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Crossland Chandigarh Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
Study Visa (BAND COACHING + PR) --- 2 Mo 1800000/-
IELTS --- 2 Mo 35000/-
PTE --- - 35000/-
OET --- - 35000/-
CELPIP --- - 35000/-
TOEFL --- - 35000/-
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About Crossland Chandigarh

Crossland Chandigarh Chandigarh the main instruction organization giving instructive administrations in the field of preparing and training. Our guides are fit for educating a wide assortment of subjects crosswise over various capabilities. The majority of our mentors at the classes are completely qualified educators thus be involved in showing particular capabilities from particular exam sheets. To the best degree conceivable we coordinate our customers with qualified educators that be involved in training the particular exam sheets and capabilities that an aspirant is moving in the direction of. We trust each kid is fit for being incredible regardless of the conditions. It takes a mentor with more than learning to lead an understudy through their capability to enormity. We have faith in each student.

With a non-ordinary way to deal with taking in even understudies from the non-numerical foundation can get traps to endeavour inquiries of quantitative and thinking part effortlessly. Our rearranged type of training enables understudies to reach speedy and exact arrangements. To make an education framework that will create a greater number of pioneers than devotees subsequently contributing towards our country's advancement by delivering a network of exceptionally productive, dependable, subjective, esteem driven and ethical sanctioned bookkeepers and residents.

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Crossland Chandigarh Reviews

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Rajan bhupinder singh Image
Rajan bhupinder singh

The institute helps in improving the personality of the student being here good study coaching. They pay attention towards each and every student.

Ssc &bank Image
Ssc &bank

The material and tests they provide is great. Teachers are friendly and expert in their fields here for this being here.

manish Image

The parents can be really relaxed by sending their adults to this coaching and then which has had been there for these exams herein.

Kritika kumawat Image
Kritika kumawat

The coaching institute is very great and the infrastructure of the coaching institute is also nice. The classrooms are well furnished for this unbelievable education. The staff which is there in the institute is highly experienced. The students are also very cooperative.

Gopal Image

I believe that this coaching is one of the best coaching institutes in this town for many reasons like the test series and the doubt counters in this coaching institute which you may see Crossland Chandigarh located in this city.

mittal Image

Tfor this amazing environment are very good faculty members with good experience and very good for this amazing environment. Our faculty is very friendly with the students.

Jaswinder Image

I found it really hard to solve the questions in this perfect institute, the teachers never gave up on me , they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions in this perfect institute.

Kamal Image

The short notes of the coaching institution with which they helped much to the memorise things in a very short span of the time being there in the town which has been great around the study ambience.

Ajendra Image

Non teaching Staff are very cooperative, they allow us to study rooms and library even on holidays which is a great thing for around this coaching centre.

Simran Arora Image
Simran Arora

All faculty are really extremely talented and they have taught very well. Also these faculty have lots of patience to clear doubts at this centre of brilliance.

Malay Image

A fabulous place to enhance your skills in exams and build your self to score higher in these examinations here in this environment of institute.


The concept to deal the question with the coaching institution over at this place has been really excellent and gives visual and audio connection both and its better for this course.

Manjeet Singh Image
Manjeet Singh

Teachers here are really concerned about their student’s career. Moreover the notes provided by the institute itself are enough and has had been there at this coaching institution in there which has had been there Crossland Chandigarh located in this city.

Shrey Barbhaya Image
Shrey Barbhaya

I am very interested in taking another class from this coaching after my last experience here was very pleasing great study culture hereat.

Mukesh kumar Image
Mukesh kumar

The study material provided by them is up to the point that helps the students to crack the exams at Crossland Chandigarh and its brilliantly fine.

Sonia saini Image
Sonia saini

Its One of the best preparation in this coaching institution, where Every Single student getting personal attention and Individual Doubt Clearing Session in this great education background. All Trainers are expert and always ready to help students in this coaching.

Sneha Image

If you are willing to take admission then there is a high time that you take admission in this amazing coaching institute brilliant environment in this institution around.

Riya Sharma Image
Riya Sharma

Tin those examinations are very good faculty members with good experience and very good in those examinations. Our faculty is very friendly with the students.

Sudha Kumari Image
Sudha Kumari

I have never seen such friendly and helpful staff my entire life as this one into herein there. Glad I dedicated my time here to learn the basics of THIS COURSE.

