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Engineering Solutions Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
GATE --- - 40000/-
IES --- - 35000/-
PSU's --- - 35000/-

About Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions is located at Sector 37, Chandigarh. It is exceptionally hard to break these placement tests until the point that you know the best possible traps and strategies to do as such. We give you appropriate course notes and an all-around experienced staff to enable you to comprehend the idea of the inquiries. We consider understudies our need and our solitary objective are to see our understudies fruitful in each exam they show up for. The workforce gives careful consideration towards every single tyke and plans best course material to influence them to comprehend those inquiries that are to be endeavored and those not to be, which the trickiest piece of such examinations.

Courses offered:

1. GATE/IES/PSUs (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE))

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Engineering Solutions Reviews

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Trushant Acharekar Image
Trushant Acharekar

In exams like these you will find facilitated teaching for all the three periods of the examination in exams like these. The principles given by educators are valuable.

V.K.Solanki Image

Faculty very impressive with renowned education background in this this exam coaching centre. also they have a fine test series with unlimited times here at this academically great centre in here

Mukesh Singh Image
Mukesh Singh

Best of the coaching institute really help me with my studies also nice test series here at this academically great centre in here

Anuskha Antoni Image
Anuskha Antoni

Doubt classes very empowering all doubts cleared at once so no problem at all. the big problem arrives at its solutions pretty rigid here at this academically great centre in here

Subhash gurjar Image
Subhash gurjar

Reading was i am very proficient with all i need listening and speaking skills here at this academically great centre in here. a very good centre really helped me with my problems


Every concept they teach is sufficient for the entrance exam at this place at Engineering Solutions, just you have to careful in the classroom at this place at Engineering Solutions.

Sumaiya Image

The faculties will help the students how to bear the pressure during exams and how to increase the speed and accuracy while answering in exams at this place at Engineering Solutions.

mariannegs18 Image

The fees is pretty much the same as its competitors and the study material is fantastic at this place at Engineering Solutions.

Ashish pal Image
Ashish pal

They truly buckle down for you to study better in exams like these. They give you numerous assignments.

Gyansingh jat Image
Gyansingh jat

There are a great special types of the classes which has been conducted for students in this here at this academic centre.

Omkar Santosh Wable Image
Omkar Santosh Wable

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structure. The structure is explained properly in the class at at Engineering Solutions and its brilliant .The coursework is throughly discussed with the students which makes the study process clear.


Their sham tests would help you a great deal in exams like these. They furnished us with preparing workshops which mixed us a ton.

jorgeos60 Image

Responsible faculty here at this academically great centre in here. very happy to have my coaching at this centre. subjects comprehensively covered

Aniket dhiman Image
Aniket dhiman

You can appreciate everything by just cheats you can in like manner have workplaces like standard tests and online classes that none of some different associations here over this institutional academy give this is a brilliant institute is outrageous.

Aditya verma Image
Aditya verma

Individual mindfulness with respect to each student in the midst of classes adds a dash of style here over this institutional academy to the methodology and rouses them to work a lot harder this is a brilliant institute is outrageous.

Reeta sahu Image
Reeta sahu

The staff educates at a high pace here over this institutional academy is outrageous. It is difficult to understand subjects every so often.

Kundan kumar Image
Kundan kumar

The faculties were very helpful and personal interaction was provided. The counsellors were also very much helpful every time when required into this Engineering Solutions in this area.

Harshita Image

Teachers are good and are always helpful to solve the problems into this Engineering Solutions in this area.

Akash Pangtu Image
Akash Pangtu

The teaching techniques are so unique and versatile for each student which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Ritik Image

I am very interested in taking another class from this coaching after my last experience here was very pleasing which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Santosh kumar Image
Santosh kumar

I like their test series and coaching it help me to cover up all syllabus in time along with depth around in here at this coaching dedicated teachers who believe in strengthening students fundamentals.

Beby sharma Image
Beby sharma

This is my personal observation as many of my friends have been getting coaching here around in here at this coaching and few successfully.

Vaibhav Yadav Image
Vaibhav Yadav

The staff of the institute has been highly qualified and it helps the students to get the best and is a great coaching in this examination.

Akshat pareek Image
Akshat pareek

The organization is exceptionally great readiness for focused test. The organization has put in part of endeavors to assemble an establishment with such extraordinary learning for this kind of exams hereat, energy and experience.

Kirat singh Image
Kirat singh

They help each and every student all the time great for this institute and us at this place. From time to time they organizes motivational sessions for all the students to help them to achieve their life goals.

Kriti Sharma Image
Kriti Sharma

The mock tests of the coaching academy would help you a lot inside this coaching this academy has been amazing.

Shailza Image

The teachers of the coaching are really great and helps us to understand each and everything great coaching with good stuff around.

Khushboo Image

Best and the one of a kind part of the coaching is that they spread a 50 question task in class on each theme they spread in a sessionand it’s a great job done.

Manisha kumari Image
Manisha kumari

There is regular test series offered throughout the duration of course for these though exams and the materials given by the course institute is very helpful.

