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IBS Institute Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
1 Yr
1 Yr
CTET Paper 1
1 Yr
PTET Paper 1
1 Yr
CTET Paper 2
1 Yr
PTET Paper 2
1 Yr
UGC-NET Paper 1
1 Yr
UGC-NET Paper 2
1 Yr
1 Yr
1 Yr
1 Yr
1 Yr
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About IBS Institute

IBS Institute, Chandigarh aspires to emerge as the single biggest player in the field of competitive exams. It aspires to fulfill the dreams of thousands of students who are here to achieve their goals. IBS Institute, Chandigarh has always been driven by ethics and principles. The institute aims to provide the best as well as the highest quality education to all students enrolled. Moreover, the aim s to help students realize their true and latent potential at the right time and using the right techniques. This would only help aspirants deliver more than they could ever expect. The quality of teaching here is quite standardized and the professionals here are committed to acting in the best interest of students and in a socially appropriate manner.

Salient features of IBS Institute, Chandigarh:

1. Excellent results: IBS Institute, Chandigarh has been constant in delivering amazing results. It has helped more than 2 lakh students to enter into some of the other avenues successfully over the last 10 years. The selection rate is always on a surge. With an insatiable hunger for growth, IBS Institute, Chandigarh is here to stay for long. 

2Online facilities: the online magazines and test series among other facilities are a sure winner for students. IBS Institute, Chandigarh ensures that students get the max. services sitting in the comfort of their homes without actually having to come to the coaching center regularly.

3. Teaching methods: modern classrooms equipped with the latest infrastructure are graced by professional experts and teachers who leave no stone unturned to make sure that students do not leave the class with doubts in their mind.

4. Books and other supplementary material: the comprehensive study kit that is provided to the students is more than enough to sail through the exam. Their study material ranks one of the best in the entire city. It is divided and subdivided into a number of modules and chapters to simplify the syllabus as much as possible.

5. Administration: with a well-designed structure of faculty and support staff, IBS Institute, Chandigarh has an impeccable flow of authority.

6. High competitive environment: while some might feel that a competitive atmosphere might become depressing for the students at one point in time, we believe that it is all a matter of perspective. An aspirant has to adapt to high scores and healthy struggle if he or she has to see the face of the entrance exam.

7. Doubt clearing sessions: one of the prime focuses of IBS Institute, Chandigarh is to ensure that no student leaves the classroom without having doubts removed from his mind. In the light of this approach, special doubt clearing classes are held on most days to give students relief with respect to the mounting syllabus. In fact, it is trite that syllabus that is easy to grasp is always easy to retain on the days that pass. This in itself has been the motive IBS Institute, Chandigarh since its inception.

Courses by IBS Institute, Chandigarh

The following courses are offered for subscription by IBS Institute, Chandigarh:
1. SSC Coaching: the SSC coaching is the best here since a lot of students, not only from Chandigarh but from neighboring states such as Punjab, Haryana and Jammu come here to take coaching. 

2. Bank PO Coaching: most students who appear for SSC also prepare for Bank PO exams since the syllabus is not much different.

3. Defense exams: the focus here is to ensure that students are developed on an overall basis so as to face the challenges that the exam poses. The defense exam is known to be the most endearing exams in the country. At the same time, one needs to work quite hard before he can manage to clear the same. Various levels of difficulty test the patience of students which IBS Institute, Chandigarh caters to very well here.

4. State exams: exams of state governments are quite popular among the youth here. One wants to settle down for a job in his own state perhaps for the inherent benefits that such a job provides such as easy commutation, flexible cost-cutting among others.

5. Teacher eligibility test: this is again quite sought after test since a lot of women especially appear for the exam. Since the job of a teacher does not involve long hours of working, it is most preferred by the female class all over the country.

6. Railway exam

7. UGC NET: well, who doesn’t know about the exam? The kind of prep that is involved in acing the exam is well known to all of us. Most aspirants spend hours in the library or on their study desk studying about the entrance. Once cleared, one gets ample opportunities to pursue future studies via assistance from the government.

8. CLAT: the craze for becoming a lawyer is ever increasing. It has been quite a favorite course for those who study at IBS Institute, Chandigarh.

9. NDA

It is trite now that the entrance exam for government and allied services is spreading its wings throughout the nation. The cutthroat competition, the 24/7 determination and above all, the will to stay in the race is no deterrent for lakhs of young Indians. You can check our Studydekho website to know more about various courses and institutes that render various coaching services. We are sure you would have at least something to take away.
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IBS Institute Reviews

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1 to 10 of 204 Reviews
Deepika Image

This coaching is an amazing coaching for these types of the exams for exams at this town. One of the best coaching in its class.

