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IBS Institute

Sector 34A Chandigarh

IBS Institute

SCO : 128-129, Fourth Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, 160022


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IBS Institute Course Fees

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IBS Institute Course Fees
Course Duration Fees
SBI PO 1 Yr 16000 /-
SSC+BANKING 1 Yr 18000 /-
CTET Paper 1 1 Yr 12000 /-
PTET Paper 1 1 Yr 12000 /-
CTET Paper 2 1 Yr 15000 /-
PTET Paper 2 1 Yr 15000 /-
UGC-NET Paper 1 1 Yr 8000 /-
UGC-NET Paper 2 1 Yr 18000 /-
SSC ONLINE 1 Yr 10000 /-
UGC-NET ONLINE PAPER 1 1 Yr 10000 /-
UGC-NET ONLINE PAPER 2 1 Yr 18000 /-
CET 20000 /-

IBS Institute Location

About IBS Institute

When comparing IBS Institute and others, it's important to consider a few factors:

IBS Institute, Chandigarh aspires to emerge as the single biggest player in the field of competitive exams. It aspires to fulfill the dreams of thousands of students who are here to achieve their goals. IBS Institute, Chandigarh has always been driven by ethics and principles. The institute aims to provide the best as well as the highest quality education to all students enrolled. Moreover, the aim s to help students realize their true and latent potential at the right time and using the right techniques. This would only help aspirants deliver more than they could ever expect. The quality of teaching here is quite standardized and the professionals here are committed to acting in the best interest of students and in a socially appropriate manner.

Salient features of IBS Institute, Chandigarh:

1. Excellent results: IBS Institute, Chandigarh has been constant in delivering amazing results. It has helped more than 2 lakh students to enter into some of the other avenues successfully over the last 10 years. The selection rate is always on a surge. With an insatiable hunger for growth, IBS Institute, Chandigarh is here to stay for long. 

2Online facilities: the online magazines and test series among other facilities are a sure winner for students. IBS Institute, Chandigarh ensures that students get the max. services sitting in the comfort of their homes without actually having to come to the coaching center regularly.

3. Teaching methods: modern classrooms equipped with the latest infrastructure are graced by professional experts and teachers who leave no stone unturned to make sure that students do not leave the class with doubts in their mind.

4. Books and other supplementary material: the comprehensive study kit that is provided to the students is more than enough to sail through the exam. Their study material ranks one of the best in the entire city. It is divided and subdivided into a number of modules and chapters to simplify the syllabus as much as possible.

5. Administration: with a well-designed structure of faculty and support staff, IBS Institute, Chandigarh has an impeccable flow of authority.

6. High competitive environment: while some might feel that a competitive atmosphere might become depressing for the students at one point in time, we believe that it is all a matter of perspective. An aspirant has to adapt to high scores and healthy struggle if he or she has to see the face of the entrance exam.

7. Doubt clearing sessions: one of the prime focuses of IBS Institute, Chandigarh is to ensure that no student leaves the classroom without having doubts removed from his mind. In the light of this approach, special doubt clearing classes are held on most days to give students relief with respect to the mounting syllabus. In fact, it is trite that syllabus that is easy to grasp is always easy to retain on the days that pass. This in itself has been the motive IBS Institute, Chandigarh since its inception.

Courses by IBS Institute, Chandigarh

The following courses are offered for subscription by IBS Institute, Chandigarh:
1. SSC Coaching: the SSC coaching is the best here since a lot of students, not only from Chandigarh but from neighboring states such as Punjab, Haryana and Jammu come here to take coaching. 

2. Bank PO Coaching: most students who appear for SSC also prepare for Bank PO exams since the syllabus is not much different.

3. Defense exams: the focus here is to ensure that students are developed on an overall basis so as to face the challenges that the exam poses. The defense exam is known to be the most endearing exams in the country. At the same time, one needs to work quite hard before he can manage to clear the same. Various levels of difficulty test the patience of students which IBS Institute, Chandigarh caters to very well here.

4. State exams: exams of state governments are quite popular among the youth here. One wants to settle down for a job in his own state perhaps for the inherent benefits that such a job provides such as easy commutation, flexible cost-cutting among others.

5. Teacher eligibility test: this is again quite sought after test since a lot of women especially appear for the exam. Since the job of a teacher does not involve long hours of working, it is most preferred by the female class all over the country.

6. Railway exam

7. UGC NET: well, who doesn’t know about the exam? The kind of prep that is involved in acing the exam is well known to all of us. Most aspirants spend hours in the library or on their study desk studying about the entrance. Once cleared, one gets ample opportunities to pursue future studies via assistance from the government.

8. CLAT: the craze for becoming a lawyer is ever increasing. It has been quite a favorite course for those who study at IBS Institute, Chandigarh.

9. NDA

It is trite now that the entrance exam for government and allied services is spreading its wings throughout the nation. The cutthroat competition, the 24/7 determination and above all, the will to stay in the race is no deterrent for lakhs of young Indians. You can check our Studydekho website to know more about various courses and institutes that render various coaching services. We are sure you would have at least something to take away.

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