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About Gyan Ganga

Gyan Ganga Allahabad is known for its excellence. The teachers arrange various doubt sessions for the students, helping them to fully understand the points they feel stuck at or difficult to solve. The faculty pays proper attention to each child and prepares the best course material to make them understand those questions that are to be attempted and those not to be. The foundation accepts achieving accomplishment by giving the best training and results to their students. Special classes are moreover held by Faculty on closures of the week to clear huge themes and aggregate questions. No utilization is given concerning arrangement. The institute also provides demo classes for the students. Each student is provided with personal attention.









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Gyan Ganga Reviews

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Manish Kumar Image
Manish Kumar

The administration is quite good around for this institute. If you are good in study, but unable to pay the fee they help them.

Nirma Image

This foundation urges you to pick up capability with genuine principal thoughts in a, particularly unique way so it’s amazing at Gyan Ganga and its fine.


The administration is good and efficient and that’s extraordinarily great. Infrastructure is very good and that’s extraordinarily great. I had a great time preparing for the entrance exams.

Neetu Image

Study materials are better than any other institutions at this place at Gyan Ganga here around. So far the experience has been amazing. Thank you for providing us right support.

Himanshu arora Image
Himanshu arora

The staff is exceedingly qualified at Gyan Ganga and its fine. They delegate pros that have been in the line since the last 15-20 years. The tests drove help us to evaluate our position and attempts we need to moreover put so it’s amazing.

Simran Kaur Image
Simran Kaur

It is very easy to communicate for those exams which you are preparing around with the teachers and clear our doubts.

Kashish Sharma Image
Kashish Sharma

The study condition is phenomenal so it’s amazing at Gyan Ganga and its fine. Students are very pushed and teachers are incredibly experienced.

Abhinav singh Image
Abhinav singh

This coaching institution is very much excellent and in providing education, in the field of the competition in this for these courses for these exams.

Harpreet Singh Longia Image
Harpreet Singh Longia

They conduct CTs that is the cumulative test and periodic test which helps in the best assessment of the students around for this institute. the marks of your test along with your rank are sent to you via message.

Barbika Image

The coaching institute of the helps in improving the personality for those exams which you are preparing around of the student according to the test. The coaching institute helps the students to take on the exams.

Shivani Singh Image
Shivani Singh

I find it history a difficult one to crack but this coaching centrethis institute is great for this help me overcame this subject


The teachers of the coaching are really great and helps us to understand each and everything at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching.

Simran jeet kaur Image
Simran jeet kaur

I chose this coaching institute just because of the fact that it designs the own study material to cater the to their own teaching methodology in the coaching institute and the study material of the institute is very helpful for those exams which you are preparing around.

Mohit Kumar Image
Mohit Kumar

The study material is great. Various subjects like the exams& the Ecology are worth joining the institutein Gyan Ganga a great institute.

Sourav Image

The extra doubt class is also a good facility provided by the institute at Gyan Ganga located hereafter. The teacher is so brilliant and qualified that they make your concepts so clear.

Jashanpreet kaur Image
Jashanpreet kaur

If you come across any of the doubts from books or the question banks in this coaching in here, you can clear at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching.

Roopa Image

I am very happy that I am part of this coaching it individually solves problems of students great teaching time around for this institute.

lavpreet singh Image
Lavpreet singh

The staff of the coaching institute is very great and helpful and the challenge in clusters is likewise great and it’s a great job done here.

Aryan Bhageria Image
Aryan Bhageria

Really helpful staff and up to date study material. Different concept of study circle. I like this study place here around here in this centre among us.

Vikrant garg Image
Vikrant garg

What I feel about this coaching centre when I come around this coaching place to it is motivated to clear the exam and this centre helps me out throughout the journey to succeed at this exam

Vishal Gupta Image
Vishal Gupta

The staff of this academy is very very friendly and then pretty helpful. The teachers are easily approachable which is brilliant and great inside Gyan Ganga located in this city. The doubt clearing sessions are held to clear the concepts.

Sarika tripathi Image
Sarika tripathi

The Mock test what they have conducted is up here at this academically great centre in here.

Abhishek Image

I picked this association since it structures their own special examination material great study culture hereat to consider their own one of a kind empowering reasoning and the study material is incredibly helpful this is a brilliant institute is outrageous.

Gurtej Singh Image
Gurtej Singh

Very supportive and motivating environment with the zeal to spread knowledge into action and its good after all around here. One can excel any course under a single roof.

Riya jain Image
Riya jain

Tricks are shared with the students for better learning and knowledge gain. They are trained for the worst casework around for this institute.


The students of this coaching institute who have a dream of being inside this academy with weaker English, this coaching is a boon for you at the same point of the coaching institute for the same time.

Vidhi rathod Image
Vidhi rathod

The things fall apart at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching but not in this one.

Girdhari Image

I feel very aggressive when I can’t solve a question, the teacjhers here help me a lot through this at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching.

Manish kumar vishwakarma Image
Manish kumar vishwakarma

An awesome place to study and gain knowledge with home-like environment here around here in this centre among us.

Neha Gawande Image
Neha Gawande

The institute has the long distinguished for the best preparatory course and result. Environment of the institute motivates a lot here around here in this centre among us.

Komal Image

Apart from the quality of the material of the course institute provided for those exams which you are preparing around by the foundation, I would say the faculty is also very much motivating and inspiring, the zeal and the enthusiasm the faculty show is enough to get energize.

Dipak Ramesh Kharwade Image
Dipak Ramesh Kharwade

The exam is really hard but the efforts of the teachers make it really very simle for the students at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching.

Kushal Image

Faculty here is amazing and ready to help for those exams which you are preparing around you whenever you need them in this course institute.

Ankita Image

They build concept in very unique way. Atmosphere here is full of positivity and all this makes here around here in this centre among us

Himaranjan Bagarty Image
Himaranjan Bagarty

This is a place for this study environment you investigate yourself in the coaching institute for this study environment as well as figure out how to see the things around you.

Sarjeet yadav Image
Sarjeet yadav

Very hard working and professional team who have achieved great results in the past with a vision to become one of the best here around here in this centre among us.

Shivansh Singh Image
Shivansh Singh

Teachers are very experienced. They instruct with a package of interest so it’s amazing at Gyan Ganga and its fine. Impelling tends to given by the workforce are exhibited particularly pleasing to us.

Ahanthem Anand Meitei Image
Ahanthem Anand Meitei

They made appearing in the exam such an easy deal for me with their smart methods and right teaching techniquesat this centre its cool.

Tushar Image

The workforce is influencing so it’s amazing at Gyan Ganga and its fine. Diverse powerful sessions are in the like manner held to help resolve. The establishment gives library access to us, and we can in like manner issue books.

krishna kumar Image
Krishna kumar

The ambience of the coaching institute is good and the teachers are helpful and cooperativefor these though exams.

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