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Step Ahead Education Consultants Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IELTS --- 1 Mo 7800/-
PTE --- - 35000/-
Spoken English --- - 35000/-

About Step Ahead Education Consultants

Step Ahead Chandigarh has the best and the most well-trained faculties and admins than any other institute in the city. The teachers pay attention to each individual that helps the student focus and concentrate well on their targets and successfully achieve them. We have a professional faculty and follow strict guidelines for the exams. We offer a variety of courses in various fields. We aim at making our students successful by putting in all our efforts and time. We are enriched with resources. 

Building understanding amongst the students and the faculty makes it easy for both to express and understand the subject matter. The experienced faculty provides proper guidance, directs the student to reduce the obstacles and also aim at attaining results by providing constructive guidelines. The faculty is easily approachable and open to any doubts. Determination and hard work are what makes a person successful. The faculty is determined and never steps back from their responsibility. Any individual that dreams of getting the best targeted must join Step Ahead Chandigarh today for a brighter better future tomorrow.

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Step Ahead Education Consultants Reviews

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Amit saini Image
Amit saini

Regular tests are conducted at the institute good study coaching being here. A time table is provided well in advance explaining the test schedule.

Suman Image

Excellent coaching classes are there in this institute. Best in region. Teachers are very cooperative and helpful here for this being here.

Mohan singh Singh Image
Mohan singh Singh

The coaching gets a great care that we are updated with each and every single information which is happening around the globe which has had been present here for these exams herein.

Lalit Kumar Image
Lalit Kumar

Personal attention is being given to each of the student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder for this unbelievable education.

Megh singh Rathore Image
Megh singh Rathore

At the time of the exams. This coaching co-operates with us and we can ask doubts anytime we want Step Ahead located in this city.

Prince Raj Image
Prince Raj

Almost everything is students, but the faculty team is always tfor this amazing environment to help you in any way required for this amazing environment. Tfor this amazing environment is enough space to grow and come up with new ideas.

Manoj Image

They ensure that you start studying with a strategy in this perfect institute. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Karishma jain Image
Karishma jain

The best thing which has had been here is that you would get a complete schedule of sessions and the classes for every three months well in advance which has been great around the study ambience.

Gunjan Image

This coaching is beyond for students who really need nurturing which is a great thing. If you are here for the coaching only and not tuition kind for around this coaching centre, go for it.

Ravi nagar Image
Ravi nagar

They are always ready to help each and every student of academy in every aspect, either related to studies or motivational help at this centre of brilliance.


It's the best place to enhance your academic skills which is very amazing here in this environment of institute. Teachers are hardworking and will help you in each and every problem.

Nisha Modh Image
Nisha Modh

Over all of the classes which have been good, we have had to do more things about it and its better for this course over at this place.

Deepanshu chauhan Image
Deepanshu chauhan

The teachers at this institution which has had always been there and then here are extraordinary Step Ahead located in this city. All of them possess a strong work ethic and excellent teaching skills in the academy.

Kashish rastogi Image
Kashish rastogi

I have great respect for teachers here they are very helpful and supportive towards us great study culture hereat.

Amardeep Kaur Image
Amardeep Kaur

Revision class and doubt clearing class are held there on a regular basis to help students at Step Ahead and its brilliantly fine. This helps students to clear their basics.

pooja Image

In terms of the teaching, motivation and then the doubt clearing, faculty members at the institute are always delivered more than my expectation in this great education background.

Shreya goel Image
Shreya goel

They have much better staff then other institutes in Step Ahead and its quite great. They have a great environment and studying conditions.

Ritu Dhakar Image
Ritu Dhakar

Almost everything is students, but the faculty team is always tin those examinations to help you in any way required in those examinations. Tin those examinations is enough space to grow and come up with new ideas.


In my views they are the finest when it comes to the training for aspiring into herein there. I am convinced they will take chances as far as the training and doubt session goes.

Shaikh Kaareena Image
Shaikh Kaareena

Personal thought with respect to each student in the midst of classes adds a touch of style to the system and inspires them to work a lot harder in around this coaching.

Shahib Image

The ideas are instructed with traps helping us to unravel them rapidlyfor these exam preparation institute. The instructors here have been a consistent supporter. They direct persuasive sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Rohitash Image

Quality classes, Test series and are the bestin Step Ahead with good teachers around. One of the best place to learn and grow. Great work by the team of the teachers.