Abhishek bairwa Image
Abhishek bairwa

They have had a brilliant knowledge of the exam pattern , syllabus and explain concepts accordingly which has been great with this place. Its convenient with this place

Mahima Image

The instructors of the coaching pursue a student focused for this examination environment encouraging philosophy and their academic practices are profoundly established in qualities.

Aashu Image

The coaching institute is being very great preparation for competitive exam into here in this institution. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.


They have had left no single topic from the syllabus into here in this institution.

Lakhwinder Image

Test series a very rare piece you will find in this tutoring body with covering all concepts strategically and purposefully at this academic institution.

Zubaida khatoon Image
Zubaida khatoon

This is the best instructing class which give best information stage to students who are planning for the exams which is great about this institute.

Riya Image

The teachers of the coaching institute and is a great coaching in here have been a constant supporter to the students of the coaching in this examination.

Rohith Reddy Image
Rohith Reddy

Their branches are arranged in significant urban areas in India. It is the most ideal route for getting readied for these tests for this kind of exams hereat. They give best workforce to troublesome test and gives inspiration.

Ayush Kumar Image
Ayush Kumar

Wonderful tests rehearses pursued for this kind of exams hereat to clarify test for this kind of exams hereat. The uncertainty sessions are very much planned and time tables are conveyed well ahead of time.

Vipin Kumar Image
Vipin Kumar

The workforce of the coaching is in influencing in the coaching institution and and it’s a great job done. Diverse mind-boggling sessions are in the like route held to help resolve. The establishment gives library access to us, and we can in like manner issue books.

Vaishali gaur Image
Vaishali gaur

The coaching institute which have had planned the program in such a decent way and and it’s a great job done, that will cover every one of the viewpoints for the placement tests that included classes, workshops , week after week online test and mock meetings.

Ruchi Khandelwal Image
Ruchi Khandelwal

I think that the best part of this coaching institution is when the coaching institution and its good afterall clears all the concepts of the students in the coaching institute which is amazing thing.

Sarita Singhal Image
Sarita Singhal

The subject class is my one of the favourite class in this coaching institution and its good afterall.

Bhagwan Singh Image
Bhagwan Singh

This place has motivated me to work harder every day over in for those exams which you are preparing here. The study material is well created and the concepts are very well explained.

Asha Image

They provide proper guidance , relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessions over in for those exams which you are preparing here.

anshu Image

The teachers don’t take responsibility and are not easy to approach over in for those exams which you are preparing here.

Tejasvini Image

Motivational sessions are conducted to improve students performances over in for those exams which you are preparing here. They provide proper guidelines to the students.

Vinay Image

They have hadtaught us the new tricks, Its convenient in here at this coaching centre and ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved in examhere at this academic institution.

Gyani Image

This coaching institute is not only focuses on the studies around in here at this coaching but also helps us to enhance the enormous qualities which are enshrined in our soul.

Ashok kumar Image
Ashok kumar

The coaching academy has a structured as well a methodical approach to coaching and is a very important aspect for a student to succeed and its good.

Ajay kumar Image
Ajay kumar

\This is the academy is seriously good and its good. They support in all the things.The teachings skills are very goodand its good.They even give guidance for our future.The teachers are not only teachers they are also like our friends.

Diksha thakur Image
Diksha thakur

They don’t teach us rather trained us to be the best whether its courseand its good, interviews skills or any other part of studies simply the best

Amit Image

Good to be associated with this coaching institute and its good. Totally awesome teachers never think like teachers very friendly and studies are on another level

Krish Sahni Image
Krish Sahni

The students attending coaching classes, many are sometimes already working with a company or completing their education in the academy. Such students require institutes with flexible class schedules. The institute cooperates with such students and helps them out as in for these exams.

Madan Image

They not just teach you the subjects but make sure that you are motivated enough at Engineering Solutions located around here

nand kishor nirala Image
Nand kishor nirala

The coaching institution should have made you feel the competition in the field. The coaching institute prepares you for competition in the country in this for these exams for these courses.


Short notes provided by coaching institutes in Engineering Solutions located around here, help much to the memorize thing in the very short span of the time.

Pooja saini Image
Pooja saini

Mock tests are what they have conducted is to these exams in Engineering Solutions located around here.Faculty is basically amazing in Engineering Solutions located around here, since faculty is perhaps the best I have ever seen.

Sapna Image

Environment of the classes of the coaching institute, Its convenient in here at this coaching centre is very wellhere at this academic institution around here.

Abhishek Gautam Image
Abhishek Gautam

They ensure that you start studying with a strategyas in this exam. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Mithilesh Kumar Image
Mithilesh Kumar

They have had beenprovided us with an online portalat this centre which is available online and we are register user in ithere at this academic centre.

Payal Image

Every classroom of the coaching institute this centre has had in the air conditioner this was very nice in summer here at this academic centre.

Nudrat Image

The time table is created in order to give all its perspectivefor this exam over this centre straightforwardly to the aspirant who took an interest in the institution.

