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Updated: Jun 6, 2023

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Air port Authorities of India (AAI)

Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)



Technical – Engineering General

Various Jobs

These are the following jobs.

Flight Attendant / Flight Stewards

Flight Attendant means Air Hostess/Flight Steward. A team of the flight attendant on board council of young men as flight pursuers and young women as air hostesses to assist the traveler.

Flight Pursuers / Stewards

The male counterpart of an air hostess is "Flight Pursuer" or "Air Steward". They check the cargo, keep an account of the seat, handle duly free cleans and serve drinks on board, called may and help the passengers.

Flight Attendant

He does an important function in the operation of the air craft. He check the craft to ensure whether all the safety devices are in place, taking count of any small safety device. Air hostesses keep ready all the comforts an element like eatables, blankets, pillows, plates, napkins, etc. they check the cleanliness of the washroom & cabins.

 The flight attendant makes announce the weather conditions, medical services, space routes


10 + 2 / equivalent or graduate

Diploma / degree in Hotel Management


Pilot job begins an hourly basis the take-off of the flight. He /she carries out a pre-flight check of weather condition of the day. He has to check the pre-flight scheduled, determine specified height, weight and noise level and also intake the meteorological data. He is responsible for inspecting all the equipment and instruments. Refilling and ensuring that all the electronic systems are proper. He has to verify whether the contact with air traffic control is established and communication system is functioning properly.


A pilot should have good physical health, Sound mental health, self-reliance, leadership qualities, active, good observation, good communication, risk-taking ability, responsibility, high proficiency, disciplined, patience, responsibility, dedication.