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Career Academy Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
UGC-NET --- - 30000/-
PO --- - 13000/-
GATE --- - 35000/-

About Career Academy

Career Academy is set up in  Sector 19, Chandigarh. The foundation has been rendering phenomenal instructing and stunning outcomes. The level of students getting chose to different roads is very high, which means in this way that there is most likely something unique about the instructing here at Career Academy, Chandigarh. 

Career Academy, Chandigarh has dependably trusted that one can simply accomplish in light of a methodology nearby arranging diligent work and core interest. The promoters of the training focus feel that achieving the best spot among all Entryway instructing focus has never been simple however it is the sheer duty of the group here that has prompted its prosperity. Ideal from live addresses to composed books that are wonderfully clarified, Career Academy, Chandigarh is certain to remain ahead in the race for quite a while.

Courses offered:


2. PO (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))

3. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE))

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Career Academy Reviews

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Sunil kumar Image
Sunil kumar

They have had been embracing altogether which has had been different and then greatly path for at the season of the planning here. They have had been giving the solid workplace has been there in it.


The tests of the coaching institution which has had been directed here depend on test situated example which is valuable in our tests. Every one of the resources here are experienced in here in between.

Lovi saroye Image
Lovi saroye

I discovered it extremely difficult to unravel the inquiries here, the educators never abandoned me, they caused me to comprehend the recipes and tricks to tackle the inquiries in the coaching in here at present.

Vicky kumar Image
Vicky kumar

The course material of the coaching institution has had provided is very great, with point by point notes , question banks and activities here. The establishment of the coaching which has had been given us competitive condition thus we can assess ourselves.

Sajan Image

This coaching institution was my first inclination when I had chosen up to show up for the exams tests in there. They have had committed with the experienced and the exceptionally qualified staff in here at the time of it.

Rajan monga Image
Rajan monga

This is the best institute. They give character improvement classes when the tests of these exams here.

Mamta Image

It is the best institute to get ready for the test with moderate expense structure here. This institute has the most astonishing staff which has been present in there at the coaching institution in there.

Harleen Image

Choosing this coaching institute has been to prepare for these exams in which it has been so. This coaching institute is one of the most difficult exams and the coaching institute has helped me overcome my fear.

Divyansh malhotra Image
Divyansh malhotra

All of the staff here, which has been present in the coaching institute are very very well disciplined and are very well-educated. Academic programs of the coaching is fabulous.

Sutanu Ray Image
Sutanu Ray

The teachers of the coaching institute has been clearing all of the doubts of the students here. Even they are updated with the new syllabus, the coaching updates us all.

deepankar Image

I really have had no words for the wonderful here teachings and the support of the coaching institution. Thanks once again and kudos to the coaching institution.

Annu Image

The coaching institution has consistently helped me to accomplish my ideal outcomes or far better. I am certain it will be useful for different students similarly here.

Amarjeet kaur Image
Amarjeet kaur

At this coaching Academy, the referenced idea is comprehended here and dealt with well.

abhilaksh loomba Image
Abhilaksh loomba

The coaching institution consistently endeavour here towards accomplishing scholastic brilliance and self-awareness.


They direct conventional tests and survey student's presentations here. Singular thought is given to students.

nisu Image

The association has very experienced staff here. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve.

suresh Image

The instructors here have been a predictable supporter here. They direct moving sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Ranjit singh Image
Ranjit singh

They have had provideed a best teaching compare to the other institutions here. I recommend it.

Arihant Image

This coaching academy is very great and better than other institute it also having these classes here and it has 100%result.

pratibha Image

Don’t miss to know short tips and tricks to clear the entrance exams here. They provide plenty of them in the coaching institute.


The educators cautiously survey your quality and shortcoming and help you take a shot at it for those exams which you are preparing. Additional time is put resources into themes of high weightage and it is a positive methodology.

Vikrant Saini Image
Vikrant Saini

Best coaching in town with experienced teachers and prepared notes in this town which you have been looking for in those exams here at this academic centre.

Riya Image

I think that the best part of the coaching is the doubt sessions and the test series which this coaching providing in the coaching academy as part of now for these exams here at this academic centre.