Ishika Image

Due to this coaching institute, it has created a centre, my interest in the study increases and I understand everything very easily in the study over for these examinations in these coachings.

Rushikesh vijay ransing Image
Rushikesh vijay ransing

In this coaching institute, students are well disciplined and they study by the heart of the institute means fully concentrated on the study over for these examinations in these coachings.

Sagar Tanaji Patil Image
Sagar Tanaji Patil

. You would feel that the competition is very easy after taking their class over for these examinations in these coachings. You would have the benefit to take speed test on every Sunday.

Amritpreet kaur Image
Amritpreet kaur

The coaching institute gives us the homework as well in IBS Institute located around here at. It helps us to grow.

Anil Kumar Image
Anil Kumar

An institute with best qualified teachers providing the education theoretically as well as practically in the most easy way for these kinda exams here.

Sumita Rani Image
Sumita Rani

Teachers are very cooperative and teachers take one to one doubt clearance Sessions for these kinda exams here. The updated study material helped me are lot.

Sanjana Image

Student grows not only professionally but also overall development is done for these kinda exams here. Both teaches are having specialised knowledge in their respective fields.

KennethVam Image

The institute Provides you with a lot of mock tests and proper notes for these kinda exams here. Gives you all the guidance and motivation you need during your preparation for the exam..!

Priti Handa Image
Priti Handa

Experienced faculty and proper study environment provided with upto date notes of subjects and current affairs for these kinda exams here.

Nishita Image

A good thing that I noticed that staff of coaching are really such good to their job at this place at IBS Institute here. . Nature of receptionist is so impressive.

Satgur singh Image
Satgur singh

Classes are huge, I mean it! Good enough batches have batch strength of 150 and many students of other batches too come to attend few classes at this place at IBS Institute here. .

Annie Image

The Coaching institution has been helping the students to achieve their dream with the lots of hard work in this for these types of exams.

Soham Image

It’s just the advice to all of the students and the parents of that seeing my review that student which should take admission in this institute, just because it doesn’t only give the best training but also motivates in this for these types of exams.

Rekha kumari Image
Rekha kumari

They create their own study material. In their modules, there is theory, explanations, illustrations and many unsolved questions at this place at IBS Institute here. .

Sachin Image

The best part of this coaching institution has been is when the students have to take the load for learning about these types of the exams as in this exam here, since all we have to do is sit and relax later in this coaching.

veerpal kaur Image
Veerpal kaur

Tas in this exam here are the other things in the coaching institute as in this exam here which is amazing thing and the things that the coaching institute is the best one which has been present in as in this exam here.

Shivangi Singh Image
Shivangi Singh

If you think that you are in the best coaching in the country then try to join this one which is amazing thing as in this exam here.

Priyanshu Image

The teachers in this great coaching are really brilliant and helps the students to get over everything which is amazing thing as in this exam here.

Kavinder singh Image
Kavinder singh

I believe that that best part of the coaching institution which is amazing thing is that the students gets to understand whatever is taught in the premises of the coaching institute which is done truly rightly as in this exam here.

Bllouria Image

Very knowledgable are the teachers being present here at IBS Institute around this city! They teach with different ways to understand. Teachers are always open to discussion and motivating.

Gaurav sharma Image
Gaurav sharma

Teachers are very useful and understanding here at this academic centre. The staff gives legitimate consideration at every student. The standard tests led knows the stage student remains at.

Amit kumar Image
Amit kumar

The fees is pretty much the same as its competitors and the study material is fantastic for IBS Institute for courses present here.

twilaur2 Image

Most of the in the coaching is really brilliant here being at this place. Since they are the best teachers who are working here in this coaching which is a really important factor.

shivani Image

If you are willing to do anything in the engineering part, I guess you should join this coaching institution out there in this coaching around in here at this coaching. probably the best coaching in here

Manoj Image

This coaching has many branches across the entire country in IBS Institute and its good. You can get admitted at whatsoever place you want.

Pooja Patel Image
Pooja Patel

The affiliation has extremely experienced staff in this coaching institution. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve at IBS Institute in this area.

Aakash Image

They offer intensive coaching for all subjects that are a part of the exam at IBS Institute in this area, which includes proper study material and tricks in this coaching institution.

sukhchain Image

Starting from faculty, all the teachers are very knowledgeable plus at IBS Institute, great coaching brilliant teachers the way they teach topics is pure great plus with time you get access to their site which has enormous useful content.

