team was honest and hardworking. They helped me at every single step and due to their efforts I got my visa. Once again thank you blue sapphire

namandeep Image

I took my coaching from here,nice infrastructure and expert trainers , thanks

vishu Image

It was one of my right decisions to approach Blue Sapphire for IELTS training. Thanks so much to the entire team for your support and hard work. Your team has patiently guided us so that we had a smooth processing. From the time that I picked up the phone to inquire until the time I received my visa grant letter, I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the services, efficiency, determination and commitment that this team has provided to me.

rahul Image

I am overwhelmed to consult with Blue Sapphire Consultants for my higher studies in Australia. They help me a lot in my IELTS training duration. I am really very thankful to all the staff members for their support and motivation

priyanka Image

Blue Sapphire consultants done a great job as they help me a lot in my IELTS training to learn everything easily. All the team members are very helpful and sincere in their work. I wish they got every success in their future.

priyanka Image

Expert trainers , nice infrastructure .... special thanks to abhay sir for his guidance .

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