Hanuman Choudhary Image
Hanuman Choudhary

The teachers of this coaching are very humble and help the students to cover the doubts and everything else in a single shot which for these exams here at this academic centre.

pankaj tewatiya Image
Pankaj tewatiya

I believe that this coaching is one of the best coaching institutes in this town for many many reasons like the test series and the doubt counters in this coaching institute here at this academic centre which you may see for these exams

Anamika Image

The teaching faculty in here has been doing a lots of efforts for the students so that they may get the best of the results out of the students which you may see anytime of it for these exams here at this academic centre.

Rohit Image

Teacher are very helpful and dedicated for their student's progress. And give their students a positive attitude towards studies and also give them the spirit of hard work in the coaching institute. .

Arushi  Dixit Image
Arushi Dixit

It's really good for then that those who prefer these exams instead it's great platform for hard work.More over it has a friendly atmosp, with outstanding faculty.

Amit Image

The most satisfying factor about this then the coaching is the small class size which leads to highly interactive class sessions.

Jovil Image

Management is too good in the coaching institute. One can get every material ,needed for the preparation

faizan meher Image
Faizan meher

It has been a really small batch size &personal attention. Regular test series ,individual focus are main features of this coaching institute

Rohit Image

All the teachers and other staff are supporting at this academic centre. They are always ready to help every individual to improve on his/her weakness.

Karmjeet Image

Dedicated faculty, committed intent and genuine concern for prospective candidates at this academic centre. Sincere and conscientious efforts to prepare candidates.

Shubham Raut Image
Shubham Raut

I will always cherish the fabulous time spent at the institute , especially the experiences faculty and friendly environment with regular MOCKT TEST & Online Material at this academic centre.

Sandeep sharma Image
Sandeep sharma

This course helped me a lot at this academic centre, it changed a lot of things in my life. Now, I can teach in a good way because I finally know the good procedures that must be taken and the good techniques.

Anu Image

Best platform for those students who is eager for government job preparation.Here atmosphere for preparation is excellence at this academic centre.

Dhanraj rao Image
Dhanraj rao

One of handpicked institute I have already changed 3 institutes and this centre was my last stop as I cracked the exam. Proud of it and thanks a ton here in this examination

Commando Gurjar Image
Commando Gurjar

Definitely go to institute for government exams I have taken dual coaching programme for the exams. Worthy of every respect they have in the marketin this examination.

Parneet Image

The standard is essentiallyfor this exam over this centre is radiant. The assets basically give their most perfect in all ways to deal with spread all of the focuses and moreover give tips and traps to memories certain thoughts.

Harsimran singh Image
Harsimran singh

They have a better than average modulefor this exam over this centre yet I will say staff itself was adequate.

Karan Image

Over my first class of the coaching institute, I felt goodat this centre. For the next day every class on the time was not good here at this academic centre.It was boring because of their behaviour of teaching.

MANJEET Yadav Image

The coaching institute has had a very special point which is speed test for ushere at this academic centre.I think this is very good point of this instituteat this centre.

Sapna Sharma Image
Sapna Sharma

Fees of the coaching centrewere not very highhere at this academic institutionIts convenient in here at this coaching centre.

Bhavesh charan Image
Bhavesh charan

All staff of the coaching centreare very well discipline and very well educatedIts convenient in here at this coaching centre. Academic program is fabuloushere at this academic institution.

Taran Image

This institute is the best place to take up coaching for preparation at at Career Academy located around here.The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the students motivated.

pooja Image

The study material is completely original and brilliant in Career Academy located around here.

Ramdhan Yadav Image
Ramdhan Yadav

They provide Revision lectures of all the topics covered in the class. Mock Tests are conducted weeklyat Career Academy located around here.

S Datta Image
S Datta

They pay very careful attention on every scholar hobbyat Career Academy located around here.

Ujjwal Sharma Image
Ujjwal Sharma

The mentors in the academy will help you with each and every problem that you face during your preparation as in for these exams.

Ramandeep Image

Study solutions very ingeniously builtand its goodand covers all topic comprehensively. No need to go for any other books simply the best

Anirudh Kumar Image
Anirudh Kumar

The assistance that the coaching provides in understanding and its good the subjects is great. I am truly obliged to be a part of this foundation .