Neha Bharat Bhandwalkar Image
Neha Bharat Bhandwalkar

Their tricks helps you to solve problem and the english teacher will help you develop the techniques to solve the reading comprehension at IBS Institute, great coaching brilliant teachers.

Rajni Image

Brilliant place to enrol your child over here in this place brilliantly. Teachers are very amazing. They provide you with everything.

Sourabh Gurjar Image
Sourabh Gurjar

Study solutions a very rare gem you will find over here in this place brilliantly. In simple knowledge in this coaching austere solutions plus revision exercises are too good

Yogesh Image

Small and comfy batch size ensuring personalized teaching to students with a great study books. Thanks a lot for all the good times over here in this place brilliantly.

Kulwinder Image

Learning is top priority of this coaching centre gives you a good test series as well as well-educated staff over here in this place brilliantly.

Manik Bhardwaj Image
Manik Bhardwaj

The teachers clears all the doubts of the students. Even they are updated with the new syllabus, the coaching updates us all with this IBS Institute here.

Ashok Sankhla Image
Ashok Sankhla

All the staff, present in the coaching institute are well disciplined and are very well educated. Academic programs of the coaching is fabulous with this IBS Institute here

Pallavi Image

The fees structure of this coaching institute is not very high with this IBS Institute here

Mukesh Sharma Image
Mukesh Sharma

The best part is that we are listened here and this is what really matters at this coaching academy, out there in ithere in this at this great academic institution.

Pooja swami Image
Pooja swami

What’s been there at the best, the best part of the coaching institutehere in this at this great academic institution? The best part is that the institute gives the students the right to do everything which has had been there at the same time of the coaching institute being there.

Gaurav Image

I believe that I am on the best part of my life taking the coachinghere in this at this great academic institution from here at this point of the institute which has had been around that rate for the same time

Vaishali Image

The foundation makes a timetable and takes standard assessments are held. They’ve been the best guide for me so it’s amazingat IBS Institute located around here.

Tej karan Parihar Image
Tej karan Parihar

Incredible individual thought and vulnerability clearing classes are given to the students so it’s amazing. Astonishing individual checking and study on learningat IBS Institute located around here.

Anjali kaur Image
Anjali kaur

. It has given us enough examination material with the objective that we can openly prepare from our very own for the entryways so it’s amazingat IBS Institute located around here.

Ajay singh Image
Ajay singh

They not only provide knowledge regarding entrance exams around in here at this coaching but also motivate students in all aspects.


We may have many coaching institute in bareilly around in here at this coaching for the purpose of preparation but thing that makes this academy different from others.

Moomal Image

Amazing faculty with superb tricks. Provides great atmosphere around in here at this coaching to study in the coaching institute.

Shubham mahajan Image
Shubham mahajan

They clears doubts of every student and classes are regularwhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place. Every single topic is covered by the faculty. The teachers provide study material which is relevant.

Akshay sharma Image
Akshay sharma

Mental stage always rules your preparationwhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place. They pay emphasis on this.

Prince Image

They have good knowledge of exam pattern, syllabus and explain concepts accordinglywhich is great stuff here at this institutebeing at this place.

Shreyansh pandey Image
Shreyansh pandey

This is the best spot which has had propelled me to work more enthusiastically every dayfor these kinda exams you are preparing for.The study material is all around made and the ideas are very much clarified.

Shravan Image

This coaching institute has had given abstract information as well as trains for gathering exchanges, interviews. The institute has a very much planned course structurefor these kinda exams you are preparing for.

Brahmaiah Image

They have had an appropriate instructing plan arrangedfor these kinda exams you are preparing for. It fabricates a durable procedure of learning. They give advanced study material.

Aditya raj Image
Aditya raj

I believe that the best part of this coaching is to go and have not to suffer in the shade of the dark knowledge which is being provided over here probably the best coaching over here over this place.

Atish Image

Administration here also quite ok not much good not much bad.You will hardly get the time to meet the director many have already complained for these kinda exams.

Sanjay Image

It is one of the best institute in correlation of some other institute over here. The expense charged at the institute is low .

