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Surbhi Academy

Sector 34A Chandigarh

Surbhi Academy

Sco : 54-55, 3rd Floor, Near Mukut Hospital, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, 160022


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Surbhi Academy Course Fees

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Surbhi Academy Course Fees
Course Duration Fees
NDA 25000 /-
CDS 35000 /-
AFCAT 35000 /-
SSB 35000 /-
CLAT 35000 /-
SSC 35000 /-
PSI 35000 /-

About Surbhi Academy

When comparing Surbhi Academy and others, it's important to consider a few factors:

The students of Surbhi Academy Chandigarh are stimulated to present themselves and talk sessions are in like manner held. We go for making a class where understudies don’t delay to successfully approach the teachers and look at every point they feel stuck on. We consider understudies our need and our solitary objective are to see our understudies fruitful in each exam they show up for. Keeping in mind that each student is different from the other and has different requirements, the institution is offering a wide range of choices that are tailor-made to suit his needs.

The institution has been established with a professional attitude and with a team of highly qualified professionals, as well as a lot of experience, attained from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. These entrance exams are more challenging, different and demanding. So, understanding the need of every individual our experienced faculty puts in efforts to make them clear these exams.

Their books are high on quality and do not compromise on standards. Each chapter is well explained. Each module has self-practice questions at the end. The institute aims at making learning creative and smart and so does not follow the basic classroom study techniques but also makes the students learn through various other means like digital media, group discussions, guest lectures, etc. The excellent faculty is trained in bringing up the best of the students sculpting them in the best possible manner. The institute is set at the heart of the city making it convenient for students to move up and down. The establishment goes for making learning imaginative and shrewd thus does not pursue the fundamental classroom think about systems but rather additionally influences the understudies to learn through different means like computerized media, amass exchanges, visitor addresses, and so forth. The Institute thrives on accountability, hard work, teamwork, integrity, passion. It is carved with the sole motto of providing proper guidance and step–to–step methods to make it easier for the students to understand their fields and content of entrance examinations to get through them with flying colours.


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