Vinod kumar Image
Vinod kumar

It has given us enough study material with the objective that we can uninhibitedly prepare from our own one of a kind for the paths for the time being in this institute.

Roshan mishra Image
Roshan mishra

It's the best place to enhance your academic skills for this brilliant academic centre. Teachers are hardworking and will help you in each and every problem.

Vineet Rajani Image
Vineet Rajani

Non teaching Staff are very cooperative, they allow us to study rooms and library even on holidaysfor these exams for students.

Machunguang Image

They got inside and out various and incredible course for at the period of arranging for preparation of these exams. They gave a strong working environment.

Mayuri Image

They are having the best team of faculties & also good hostel facilities for this centre at this coaching. I would like to highly recommend this institute for these exams in the coaching classes.

Govind Image

Their commendable aspects of being their friendly approachable attitude is amazing, their excellent R&D about the study programs & the universities, their systematic way of carrying out the counselling and admission process and their on time replies to every minor query Step Ahead has really great environment around.

gagandeep Image

The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice, as some teachers are perhaps the best I’ve ever seen, while a few others are average at the point which is great about the institute.

Pranjali naik Image
Pranjali naik

The institute provides us with the best modules which are better than at Step Ahead around this city.

Yugandhar Image

They ensure that you start studying with a strategy which is good at this institute within this place. Unorganised study leads to wastage of time and money.

Prince Image

They have had left no single topic from the syllabus of the coaching institute for these exams here around over here.

Shweta pandey Image
Shweta pandey

They provided all the updates regarding the exams and train accordingly for these types of exams here in this center. The faculty makes an honest effort to take along every student. It normal coaching center with a unique teaching methodology.

Suman Image

This coaching institution has left no single topic from the syllabus of the exam and its better for this course on this place.

Payal Joshi Image
Payal Joshi

Never let’s down for all of their students in the coaching academy about doubts at any of the chapter in any class of the coaching academy in here at this point of the coachign academy in there at the point of the coaching institute at herein this institute.

Himanshu gautam Image
Himanshu gautam

Overall, the classes of the coaching institute are great we have to do more things about it. The faculty is very helpful which is brilliant and great inside Step Ahead located in this city. They put in maximum efforts to achieve good results .

Harshita Image

They provide proper guidance , relevant study material , practice tests and motivational sessions in this coaching institution here over this area.

Vikram kumar Image
Vikram kumar

I found the institute good for all those who want to prepare getting here around this institution for entrance examination . I have done coaching and experience the atmosphere provides here for an all round development of student.

Harman Image

I feel that the teachers of this coaching are perfect which has had been a great thing. The teachers are really very helpful over time at this coaching here around.

Jerolin Packiaraj Image
Jerolin Packiaraj

More time has been invested in the topics of the high weightage and it is a positive approach and its better over at this place.

Rutuja Mokhar Image
Rutuja Mokhar

Don’t ever ever miss a lecture of the coaching and its better over at this place. Missing even a single lecture could cost a lot in the coaching institution.

Arijeet kumaar Image
Arijeet kumaar

The coursework of the coaching is being very thoroughly discussed over at this place with the coaching students and its better. This makes the study of the course process clear and makes us confident.

Poonam kanwar Image
Poonam kanwar

The coaching institute has been providing us with very good study material over at this place and its better.

mahesh dake Image
Mahesh dake

One of the Best place to take up coaching for preparation for these exams being at this place is great. The faculty of the institute is highly qualified and it keeps the environment motivating in the coaching academy.


I feel very aggressive when I can’t solve a question which has had been a great thing over time at this coaching here around; the teachers here help me a lot through this.

M tank Image
M tank

The doubt counter would provide you your own private time which has had been a great thing over time at this coaching here around, so that you may pursue your studies well

Harshdeep singh Image
Harshdeep singh

Think of an ideal coaching which has had been a great thing, you may join this coaching. This one is the best over time at this coaching here around.

Ashutosh chand Image
Ashutosh chand

The Mock test of the coaching institutes and then what they have had been there in the conducted is what had had been up to the exams pattern which I found was amazing over time at this coaching here around.