Ram swaroop jat Image
Ram swaroop jat

They have had been given a great teaching methods and then lots of knowledge for their subject of studying in the coaching institution for exams like those.

vijay kapoor Image
Vijay kapoor Verified

Very positive environment ,supportive faculty and intelligent and experienced staff and best study material and notes and magazines are provided,teaching wayis good, easily understandable,all doubts clear in doubt classes.

ankit chauhan Image
Ankit chauhan Verified

Faculties are cooperative and give enough time to each subject,Supportive trainers who always help students,good experience, given all mock tests and test series and booklets,notes are providedand study environment.

geetika chopra Image
Geetika chopra Verified

It is an average coaching in institute ,not proper tests are conducted ,only practice was there,not proper focus on every subject ,only psychology teacher was good.

swati Image
Swati Verified

Overall its a very good institute, good studies and provided good atmosphere to study and motivational staff,clean surrounding and all doubts clear in doubt session all study material are provided on time,notes also ,and tests are properly taking.

vijas Image
Vijas Verified

I feel very good atmosphere ,Air conditioned Class Rooms and Well designed Material and infrastructure institute is providing ,all doubts clear by teachers properly in class ,notes and assignments are provided,tests are conducted timely .

ajay Image
Ajay Verified

Institute is really good with great faculty. Teachers are very supportive. Good environment maintained in class,giving bags with books ,worksheet and notes and assignments are also provided, teachers are taking regular classes and doubt sessions and tests are also conducted on time.

deepika sharma Image
Deepika sharma Verified

Overall good centre for learning and proper coaching is given,all topics are covered on time ,giving sufficient study material and notes and taking doubts properly, proper guidance also given to us.

lakshay sharma Image
Lakshay sharma Verified

Teachers teaching way is good, very co-operative staff and students also, giving practise paper and mock test, provided us special classes, study environment,doubts are cleared in doubt session.

aakansha Image
Aakansha Verified

Teachers are very helping in nature and staff is best and focus on each student ,timely giving us practise paper also,study environment, classroom is good, all doubts are clear in classroom,study material and notes are provided timely,good environment and friendly and helpfull teachers also .

Abrar Ahmed Image
Abrar Ahmed

Your Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi branch hire faculty for a month and then don't pay them. Management there, harassed and threatened 5 teachers and is not paying their salary. It's a public appeal to conduct a fare enquiry.

tejaswinnie jaswal Image
Tejaswinnie jaswal Verified

Staff and faculty is very co-operative and skillfull, teaching way of teachers is good and tremendous atmosphere ,environment is good and teachers are helpfull and experienced,notes and study material are provided, doubts are clear in classes .

Ritu Image

Individual thought classes with individual seeing with complete test plan are very phenomenal practice here. I really have no words for your splendid exercises and support for these exams.

Yaman Image

Learning is top priority of this coaching centre gives you a good test series as well as well-educated staff in this coaching.

Neetu Image

Great learning environment to set your preparation with a great teaching department and a good test series in this coaching.

Rahuk Image

They administrate very well and this is a great thing. All are being well discipline and well educated. All staff are very cooperate.

swati thakur Image
Swati thakur

It has had been given me a great career which has been great. They taught me from basic to advanced level.

sarang Image

Wonderful tests practices have always been followed here to make clear the exam which has been great.

Manjeet Chauhan Image
Manjeet Chauhan

They didn’t provide any standard level study material which has been great, so that one could practice on particular topics at the coaching institute.

rahul dev Image
Rahul dev

Ibs is the best institute for competitive exam preparation. Teachers and admin staff are very cooperative. Here the students are highly competent so we can get good competitive environment for our learning and growth. Thus we can clear any exam easily and quickly. So I suggest all students to join IBS and make the job oriented career with good status and salary.

Arti Image

Best platform is this one for those students who is really very much of the eager for the government job preparation. Here the atmosphere for preparation is excellence.

Gurpreet Singh Image
Gurpreet Singh

The study material of the coaching is really very brilliant and when we talk about the all the tests which are being planned and in a systematic manner. The ventilation system in the coaching institute is really very brilliant.  

amit rathi Image
Amit rathi

There are many of the Orientation sessions are also organized in which they told what strategies you would make and what you have done to get sure success in the coaching institution. 

Sayed Image

I have been very highly confident in the exams after taking the coaching from this institute. I think that the best part of this coaching is the teachers preparing the students for the best and the hardest questions which they may follow up in the exam.

Bhim Image

I think, we are all always very much focused in finding the errors. This is a really decent coaching and I guess that all the negative reviews are seeming to be false.

Sonali Image

 The teachers of the coaching academy works really really hard for you to study better. They give you many assignments which you need to follow as suggested by the teachers of the coaching.

ria Image

This institute gives abstract information as well as it trains for the gathering exchanges which has been there, interviews in there at the time of the academy. The coaching institution which has had been there very much planned course structure.

Imran Image

Standard tests are being led at this coaching institution here. A period table is given well ahead of time clarifying the test plan. The test led encourages us to assess our position and endeavors we have to additionally put in here.

