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About Career Launcher

 Career Launcher is set up at Connaught Place, New Delhi. Career Launcher tries to develop as the single greatest player in the field of focused exams. It tries to satisfy the fantasies of thousands of students who are here to accomplish their objectives. The institute has dependably been driven by morals and standards. The establishment means to give the best and additionally the most astounding quality instruction to all students selected. In addition, the institute provides points to enable students to understand their actual and idle potential at the ideal time and utilizing the correct strategies. This would just enable applicants to convey more than they could even anticipate. The nature of instructing here is much institutionalized and the experts here are resolved to act to the greatest advantage of the students and in a socially suitable way. The establishment is known for offering every day current issues freebees to its students so they remain side by side with the ongoing happenings in and around the globe. Actually, most astounding, the middle additionally offers extraordinary classes on the most proficient method to approach perusing the daily paper. This is something that maybe no other focus does in the Trinity. The accomplished workforce alongside world-class foundation is again something common administrations competitors can't bear to miss. One can get aided their prep all round the clock.

Courses offered:

  • CAT
  • SSC
  • CLAT
  • Banking
  • GRE
  • GMAT
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Career Launcher Reviews

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Ragini rani
Ragini rani Image

The concepts are taught with tricks helping us in here to solve them quickly.

Manish Image

Faculties are well experienced & supportive in every aspects. I got selected in the last year due to my hard work in which this institute is an integral part.

nitika Image

Besides these tests, special mock tests such as CAT Replica Tests and All India Mock CAT Test Series are also held to bring students up to the level required to ace entrance exams and this is a great coaching.

Kshitij Bhure
Kshitij Bhure Image

The institute has helped several students reach their dreams. Right from the modular approach to the small batch size, this Ins is the place you should go to and this is a great coaching.

kamal Image

They organise various events to interact with the toppers of previous years so that you can understand how to prepare for these exams and this is a great coaching.

bcuz gjo
bcuz gjo Image

they provide assignments and books which helps in cracking the competitive exams and this is a great coaching.

ashish Image

.If you are searching for CAT preparation then you should go for this institute, the way of teaching of their faculties are enough for CAT preparation and this is a great coaching.

Sumandeep Image

I have been to this coaching centre so the learning experience was great and this is a great coaching also they help the students in career guidance as well.

Rajeev Image

The institution helps in improving the character of the student so it’s amazing. They center towards each and every student.

Shrikant Image

Their bogus tests would help you a lot so it’s amazing. They outfitted us with getting ready workshops which awakened us a ton.


The Institute grooms and sets you up for the trickiest request and gatherings moreover so it’s amazing.

Balkaran Singh
Balkaran Singh Image

The instructors here have been a predictable supporter so it’s amazing. They direct moving sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

mahaveer Image

It has provided us enough study material so that we can independently prepare from our own for various banking and this is a great thing.

DK Sahoo
DK Sahoo Image

The institute is very good preparation for competitive exam and this is a great thing.

Tanya Image

The institute is very good preparation for competitive exam which is some brilliant stuff. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Prakhar Image

I chose this institute because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful which is some brilliant stuff.

surbhi Image

in my opinion they are the best in town. And are sincere towards students .

Manish arora
Manish arora Image

They have best infrastructure with world class rooms. Which makes it even better to concentrate and study hard.

kapil Image

They have had an administrate very well Its convenient in here. All are being well discipline and well educated. All staff are very cooperate which has been great.


They have had been provided us Its convenient in here with an online portal which is available online and we are register user in it which has been great.

Roma sharma
Roma sharma Image

The coaching institute has had always being good, Its convenient in here and infrastructure is also nice which has been great.

Rahul Arora
Rahul Arora Image

If you have had studied harder enough to get in touch with the teacher and is a great coaching, then you may ask the doubts of the coaching on the very personal number

Ashish kumar
Ashish kumar Image

Doubt clearing sessions are there which has had been conducted in the coaching and short-cuts are awesome here and is a great coaching and is a great coaching.

GHBJ Image

Over all of the classes which have been good, we have had to do more things about it and is a great coaching.

avantika Image

The well would been qualified teachers over there made me to learn very interesting short cut tricks which turned out to be very helpful for the solving of the tricky and lengthy questions in here, this is a great academy.

amarjit singh
amarjit singh Image

They have had highly been experienced faculties who trained their students with quality education. I highly recommend all the aspiring candidates to join here at the coaching, this is a great academy.

