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Siddhi Academy

Block B, Sector 15 Dwarka Dwarka

Siddhi Academy

ATHRAV ONLINE, A-1, Metro Pillar No- 785, Patel Garden, Block B, Sector 15 Dwarka, Dwarka, South West Delhi, Delhi, 110059


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Siddhi Academy Course Fees

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Siddhi Academy Course Fees
Course Duration Fees
UPSC 80000 /-
SSC 16000 /-
CTET 35000 /-
S-TET 35000 /-
KVS 35000 /-
PRT 35000 /-
TGT 35000 /-
PGT 35000 /-
POLICE 35000 /-

About Siddhi Academy

When comparing Siddhi Academy and others, it's important to consider a few factors:

Siddhi Academy Delhi has produced great results with the motive to impart learning, direction and help their students to cut their way to progress by motivating them to search for their potential.  The organization has top staff and is wealthy in resources. The understudies are in this way instructed to make the most with respect to the offices here so one can understand his actual potential and work to the best of his capacity.

Normal tests keep the understudies on their toes. Different sorts of tests are offered for endless questions. This instructing focus guarantees that understudies never again stay confounded and their ideas are upgraded. All tests are reasonably talked about. Once in a while, end of the week classes are additionally held to expand the ambit of help to understudies. Their focus is to ensure that their students have complete knowledge of the basic concepts before they jump to the complex and technical ones. We provide proper discussion sessions to solve the doubts. They help to build in necessary confidence which most aspirants lack. The institute works with the motive of providing proper guidance and methods to make it easier for the students to understand the subjects.

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