Mamta Image

The personnel has had been spurring in being there at the time of the coaching academy. Different inspirational sessions are likewise held to support resolve. The institute gives library access to us, and we can likewise issue books which has had been there.

ravneet Image

The coursework is thoroughly which have been discussed with the students which are making the study process clear.

Akash Image

The teachers which are here and have been a constant supporter in there. They have had been conducting the motivational sessions and then provide the tips and the tricks for the exams

Vivek verma Image
Vivek verma

The study material of the coaching academy is being loaded with best of the methods in there, procedures and the concepts for the same. The coaching academy has had been providing comprehensive study in there.

Pooja Image

They have had a proper teaching plan for being prepared. It builds a cohesive process of learning. They provide enriched study material in the coaching.

bhushan Image

The faculty of the coaching academy has had been really motivating. Various motivational sessions are being held which also held to boost morale. The institute provides library access to us, and we can also issue books.

Nariender saini Image
Nariender saini

The coaching institution has been holding a competitive environment which has had been motivation the students which is there to reach their potential in there.

shashi Image

I really liked the teaching style and test series given by them really helped me out to prepare well and I successfully cleared my exam in my first attempt of the coaching institution.

Elizabeth Image

Timely completion of the syllabus, doubt class session, the test series were really really helped me a lot to prepare for my IBPS PO exam.

tejpal Image

It has had been an apt place for anyone to begin their preparations for your competitive examination. The faculty in there since it has been very helpful and co-operative.

Shivali Image

Its one of the one step solution if you want to succeed in your career. But the student also shall be dedicated towards studies till the end of the exam.

Ayushi Image

100% of the satisfied with the way I am getting coaching from the this Institutions which are being present in being there.

Baldeep Image

In terms of the teaching, motivation and then the doubt clearing, faculty members at the institute are always delivered more than my expectation in this coaching.

dheeraj Image

Doubt clearing sessions of the institutions have been really great and short-cuts are awesome here which are being taught.

Amit Dahiya Image
Amit Dahiya

The coaching has an administrative department which has had been really really very well. All are being well discipline and well educated. All staff are very cooperate in here by the way which has had been implemented all the way through of it.

Vicky Image

The teacher specify you on the particular topics on over how to deal in this ssc coaching.

Shagun thakur Image
Shagun thakur

The coaching academy has had been there, the teaches us about the new tricks and these in here in the different ways to have had solved the questions in the so quickly so that our time could be saved in exam flawlessly in has had been there.

Rajni Image

Every classroom in the coaching has had been a truly AC and are air conditioner this was very nice in the summer of the time in their session

Nidhi Image

Even the teachers of the coaching institute come on time and before the students, most of the lecture time in the coaching instate is given on the doubt solving. in the coaching academy.

Naresh Image

You could understand everything by simply tricks you can also have facilities like speed tests and online classes that none of any other institutions provide in the coaching academy.

chunni lal Image
Chunni lal

All the facts of the coaching institute and the faculties in here the coaching are experienced.

sheersha chaudhary Image
Sheersha chaudhary

This coaching institute in the coaching academy is good and infrastructure is also nice.

shuveen Image

The teacher doesn’t specify on the particular topics how to the deal with the coaching..

Harjinder singh Image
Harjinder singh

Group discussion at the coakching and doubt clearing classes make students very confident about subject knowledge.

namrata Image

All of the facts and the faculties which has been present in the coaching which has been here in the coaching institute are a way too experienced.

abhi Image

The coaching institution is a very good institution for the Bank PO preparation for the competitive exam.

sarthak Image

It has been giving the beginning platform for weak students so that they can improve their self. The institute has own books for exam preparation so that students do not need any other books.

Meenakshi Sharma Image
Meenakshi Sharma

I have had cleared of the cutoffs of the IBPS and, the BANK PO aaram se for the coaching institution. But I did not make up to the final selection in the exam.So I have decided to take the coaching again. This is the best decision which I have taken

Sandeep gv Image
Sandeep gv

The coaching institute which has been a really really special point where it is a speed test. I think this is a very good point of this coaching institution in here.

Aarambh Image

All of the facts of the coaching institution and then the faculties in here the coaching are experienced.

Mukesh Image

This coaching institute is very good and the infrastructure is also nice.

rahul Image
Rahul Verified

Teachers are understandable and co-operative nature, giving weekly current affairs assignment, giving facility institute app and WhatsApp group to solve student queries on it , study environment, the issue on morning batch ti mining issue (not shifted batch timing to other mining

Reshma Image
Reshma Verified

Teachers are good, giving mock test and notes, practice paper properly, good environment, doubts clear by teachers in doubt session but batch strength is too high.