Tanvi Image

They would have provided you perfect guidance to enhance your skills and to effectively clear your exams in here, this is a great academy.

Saurav Katoch
Saurav Katoch Image

The coaching institute has always been a decent one as their resources for the passageway preparation is one among the best in India they have done an amazing job.

Reena Image

The workforce of the coaching institute puts in their souls and soul in being the expounding different subjects they have done an amazing job.

kavita Image

Thanks for great personal attention and doubt clearing classes. excellent individual monitoring and analysis on learning which is a great thing.

manpreet kaur
manpreet kaur Image

Personal attention classes with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great practice here which is a great thing.

manuj sharma
manuj sharma Image

They adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparation. They provided healthy work environment which is a great thing.

Sejal Garg
Sejal Garg Image

It has provided us enough study material so that we can independently prepare from our own for various banking which is a great thing.

Ruchika thakur
Ruchika thakur Image

The institute is very good preparation for competitive exam which is a great thing. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Megha Image

Every class at the coaching institute started on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one start also at time which has been great.

Gurvinder Image

It has had been provided us to the enough study material so that we can independently prepare from our own for various banking which has been great.

Piyush Bansal
Piyush Bansal Image

The coaching institute is being very good preparation for competitive exam which has been great.

Megha Agarwal
Megha Agarwal Image

The study hall in the coaching institute is generally amazing which is a great thing. In the event that you need to make your profession in the Civil Services and the equipment equipped for managing the Coaching

akash Image

The institute has providing the great learning experience which is a great thing. It appropriately proves its name in the leader to the Adaptive Preparation for such an exam.

angadh Image

Focus on the rough and touch training which is a great thing. Taking the Evaluation of the course, the Institute focuses on all the parts of student to bring the best in the student.

Ravi Dalal
Ravi Dalal Image

Non teaching Staff are very cooperative, they allow us to study rooms and library even on holidays which is a great thing.

Neha thakur
Neha thakur Image

I like their test series and coaching it help me to cover up all syllabus in time along with depth which is a great thing dedicated teachers who believe in strengthening students fundamentals.

neha Image

The way faculties teach here will give light on how the subjects are to be dealt with which is a great thing.

vishesh bajaj
vishesh bajaj Image

Very experienced and knowledgeable faculties which is a great thing who clear doubts whenever asked and more importantly motivate.

GURPREET singh Image

I have learnt the techniques of facing interviews which is a great thing. How to express myself in group discussions is one the best thing.

vipul singh
vipul singh Image

It is the best coaching rather than any other coaching which is a great thing. They have very high skilled teachers .

niket kansal
niket kansal Image

One time fees and life time study is unique feature of this institute.Time bound test and capable faculty for NDA leads to sure result which is a great thing.

harjinder singh
harjinder singh Image

Teaches very effective which is a great thing which is a great thing. Tries to bring the student's understanding from very basic level.

ritik singh chauhan
ritik singh chauhan Image

As there are small batches, personal attention is provided to every student which is a great stuff.

vikram singh
vikram singh Image

Several programs are organized for the students and then they also get too much encouraged to study in the coaching institution and also to release all your stress which is a great thing..

Param maan
Param maan Image

Whatever doubts you are facing in the class, make sure that the coaching provides you out of the brilliant work the best of it.

Sikander Bhardwaj
Sikander Bhardwaj Image

A very great coaching academy is this one which is present at the prominent locality with excellent faculty and the staff in there presently which has had been amazing thing on this part of the institute.

Sudesh Image

You’ve had made a positive difference in my life skill which you have taught me in the coaching academy. You’re one of the best reasons I completed this entire course and got selected in this coaching academy at this town.

ojas sharma
ojas sharma Image

The in-depth analysis of each Mock paper gave me an insight into my strengths and weaknesses, along with a topic-wise breakdown of the areas that I had to devote more time to get all the way there in it in this town.

Karamvir Image

over all classes are good we have to do more things about it.The faculty is very helpful. They put in maximum efforts to achieve good results in the coaching institution .

neha Image

Every class in the coaching institution didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one doesn’t start also.

