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Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
ICMR ( 3Months-5 Months ) --- - 12000-20000/-
UGC-NET ( 3Months-5 Months ) --- - 12000-20000/-
GATE ( 3Months-5 Months ) --- - 12000-20000/-

About Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences

Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences, Sector 35, Chandigarh is one of the greatest coachings in the tri-city. With conveying a large number of effective students to their fantasy universities and creating in them the sensible and sensible basic leadership traits reverberation has developed as a standout amongst the best training chains in India. As accepted by the organization 'consistency is the key'. The establishment having various capable and devoted resources alongside a chain of students topped with energy to help off their future signify extraordinary outcomes by the foundation. The steady and perfect endeavors of employees, the students who continually laid their conviction on the foundation, have out and out added to the instructing's awesome achievement. The organization absolutely centers around working up a brilliant future for its students and furthermore directs them for the things best for what is coming up ahead in their vocation zones and development perspectives.

Courses offered:

1. ICMR ( 3Months-5 Months )

2. UGC-NET ( 3Months-5 Months ) (UGC NET EXAM)

3. GATE ( 3Months-5 Months ) (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE))

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Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences Reviews

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Bl Meena Image
Bl Meena

Test game plan is the best and exact which enables the contender to know the beat for the exams in exams like these.

Surinder kaur Image
Surinder kaur

Very good consultancy helps me in all visa related problems here at this academically great centre in here. also very versatile country expertise


Infrastructure facilities such as computer labs and audio video rooms top notch. made the learning a fun experience here at this academically great centre in here

Subhash gurjar Image
Subhash gurjar

Good gracious i find this coaching centre fantastic one right to all 4 sections here at this academically great centre in here. also helping any time of day thanks a lot

Jatinder Singh Image
Jatinder Singh

Very good coaching centre. a team full of experienced and knowledge also their batch size is perfect for personalized coaching here at this academically great centre in here.

sooraj Image

The teachers are very experienced and highly qualified. Also the study material is of high standard at this place at Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences. This coaching was quite helpful for me to clear various bank exams.

Madhu Ramavath Image
Madhu Ramavath

Starting from faculty, all the teachers are very knowledgeable plus at this place at Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences the way they teach topics is pure great plus with time you get access to their site which has enormous useful content.

Harshit sharma Image
Harshit sharma

Teachers know the capability of the student and spurs the student to do diligent work and achieve their objective in exams like these.

Pradip panditrao lokare Image
Pradip panditrao lokare

Several projects were sorted out to discharge all your pressure in exams like these. Introduction sessions are additionally sorted out in which they told what methodologies you would make and what you have done to get beyond any doubt achievement.

Sakshi Kashyap Image
Sakshi Kashyap

The coaching institution conducts the mock tests that help students to know where they stand in this here at this academic centre.

kiran Image

Choosing this institute to prepare for these exams. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fear at Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences and its brilliant.

Nidhi Image

The examination material given by the foundation is troublesome and depleting, setting you up for the most frantic outcome conceivable in exams like these.

VtQakZruJ Image

Education is all about learning and practicing and that have been practiced in this coaching centre for all competitive exams here at this academically great centre in here. test series very good

Pavan Sharma Image
Pavan Sharma

They offered books to better outcomes. Every booklet is overflowing with substance in game plan like the request papers here over this institutional academy this is a brilliant institute is outrageous. This prepares students for the test.

Balwindet Kaur Image
Balwindet Kaur

Superb tests practices sought after here to illuminate test here over this institutional academy is outrageous. The doubt sessions are specially arranged and time tables are passed on well early.

Reeta sahu Image
Reeta sahu

At this establishment, the educators come totally masterminded with the course structure here over this institutional academy this is a brilliant institute is outrageous. The structure is elucidated authentically in the class. The coursework is altogether discussed with the students which make the examination methodology clear.

Mansi Singh Bhadauria Image
Mansi Singh Bhadauria

Helpful teachers, always ready to help you with your doubts and studying. Also , they conduct different classes which help in overall development into this Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences in this area.

Ali jat Image
Ali jat

The only place any dedicated student can rely on. They have very experienced staff into this Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences in this area.

Omkar Ramesh Gunjal Image
Omkar Ramesh Gunjal

My cousin recommended me this place I am very thankful to him. As the place helped me immensely in growing as a human being which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Shanu tyagi Image
Shanu tyagi

The classes are flawless. The teachers are helpful which is something brilliant about this coaching. And behaviour is of utmost importance here.

Manisha Mourya Image
Manisha Mourya

They are always ready to help each around in here at this coaching and every student of academy in every aspect, either related to studies or motivational help.

Ajit Singh Image
Ajit Singh

This coaching is beyond for students who really need nurturing around in here at this coaching. If you are here for the coaching only and not tuition kind, go for it.


The coaching institute has been helping in improving the personality of the student in this examination according to the test. The coaching institute helps the students to take on the exams and is a great coaching.