Pragati Goyal Image
Pragati Goyal Verified

Good faculty and well-experienced teacher solved all queries od student very helpful natur, all doubts are clear side by side, good environment but issue on given us basic math books material and is not high level.

sonia Image
Sonia Verified

Teachers are very co-operative, giving notes properly, friendly environment, taking doubt session properly to clear all doubts.

Shuvham Image
Shuvham Verified

Teachers teaching way is good, but less practise material logical reasoning and English subject, peace environment and unpuzzled test and doubt classes.

Shubham Kumar Image
Shubham Kumar Verified

Teachers teaching way good, study material very helpfull, provide us books material and monthly magazine, friendly environment and taking doubts in special classes.

Mamta kumari Image
Mamta kumari Verified

Teachers teaching way good, quaint and g.k teacher is very co-operative but issue on English teachers only focus theory based not giving practise mock test, not provided us, special classes, study environment, doubt clear I doubt session.

harsimran Image
Harsimran Verified

Best coaching institute, staff very helpful, books properly provided, infrastructure good and properly doubts clear in doubt session.

aman Image
Aman Verified

All teachers are motivated and very helpful nature, assignment and notes given properly and doubts clear in classes, library facility not giving us.

vikrant Image
Vikrant Verified

Not good experience, the staff is less and no quant teacher available, too many shuffling classes, giving us old syllabus books material and good environment.

bhavna Image
Bhavna Verified

Overall teachers are very co-operative but issue math quant teachers changed every week not clear student topics, irregularly classes, not giving us magazine and hardcopy, the environment is good, doubts clear in classes .

harjot kaur Image
Harjot kaur Verified

Very co-operative teachers Sheffy sir teaches maths and Madhu mam teaches psychology too good, provide us sufficient books material, giving extra classes, time to time clear all doubts .

Abhishek negi Image
Abhishek negi

The teacher of the coaching institute doesn’t even specify on the particular topics how to deal with.

Rana Image

I really have had no words for the wonderful teachings and the support. Thanks once again.

harish Image

Magnificent , extremely helpful staff and learned educators and they realise procedures well. Both staff individuals and educators spurred a great deal in the coaching institute.

simran Image

It's a very decent institute to build up your very own abilities. They give accentuation on expertise improvement that is great.

Sanjay Image

100% happy with the manner in which I am getting instructing from the this Institute.

dheeraj yadav Image
Dheeraj yadav

Its a one stage arrangement on the off chance that you need to prevail in your vocation. Be that as it may, the student additionally will be committed towards concentrates till the part of the bargain.

nishith kumar Image
Nishith kumar

Study materials and online portal covers all the important questions and helped me improving my performance in the coaching institute.

shagun Image

Faculty of the coaching institute is brilliant and very cooperative . Books material and every other things is just perfect for a CLAT aspiring students especially.

amit Image

The faculty of the coaching institute is very supportive.This Institute is the best coaching institute that helps us to carve our dreams into reality with their hardworking faculty and effective study material.

Neelima mariyala Image
Neelima mariyala

Very hard work Teachers and good staff. The institute has a very Friendly environment in the coaching institute.


My cousin got through the po mains after seeking guidance here. Thanks for all your efforts and dedication in redefining our future in the coaching institute.

GURSHRESHT singj Image

Its a great coaching centre in which teachers are fully dedicated and cooperative who provides all good techniques to the students for every competitive exams.

Reena Image

Not only are they professionals they also help us with our personal problems. They guide us, mentor us and help us to reach our desired goals.Highly recommended.

Vivek Image

The staff motivates you to give you your best to your dream. Understands a student problems and always ready to help us out. I am so glad to join this institute.

ankur jhamb Image
Ankur jhamb

Best Institute for interview preparation. Got selected as Specialist officer in bank. Teachings are pure gold. You would learn how to answer any question with full confidence.

Sachin Image

The institute has been a wonderful coaching institute. I have joined 4 months ago for bank and SSC exam.

sunny sharma Image
Sunny sharma

This coaching is one of the best coaching institutes in the town because of the faculties, the courses it provides and the amenities it has.

Deepak bansal Image
Deepak bansal

Dedicated Staff, the Fee structure affordable for lower middle Class.

Kulwant Singh Image
Kulwant Singh

A very good institute in prominent locality with excellent faculty and staff. One to one interaction with students and problem solving in a very effective manner.

ajit Image

Faculty will prepare you for Interviews, Written Ability Test and Group Discussions. It’s worth joining the institute f you want to excel in your entrance exam preparation.