Sahil Image

The coaching institution has been very good preparation for competitive exam. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience

Sahil Image

It has provided us enough study material so that we can independently prepare from our own for various banking in the coaching institution.

Rishav Image

The infrastructure of the institute is great and the students love in here.

Mahender Image

I have cleared the cutoffs of the IBPS and, BANK PO aaram se. But I did not make up to the final selection in the exam.So I have decided to take the coaching again. This is the best decision which I have taken in the coaching academy.

Gurdev singh
Gurdev singh Image

The coaching institute here at the academy has facilities like the speed tests, online classes and much more.

Mahtab Kalim
Mahtab Kalim Image

It is a really brilliant coaching for the beginners. Teachers are really very helpful.

pooja Image

Focusing on the rigorous training and evaluation in the academy throughout the course, the Institute focuses on all aspects of student life to bring the best out of a student.


They have had provided the proper guidance, then the relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessions in here.

Priya Image

I chose this coaching academy because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful of the coaching institution.

Usha sehgal
Usha sehgal Image

The coaching institute is being very good preparation for competitive exam.

Manpreet Kaur
Manpreet Kaur Image

Personal doubts clearing sessions are there for the subjects like the Maths and reasoning. Management is very very strong.

Rajvir Kaur
Rajvir Kaur Image

All of the staff members of the coaching institute are very polite and supportive. I have attend all the test and doubts solution lectures here which is the best part for me.

ajay kumar
ajay kumar Image

Even the teachers of the coaching istitute did not come on time, most of the lecture time used to go waste.

shubham Image

The coaching institute is being very great preparation for competitive exam. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Murli dhar nagar
Murli dhar nagar Image

It has had been provided us enough study material so that we can independently prepare from our own for various banking. They have had provided us an online portal which is available online and we are register user in it.

Mohd Ali
Mohd Ali Image

The coaching Institute grooms and then prepares you for the trickiest questions around and interviews as well.

abhi Image

This coaching institute was the first of my preference when I decided to appear for SSC exams. They have dedicated experienced and highly qualified staff in there.

Nitesh Image

I have had definitely recommend this coaching institute my experience with the institute has been pretty good. Their tricks and tips have helped me improve my skills and speed.

Loveleen kaur
Loveleen kaur Image

The staff and the management at the coaching institute is being very very determined. The study material of the coaching is so intelligently designed.

Deya Image

The coursework of the coaching institute is altogether talked about with the students which make the study procedure clear and all.

lucky Image

The staff and the board at the institution are exceptionally decided. The study material is so wisely structured.

Asif Bashir Lone
Asif Bashir Lone Image

Helpful staff is there in this coaching. Every one of the themes are instructed altogether. The institute is loaded with the instructors who have had helped you through each thick and then slightly turn in.

Pooja Chib
Pooja Chib Image

Regular topic tests, paper discussion and the online exams of the coaching institution keep me motivated and their app is excellent too.

deepika Image

The coaching academy has the best of everything, be it teachers or study material or even the learning atmosphere in the coaching institute.

ashish sharda
ashish sharda Image

There are regular seminars as well as revision module which has had helped a lot in preparation of the exams. The SSC practice papers help in getting a competitive analysis which guides in improving performance.

Siddharth Image

Regular topic tests, paper exchange and online tests keep me roused and their application is incredible as well.

Priya Image

The Way of teaching at the coaching institute is very good by all teachers..Classes are being regularly held in Academy.

loveleet kumari
loveleet kumari Image

Strongly recommended coaching institute. Very good staff and teaching methodology. BEST INSTITUTE IN CITY.

dheeraj marwaha
dheeraj marwaha Image

They provide the best study materials level wise, work sheets & assignments time to time and many more things. I am very happy about my decision to enrol here in the coaching institute.

rekha buandari
rekha buandari Image

Teaching style is equipped with modern techniques which is a breathe of fresh air of the coaching institute

pallavi bisi
pallavi bisi Image

You get to learn a lot and experience a lot of new things which helps you excel in the coaching institute.

Manisha Image

The best results are come when they have been tracked. This coaching centre continuously push its students to reach new heights and developing them to be a thinking personality.

naveeta sharma
naveeta sharma Image

Their mock tests would help you a ton. They furnished us with preparing workshops which inspired us a ton.


They direct normal tests and assess understudy's exhibitions. Individual consideration is given to students.