Gargi ahuja Image
Gargi ahuja

Great individual thought and doubt clearing classes are given to the students in around this coaching. They examine each student and works with them to amend their weak points.

Antim Image

Fees are not high. The learning conferred is past desiresfor these exam preparation institute. They have astonishing aptitudes. The educators put in most extreme endeavors to clarify the ideas.


This coaching institute has got best test series along with the course materialin Crossland Chandigarh with good teachers around.

Sandeep kaswan Image
Sandeep kaswan

The workforce trains at a low pace for the time being in this institute. It is easy to understand topics at once. Extra sessions are held for the topics that are not so clear.

vrisha shah Image
Vrisha shah

A fabulous place to enhance your skills in mathematics and build your self to score higher in the examination for this brilliant academic centre.

Radhey charan Image
Radhey charan

Extremely good and dedicated teachers who believe in strengthening students fundamentalsfor these exams for students.

Sonal Image

This spot has impelled me to work harder every day for preparation of these exams. The study material is all around made and the thoughts are extraordinary cleared up.

shashi srivastava Image
Shashi srivastava

It has an excellent team who give their best in educating their students which is a great thing for this centre at this coaching. This institute has given the maximum no. of top rank in the past two years.


The staff of the coaching is very cooperative in arranging classes even if a student is not able to follow or have missed a class Crossland Chandigarh has really great environment around.

Baibhav raj Image
Baibhav raj

There are pool of faculties what they have and their expertise in the subjects are exemplary, particularly in these subjects which is great about the institute.

Rutambhara shirole Image
Rutambhara shirole

The environment in this coaching is most traditional and competition is very high so every student learns in a better environment at Crossland Chandigarh around this city.

Priya Choudhary Image
Priya Choudhary

I found it really hard to solve the questions within this place which is good at this institute, the teachers never gave up on me, they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions.


They have had started with the basic formulas and then take off with the other topics for these exams here around over here.

Shubham Sharma Image
Shubham Sharma

They conduct tests which improved my speed of question solving. The tests include all important questions and numerical skills that are essential tools to clear the exam for these types of exams here in this center.

Abhishek Kumar Image
Abhishek Kumar

The coaching has been starting on this place with the basic formulas and then it has been taking off with the other topics and its better for this course.

Shreyansh shukla Image
Shreyansh shukla

The coaching institute’s strength is the faculty members of the coaching academy which they have had all the way along in there at the same point here at the coaching academy has had been there at this point of the coaching academy at herein this institute.

Harsh vardhan soni Image
Harsh vardhan soni

The concept of the coaching institute is to deal with the question is excellent which is brilliant and great and gives visual and audio connection both inside Crossland Chandigarh located in this city.

Aditya Sharma Image
Aditya Sharma

This was the best choice, invest money and time in this coaching institution here over this area.

Neelam devi Image
Neelam devi

Good education, well discipline, career oriented getting here around this institution. This is one of the best Institute for discipline .The atmosphere is also very good .I can say that now I can achieve my goal .

rishabh raj Image
Rishabh raj

The infrastructure of the institute is great and the students love in here being at this place here.

Om prakash meena Image
Om prakash meena

It has been a really normal coaching institute over at this place with a unique teaching methodology in the institute and its better.

Shiv Prasad gupta Image
Shiv Prasad gupta

The coaching has been a brilliant approach to the teaching purely for the sake of the performance in the entrance exams like these exams and its better over at this place.

abhyudya Image

Doubt clearing sessions are held for the coaching institutes are the best of the kind and its better over at this place.

Nivedita Image

It isn’t an easy exam or a cakewalk to crack because of its legacy and its better. The efforts put in by both of the students and the faculty counts over at this place.

Anita Sahu Image
Anita Sahu

All the staff of the coaching institution has had been has been really helping and co-operative, are well discipline and very well educated. The Academic program of the coaching institute is fabulous being at this place is great.

Sage chaudhary Image
Sage chaudhary

Fees of the coaching institution are not very of the high. The knowledge imparted by the coaching institute is beyond expectations being at this place is great. The teachers of the institute possess amazing skills.

Rakesh kumar Image
Rakesh kumar

The coaching institute has been really good for the students, who work hard and are passionate being at this place is great.

Saurabh Image

I found it really hard to solve the questions, the teachers never gave up on me, they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions being at this place is great which is being present around here.

