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Flyton - Air Hostess Training Institute

Sector 34A Chandigarh

Flyton - Air Hostess Training Institute

SCO : 83-84, Fourth Floor, Sector 34A, Chandigarh, 160022


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Flyton - Air Hostess Training Institute Course Fees

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Flyton - Air Hostess Training Institute Course Fees
Course Duration Fees
Diploma in Air Hostess Training 80000 /-
Diploma in Aviation English in Chandigarh 35000 /-
Diploma in Air Travel Management & CSR 35000 /-
Fast-Track Certificate Course for Cabin Crew 35000 /-
Fast Track Certificate Aviation English Course 35000 /-
Interview Preparation Course in Chandigarh 35000 /-
Certificate Course in Personality Development 35000 /-

About Flyton - Air Hostess Training Institute

When comparing Flyton - Air Hostess Training Institute and others, it's important to consider a few factors:

Flyton another premier air hostess training institute in Chandigarh. From ground level management to be an air hostess or pilot, it has a variety of aviation programmes in his pocket. With its inception in Chandigarh, it has become a leading air hostess/aviation training institute in Chandigarh. Over the years, it has a higher number of successful selections. 

Besides having world-class infrastructure facilities, its detail oriented and live training i.e. having to work on a real airplane is one of the key highlights of its training programme. If you living or planning to take coaching in Chandigarh, then Flyton should be on your top list as it as all the qualities of a good aviation training institute. Their aim is to give wings to the dreams of many aviation aspirants. 

They believe if dreams have no limitations so why should an aviation training institute programmes or the aviation education. By offering and imparting the best training in the industry, they are shaping and forging the careers and lives of many aspirants. They are fulfilling the dreams of many to travel the world by giving them an opportunity or shot at their dream of an air hostess/cabin crew/flight attendant.

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