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Chandigarh Career Group Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
NDA --- 1 Yr 25000/-
SSb --- 1 Yr 20000/-
NDA ONLINE --- 6 Mo 25000/-
NDA Crash Course --- 1 Mo 10000/-
SSB Crash Course --- 1 Mo 6000/-
CDS --- 1 Yr 30000/-
CDS ONLINE --- 6 Mo 15000/-
AFCAT --- 6 Mo 25000/-
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About Chandigarh Career Group

Chandigarh Career Group Chandigarh has the best and the most well-trained faculties and admins than any other institute in the city. The teachers pay attention to each individual that helps the student focus and concentrate well on their targets and successfully achieve them. We have a professional faculty and follow strict guidelines for the exams. We offer a variety of courses in various fields. We aim at making our students successful by putting in all our efforts and time. We are enriched with resources. 

Building understanding amongst the students and the faculty makes it easy for both to express and understand the subject matter. The experienced faculty provides proper guidance, directs the student to reduce the obstacles and also aim at attaining results by providing constructive guidelines. The faculty is easily approachable and open to any doubts. Determination and hard work are what makes a person successful. The faculty is determined and never steps back from their responsibility. Any individual that dreams of getting the best targeted must join Chandigarh Career Group Chandigarh today for a brighter better future tomorrow.

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Chandigarh Career Group Reviews

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Vansh Image
Vansh Verified

My overall experience was very good, I will surely suggest this institute for the student's who are seriously thinking of crack NDA.

Sonu Kadyan Image
Sonu Kadyan Verified

I've joined Chandigarh career group as I've heard a lot about their study material, and good teaching method's. My studies are going great test are taken on weekly basis. All of our doubts are cleared on time.

Sandesh Mewara Image
Sandesh Mewara

Do not miss that even ever has been a single lecture for the culture here. Missing even a single lecture can cost a lot in the coaching institution which is being present here.

Urmi M Image
Urmi M

I think the best part of the coaching is the leniency and the credibility of the teachers this coaching is good for this.

Muskan Sharma Image
Muskan Sharma

The month to month tests encourages you a great deal to dissect your planning pay attention to it; this is the thing that that makes distinctiongood environment hereat.

Aryan Image

Due to this coaching institute in Chandigarh Career Group which is a good academy, my interest in the studies have recovered back.

Parmila Image

Even the teachers of the coaching institute I like this study environment come on time and before the students, most of the lecture time in the coaching instate I like this study environmentis given on the doubt solving.


. Course Structure and then the Teaching Logic makes them differentaround this study culture. No one talks about their teaching logic in the way they do the same in here at the coaching.

Gippy Singh Image
Gippy Singh

Very satisfied institute has had been this one and for the ones who are happy with all my facultiesaround this study culture.

Willa Heller Image
Willa Heller

At the time of the exams, this coaching co-operatesaround this teaching environment with us and we can ask doubts anytime we want to take the coaching in here.

Rahul Verma Image
Rahul Verma

There have been experienced faculty members which help students to achieve their goals in here Chandigarh Career Group the best coaching indeed.

Prakash chand meena Image
Prakash chand meena

Here environment is so friendly for students which is great about the institute. I love their management system & motivation classes which help students to bound around their target.

Rohit yadav Image
Rohit yadav

They don’t provide any standard level study material, so that one could practice on particular topics this is extraordinary

Shiwangi shahi Image
Shiwangi shahi

There are times, when the things might turn out the wrong way, in that time, you may take the help of the teacher for everything this coaching is good for this.

Vipul khanna Image
Vipul khanna

Best spot to take up instructing for preparation for these exams here around. The personnel is exceedingly qualified and keeps nature persuading.

Mansi Image

You’ve had made a positive difference in my life skill which you have taught me in the coaching academy. You’re one of the best reasons I completed this entire course and got selected in this coaching academy at this town and that’s amazing here in this institution.

Deepanshu Image

I think that it’s one of a kind as it helps you to get your doubts assessed every day and it likewise gets a competitive environment in Chandigarh Career Group which provides great environment.

Nisha Punia Image
Nisha Punia

The coaching institute provides us with the daily cut out of the newspapers consisting of the important news for this examination purpose.

Dilshad Ali Image
Dilshad Ali

It normal training centre with a unique teaching methodology for these exams from the teachers to the students at Chandigarh Career Group great institute.