Komal Image

They gave every one of the reports with respect to the tests and train in like manner for this kind of exams hereat. The personnel endeavors to bring each student. It ordinary training focus with a remarkable instructing philosophy.

anmolveer kaur Image
Anmolveer kaur

They have helped the students great for this institute and us so students don’t hesitate at this place to ask the questions.

Riyaz Mohammed Sisodiya Image
Riyaz Mohammed Sisodiya

The coaching institute provides us with training workshops inside the institute which has been motivating us a lot this academy has been amazing.

Shailza Image

I think the best part of the coaching is the leniency and the credibility of the teachers great coaching with good stuff around.

Amanjot kaur Image
Amanjot kaur

Teacher's of the coaching institute are of the awesome bore and abnormal state educating abilitiesand it’s a great job done.

Manoj Image

The teaching at the course institute is outstanding for these though exams and problems are done in the class which makes us understand the concepts better.

Simran Image

It been very extremly normal coaching centre with an unique teaching methodology which has been great with this place. Its convenient with this place

Shilpi Image

The coaching institution consistently endeavour for this examination environment towards accomplishing scholastic brilliance and self-awareness.

Rakesh kumar meena Image
Rakesh kumar meena

The coaching institute is very good for those who have had worked hard and also who trust himself/herself institute into here in this institution.

Sunpreet Kaur Image
Sunpreet Kaur

I have had found it really hard to solve the questions into here in this institution, the teachers never gave up on me , they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions.


My gratitude to them at this academic institution. sincere this exam coaching institute with gem of faculty. learning was difficult but their methodologies help a lot

Subhash Bishnoi Image
Subhash Bishnoi

The real Credit goes to the workforce and the framing for their study material which has helped me to an incredible surviving bringing great checks in test which is great about this institute.

Dheeraj Kumar Image
Dheeraj Kumar

The staff of the coaching institute has been very friendly and is a great coaching and helpful in a way that it helps students to the edge in this examination.

Krishna Image

They administrate great. All are in effect well order and knowledgeable for this kind of exams hereat. All staff is very coordinating.

Akanksha Gangwar Image
Akanksha Gangwar

Online home test practice is amazing for this kind of exams hereat. They likewise train the students for meetings. They give identity improvement


This connection of the coaching institution was one of my first tendency when I appeared for the tests and and it’s a great job done. They have submitted experienced and very cooperative staff.

Amar Preet Image
Amar Preet

The organisation is very of the greatest since they have had helped to give each data to students and the board is likewise great and and it’s a great job done.

Gaurav Singh Parihar Image
Gaurav Singh Parihar

In this coaching the topics and its good afterall are being taught really brilliantly in and its good afterall.

sania Gogia Image
Sania Gogia

I believe that this coaching completes the basics of the subjects and its good afterall which students take around great years to learn in this coaching.

Ramswaroop Nitharwal Image
Ramswaroop Nitharwal

Best place to take up coaching for preparation over in for those exams which you are preparing here. The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

Nisha Image

They leave no single topic from the syllabus over in for those exams which you are preparing here.

Tushty Image

The institute is only waste of time and money over in for those exams which you are preparing here. I got no benefit studying here.

Mansi Gupta Image
Mansi Gupta

It is the best institute to prepare for the exam with affordable fee structure over in for those exams which you are preparing here. This institute has the most amazing staff.

Sapna Image

They have had cleared the doubts of every student, Its convenient in here at this coaching centre and classes are regularhere at this academic institution around here.

Berthacom Image

The study material of the coaching institutes is very relevant around in here at this coaching. Glad I made a decision to join this academy.

ivanbf2 Image

The coaching institute provide study materials with standard quality and its good. Each subject provides well knowledgeable faculty.

Jebabanu Memon Image
Jebabanu Memon

The coaching institution has consistently helped me to accomplish my ideal outcomes or far better. I am certain it will be useful for different students similarly and its good.

Bhagwan Singh Image
Bhagwan Singh

All the modern edu tools you are going to find and its goodmaking lectureship not a boring taskand its good. Had a fun time and its good

Khaja Image

Focusing on the rigorous training and evaluation in the academy throughout the course, the Institute focuses on all aspects of student life to bring the best out of a student as in for these exams.

Lalit sokhal Image
Lalit sokhal

Personal attention to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harderat Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences located around here.

Msmsjks Image

The institute provides an easy approach to any teacher by informing early to the staff membersat Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences located around here


This coaching class is the best coaching in India for many reasons. It has the best faculty as well as the best environment for studying in this for these exams for these courses.

Kanchan prajapat Image
Kanchan prajapat

It is the wonderful place which provides best study tips and the education to students in Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences located around here.

Priyanka Image

The facilities which they are offering like DPPs in Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences located around here, study materials are up to the date, Online ID for objective type test, helped me a lot.

Tanu Image

All of the facts of the faculties of the coaching centreIts convenient in here at this coaching centre here are very experiencedhere at this academic institution.

