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Gate Gurus, Chandigarh is a pioneer in the field of GATE. With an experience of 6 plus years that has been worthwhile in all respects, Gate Gurus, Chandigarh has been providing comprehensive and result in oriented study prep help to students quite successfully. Gate Gurus, Chandigarh is one of the top coaching centres in the northern reason. It is no surprise that students even from the neighboring states such as Punjab, Jammu, Haryana and Delhi come here to study and make a mark. 
Gate Gurus, Chandigarh has been chosen as the success partner of students for a long time now. The faith of people in the teaching techniques and other facilities has only seen a steep growth. The commitment of this institute instills confidence in both the staff as well as aspirants here. In addition to the same, Gate Gurus, Chandigarh does not hesitate to provide monetary exemptions to those who genuinely need it.

Salient features of Gate Gurus, Chandigarh:

• Faculty: the faculty here at Gate Gurus, Chandigarh is quite engaging. With professionals coming in from a variety of top-notch institutes, Gate Gurus, Chandigarh ensures that students get the best of teaching standards. We believe that is what that keeps them going.

• Learning and competitive environment: Gate Gurus, Chandigarh provides the necessary edge as well as the confidence to students with thorough learning methods in classroom lessons as well as exam endeavor techniques like time administration in classroom test series.

• Awards as well as scholarships: Gate Gurus, Chandigarh also provides scholarships to meritorious aspirants, who take admissions in IIT or NITs so as to promote the welfare of students and the education industry as a whole.

• Small batch size: this is primarily done to ensure and provide individual attention to each and every student. In order to save a student from extraneous peer pressure or undue confusion, Gate Gurus, Chandigarh ensures that batches are small and studying is comfortable.

• Doubt discussion classes: these are a, must if you want to study and clear the GATE exam. Gate Gurus, Chandigarh has regular doubt classes. Even the most genius student might have a doubt. As they say, it is better to ask a question and be called a fool once than remain a fool by staying quiet for the rest of your life.

• Study material: exhaustive and relevant study material ensures that students get the best of Gate Gurus, Chandigarh. The test papers and other content is designed by highly knowledgeable experts who have decades of experience in the field of teaching. One hardly needs to refer to any extra study material if he is enrolled with Gate Gurus, Chandigarh.

• Unmatched results: Gate Gurus, Chandigarh’s selection rates are soaring like eagles in the sky. Over the years and since its inception, it has seen 1010 Selections in GATE, ESE & PSUs. This is an achievement in its own.

Courses at Gate Gurus, Chandigarh:

Gate Gurus, Chandigarh provides the following courses. Take a look:
• Regular classroom course: This course is designed for thorough knowledge and in-depth understanding. The course is valid for courses such as GATE and PSU entrance exams such as SAIL, BHEL, NTPC and others. The classes here in this batch are held for a minimum of 4 hours regularly through the week excluding weekends. The course, once completed, is followed by regular testing that helps students match the study level with their performance and prep.

• Weekend classroom course: this course at Gate Gurus, Chandigarh is designed for those who are working professionals or those who live in areas that are remote and find it tough to attend classes on a regular basis. Well, the rush for this course is as much as the regular course. These days, everyone is looking for a lucrative job or course so he or she can create a niche of himself. The weekend classroom course provides ample treatment of the whole syllabus in an accurate and resourceful manner. The timings of the batches vary with the convenience of the students.

• Online test portal for GATE: Gate Gurus, Chandigarh provides a great online test portal to students all across India. It is a great way to compete with students across the nation and find out your level of performance. The test series is a blend of full subject’s test, subject wise tests, mixed subjects test and allied tests. The tests also vary in terms of difficulty. Each student gets one free practice test online. There are a total of 36 Subject-wise Tests Online, 8 Full Syllabus Tests Online as well as 6 Mixed Subjects Tests Online. Moreover, another interesting aspect of this course is that the user interface is quite similar to the one that is actually seen and experienced during the exam. This not only helps the student gain enough confidence but also makes him ready and steady for the final day.