Mandeep kaur Image
Mandeep kaur

Relevant study material, hard working faculty Chandigarh Career Group is a great coaching for this exam , regular practice paper and test paper are conducted.

प्रेम प्रकाश गिरि Image
प्रेम प्रकाश गिरि

The teachers of the coaching institutions are always motivated us with lots and then have helped us tremendously to reach the high pedestal level being there which has been great here for this exam in this city.

Sunil meena Image
Sunil meena

They have an authentic empowering course of action masterminded so it’s amazing in Chandigarh Career Group which provides great environment. It creates a firm method of learning. They give propelled examination material.

Pooja Image

Fees of this institute may be more as compared to others but the quality of education is very very nice in Chandigarh Career Group always.

Insha nazir Image
Insha nazir

Always ready to help whenever required be it a matter with any question or any other problem for the environment in this institute.

Tayenjam Karuna Image
Tayenjam Karuna

They give you a way to think better, practice more and get acknowledgment by their medals for the environment in this institute.


The classrooms of the institute are astonishing in over this academic coaching. The institute has proven to be useful for the arrangement of the testshere in this study equipped great institute.

Rahul Kumar Image
Rahul Kumar

The examination material given by the foundation is troublesome and depleting, setting you up for the most dire outcome imaginable The institute has good environment.

Jaymangal kumar Image
Jaymangal kumar

I believe that these doubt counters present for this great exam coaching around here in this coaching act as the boon for the coaching students.

Neha Image

This coaching institute is being extremely a beneficial one around this education institution hereat. The foundation is undoubtedly magnificent.

Avanindra Image

No doubt is there for the coaching institute being the best they are extremely proficient and educational. You will get your each uncertainty cleared around this education institution hereat.

Anil Choudhary Image
Anil Choudhary

The foundation is great and framework is additionally pleasant in Chandigarh Career Group feels good to be here. The homerooms are very much outfitted. The staff in the establishment is very experienced. The students are additionally agreeable.

Gurjot Image

The study material is lucid. Various subjects like the Maths are worth joining for the great course for this.

Gourav Singh Image
Gourav Singh

They lead tests which improved my speed of request understanding. The tests join monstrously basic request and numerical capacities that are essential gadgets to clear the testand that’s extraordinary.

sanju Image

The quintessential teachers provide you with best knowledge and help you to become a person you could be proud here for the great teaching strategy in this institute.

Aditi Image

Overall nice institute to bring you studies upbeat for this education aura here. Nice faculty and good revision classes

Ayush kumar Image
Ayush kumar

Their tricks and tips have helped me improve my skills and speedfor this education aura here.

Sumedha jain Image
Sumedha jain

In this coaching, all you have to do is just listen to the teachers and rest everything would be done in no time here for this exam in the city.

Deepak kumar Image
Deepak kumar

This centre for the exams is a huge Value for money. It is useful for the individuals who buckle down and furthermore who confide in himself/herself. The institute is awesome for the readiness of competitive tests over this place around this educational institution hereat.

aarzoo Image

Many even hang tight for the affirmation in this foundation in these skill examinations. The standard over yonder is simply amazing.


Coaching institute designs their own study material in the academy to cater to their own teaching methodology they teach us brilliantly.

Adhyan kalal Image
Adhyan kalal

The workforce knows the execution of each student and energizesgood sessions here for study them as requirements are this is an marvellous coaching. This foundation holds tweaked checking based structure, which gives dumbfounding results.

Rajeev Sarpal Image
Rajeev Sarpal

There are no misdirections in the coaching institute like it has had been there given like the other coachingwith this coaching here around. The syllabus is just not covered, but covered with the efficieny at here.

Sahilpreet Image

There are very much of the multiple doubt counters present in this coaching institute at here whichwith this coaching here aroundhas had been here at this coaching.

Aryan soi Image
Aryan soi

Its really a Good coaching institute with experienced Faculties for this great institution culture. Very good Facilities like study materials, online tests etc.

Rajeev Ranjan Image
Rajeev Ranjan

The organization offers intuitive showing techniques for the time being in this institute, and urges students to as questions which has ended up being useful for me.

Moeed Image

This is the best institute and it has very much qualified staff at all the branches for exams preparation like them.

Anurag tiwari Image
Anurag tiwari

It is best institute in comparison of any other institute in Chandigarh Career Group a good institute. The fee charged at the institute is low .