Jayant Dahiya Image
Jayant Dahiya

Good Teaching is always tand its good at the coaching institute and its good. Well knowledgeable and experienced trainers.

Ms Image

I have been coming to this coaching institutes around in here at this coaching for a couple of months and I find the faculty members to be very approachable and resourceful. They are extremely supportive and encouraging.

Gautam Goyal Image
Gautam Goyal

The study condition is phenomenal so it’s amazingat Career Academy located around here. Students are very pushed and teachers are incredibly experienced.

Anagha Kaware Image
Anagha Kaware

This foundation urges you to pick up capability with genuine principal thoughts in a, particularly unique way so it’s amazingat Career Academy located around here.

Saajan yadav Image
Saajan yadav

They have had been conducted the tests which improved my speed of question solving which has been great, For these courses in this convenient coaching.

Dhruv pandey Image
Dhruv pandey

When I have had joined the coaching institute, For these courses in this convenient coaching, faculty said the course duration is four month but course did not complete which has been great.

Roopanshi Narang Image
Roopanshi Narang

Quality of the questions are very good since the institute studies before preparing, and the paper checking is done by the faculty which has helped me a lot to improve my answer writing skills for these exams which are being present which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Heemanshi Image

The coaching is very helpful with the interlinking of subjects as we can for all the papers in these exams, Current affairs and essay every week which is something brilliant about this coaching.


The curriculum of this coaching is so much of the necessary raw materialin this examination in here, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child of the coaching institution thus this institute is really best for the exam preparation in here being at the same time.

Madan lal Garg Image
Madan lal Garg

The coaching institute produces the best results inside this amazing institute just by the year.

Ravindra tomar Image
Ravindra tomar

If you want to have a seat in the college inside this amazing institute, which he wants to get admission in, you should probably study in this coaching institute.

seema katal Image
Seema katal

Teachers are outstanding and their way of teaching is effective and knowledgeable which is really very amazing. They can emerge the skills of a student here for exams for those exams which you are preparing.

kunika deswal Image
Kunika deswal

The teachers of the coaching are really great and helps us to understand each for these exams and everything which we come across being at this place.

Manju kundra Image
Manju kundra

The things fall apart for these exams but not in this one with a really really brilliant factor about the institution being at this place.

Preeti goyal Image
Preeti goyal

The extra doubt class is also a good facility provided by the institute in class in here. The teachers are so brilliant and qualified that they make your concepts so clear for those exams which you are preparing.

Sneha Image

There area unit loads of teacher on the market in here while this institute and also the teaching techniques of all teacher area unit totally different for those exams which you are preparing.

Prashantika Nayak Image
Prashantika Nayak

Good and Dedicated teachers around in here at this coaching. The total experience was good and fruitful. I was with them for four months, the course really helped me to reach my optimum.

Rahul Image

Each time I felt low teachers would motivate and boost my energy which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Rupesh Kumar Singh Image
Rupesh Kumar Singh

I would like to give this coaching a 10 on 10 on the way classes were conducted which is something brilliant about this coaching. And doubts were cleared.


Instructors are experienced. They train with a bundle of intrigue in exams like these. Moving tends to given by the workforce are displayed staggeringly satisfying to us.

monika Image

This affiliation gives hypothetical adapting similarly as trains for social event talks, interviews in exams like these. The foundation has a mind-boggling organized course structure.

Priyanka Image

Their branches are situated in major cities in India. It is the best way for getting prepared for this exam at Career Academy and its brilliant. They provide best faculty for difficult exam and provides motivation.

Nimrat Image

I am still taking coaching in this institute and I am pleased to say that this coaching has helped me a lot in this here at this academic centre. So I could tell you that this is the best institute in this town fro may of the reasons.

Deep Deshmukh Image
Deep Deshmukh

The study material that will be given-you will be given sheet and races. Sheets comprise of each kind of hypothesis question and wide scope of inquiries to fathom in exams like these.

Yashvendra yadav Image
Yashvendra yadav

The faculty is really interactive and are always ready to resolve tour doubts at this place at Career Academy.

Himanshu gupta Image
Himanshu gupta

Regular tests are conducted at the institute over in for those exams which you are preparing here. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Anjali Image

Their online prep courses are very convenient and good over in for those exams which you are preparing here.