Parneet Image

The notes and aggregates given by the institute are adequate to get idea and practice altogether.

shweta Image

Classrooms have an excellent student to teacher ratio. It has been a great learning experience so far. Faculties always motivate you to give your best.

sunny Image

This place is all about the preparation classes for those students who prepare for competition or any other job's & basically this is one of most famous coaching centre.

Lakhvinder singh
Lakhvinder singh Image

Marvellous institute and management not only encourages ongoing procedure, it provides the opportunity to set and achieve both professional and personal goals .

Ravish Image

Nice faculty is there at the coaching and great environment to study. A Lot of tricks guided by the faculty to save time and solve the question efficiently.


Great learning atmosphere is there for children. Regular mocks are there which tell your performance all over India as compared to other students. Excellent staff

ramanpreet Image

I highly recommend this institute for the preparation of competitive exams! The faculty is well experienced.

Shalini Image

The faculty is incredible with part of experience. Gained such a great amount from all the faculty.

rajat Image

It is a generally excellent decision for who are getting ready for SSC and Banking. I considered in this training place for 8 months and I felt extremely glad to think about.

Urvazhi Image

The faculty and staff are very benevolent and they provide help outside classroom training as well.

Simran Image

The teachers of this coaching centre are amazing with good experience.

Anjali Image

The teachers of the coaching centre. are great and very knowledgeable. The test series of the institute was also very close to CAT.

poonam Image

The coaching institutes have provided the best guidance of the course from scratch . All points were explained related to fees ,online tests etc.

Sajan Trehan
Sajan Trehan Image

I strongly recommend this institute for the aspirants of banking and ssc. They provide updated quality study material which helps you to clear your exams.

shubham Image

Exceptional learning experience. Once you join its your knowledge that will make you realise that you have joined the right place.

Gagandeep kaur
Gagandeep kaur Image

It's been a really great experience so far and the content taught in classes is really satisfactory and the classes are fun too.

somu Image

Great coaching centre! Very glad that I chose this institute for my cat coaching. The faculty is beyond amazing, no doubt in that.

gajendra singh
gajendra singh Image

The study material of the coaching institutes is very relevant. Glad I made a decision to join this academy.

Gargi Image

Best place to prepare for govt exams. Highly qualified and cooperative staff.

gursirat Image

The learnings from this institution will be with me throughout my rest of life.

Mani Image

Extraordinary institute never thought to look coming near to mains exam but I already have cracked Bank Po mains exam twice just a required last bit effort for interview round

deepak nautiyal
deepak nautiyal Image

Combination of right edu tools and awesome lectureship is you are going to find here and that’s all you need for your CAT coaching

Sarita Singh
Sarita Singh Image

Daily home work and regular copy checking improves a student and take out the best in them. Very good institute.

Pooja Image

Adaptive learning is the technology which is a way too different and very helpful to the preparation of the CAT exam.

tushar Image

It is the best institute for the preparation of CAT with exceptionally good teachers, who give personal attention to each student.

Ritesh Image

Coaching trainers here, give their heart and soul into helping students and making them achieve their goals. I would recommend, Go for this institution , any day!

Nilesh garg
Nilesh garg Image

The batch size is small and there’s a personal rapport with every student. This is the most attractive feature of the institute.

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma Image

It was a great learning and experience for me, especially the faculty is very excellent.

vikas Image

For some students with great intelligence level can grow more at here as the faculty focuses on them more but I have seen many with low intelligence level but doing great .

sahil Image

One to one interaction is a huge booster, it keeps you alert and motivates you to do perform better.

ajay Image

They provide the students with study books which are strictly based on the examination pattern.

Jagdeep Singh
Jagdeep Singh Image

A great institute that helps covers all the aspects that improve your possibility to clear the examinations.

Abhi Image

The faculty get along with the students with their problems and help them whenever they go to them with a problem.

Ch jayant
Ch jayant Image

According to my experience this is the best institute. The staff members are very cooperative.

Kuldeep Image

They got inside and out various and incredible course for at the period of arranging. They gave a strong working environment.

Anoop Patel
Anoop Patel Image

Inspirational sessions are directed to improve student’s displays. They give suitable principles to the students as for the test configuration, traps to clarify questions.

