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The English Counsel Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
PTE --- - 35000/-
IELTS --- - 9500/-
Spoken English --- - 35000/-
Personality Development --- - 35000/-
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About The English Counsel

The English Counsel is located in Sector 35-C, Chandigarh. They provide coaching for courses such as PTE (Pearson Test of English (PTE)), IELTS (International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam). The English Counsel has deployed a highly qualified team who will help you in deciding the most appropriate option and answering every doubt that comes to your mind. The institute aims at using all the available resources to provide knowledge to their students. The institution is set up to reduce the obstacles in the path of those want to passionately pursue their dreams. Keeping in mind that each student is different from the other and has different requirements, The English Counsel offers a wide range of choices that are tailor-made to suit his needs. There is an extensive research that goes into offering solutions to the questions be it Financial, Cultural, Educational or Personal. It is very important to seek expert guidance to make sure that every step that you take towards the decision that would define your entire life is carefully measured.

Courses Offered

1- PTE (Pearson Test of English (PTE))
2- IELTS (International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam)
3- Spoken English
4- Personality Development
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The English Counsel Reviews

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Vedika Image

The study material of the academic institute and the test series offered by them was up to the mark and I am really thankful for all the support and guidance given by them, this is a great academic institute.

Ritika chaudhary Image
Ritika chaudhary

To achieve big dream like this it is important as to choose best guidance also in this academic institute institute. The strategy of this institute is unique and simplified in nature.

Shiv Image

It is a very good institute for the courses. We can choose our timing according to our convenience.

Harmanjot kaur Image
Harmanjot kaur

They have had cleared the doubts of every student and classes are regular. Every single topic is covered by the faculty for those exams. The teachers provide study material which is relevant.

Gargi Image

They have had taught us new tricks and different ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved in exam for those exams.

Sanjeev Chaudhary Image
Sanjeev Chaudhary

It has had given me a great career head at the coaching. They taught me from basic to advanced level. They entertained all my doubts as many times I asked them. My experience with them has been amazing for those exams.

Akshat Gauri Image
Akshat Gauri

The time of the coaching institute which has been allotted to each class is an hour but each class runs only from 20 to 25 minutes for those exams. This causes very delay in course completion..

Garima pathak Image
Garima pathak

Overall, the classes of the coaching institute are great we have to do more things about it. The faculty is very helpful. They put in maximum efforts to achieve good results for those exams.

Amandeep kaur Image
Amandeep kaur

This coaching Institute is absolutely so much very brilliant one can get. It is more than, what we call awesome. I was a part of this institute for more than two years here inside this amazing institute and I feel .

Varun pachori Image
Varun pachori

The institute has an exceptionally experienced workforce here inside this amazing institute, the greater part of the personnel members are from these institutions.

Vikas Gulati Image
Vikas Gulati

Classrooms atmosphere is also good here inside this amazing institute. A healthy environment is assured by the administration


I would recommend this institute if you are looking for helping teachers and a friendly environment here inside this amazing institute.

edwardlm18 Image

It is the best coaching class which provide best knowledge platform to students who are preparing for the government exams here inside this amazing institute.

Dheeraj Image

Best place is this one to take up the coaching for the preparation here at this academic centre. The faculty of the coaching institute is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

Shreya sharma Image
Shreya sharma

The coaching institute is the only the waste of the time and the money in the coaching here at this academic centre. I got no benefit studying here.

Arjun kumar Image
Arjun kumar

It is one of the best coaching institute to prepare for the exam with affordable fee structure. This institute has the most amazing staff of the institute here at this academic centre.

Naveen kumar Image
Naveen kumar

They have had adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparation. They provided healthy work environment here at this academic centre

Garima Singhal Image
Garima Singhal

You could understand that everything by the simple tricks you can also have facilities like speed tests and online classes that none of any other institutions provide here at this academic centre.

Srishti Image

Online home test practise is the awesome one in the coaching. They have had also trained the students for the interviews here at this academic centre. They provide personality development

Rajendra singh Image
Rajendra singh

It is a really brilliant coaching institute for those who have had been really determined for the dream of becoming with the engineer and a doctor or for the clearing of the exam into here which has been there in the coaching institution.

Gajanand Sharma Image
Gajanand Sharma

This One is amongst the best when it comes to coaching For THIS COURSE around in here at this coaching. I would highly recommend it for the training of THIS COURSE.

Sahil Patial Image
Sahil Patial

I had alot of doubts with my trigonometry first around in here at this coaching. But I have sincerely been much more confident with my approach since I joined.