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Rohit Ramchandani Image
Rohit Ramchandani

1. Management theek nhai h 2. Teaching bekar h. bas 2 tchr sara corse complt krte. anurag or vishal. anurag notes nhi deta ki bahar koi aur na le le aur vishal ko kuch nhi ata. in dono ne hamara time kharab kiya hai. pura saal. anurag bhashan mein expert h. 4. anurag apne chamach se 5 star rate kradeta h

manpreet singh Image
Manpreet singh

Teaching faculty is outstanding one of the best in here

Yogita Image

I found it really hard to handle the request, the teachers never relinquished me for these exams, they impacted me to grasp the conditions and traps to clarify the request.

Raghuvender Image

Environment of classes is well in here. The students are very attentive and this creates a healthy study environment.

Aashima Image

If you are willing to find the best of the gate classes then this coaching is surely the one in this coaching.

Akshay guleria Image
Akshay guleria

The cs subjects like the turing machines are really very greatly taught and I love it in this coaching which has had been here.

Shailja Image

Apart from the gate coaching this coaching also provides the IES exam, which is a great thing which is one of the best thing being present in here at this coaching.

Dinesh Kumar Image
Dinesh Kumar

I believe that that best part of the coaching institution is that the students gets to understand whatever is taught in the premises of the coaching institute which is done truly rightly in this coaching.

sushila Image

The teachers of the coaching are really brilliant in this coaching in teaching the subjects of the gate exam.

Komal Image

This coaching is an amazing coaching for the electrical branch and so on.

charnpreet Image

We are not just prepared here for the gate exam but for the other exams too which are the best here in our part of the coaching academy and the institute probably the best coaching in here.

jaspreet Image

There are trhings like the best coaching institte which this coaching has certainly proven to be the part of the coaching institute has been around the corner for the same probably the best coaching in here.

Rahul kumar Image
Rahul kumar

There are things like the gate coaching institute being there inside the coaching institute along with the other things in the coaching academy been here at this point, probably the best coaching in here.

Himanshi Tyagi Image
Himanshi Tyagi

The coaching not only prepares us for the gate exam, probably the best coaching in here but also for the other exams which come along the way of the coaching institution being in here at this point.

Jyotir Image

I believe that the best part of the coaching institution probably the best coaching in here is when they prepare us for the gate and ies for the same time of the coaching academy in here.

Sanjeev kumar Image
Sanjeev kumar

This coaching is an amazing coaching for the electrical branch in here at this town. One of the best coaching in its class.

Sajal Image

Best coaching ther for the gate, ies and the psu out there which have been there at this part of the city in the coaching institute.

Aditya Image

The students here become smart in term sof the preparation for the psus and the other exams which are being present in this coaching academy.

nirmal singh Image
Nirmal singh

I believe that this coaching is the best one not in just terms of the gate coaching but also in the other exams which are being conducted in this coaching academy.

Aman Choudhary Image
Aman Choudhary

I believe that the best part of the coaching institution is when they prepare us for the gate and ies for the same time of the coaching academy in here.

Eisha Image

I believe that the most important thing which I am coming across is that the coaching institution which have had been there has got the RIGHT TEACHERS DIFFERENTIATED FOR ALL THE SUBJECTS OUT THERE.

Samiksha Image

The teachers and the students of this gate coaching which have been present in here are very very brilliant, in according to the number of topics covered along with the strategy of the coaching.

Ankit kumar Image
Ankit kumar

This coaching is an amazing coaching for the electrical branch in here at this town.

hitesh Image

Imperial is this institute. Grandiose not only in infrastructure but also in teaching capability

Simran Image

My quant section was not good but coming to this institute really helps me in quant and all other sections too

Simran Image

Study material solutions are very rich and in detailed which one can easily prepared oneself at home

Pushpa Image

The best thing about this coaching is the studen’s welfare which the gate coaching shows.

Akash Image

The teachers here in this coaching tend to make the students smart in terms of studying about the gate.

himanshi Image

This is the best coaching no matter what whatever you say, since the teachers here are the best here.

Bhupinder Jindal Image
Bhupinder Jindal

We are happy with the prepared notes and the booklets which are being provided to us by the coaching institute.