Shivam Image

The staff of the coaching institute is highly experienced and have been making careers of the students for the last 20 years being at this place is great.

Kashinath giri Image
Kashinath giri

The staff of this coaching institution has been very helpful over at this place, experienced and is energetic towards the students and its better.

Mayank Kumar Image
Mayank Kumar

Talking about the administration of the in the coaching academy and the teaching stuff, they are the best ones, one can get being at this place here.

Pankaj Image

I have cleared the cutoffs being at this place here. But I did not make up to the final selection in the exam. So I have decided to take the coaching again. This is the best decision which I have taken in the coaching academy.

saurabh Image

The coaching institution has had been provided us with the brilliant study material which is helpful being at this place here.

Sonal Image

Best spot to take up preparing for readiness. The workforce is exceedingly qualified and keeps nature instigating in exams like those around.

Anuradha Image

They could just cover whole matter in class, in this academy students here keep learning in their subjects inside here Crossland Chandigarh around. Its really oriented and makes students to do hard work.

Sakshi pareek Image
Sakshi pareek

The standard of teaching and coaching varies across different branches and cities at Crossland Chandigarh located hereat. The best branches have the best facilities and the smaller branches have the sub-par facility.

Neha Image

The coaching institution has had been providing us with an online portal which is available online and we are register user here in this institute . The tests are really amazing.

Kunal Sutar Image
Kunal Sutar

Mental stage of the student always rules your preparation no matter for these exams in the coaching in it here in this institute . They pay emphasis on this.

Kiran patwal Image
Kiran patwal

I have experienced that even extra classes are given getting around in this institute, who all are weak at any subject. Rest i think one should visit and then you will come to know that i am right.

Shubh Image

I am really happy to tell you that it is the best path to clear out the civil services with guidance of our great mentors at this institution which has had been in there. They are the ones who guide you to clear out this level at Crossland Chandigarh around this city with full confidence in this coaching academy.

Shivam Sharma Image
Shivam Sharma

This is a standout amongst the best classes that I can allude students who are getting ready to endeavour these placement tests, however secure great imprints to fall in the legitimacy list for this exams in these coaching.

gurjeet singh Image
Gurjeet singh

It was my dream to be a teacher and this centre for these couple of exams ensures my success via their efficient coaching for these couple of exams.. Thanks a lot for this.

Himanshu Image

I have had a really good experiences in this place and its good of course . I have improved a lot. the facilities are very friendly. They explain in such a way we understand.

Dinesh tetarwal Image
Dinesh tetarwal

There are prepared notes which are so ultimately done and then the awesome lectures that I don’t get to gather the other sources for the information in this coaching institute around inside this institution. This coaching is far away better than the online lectures which you see coming around in this coaching institution.

Jhalak Image

They show us new traps and approaches to comprehend questions rapidly with the goal that our time could be spared in test exams you are looking for.

Vasu Choudhary Image
Vasu Choudhary

This is the best institute. I took coaching from here and found it very focused getting around in this institute and helpful.

Nishant Image

Very good guidance. I have just went for enquiry and i talked to the students getting around in this institute. Good response.

A. Bhasme Image
A. Bhasme

Personal attention has been to the given to each student during classes which adds a touch of the personal touch flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder here in this institute which is being present here.

Kapil Sharma Image
Kapil Sharma

The batch strength of the coaching is less and this helps in asking the doubts and getting the doubts cleared in the coaching itself in this here at this place at this institution.

Lalit Image

Apart from the sessions which are being taught in the coaching institutes, this coaching does it a way too differently in this here at this place at this institution. It helps the students by the private talking part which I love a lot.

Zaid khan Image
Zaid khan

The coaching institute is very good preparation with this place. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Suhel baksh Image
Suhel baksh

The faculty of the teaches are at a very high pace with this place. It is difficult to understand topics at times.

arshdeepyadav Image

This coaching institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completion. The concept of the coaching isntitute to deal the question is excellent and gives visual and audio connection both with this place.

Nishant  Kumar Image
Nishant Kumar

This experience has given me a great career in it. They taught me from basic to advanced level. They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing with this place.

pooja kapoor Image
Pooja kapoor

The staff of the coaching institute is highly qualified in there. They appoint experts who have been in the line since last 15-20 years in the past with this place. The tests conducted help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put.

Divya Image

The coaching institution is very brilliant for the beginners in here over at this place. Teachers are very helpful and supportive and its better.

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