Shivangi Image

They provide proper guidance, relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessionsas in this exam.

Yashu mishra Image
Yashu mishra

It has had been provided us to the enough study materialat this centre so that we can independently prepare here at this academic centre.

Anshul Rathi Image
Anshul Rathi

The coaching institute has had always being good and infrastructure is also niceat this centrehere at this academic centre.

Sarika Sarika Image
Sarika Sarika

To achieve a tremendous dream likefor this exam over this centre this it is fundamental to pick the best bearing also. The arrangement of this foundation is extraordinary and modified in nature.

Alisha Image

This establishment is calmly acclaimed forfor this exam over this centre its contemporary approach of each expected of the subject. They deal with each subject relates to the present happenings.

Smmliz Image

Improved my knowledge to top level at this coaching centre gives you a real hope with their awesome teaching groupin this examination.

Nikhil Image

You know my biggest hurdle was reasoning in the exam like this one but this coaching institute make all my worry go away with their teachingin this examination.

Abhay Mahajan Image
Abhay Mahajan

I am very happy to have joined here. Classes were usually organised well here at this institutional academy. Teachers are very perticular with time though.

Ajay kumar yadav Image
Ajay kumar yadav

They have unmatched customization of courses and topics for which you may want additional assistance of videos at this coaching centre

Vimla choudhary Image
Vimla choudhary

The best thing for these exams is that the students are really helpful here which has had been a great thing and this is because of the teacher’s guidance to all at his place.

Drashti jatav Image
Drashti jatav

The Faculty of the coaching in is just amazing for these exams and apart from having complete knowledge of their respective subjects, they are also genuinely concerned about the progress of each and every student ( and i am not exaggerating) at this place.

Amit Image

The coaching lets your prayer and pledge daily inside this amazing institute, because of that you cannot forget your goals.

Hardeep Image

It provides regular still as weekend batches in here, school room programmes for the students for those exams which you are preparing.

Munish Image

The faculty there are highly educated and know all the concepts in here with the experience. They know how to keep students active and attentive for those exams which you are preparing.

Harvinder Singh Image
Harvinder Singh

The education material provided in the curriculum for these examinations is about 9-10 months for those exams which you are preparing.

Manju Image

The best part of this coaching is the doubt counter which has had been here for like everyday is a really great day in this coaching for these exams being at this place.

nitin kumar Image
Nitin kumar

I wish that each coaching becomes the same one as this one as my concepts are really very cleared now in the coaching academy which you have had seen there for these exams being at this place.

Gg Image

They have a substitute vision for the aspirants which is something brilliant about this coaching. They have clear ventures under their thriving rate.

किशनवीर गुर्जर Image
किशनवीर गुर्जर

. They spread each subject with the goal that it will be helpful in all components of examination which is something brilliant about this coaching.

दिव्या Mahlawat Image
दिव्या Mahlawat

Their success can be attributed to the core essence of the course they are providing which eliminates all the perceived weaknesses of other coaching centres which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Sonia Image

It’s a best option for beginners which is really very amazing and who are not getting results after preparation for a long time here for exams for those exams which you are preparing.

Pinky choudhary Image
Pinky choudhary

It was really a great experience for me! here for exams for those exams which you are preparing which is really very amazing I obtained very valuable teaching techniques thanks to perfect input sessions.

Rupesh Image

The institute has special point which is speed test for us which is a great thing being here. I think this is very good point of this institute.

Neelam Image

What you get a disciplined environment inside this amazing institute which lets you be focused and concentrate on your studies with no hurdles.

Arnav tewari Image
Arnav tewari

This is thebest policy of this coaching institution to helps the students and that they never behave like other institutions like scamming or bluffing usin this examination in here, if you enrolment for any course it means you can prepare for till selection.

Anju Bhalothia Image
Anju Bhalothia

There are regular updates about the world around us which has had been really brilliantin this examination in here

Priyanka Image

The coaching institute helps us through all of themwhich is something brilliant about this coaching.

Zigyasa Mishra Image
Zigyasa Mishra

If you are really into something in the field of the exams which is something brilliant about this coaching, without thinking anything, come to this for these coachigs.

Khushi Image

The coaching institute in hereis very not a very good choice as per my experience there as I saw that the staff showed bad behaviour and made decisions based on personal bias which has been greatFor these courses in this convenient coaching!

Kunal sanwariya Image
Kunal sanwariya

The coachinginstitute isbeing very good preparation for competitive exam, For these courses in this convenient coaching which has been great.

Anuj Bhardwaj Image
Anuj Bhardwaj

. Extremely incredible association for the prep. Exceptionally qualified staff and incredible results made every year so it’s amazingat Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences located around here

deepak sharma Image
Deepak sharma

Their bogus tests would help you a lot so it’s amazingat Multi-bio Institute for Life Sciences located around here. They outfitted us with getting ready workshops which awakened us a ton.

Mansi Mittal Image
Mansi Mittal

Personal attention to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harderas in this exam.

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