Ayush Image

The resources have an incredible method for educating and dependably guarantee that the idea is comprehended, my students.

Anish Rana
Anish Rana Image

To achieve a tremendous dream like this it is fundamental to pick the best bearing also. The arrangement of this foundation is extraordinary and modified in nature.

Kajal Image

The instructors here have been a predictable supporter. They direct moving sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Manali kumari
Manali kumari Image

The association has very experienced staff. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve.

Kuljit Image

They direct conventional tests and survey student's presentations. Singular thought is given to students.

Anjali Image

The workforce is influencing. Diverse powerful sessions are in the like manner held to help resolve. The establishment gives library access to us, and we can in like manner issue books.

sandeep kumar
sandeep kumar Image

The institute is very well established and has a highly qualified workforce with a dedicated work environment.

Bhupinder Image

The association holds a forceful circumstance which goads the students to accomplish their potential.

Rashi Image

The other facilities, that they are offering like study materials are up to date, Online ID for objective type test helped me a lot( since I am a working professional it saved my lot of time

Rajendra chawra
Rajendra chawra Image

The classes are sorted out and they deal with the students great while serving them at the cost they charge.

Nikita Image

in this institute, all the teacher gives daily homework and daily problem practice ( DPP) for practice.

Gaurav Image

It really is the best one amongst all because of its faculty, methodology, flexibility, results, and personal attention. Though the fee is a bit high it’s all worth.

Mamta Image

the students attending coaching classes, many are sometimes already working with a company or completing their education. Such students require institutes with flexible class schedules. The institute cooperates with such students and helps them out.

Anish Image

They organize various events to interact with the toppers of previous years so that you can understand how to prepare for these exams.

jai ram
jai ram Image

they provide an online mock test which also helps students to crack the exam they are preparing for.

Sweta Image

The faculty is very good. They help all students all the time. From time to time they conduct motivational sessions for all students to persuade them to achieve their life goals.

kajol Image

They offered a book to attain better results. Each booklet is stacked with substance in the course of action like the request papers. This plans students for the test

Garima Image

Their branches are organized in genuine urban territories in India. It is the best way of getting prepared for the entrance test. They give the best staff to troublesome test and gives motivation.

sonam Image

The instructors here have been a predictable supporter. They direct moving sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Juhi Image

Excellent learning condition. The faculty coordination is considerable and the administrators support in every one of the ways to deal with surpass desires the students.

preet Image

This establishment is incredibly extraordinary in giving preparing in the field of satisfaction. The plan to deal with the request is stunning and gives visual and sound affiliation both.

onkar singh
onkar singh Image

The tests conducted are based on exam oriented pattern which is very useful in our exams.

jaskiran Image

Missing even a single lecture can cost a lot.

sushil Image

The study material given by the organization is extremely troublesome and depleting, setting you up for the direct outcome imaginable.

Shiraj Image

I will offer to encourage to those individuals who need best materials and powerful classes can join this training yet one thing isn't great of this instructing is high expenses and the individuals who are searching for low charges instructing ought not to join this training.

Akanksha sharma
Akanksha  sharma Image

CAT test isn't anything but difficult to break. Such institutions help you to satisfy your fantasies.

shavri Image

Simply sitting inside the organization will make you feel like a spot just to get a handle on knowledge. All the instructing staff are so accomplished and restrained that basically seeing them make u regard those amazing individuals.

onkar singh
onkar singh Image

All the current affairs materials are up to date and the relevant information with respect to the examination are all given meticulously and precise.

vikas bharti
vikas bharti Image

Even though the teachers were good, personal attention was not given as batch size was big.

Karishma Image

The coaching is really too good and I recommend that if you wish success and results, then you must try to get admitted in to make a bright future

Rajesh Image

Many even wait for the admission in this institute. The standard over there is just awesome.

Mohit Image

Career Launcher is the leader in competitive exams coaching. I took cat coaching from them and i am satisfied with the services.

surajdeep Image

Much to my satisfaction, the faculty that I got at my Centre is highly experienced. They provide you a library full of competitive books which you can also get issued.

Amritpal Kaur
Amritpal Kaur Image

It has given me a great career. They taught me from a basic to advanced level. They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing.

ranjan Image

Highly qualified management and teaching staff, they are so supportive and motivators. Such a good place to pursue your dreams.

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