Simridhi gaind Image
Simridhi gaind

They have an excellent track record of helping thousands of youths getting their dream jobs in Banks.

pawan kumar Image
Pawan kumar

My son studies in this tuition and he is scoring very much as compared to his previous results and teacher is very cooperative. The environment is perfect to study.

Suraj Image

It's a perfect place for all competitive exams, highly recommend for ssc and railway exams.

Simran Image

Great experience, well qualified teachers over all a good place where we can fulfil our dream to become a good banker.

Vikas Image

The coaching is providing the students with the best of the test series and the doubt counters to help them with a better environment to study.

parveen kumar Image
Parveen kumar

I have given each and every test at this coaching series and I found it really dominating.

Swati Verified

My sister told me about ibs. I joined ibs for UPSC preparation.. actually I was good in maths but my speed was not that much good to solve maths question in exams. so after joining IBS, I found myself improving day by day. teachers are very helpful. they help me a lot to improve the speed. now I am sure that I will crack the exam.

Simple chaudhary Verified

I have done graduation. before coming into IBS had not that much confidence to speak in front of people. but here the staff is very helpful and alwz encourage us. now I am very confident to ask anything in class in front of students. teachers tell us shortcuts which help us to crack the exam. the environment is very studious here. I feel good to be part of this coaching.

Shweta kumari Verified

Hi, I have done BSC in maths. before coming here I knew only about maths. after coming here I got to know about the syllabus of bank.teachers are very co-operative they are always available for doubts. I would recommend everyone to come here then you will get to know more about IBS.

Sukhveer Image
Sukhveer Verified

Teachers are experienced, all doubts clear by teachers, library facility is given for self-study, given home assignment/ practice book and study environment.

Rohit Image
Rohit Verified

Overall best experience, teachers co-operative and helpful, study material sufficient, the problem on infrastructure(broken benches) and doubts clear in doubt session.

Bharat Image
Bharat Verified

Staff co-operative but little bit doubts are left..books material sufficient but assignments answer key is not environment with library facility provided.

Sonali Sharma Image
Sonali Sharma Verified

Teachers teaching way good, study material good, study environment and doubts clear in classes.

shailesh kumar Image
Shailesh kumar Verified

Teachers good but maths teachers syllabus jyda fastly krwate ha ,books ke printing pages kaffi low qualty k, environment good and no doubts.

Amit Sharma Image
Amit Sharma Verified

Overall best institute , teachers friendly ,study material helpfull ,insfrastructure good and no doubts.

Madhu Image
Madhu Verified

I joined this institute for ctet ....teachers were co-operative but Punjabi ki classes Kam lagti, the booklet was good, the environment was friendly and doubts solves in classes.

Shivali Image
Shivali Verified

Teachers teaching way was good,instrastruce(modify hori library)sitting problem, study material( limited and English books(printing mistake) and doubt teachers solve ni kar pate doubts(HAVE NO TIME).

Rohit Image
Rohit Verified

Best place to crack Exams. Perfect institute for serious candidates. Techers are brilliant.

Akreeti Image
Akreeti Verified

Teachers are brilliant, I like the teaching approach... study material of SSC should be improved bt banking study material is good. the environment is good. proper doubt session is providing.

Atin Sood Image
Atin Sood Verified

Overall teachers are best but English teacher is aggressive (loudly and irritating). , study material is good, the environment is good and weekly doubts sessions are conducted

Rohit Image
Rohit Verified

Study material is good, teachers are also good and helping, the environment is great. they are conducting proper doubts classes.

Bharat Image
Bharat Verified

Ibs has great facilities and faculty as well. like teachers are very co-operative and highly qualified. study material is good which is very useful for preparation. the environment is cool. so I feel good to be part of this institution.

Shivali Image
Shivali Verified

Ibs is one of the best institutes in chnadi8grah for govt exam. teachers of this institute are very helping and supportive. they are always available for the doubts. study material they are providing is very useful for preparation.

Komal Image
Komal Verified

Excellent experience ...

Amit Sharma Image
Amit Sharma Verified

Everything is good including teachers, study material and environment. so I recommend everyone who wants to prepare for bank ibs is the best institut6e to prepare for.

Rohit Image
Rohit Verified

Teachers are good, study material is also good but the facilities provided in the classes was not good.

Parul Image
Parul Verified

Teacher are very good .had a good experience in ibs . there was only 1 problem that is mistakes in the books

karam Image

This is the best institute for bank ssc and govt exam. i joined this institute 3 months ago. i had very good experience in this institute. i found myself improving. studious environment of this institute.

sukhjinder  Image

Best platform to achieve your dream job in banking sector. ibs also provide the good coaching opportunities to the candidates. it helps me to enhance my skills. .I am enjoying my training.

naveen Image

Great institute. best platform to crack the govt exam. teachers are brilliant. i like the teaching approach. study material is also very useful .. they are also providing the test series.