I guess that you would admire this coachinghere inside this institute when you would see the previous years results which this coaching has given to this country.

Ishika Agarwal Image
Ishika Agarwal

The institution helps in improvingfor the centre of this coaching the identity of the student. They focus on every single student.

Anamika kiran Image
Anamika kiran

With the change in the pattern of the examsfor the centre of this coaching a few years ago which moved away from knowledge-based evaluation to analytical skills assessment, the institute became a big beneficiary as its study model is based upon inculcating a deep sense in solving ability.

Ashu Rani Image
Ashu Rani

Best of the coaching in town with experienced teachers and prepared notes in this town which you have been looking being at this place here.


I was listening about this for many days but finally I decided and joined besides this institution. A lot of study material is also available on the internet and mass media about the institute.

Abhishek singh Image
Abhishek singh

The faculty and staff of the coaching centre are extremely intelligent and diligent who can explain concepts better than anyone else besides this institution.

Hiral Patel Image
Hiral Patel

It has all the environment of studies and sincereness besides this institution and mentally prepares you to face the exams at the best.

Abhay kumar Image
Abhay kumar

. The charges structure of the coaching institute is moderate into here in this institution. It is totally worth investing your time and money in this institution.

dhruv Kumawat Image
Dhruv Kumawat

Very strong staff of the coaching institute into here in this institution. All of the focuses are taught inside and out. The institute is overflowing with backers who help you through every thick and dainty.

charu mahajan Image
Charu mahajan

Choosing this institute to prepare for these exams. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fears over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Siddhi Shimpi Image
Siddhi Shimpi

This was the best choice, invest money and time in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Harman Kaur Image
Harman Kaur

The staff in the coaching institution is highly experienced in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing and have been in the business for last 20 years.

Niketa Image

The tests in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing conduct help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put.

Saroj Grover Image
Saroj Grover

The concepts in this coaching institution here over in for those exams which you are preparing are taught with tricks helping us to solve them quickly.

Anmol Image

The DPPs, and the tests helps us to cover all the topics very clearly so that the students being at this place here get good marks in the coaching academy which has had always been there.

Simran Image

The study environment is really very brilliant in here in this coaching academy all around being at this place here.

shrikant swami Image
Shrikant swami

The syllabus is completed in time to give all its perspective guidance to the aspirant besides this institution who joined in the institution

Manoj Image

Administrations of all branches are good and the teachers are the best according to that at Chandigarh Career Group and its brilliant.

Neelam Image

Faculty In the coaching institute in here is great and give support to students. The study material is perfect for preparation at Chandigarh Career Group around this city.

Anisha Image

Mental stage of the student always rules your preparation no matter for these exams in the coaching in it here in . They pay emphasis on this.

Annanya thakur Image
Annanya thakur

The teachers of the coaching institute carefully assess your strength and weakness and then the help you work on it here in which is being present here.

Abhijay Awasthi Image
Abhijay Awasthi

Their online preparation of the courses of the coaching institute are very convenient and great here in around this area.

vikash singh Image
Vikash singh

The faculty members of this coaching institute are of the top class in exams like these. The management of this coaching institute is very best. The coaching institute clears all of your doubts.

Neha Saini Image
Neha Saini

Teachers will remind you and encourage you by telling the glorious success of the notable alumni’s in exams like these. This is a very good method for taking out the best from a student.

Arsalan Image

Doubt counters are always available to clear all your doubts in exams like thesethat are not clear in the class.

Praveen kumar yogi Image
Praveen kumar yogi

The sheets and the races provided are more than sufficient in exams like theseto achieve your goal. There are a lot of things to describe but in short this is best in my opinion and experience and the time that I spent in exams like these.

gursharan singh Image
Gursharan singh

Excellent coaching in all fields , teaching staff study material test series and environment

gursharan singh Image
Gursharan singh

Best experience , Chandigarh career group is the best NDA coaching institute of India, they provide excellent coaching and study material regular test series, best for all defense exams in Chandigarh

Sandeep Brar , Mohit Sharma , Narender sharma , all other staff is also good in their field , so all are good and helpful

Study Material
Study material is best according to exam easy to high level questions in correct sequence without any error in material

Test series
Excellent test series according to questions , regular and weekly test series , test series is very beneficial for exams and up to date

Faculties: 5/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 5/5

B.Yogesh Image

Even though the teachers were good, personal attention was not given as batch size was big brilliant study environment here.