Kishore singh Image
Kishore singh

I had taken up coaching from a alot of institutions before this one. But there was not a single coaching which could help me out the way this one has around in here at this coaching.

jaspreet kaur Image
Jaspreet kaur

They are very disciplined when it comes to time of coming for classes around in here at this coaching. The teachers are well learned and disciplined themselves.

Diwaker Image

I believe that the type of the attention the teachers give to the students in here are the best ones which you may ever see in this coaching institution for these exams being at this place.

Rudra Pratap Sinha Image
Rudra Pratap Sinha

Teachers and the staff of the academy have had been both the helpful as well as nice. One to one session of doubt clearing is always available for these courses in this convenient coaching.

Radha Image

Good ameneties are there at the coaching, with some highly experience teachers teaching specially English teacher for these courses in this convenient coaching.

shagun jaswal Image
Shagun jaswal

There is more focus on weaker students who have trouble in here in a competitive working environment. They are arranged with special classes for those exams which you are preparing.

Piyush Sancheti Image
Piyush Sancheti

It was a good for those exams which you are preparing, I'm thankful for the knowledge that I got there.

मृदुला शर्मा Image
मृदुला शर्मा

It has a moderate fee structure in today's date for those exams which you are preparing. The institute gives you scholarship even.

shubham tiwari Image
Shubham tiwari

The best thing about the institute is the batches and the students are shuffled 2 or 3 times in a year for those exams which you are preparing.

Surendra kumar Image
Surendra kumar

This coaching was the best one of the choice in this examination, invest money and time in this coaching institute and is a great coaching.

Brijesh sen Image
Brijesh sen

This coaching institution has been brilliant and definitely in this examination the value for money and is a great coaching.

kavya dixit Image
Kavya dixit

The coaching institution has been providing the books for the better results and is a great coaching in this examination

Rupinder Singh Image
Rupinder Singh

It is incredibly easy to pass on and clear our inquiries around in here at this coaching. Books are given by the foundation which is arranged by the course structure.

Kritika Image

You can appreciate everything by just cheats you can in like manner have workplaces like standard tests and online classes that none of some different associations give around in here at this coaching.

Ramandeep Image

The instructors circumspectly overview your quality and weakness and help you tackle it around in here at this coaching. Extra time is placed assets into subjects of high weight and it is a positive system.

AKHILESH Choudhary Image
AKHILESH Choudhary

When I come into this institute for the coaching, I have not much of confidence but coming at the end of session I am booming with confidence. This institute reshaped me around in here at this coaching.

Gunjan Image

It keeps adapting and maintains a check on the performance of teachers through yearly reviews in exams like these.

Kavita parmar Image
Kavita parmar

Their study material is stacked with the best strategies, systems, and considerations at The English Counsel in this area. The establishment gives an all-out study in this coaching institution.

janellwi1 Image

All the chapters are given in the short form for the faster preparation here at this academic centre.

krishna Image

I think that this institute has one of the best teachers in the country here at this academic centre. The teachers help the students in way that they may perform betterment in the coaching academy.

Aarti Image

Teachers of this academy have had been highly qualified and talking about the other things, then they are working really very hard working and are always there for any kind of help needed by the children at The English Counsel in this city. The results of the students at the coaching has been really amazing.

roxiehw11 Image

There is a really personal attention session which is to be given to the students and the student relationship management is very good for these type of exams. The teachers here are very polite and helpful.

Radhika Image

This coaching is amazing for the students looking for the hardcore preparation for these kinda exams.

jeewanjot kaur Image
Jeewanjot kaur

They have had provided us with the books of the coaching for the betterment of our results here at this academic centre which has been here.

Jaspreet Kaur Image
Jaspreet Kaur

They’ve had been the best of the mentor for me which has been great and its brilliant being at this place.

Pooja Goyal Image
Pooja Goyal

Awesome spot for preparing for the that exams and for these kinda exams. Great study environment. Great learning experience for that aspirant.

Ritu Image

Study materials given by the Centre is very exceptionally useful in here. Loads of Mock Tests were being orchestrated by Centre. Generally, the experience is decent around for those exams which you are preparing .

Miyush Image

Their estimable of the viewpoints which have been being their cordial receptive mentality, their phenomenal R&D about the study programs and the colleges around for those exams which you are preparing , their orderly method for doing the guiding and affirmation process and their on time answers to each minor question.

Bantu bhai Image
Bantu bhai

They provide help to all students so that students don’t hesitate to ask the question for those exams which you are preparing. It is most imp thing as all students comes from different field so they need more support of the faculty.