Revika sharma Image
Revika sharma

The coaching institution has been creating a timetable over at this place which helps the students to the peak and takes regular assessments are held and its better.

Sachin Panwar Image
Sachin Panwar

They have had helped the students so that students don’t hesitate to ask the question in cat coaching. This is the most important thin gas all student comes to a different field, they need to more support of the faculty in the academy in examinations like these.

Rohit jangid Image
Rohit jangid

This academy Is the only place where the teachers’ focus lies on helping the students clear the entrance exam in the first attempt itself inside here School of IELTS around here.

Alisha Image

The quality of the content which has been provided was amazing inside here School of IELTS around. Also the all India test series comprises of excellent questions and assessment.

Neil Goyal Image
Neil Goyal

They have had provided every student with personal attention and 100% up-to-date study materials inside here School of IELTS around.


Not only is the study material great, but I also find the online video lectures quite informative & complete inside here School of IELTS around.

Liza singodia Image
Liza singodia

I believe that the type of the attention the teachers give to the students in here are the best ones which you may ever see and its good afterall.

Kunal Image

When I have had joined the coaching academy here in this institute it was promised that the course would be completed in 4 months and it was completed in the same duration here in this institute .

Jatin bohara Image
Jatin bohara

The coaching institute has been really good for the students, who work hard and are passionate here in this institute .


The amount of care they take in making understand a topic is great getting around in this institute. I am happy joining it.

Surjit singh Image
Surjit singh

The coaching institute has been great place for the aspirants at Step Ahead around this city. But, in order to achieve success here for these exams or anywhere in life, dedication, focus and 'will for the change' are the first priority which has had been given to the coaching institution in here.

Pushpendra katara Image
Pushpendra katara

There was one occasion, wherein I had denoted a couple of questions for this exams in these coaching and the educator was eager to sit tight for an additional hour and illuminate my challenges.

Mohit Image

The subjects all are covered efficiently for these couple of exams centre. Especially the subjects are my weakest zone. Really convert into my strongest point for these couple of exams.

Mandeep Image

This Academy is a very nice Academy to provide the students with the best and its good of course . The teachers are well experienced. They guide us in the right way

Dinesh tetarwal Image
Dinesh tetarwal

I have had been nervous regarding the exams which I have had seen coming in the upcoming months, this coaching helped me to clear the same inside this institution.

Jhalak Image

Excellent individual consideration classes with incorporated test arrangement. Test arrangement depends on the genuine test design giving an understanding to the students exams you are looking for.

Armandeep singh Image
Armandeep singh

I am studying in this institute for the past one month getting around in this institute and I want to share my experience. Classes are conducted regular from Monday to Saturday getting around in this institute and with regular home work. I am happy to be the part of this institute.

Gajraj Image

One of the best institute in the town that's provide you all necessary things that's help you to make career coz of this particular Step Ahead.

Abhishek yadav Image
Abhishek yadav

More time is invested in the topics of the high weightage and then it has had been a positive approach towards the preparation of these exams here in this institute .

Jaibeer Singh Image
Jaibeer Singh

The less batch strength of the coaching helps in the teachers to keep a better track of the students of this coaching in this here at this place at this institution.

Himmat Singh Image
Himmat Singh

The things I would like to tell are that this coaching is amazing in terms of the test sessions and the doubt classes in this here at this place at this institution.

Japneet sidhu Image
Japneet sidhu

It gives best and exceedingly qualified instructors who can instruct well to students and unravel their everything riddle great coaching and good things .

Pooja Chaudhari Image
Pooja Chaudhari

The idea to bargain the inquiry is fantastic and gives visual and sound association both great coaching and good things . Furthermore, we can ready to especially refresh about the present status in the field of rivalry.

Avishi Image

They give online test each week and they give compliments of little presents for high scorers great coaching and good things .

Rinku Singh Image
Rinku Singh

The institute has exceptional point which is practice test great coaching and good things . I think this is generally amazing purpose of this institute. This tests has improved my speed.

Lokesh Image

The faculties give their best in all possible ways for this kind of exams hereat to cover all the topics for this kind of exams hereat and also gives tips and tricks to memories certain concepts

Suyash Image

The strength of the batches is really high varies from 30-450 for this kind of exam hereat. So, it depends upon the classroom size, which not suitable for those who have a habit of interacting with people or studying in a small munch of students.

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