Harkesh Meena Image
Harkesh Meena

I was tuning in about this for quite a while yet finallyfor this exam over this centre I picked and joined. A lot of study material is similarly available on the web and expansive interchanges about the institution.

Yuvraj Image

Study solutions are very proper and impeccable to say at least here in this examination. Even after the competition of coaching, I used their material to studyin this examination.

Jagat yadav Image
Jagat yadav

Sound institute with top faculty here in this examination. So on my guarantee take coaching without worry from this centre. I also been one of those sulking and calculative student who does hell of searching on institute

Bhoopesh Kumar Image
Bhoopesh Kumar

The teaching at the coaching institute is outstanding and problems are done in the class which makes us understand the concepts better inside this place.

Harsh Bali Image
Harsh Bali

They administrate extraordinarily. All are in actuality well request and proficient. All staff is planning inside this place.

Gurpreet Singh Image
Gurpreet Singh

Individual Attention, that is mostly missing in these coaching classes here in Engineering Solutions in big cities (that have 50+ students in each batch) is emphasised at here.

Anil kumar khare Image
Anil kumar khare

Thanks for all the efforts here at this place at the place. Never forget this institute


The Faculty members are always ready to clear all of your doubts inside this amazing institute which doesn’t matter that it is smaller or not.

sunita Image

Choosing this coaching institute has been to prepare for the exams in which it has been so. This coaching institute is one of the most difficult exams and the coaching institute has helped me overcome my fear and is a great coaching in this examination

Susheel kumar Image
Susheel kumar

Its a target is to relinquish the utmost share of the result, not just some of the scholar with a high share of marks in the exams for those exams which you are preparing.

Virat Image

I was very careful from starting and I attended all the classes given by the coaching institutes for those exams which you are preparing.

Siddhartha Pilumalla Image
Siddhartha Pilumalla

I guess this coaching institute is the best one on my part due to the doubt counters and the other things it offers to the students which is a really great thing in here for these exams being at this place.

Nihal Kedar Image
Nihal Kedar

The best thing for these exams is that the students are really helpful here and this is because of the teacher’s guidance to all of the students who have been here at this point being at this place.

GunjanPathak Image

They give an unprecedented getting ready on ethics before the mains test which is just required or we can say like one should endeavour a kind of classes to be visited which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Chandrapal Image

Its branches are accessible all over India which is something brilliant about this coaching. It is similarly extraordinary in development. Representatives are useful.

Mukesh kumar bairwa Image
Mukesh kumar bairwa

The institute has laid a key emphasis on correcting some mistakes made by other institutions. Now, with a motley of courses being offered and impressive results paving its way which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Manisha kumari Image
Manisha kumari

Best platform for those students who is eager for government job preparation which is really very amazing here for exams for those exams which you are preparing. Here for exams for those exams which you are preparing atmosphere for exams for those exams which you are preparing for preparation is excellence

Tanu shree Image
Tanu shree

Dedicated faculty, committed intent and genuine concern for prospective candidates which is really very amazing here for exams for those exams which you are preparing. Sincere and conscientious efforts to prepare candidates.

mohit Image

The kind of personal attention a student receives at the institute for these exams is in something which really sets it apart from it's competitors at this place.

Jugandeep kaur Image
Jugandeep kaur

Well maintained classrooms with air conditioner facilities inside this amazing institute to make you feel comfortable.

Priyanshi Image

Excellent infrastructure , brilliant teachers, sincere managementin this examination in here. Students which are from the different corners of the country which has had given us a candidate exposure of modern day competition.

Monika Image

It was sincerely a great experience at this coaching institutionin this examination in here. Here at this coaching you not only improve your personality and the other things but then, also it enhance your capability and help you to explore your multidimensional approach to any challenge so that you understand the life of the coaching institutions.

Karan Image

This is where one can get the solution for all the stuffwhich is something brilliant about this coaching. For the concepts, you could get the concept building classes, for the answer writing presentation and time management one can get daily writing workshops and steps answer writingwhich is something brilliant about this coaching.

Zigyasa Mishra Image
Zigyasa Mishra

Study Materials, and the Test series of the coaching are the bestwhich is something brilliant about this coaching. One of the best place to learn in these exams and then it’s the great work by R&D team especially current affairs.

Rajesh Choudhary Image
Rajesh Choudhary

It has had been provided us to the enough study materialFor these courses in this convenient coaching so that we can independently prepare from our own for various tuitions which has been great.

nagaraja Narayana Image
Nagaraja Narayana

The coaching institute has had always being good, For these courses in this convenient coaching and infrastructure is also nice which has been great.

Ananya Jha Image
Ananya Jha

This is the best association for the status of the exam at Engineering Solutions located around here so it’s amazing. The educators plan test systems and discussion about with their students.

Vijendra Singh gurjar Image
Vijendra Singh gurjar

This is the best establishment so it’s amazingat Engineering Solutions located around here. They give character improvement classes with the tests.

Rashmi Image

The faculty makes an honest effortas in this exam to take along every student.

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