Sugam Image

I believe that this coaching is the best one not in just terms of the gate coaching but also in the other exams.

Kckhanda Image

I was much interested in ies than the gate exam and this coaching has had helped us a lot for the same thing

Reena cAUDHARY Image

The institute just not prepare us for the gate exam but also foir the other exams like the psu, and the other exams.

Ashwarya Image

I guess that the best part of the coaching institute is that the coaching institute has had been in there for a lots of things. There are things that the people things in the part of that which has had been there.

Rajesh Thakur Image
Rajesh Thakur

The coaching centre has been providing efficient and complete support including exam-oriented teaching, time-saving tricks and then been in there shortcuts, quality study material and more in the coaching.

ashwani Image

Loved the way of the teaching of the teachers and the, teachers are very supportive and ready to help at any point.

Meenakshi Image

The best source of the knowledge is from the teachers of this coaching acdemy at the same time.

harpreet kaur Image
Harpreet kaur

If you want the best of the coaching for yourself, you must probably join this coaching academy which has had been here at the coaching itself.

sanchit Image

What I have had been thinking is that the coaching institute which I have had been should recommend this coaching institute because of the multi lingual batches and the supportive administration in the coaching.

sagar bhandula Image
Sagar bhandula

Amazing study environment and polite faculty, Faculty is highly experienced and management is very supportive, all books material given properly, modules and question paper, the content of notes very good , clear all doubts in doubt classes.

Bhawna aggarwal Image
Bhawna aggarwal

I have had always wondered about the best education at this coaching. This coaching is the perfect example for the same at the best.

Jyoti kalia Image
Jyoti kalia

What I have had been thinking is that I should recommend this coaching institute because of the multi lingual batches and the supportive administration in this institution.

Tanmay Kumar Singh Image
Tanmay Kumar Singh

It has always been set apart to the part of the standards as a standout amongst the best proficient institute and has a cultivated personnel.

Honey Image

I think that this is the very best of the choice to decide for clearing the test and other fitness test instructing in light of the fact that all the personnel are intense about study.

arsh guleria Image
Arsh guleria

They give extraordinary guidance and support to students. If your goal is to crack the entrances then the best Academy I can suggest you in the coaching institute.

mamta Image

I just wanted you to tell that you how much I enjoyed the class . What an excellent instructor and I learned things that I did not know about Project including how to do things better than I have been. Again thank you very much

gurkirat maan Image
Gurkirat maan

The crew is highly assistive an always ready to help you with your consulting and counselling.

kirti Image

Great faculty is there at this coaching and far ahead from their competitors in terms of quality, commitment and success.

Kunal Image

Surely this institute leaves no stone unturned in student’s preparation with their unrivalled study solutions and impeccable teaching

Neetu bala Image
Neetu bala

I am student in cs so gate guru coaching insititue is top one insititue in Chandigarh teacher most helpful and motivate every time and specialy anurag sir cs fantastic teacher in the world so I advise all student this insititue is best to crack the gate . Anurag sir way of teaching is best , sir should be equally support to all student I don't knowledge of subject toc but I study each and every ...... Sab padha yha insititue Mai seriously .. or algorithm don't know ledge but ab too algorithm my favorite subject hai thankyu so much sir app nai bhut achaa pdayaa seriously os bi bhut vadiya pdaya tha ...... All the students join the gate coaching gate guru is best coaching insititue in Chandigarh ...........

Bharti chouhan Image
Bharti chouhan

Till now Gate gurus have taught me so much... It's the best Coaching institute.. In other institutes only formulae are taught to the students.. But gate gurus have made all their students familier with the basics.. That's very impressive especially anurag sir who is a great teacher

lovepreet kaur Image
Lovepreet kaur

I joined Gate Gurus to prepare for my exam. I found the course to be very helpful and interactive. Teachers used to explain each and every concept in details to provide a clear understanding. This is the best platform, experienced teacher with conceptual knowledge. I always say it to you and give suggestion to everyone by my side that yes, no doubt, if you have faith to build your carrier then go here. Thank You Gate Gurus!!!

