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IMS Learning Centre (Noida) Noida

B-77, Sector 2, B Block, Near Noida Sector 15, Sector 2, Noida, Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, 201301

IMS Learning Centre (Noida) Noida Fee Structure


Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-
BANK Exams

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

Online/OnSite Learning Programs
35000 /-

About IMS Learning Centre (Noida) Noida

IMS Learning Centre (Noida) is located in Sector 2, Noida. IMS Learning center takes full consideration of mind supplement with entrance readings. A solid and persuaded mind dependably delivers more beneficial outcomes. Different motivational and learning sharing occasions are encircled now and again to keep understudies occupied with their essential errand with full power. When we are discussing ventures so huge and vision so distinctive, a full-scale organization outline the essential need. Exceptionally effective workforce conveys radiance under to run the procedure in a smooth way, supporting understudies and back office in the meantime. The pivotal and deciding component of student’s execution is the test report. The test report not simply gives the status of planning but rather moreover let educators help the students in weak zones as the report is distinctly intended to give every one of the subtle elements of the test. Special classes are moreover held by Faculty on closures of the week to clear huge themes and aggregate questions. No utilization is given with respect to the arrangement. Daily Practice Paper is the improvements toward the day's end. Each understudy is given with a training paper, related to points examined in class that day. The MCQ based practice paper makes things very easy to understand.

Courses offered:

  • CAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • CET
  • BBA
  • CLAT
  • MAT
  • CMAT
  • XAT
  • SET
  • NMAT
  • IELTS 
  • TOEFL 
  • TISS
  • AILET 

IMS Learning Centre (Noida) Noida Location

IMS Learning Centre (Noida) Noida Reviews

Pooja verma

All of the topics were covered thoroughly for this wonderful environment hereat. After attending the coaching my scores have improved a lot .I have gained a lot through this coaching....

Aziza khatun

.There are the monthly tests which help the students of this coaching to take over any question taught good environment in this coaching....

Ram singh

Even though the institute does look very small from outside, when you get inside you will get to know such a overwhelming place it is which only focuses on taking their students to success education environment is great here!...

Aadvika Pandey

It is basic to offer tendency to your cooperation so its amazing. In case you don't go to classes you will miss the subject and will be difficult to jump on IMS Learning Centre (Noida) has brilliant teachers. They also impact a call at home to inquire why the student was absent....

Rohit Susarla

So grateful to God that I joined this institute very popular among students for this exam it is a planned course only worry is that batch size is a big one...

Jaswant Singh

The teachers are very hardworking for exams this coaching is the best , they provide us with the best of their knowledge and study material , very friendly environment in the course institute....


There discipline is a basic thing to carry out classes great environment for exams preparation. They take care of your precious future....


The doubt counters this coaching institute which has been present here in this coaching institute at this academic centre for it are really very efficient in terms of solving the doubts of the students in this coaching....

Jitinder pandita

The charges is practically equivalent to one of its rivals and the study material is incredible in the same way they have done an amazing job regarding this....


We got the daily updates which have been based on the best copy among the students for the comparison with the model of the answer around this coaching environment which has been great from every of the teacher been sending there at the coaching academy present in this town in those exams....

Neha Singh

All of the the students present here have a positive review about this coaching and same does me at here and I guess to everyone else too with this here around....

Samya Garg

Faculties brilliant study environment here are experienced and teach us new tricks and ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved in the exam brilliant study environment here....

Shivam Kumar

It has been imperative to offer inclination to your participation in the coaching IMS Learning Centre (Noida). On the off chance that you don't go to classes you will miss the subject and will be hard to get on....

Harsh Dhamane

One of the best banking preparation institutes in Northern India here this institute provided great satisfaction. The facilities at the centre are par excellence....

Shyamal das

One of the best banking preparation institutes in Northern India here the teaching strategy is great here. The facilities at the centre are par excellence....

Divya Malkani

Im happy to be a student here and sure about the successful results IMS Learning Centre (Noida) is a pleasure to be in at this place....

Ritika tya

Their study material of this coaching is full of important questions for these exams and concepts covering all essential topics at IMS Learning Centre (Noida) is just great....

Kailash chandra

Good of the management and cooperative staff at IMS Learning Centre (Noida) which is known for excellence and helping also good coaching center as compared to others....


Personal attentionis to be given to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodologythis is a great enough coaching and inspires them to work even harderaround in here at this coaching ....

Akhilesh Singh

It is amazingly easy to pass on and clear our inquiries so its great. Books are given by the foundation which is arranged by the course structure....

Akshat agrwal

They grasped inside and out a various and extraordinary way for at the period of a course of action. They gave a sound work environment here at this academic institution...

Pooja Bhati

It's one of the best institute for all of the competitive exams for exams like those. They provide best guidance and teaching for making good career....

Reshika Poonia

The staff here is extremely keen and interested in observing your growth. As well as always looking forward to lending a hand whenever you are in need of helpinside this institution hereat....

Aastik Singh

Even the teachers of the coaching institute for these courses for in it come on time and before the students, most of the lecture time in the coaching instate for these courses for in it is given on the doubt solving....


The institute charges affordable fee, which can be payable in instalments tooin IMS Learning Centre (Noida) a good institute....


The test material is up to date and revised for this study environment. The test series is really brilliant and level questions are asked....


Online home test is the practice is magnificent in here for this institute here. They likewise train the students for meetings. They give character advancement....


The faculty here is an amazing educator, presenter and performer in this course with high energy and great ideas to teach....

Nishant online kumar

Teachers of this academy have had been highly qualified and talking about the other things, then they are working really very hard working and are always there for any kind of help needed by the children IMS Learning Centre (Noida) is a great academy. The results of the students at the coaching has been really amazing....


Admitting myself that in this coaching institution is the best way for getting the job done Inside this beautiful culture here. In the bank. Their branch of the coaching institute has been situated in major cities of India....


If you want knowledge with concepts then come all around for the time being here at this academy. Full of the doubts clarifications which are all around for the time being here at this academy and strong base building all around for the time being here at this academy....

Indu choudhary

This institute is quiet famous for its contemporary approach of each prospective of subject. They deals every topic correlates with the current happenings IMS Learning Centre (Noida) has really great environment here....


I have seen many other coaching but this one is probably the best one in the town for many reasons. The teachers are amazing, the counters are timely and there are multi lingual batches for this institute here at....

Kamble gurunath

To make it in specific to their services we can completely rely on their current affair materials these exams good environment coaching....

Shantaram gujar

There are multiple ways to get through. The questions in IMS Learning Centre (Noida) with some great faculty located here are tricky and the teachers guide us so that our time could be saved in the exam....

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