Sangeeta Jangir Image
Sangeeta Jangir

In a nutshell, high class education at a moderate fee structure in the coaching academy for these coaching exams.

Md Rizwan Image
Md Rizwan

This gate coaching is one of the best gate coaching in this area since this has had been such a great gate coaching in this academy. A great coaching academy is this one to go for these things in this great institute.

Krrish sharma Image
Krrish sharma

The institute helps around this coaching place in improving the personality of the student.

Mansi Mishra Image
Mansi Mishra

The coursework is totally discussed with the students which make the study strategy clear and that’s extraordinarily great .

saksham Image

The best thing about the institute is the batches are assigned according to students performing in the test and the students are shuffled 2 or 3 times in a year at Chandigarh Career Group and its brilliantly fine.

Sanjam Image

Apart from the fact that it has been general preparing, I was given special attention once my waitlists began pouring in great things around being here. I had 1-2 rounds of meeting for every one of my waitlist. Furthermore, the general population of the coaching institutes is being taken by the meeting were graduated class of the institute and know a little about the board or individuals with a gigantic involvement in taking meetings.

Sakshi Image

This is not just an exam, isn’t an easy exam to crack which is brilliant and great. The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty counts for Chandigarh Career Group which is a great coaching .

Manish Image

The coaching features wonderful tests inside this great study culture practices followed here to make clear exam.


All of the lectures start from basics and quality is ensured in the class. Also brainstorming doubt sessions are very very arranged with faculties whenever students require at Chandigarh Career Group and its brilliantly fine.

Sakshi Image

Every team member of the coaching institute strives to achieve the pinnacle of excellence in his/her sphere of work and pass on their expertise across the organisation at Chandigarh Career Group and its brilliantly fine.

Preksha Image

This was the best choice in this great institute , invest money and time in this institute.

Ayushi Image

They provide a lot of test series which help to understand this examination pattern in this great institute.

clash with Titan Image
Clash with Titan

My overall experience is very good and I love this institution good teachers good materials good students good quality of study it deserves 4 star ratings overall it's very good institute

My experience is very good and excellent, teacher - Sapna mam, jasvir sir, surjit mam is very good teachers good teaching

Study Material
Yes study material is good and enough for the previous year question papers and material is very good and enjoyable.

Test series
Yes test series qualified for the annual exam questions of subjects like mathematics, sciences It depends on teachers but its good.

Faculties: 4/5
Study Material: 3/5
Test series: 4/5

Gurpreet Sra Image
Gurpreet Sra

To help the students to get an understanding inside this amazingly great institute of what is the right way of preparingis, the coaching institute has an active role.

Nikita Image

The course fee is high as compared to other Institutes at this institute which is great. It cannot be affordable by all. It might be a hindrance.

sanjay sahu Image
Sanjay sahu

Fees are not high. The knowledge imparted is beyond expectations and that’s extraordinarily great . They possess amazing skills.

Harshit Choudhary Image
Harshit Choudhary

Regular tests are being held in the coaching institution which boost up the ranks of the students in a single shot which is a really important factor for exams preparations.

Kanishka Gupta Image
Kanishka Gupta

The study material of the coaching is really very brilliant and when we talk about the all the tests which are being planned and in a systematic manner out of the brilliant work for exams preparations. The ventilation system in the coaching institute is really very brilliant.

Sumreet kaur Image
Sumreet kaur

The coaching institution which is a great thing in hiring the most caring teachers for exams preparations.


The teaching pattern of teachers of the coaching institutions have had been quite great in here at the coaching academy which is a great part of the same for exams preparations. The communication between the coaching and then each of their students are really very brilliant.

Simranpreet kaur Image
Simranpreet kaur

I was listening about this for many days but finally I decided and joined for this kind of exams hereat. A lot of study material is also available on the internet and mass media about the institute.

mandeep kaur Image
Mandeep kaur

Always ready to help whenever required be it a matter with any question or any other problem for this kind of exams hereat.

Sahil Kumar Image
Sahil Kumar

Their online prep courses are being very very convenient which is brilliant and great and good over this Chandigarh Career Group for this course herein. which is brilliant and great

Kunal Sharma Image
Kunal Sharma

Doubt clearing sessions was amazing as teachers are very experienced and handled doubts of all students besides this institution.

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