Rajyashree Rathi Image
Rajyashree Rathi

Awsm faculty n team???? Olways ready to solve students problems Olways supportive Take care of students feedback n interest Help students n create thr interest in studies P.S - #Anuraag_Sir best teacher, who is olways thr for his students n takes care of student's problems????????

Sunil Image

Excellent institute with experienced faculty and spacious classrooms.

Radharaman Sharma Image
Radharaman Sharma

Best institute for gate aspirants with extra ordinary faculty members and crash course material.

Tejinder Chauhan Image
Tejinder Chauhan

Everything is good in gate guru Coaching institute. tejinder chauhan

Tushar Kappar Image
Tushar Kappar

Should be more teacher-student oriented and quality of study material should improve

Gaganpreet Singh  Image
Gaganpreet Singh

Faculty is excellent. Atmosphere of the class is very good.Online test series is good

Gagandeep Singh Image
Gagandeep Singh

Faculty is good and teachers are coperative and they teach us very well

Manisha Sharma Image
Manisha Sharma

Good faculty is provided.full syllabus is target.books are provided

Rahul Baghla Image
Rahul Baghla

Good institute for gate coaching as of small group of classes

Kamal Jit Image
Kamal Jit

Excellent coaching institute for GATE in the northern region. all faculty members are highly skilled and cooperative. extra doubt sessions delivered indeed are very helpful to clear the concepts in detail.

rupinder kaur Image
Rupinder kaur

Good institute!!proper online test material is available.test series are regular.This institute has shown bright results.gate preparation is done full and material everything is also provided properly.!!!

Nupur Singh Image
Nupur Singh

Gate Gurus is the only result oriented institute in Chandigarh. Selection rate is competitively good than other institutes of India. One must join for sure success. after btech this is the best choice one can make

TanviDhingra Image

Quite okk...not much good..but not bad yet...would rate it 6/10.

Vinod Taak Image
Vinod Taak

Best result oriented coaching institute in Chandigarh having Best teaching faculty..


Best faculty and management. Best fee structure and results. Highly recommended.

Deepak kumar Image
Deepak kumar

Gate Gurus is the only result oriented institute in Chandigarh. Selection rate is competitively good than other institutes of India. One must join for sure success.

Abhishek SHARMA Image
Abhishek SHARMA

One of the finest institutes of India, I repeat finest. Management is very co operative and teaching methodology is far better than any other Institute present in Chandigarh and the best part is that u can approach with any kind of problem at anytime. It will get solved at the priority basis.

Ribhu Gupta Image
Ribhu Gupta

Well the best institute for those who aim for gate after their An excellent faculty with years of teaching experience. Yes I recommend for all.

Ankita Bhandari Image
Ankita Bhandari

Great Experience.Best institute for gate/psu's aspirent.Best faculty .Highly recimended.

traman kumar Image
Traman kumar

Bad management and infrastructure . other any things are good.

shreya kapoor Image
Shreya kapoor

The environment provided is not very good.. Study material is still better but i don't like the method teachers use here to teach

Anoop rawat Image
Anoop rawat

Good institute and teachers with great knowledge of subjects. Great environment. Ratings 3.5/5

Dev megh Image
Dev megh

Good fculty.,gud study martial...avg infrastucture

Minash Dhiman Image
Minash Dhiman

Best coaching since sonu gupta sir teaches here Rating-8/10

Gaurav Chaudhary Image
Gaurav Chaudhary

Best institute in Chandigarh..... Sharma sir rocks...crowd is awesome

Arvind Kumar Image
Arvind Kumar

The institute has a good reputation, but the infrastructure is not so good. Teachers are nice. But they can work on the infra more. Otherwise everything is good. Flexible timings.

Ayesha Image

Infrastructure is not so good here bt the faculties are excellent and study material is average

vivek sharma Image
Vivek sharma

After btech this is best choice for those who wish to do gate

D J?y Räjpùt Image
D J?y Räjpùt

For new student the institute nama as GATE GURU is good for study.

Akshika Guleria Image
Akshika Guleria

Excellent study course and teachers.

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