Rijul muradia Image
Rijul muradia

The study environment is great being at this place. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced which is good at this institute.

Faiz ali khan Image
Faiz ali khan

The faculty is very good and for these type of exams. They help all students all the time. From time to time they conduct motivational sessions for all students to persuade them to achieve their life goals.

Patil Yashraj Rangrao Image
Patil Yashraj Rangrao

They provide assignments and books which helps in cracking the competitive exams and for these type of exams.

nikita mhatre Image
Nikita mhatre

The institute is strict towards making all the students do the given assignments and for these type of exams, hence they have fear of studying and zeal to clear the entrance as well.

Ank raj Image
Ank raj

Focusing on rigorous training and evaluation throughout the course, the Institute focuses on all aspects of student life to bring the best out of a student and for these type of exams.

aditya chakroborty Image
Aditya chakroborty

You can learn a topic as many times as you want and you will be satisfied with the way it works and for these type of exams.

Sanket Gajanan Metange Image
Sanket Gajanan Metange

The best thing of coaching is that the teachers are highly qualified and experienced. They are always ready to help you over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Pushkar raj Image
Pushkar raj

Best faculty is present in this coaching, is it’s the best feature over in for those exams which you are preparing. Faculty takes good care of their student. Presence of mentors makes person confidence.

Poonam Image

The administration department of the coaching institute is quite vigilant and unique in its own way over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Guneet Kaur Image
Guneet Kaur

It is the best coaching in the country for the aspirants. The teaching faculty of this coaching absolutely brilliant and mind-blowing over in for those exams which you are preparing.

jeetu Tiwari Image
Jeetu Tiwari

My friend has had gonet there and after four years he came back and give him a statement about academic programs to there yes that is very inspiring and the rule of academic there is very strict and it is mandatory for all candidate there to obey them over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Jagtar Singh Image
Jagtar Singh

The best thing about the institute is the batches are assigned according to students performing in the test and the students are shuffled 2 or 3 times in a year at this particular place around .

Deeksha Image

It has one of the best administration teams. A well-maintained record about any student can found here at this particular place around . Mentoring of the students is also awesome.


The administration is quite good at this particular place around . If you are good in study, but unable to pay the fee they help them.

Manu Image

The good thing is doubt classes at this particular place around . There are lots of teacher seating there to clear all doubt of student.

Kapil Image

They conduct CTs that is the cumulative test and periodic test which helps in the best assessment of the students at this particular place around . the marks of your test along with your rank are sent to you via message.

Arjun SINGH Image

During the finish of your preparation in the coaching institute, do join the test arrangement organised by the coaching institute has never ever been to, which is the best in the market and its good afterall.

Sub Maj Surjeet Singh Image
Sub Maj Surjeet Singh

It’s a very of the gold institute for the executives tests, government employments tests and some more. It orchestrate pre sessions for students before selecting and its good afterall.

Sonu Suthar Image
Sonu Suthar

One time fees and life time study is unique feature of this institute for these examination purpose. Time bound test and capable faculty for the exams leads to sure result.

Ankita Yadav Image
Ankita Yadav

The faculty of the coaching institute is awesome and the attention is on the correct subjects. I would prescribe the aspirants from all fields to join this organization for this examination environment.

Ajay Kumar Meena Image
Ajay Kumar Meena

Their online prep courses are very convenient and good which is good at this institute with this place.


Doubt counters are always available in charge The English Counsel is a good coaching. To clear all your doubts which are not cleared in the class.

Muskan Image

They have had provided all of the updates regarding the exams at right The English Counsel herein which is brilliant and great and train accordingly.

Rahul Kumar Image
Rahul Kumar

Teachers of each and every subject are very supportive and motivating which is really very amazing and keeps you engaged in some way or other good ambience in the institute.

Rajat Image

Best place is this one to learn and then the grow as a person of the brilliant coaching is this. good environment to achieve your goals and They are taking care of each and every student,Each faculty here is very much helpful and supportive.

Vinayak S Muley Image
Vinayak S Muley

Best coaching institute for these great examinations herein around. Along with subject matter , it's amazing to learn other factual things related to life , experience.

Jaznoor Kaur Image
Jaznoor Kaur

The teachers are here for all your problems over this coaching centre. Even you can call them at night to clear your doubts at this coaching with this environment. A very good tutoring staff. Thanks for all the efforts

amardeep Image

They have a good module but I will say faculty itself was up to the mark for the environment in this institute.