Rajat Chawla Image
Rajat Chawla

They’ve been the best mentor for me over in for those exams which you are preparing here.

Dileep Singh Image
Dileep Singh

The faculty teaches at a very high pace over in for those exams which you are preparing here. It is difficult to understand topics at times.

Akash Image

I think that the best part of this coaching institute is when the teachers of this coaching institute are tand its good afterall with us in the coaching and its good afterall in state for every single doubt which we face which is amazing thing.

Mishal sharma Image
Mishal sharma

Missing the one of the best even a single class of the coaching institutes could cost a lot and and it’s a great job done. Their online prep courses are useful and extraordinary. The staff is significantly experienced and has been in the business for the latest 20 years

Harmanjeet kaur chatha Image
Harmanjeet kaur chatha

It is one of the best establishment of the coaching institution to prepare for the test with a sensible charge structure and and it’s a great job done. This establishment has the most astounding staff

Khushi tyagi Image
Khushi tyagi

It has become a supportable Administration staff who tackle students numerous kinds issues like cash issue which is great about this institute.

Noor Image

Periodical appraisals are tfor this examination environment which are directed for this examination environment and the guardians are constantly refreshed with the helpful inputs on their ward's advancement.

Hitendra Chandel Image
Hitendra Chandel

More time is being to be invested in topics of high weightage and it is a positive approach which has been great with this place. Its convenient with this place

Jullie Singh Image
Jullie Singh

I have been studying in this course institute for the past 3 months for these though exams and it's like I'm understanding the concepts in depth.

Laxmi Image

Their study material is to the point in addition to they have had given an online test sessions each Sundayand it’s a great job done.

Sanjay Yadav Image
Sanjay Yadav

Think of an ideal coaching institute for these exams, great coaching with good stuff around.This one is the best.

saumya verma Image
Saumya verma

They have had been conducted the tests which improved my speed of question solving good methodology is this , Its convenient in here.

Khushi Image

Choosing this institute to prepare for these examsin this perfect and good institute. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fear.

Gajender Singh Image
Gajender Singh

The coaching institution has been very good preparation for competitive examfor the exams they offer. The administration has put in lot of efforts to build an institute with such great knowledge, positivity and experience.

Aashu Tiwari Image
Aashu Tiwari

They show us new snares and ways to deal with understand questions quickly with the objective that our time could be saved in the testit’s a great institute for these subjects.

Avinash Raj Image
Avinash Raj

The staff of the coaching institute is very friendly at this great place and the helpful which is what I like about here to.

Moti ram Image
Moti ram

It was a great experience at this coaching institute. Here for the pressure handling of exams you not only improve your personality, also it enhance your capability and help you to explore your multidimensional approach to any challenge so that you understands life which is really very amazing here for the pressure handling of exams.


This coaching institute for these types of the exams is a huge Value for money. It is useful for the individuals who buckle down and furthermore who confide in himself/herself. The institute is awesome for the readiness of competitive tests which are being present this is extraordinary.

Shruti Image

Here in this coaching institutions, which we have get to do so many of the activities like the answer writing, the group discussions and then so much extra which has had been keeping us with the regular and then has had ben increases the interest around this great teaching environment and the confidence each and every day of the coaching institutions around this great teaching environment which has been great in those exams.

ansh Image

The teachers here have been a steady supporter it’s a great institute for these subjects. They direct helpful sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Lavisha Image

A great environment for a novice. It helps one to gain knowledge here for the great teaching strategy in this institute. It is quite impressive for coaching and source of immense knowledge in the coaching institute.

Dinesh Kumar Image
Dinesh Kumar

The preparation of these exams has never been so much of the cakewalk. It turned out very well with help of this institute. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed inside this beautiful culture here.

Sandeep Image

I personally think and like the teaching quality and other facilities provide by the institute. Study materials are also good with good quality of information at this academic centre which is cool, all the way through.

Satinder kaur Image
Satinder kaur

The fee structure is quite affordable and the institute here in provides scholarships to the students. This is the best initiative of the institute takes in It this academy has been amazing.

Raj Kumar Bareth Image
Raj Kumar Bareth

The classes are held regularly in a very systematic and organized manner at this place great for this institute and us. It helps in the early course completion.

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