Mukesh arora  Image
Mukesh arora

The institute provide the best as well as quality education. environment of this institute is very studious. teachers are very hard-working and helping. they are conducting continue mock test to improve the level of the students

harmeet sidhu  Image
Harmeet sidhu

I had good experience in this institute. i like the teaching approach which is more effective and different .Best institute in chandigarh for bank ssc and govt exam. environment is amazing

muskan Image

Excellent institute. provide best coaching of bank ssc and govt exam.infra is also very good. environment is studious. teachers are very material is also very useful ..

gagandeep Image

Brilliant institute. environment is very studious.teachers are very supportive.. i feel very good to be part of this institute. i can see myself improving day by day ..they are conducting proper doubt classes. i like the teaching approach.. they are providing proper mock material is also very good.

Rishiraj Image

This is very good institute. I refer candidates to go for it. I saw information about this on freejobpoint website.

kenayra dhiman Image
Kenayra dhiman

environment is studious ...supportive staff with good teaching skills.This institute is awesome ...................

aaisha thakur Image
Aaisha thakur

Staff is supportive .I am doing great since I have joined this institute ...environment is studious ...supportive staff and of course I like the teaching skills.This institute is awesome

player Image

I find some teachers strict but it helps me do well ..staff is supportive ...environment is studious.I am doing great since I have joined this institute .This institute is awesome ..I am loving to be part of it ...I can see myself improving day by day .

rashmi rana Image
Rashmi rana

Nice campus .....I find some teachers strict but it helps me do well ..staff is supportive ...environment is studious..I can see myself improving day by day .

bangar Image

Nice campus ...staff is supportive ...environment is studious.I am doing great since I have joined this institute .ofcourse I like the teaching skills.This institute is awesome ..I am loving to be part of it . .

niharika Image

Nice campus .....I find some teachers strict but it helps me do well ..staff is supportive ...environment is studious.

nirmal Image

This institute is awesome ..I am loving to be part of it ...I can see myself improving day by day ..

nishita Image

I am doing great since I have joined this institute ...environment is studious ...supportive staff and ofcourse I like the teaching skills

mridhu Image

One of the best institute.....I really like the staff ..they all are cooperative and friendly too..I am satisfied with this instute

piyush Image

Good campus. Love to be a part of it..fantastic staff with great skills ...teachers are very helpfull

ridu bhandari Image
Ridu bhandari

Best institute for government related exams like SSC,bank. teaching approach is different and far more effective. teaching staff is helping and genuine.

vinny shrama Image
Vinny shrama

with amazing teaching staff this is one of thebest institute for government related exams like SSC,bank. teaching approach is different.

pooja arora Image
Pooja arora

Best institute for exams like SSC,bank. teaching approach is different and far more effective. amazing teaching staff

ashish sahni Image
Ashish sahni

Best institute for government related exams like SSC,bank. teaching approach is different and far more effective.

pawan sahni Image
Pawan sahni

One of the best in coaching. teaching process is also very effective. but still need to work on teaching pattern.

maninder ali Image
Maninder ali

Ibs is good ins. For bank po ssc as well as ugc net

manpreet kaur Image
Manpreet kaur

Best coaching centre for banking + state exam. I am student of ibs from last year. The faculty of ibs is very helping and cooperative.

lakshman kafle Image
Lakshman kafle

The 15 sector institute is not that good due to lack of good faculty members but other institute of ibs in sector 8 is good,l. The faculty for data interpretation is just ok others are good.

Panther Rht Image
Panther Rht

Amazing teaching staff. Nd continue mock test

Naina Nanda Image
Naina Nanda

Very good institute.Helped me a lot in building up my career. Teachers are helping and cooperating.

Sunidhi Image

Good institute over all They should work on the teachers The faculty is cooperating and helping Study material is average

rakesh kumar Image
Rakesh kumar Verified

OVERALL experience with instite was good facult was helpful. Best faculty. In chandigarh. And you can join any other branch of ibs as per reach. I think go take demo you will know.. It is best institue

Yes I am satisfied with my teacher they are helpful. The help me every time. And solve my queries I am satisfied

Study Material
Yes study material is good . Lots of question to solve..different type of question is given which were helpful to clear each concept

Test series
Yes test series is quit enough to crack exam.. Test serYes test series is quit enough to crack exam.. Test serYes test series is quit enough to crack exam.. Test ser

Faculties: 4/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 4/5

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