Savitri Image

The student has to study very hard as he will get 6-7 hours of homework daily which is a challenge for everybody to complete inside this course at The English Counsel.

Ravinder Yadav Image
Ravinder Yadav

Some teachers are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as of the others which has been great which is a brilliant thing within this place.

Pooja veram Image
Pooja veram

Very well educated faculty and cooperative staff The English Counsel the best coaching indeed. Working very hard along with us to reap best harvest.

Arya Naik Image
Arya Naik

They have had an administrate very well. All are being well discipline and well eduThis examed. All staff are very cooperate here around this great academy here around.

Samita Image

The doubt counters this coaching institute which has been present here in this coaching institute for this exam purpose for it are really very efficient in terms of solving the doubts of the students in this coaching.


The establishment has skilled resources that has had enabled the understudy to even in the instances of any minor uncertainty brilliant things present around here.

Puneet Image

I've also been a part of this institution for these papers and I can say proudly that I've studied in this institution.

Komal tiwari Image
Komal tiwari

Fabulous coaching is this one, really great for this examination purpose.

Kaif Alam Image
Kaif Alam

Sometime classes here are exhaustive when they want to finish the some topic of the syllabus, no doubts faculty is awesome for these exams here around.

woDdaUyJmcb Image

The teachers are great for the Coaching herein around. It is fun to study and which also keeps us motivated and interested in the studies.

Sonali Image

Wonderful tests practices followed for these exams training to make clear exam in this coaching institution for these exams training.

Kulveer kaur Image
Kulveer kaur

This foundation urges you to pick up capability great study sessions here with the genuine principal thoughts in an extraordinarily odd way this is an marvellous coaching.

Sachin Verma Image
Sachin Verma

To do better and well in academics students can join for exams like these in here around this place. For gaining excellent knowledge, good skills, how to manage your studies with extra activities like sports and other activities.

Krishna Image

Talking about my experience at the coaching institution, I advise the students of the coaching institute to take the admission in this coaching and make the career bright in a better way in this over this area.

Satyam Image

A fabulous place to enhance your skills in mathematics and build yourself to the score higher in certain examinationaround this study culture in this coaching institutes.

Renu Singal Image
Renu Singal

Really a good institute. All faculty and staff members are very cooperativefor around at The English Counsel.


It is reasonably ahead of its competitors for this examination environment, given that its content and faculty are best in the industry because of its teachers.

Jaipal Image

I have had been for these courses in this coachingsince it has been one year and my results and performance has boosted to the top of the world.

Tushant Image

Although it has an intake of good students amount, it serves each one of them properly with diligence, ensuring a high success ratefor these examinations specifically.

Ram Manohar Image
Ram Manohar

Choosing this institute to prepare for these exams. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fearfor this great course around here.

prem kumar Image
Prem kumar

The institute provides a very competitive environment and exhaustive coursewaregood environment at The English Counsel. This has proven to be very helpful for many.

Ansh ojha Image
Ansh ojha

The institute keeps adapting and maintains a check on the performance of teachersand this is extraordinary through yearly reviews.

Shivansh Image

This coaching institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completion for this The English Counsel located in this city.

Prince Singh Image
Prince Singh

Their study material of this coaching is full of important questionsgood and amazing faculty here and concepts covering all essential topics.

Anchal tomar Image
Anchal tomar

All the facts and the faculties present here good and amazing faculty here in the coaching institute are a way too experienced.

Pankaj kumar Image
Pankaj kumar

The institute is only waste of time and money for the time being in this institute. I got no benefit studying here.

Monu Image

The institute has Easy, precise & updated study material this coaching is too good. They make sure are sent regularly.

Preetam Tomar Image
Preetam Tomar

One can discuss all his/her doubts with teachers anytime this coaching is too good. They try to remove all one's doubts, fears and apprehensions to the best of their ability.

Chayan Image

I guess that which is the best part of taking the classes in this institute is to clear your doubts inside this institution which is great, strengthen your weakness and then simply breakaway at this point which has had been there in here.

Samad Image

Outstanding school is this one for the personnel for the training of these examsaround this education institution hereat. Perfect spot to get the best direction on the off chance that you are wanting to study abroad.

Alka Rani Image
Alka Rani

Remarkable study materials are present great institute for these examination for the course a combination of smart work & simplicity

jitender meena Image
Jitender meena

It is the best spot accessible in the coaching, the lecture hall great for this institute and us at this place. Where you may clear all you doubts after the class.

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