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Abhyasam Career Academy

Sector 40C, Sector 40B Chandigarh

Abhyasam Career Academy

2621, Sector 40C Rd, Sector 40C, Sector 40B, Chandigarh, 160036


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Abhyasam Career Academy Course Fees

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Abhyasam Career Academy Course Fees
Course Duration Fees
SSC 35000 /-
NDA 35000 /-
CDS 35000 /-
AFCAT 35000 /-
Govt. Jobs 35000 /-

About Abhyasam Career Academy

When comparing Abhyasam Career Academy and others, it's important to consider a few factors:

Abhyasam Career Academy Chandigarh has a professional faculty and follow strict guidelines of the exams. We offer a variety of courses in various fields. We aim at making our students successful by putting in all our efforts and time. We are enriched with resources. Building understanding amongst the students and the faculty makes it easy for both to express and understand the subject matter.

The faculty is determined and never steps back from their responsibility. We aim at building a healthy environment. We also provide subject material to our students and teach them tricks to quickly solve lengthy or time-consuming questions. The Institute thrives on accountability, hard work, teamwork, integrity, passion. It is carved with the sole motto of providing proper guidance and step–to–step methods to make it easier for the students to understand their fields and content of entrance examinations to get through them with flying colours. They aim at using all the available resources to provide knowledge to their students and have one of the best faculties in the town.

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