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About Seven Seas English Academy

The institute is located in Sector 17 – the central hub of Chandigarh. Upon a visit to the institute, I saw that the classrooms are well-furnished and have the latest technology. The environment of the institute is student friendly and they have hard-working, passionate, state-of-art trainers. Personal attention is given to each student in order to make him/her achieve the desired result. Regular mock tests with deep analysis of a student’s English skills have made Seven Seas English Academy rank in our list of top IELTS institutes in Chandigarh.
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Seven Seas English Academy Reviews

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ashish kumar Image
Ashish kumar

It is the best way for getting a great place at a great institution in this country which is some brilliant stuff. Their branch are situated in major cities in India inside this place. They provide best faculty for difficult exam and provides motivation.

Jitender Image

The institute is good and infrastructure is also nice inside this place which is some brilliant stuff in here which is great. The classroom are well furnished. The staff in the institute is highly experienced. The students are also very cooperative.

Abhijeet Mishra Image
Abhijeet Mishra

The institute is not a very good choice as per my experience there as I saw that the staff inside this place showed bad behaviour in here which is great and made decisions based on personal bias which is some brilliant stuff!

Sandeep kumar verma Image
Sandeep kumar verma

They leave no single topic from the syllabus in here which is great inside this place which is some brilliant stuff.

Ankita Image

Exams like these ones are tough exam to make through inside this place which is some brilliant stuff. This institute makes sure that no stone is left unturned.

Pushpinder Image

I think that the best part of the coaching is the doubt sessions at this place and the test series which this coaching provides.

pawan Image

There are things, which could be taken to a really far level and this coaching has done so at this place.

apurav Image

Whole environment of coaching was so good and classes were held daily at this place. They help everyone in class time and after the class if anybody is weak in any subject which is being taught here so he can take separate appointment then one faculty teaches you in a separate class at this place.

Shashi Image

Their study material and practice question level is also up to, however it’s fee is little high but it’s worth to go there at this place.

Saurav Image

You will hardly get the time to meet the director many have already complained at this place. Administration here also quite ok not much good not much bad in this coaching institution.

Tushar Image

Doubt clearing sessions was a disaster as a single teacher could not explain doubts to all students at this place

RK Image

I believe that the type of the attention the teachers give to the students in here are the best ones which you may ever see which has had been a great thing for these exams Seven Seas English Academy.

Abhishek sharma Image
Abhishek sharma

The test series is something like best in this coaching institution. Tough to moderate standard at this place. It is one of best place to start preparing. All the best.

Nikita Image

The instructors here have been a consistent supporter in this coaching institution at this place. They direct accommodating sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Amit Image

It is the best instructing class which give best information stage to students who are planning for the exams in this coaching institution at Seven Seas English Academy.

Shahrukh khan Image
Shahrukh khan

They give books and study material to students consistently for work out and just as homework in this coaching institution at Seven Seas English Academy.

kuldeep Image

In this study material all the part are given in succession it is extremely simple to read at Seven Seas English Academy. All the section are given in a short structure for quicker planning in this coaching institution.

Megha sharma Image
Megha sharma

This institute is exceptionally magnificent in giving instruction in the field of rivalry this institute assume an impressive job in the field of these exams and other division examination in this coaching institution at Seven Seas English Academy.

Ankita Image

The institute is great and foundation is additionally nice in this coaching institution at Seven Seas English Academy. Every study hall has air conditioner, this was exceptionally decent in summer.

Kumar Harsha Image
Kumar Harsha

The coaching institute is very helpful and supporting for these exams in every aspect of coaching. Specially the staff and faculty in this institution at this place.

Shubham Image

Grind is the word that you will find in every study of work at Seven Seas English Academy. For these exams preparation grind and grind is all it going to take you to the interview. This centre is perfect if you’re ready for the ultimate grind

Renuka Image

Motivational sessions are being held in the institute to improve students performances for these exams. They provide proper guidelines to the students at Seven Seas English Academy.

Amit kumar Image
Amit kumar

The coaching institute teachers are fully responsible about the students for these exams at Seven Seas English Academy.

Anamika Image

The study material of the coaching is really very brilliant and when we talk about the all the tests which are being planned and in a systematic manner out of the brilliant work at this place in here. The ventilation system in the coaching institute is really very brilliant.

Sharad kumar jain Image
Sharad kumar jain

You get a really good exposure here at the coaching institution in this place, competition you can check your results at an all India level or on your batch level if you see that the results the institution is being providing out there at the coaching institution which is present here.

Kunal singh Image
Kunal singh

It was such a brilliant experience to present in front of the coaching institute in this place.

Kennedy Image

Sunday chapter wise test are organized so that the students can do better apart from it. A series of the preliminary exams are also being conducted and held to score high in the exams in there which has been great in this place.

sudhir kumar Image
Sudhir kumar

The sheets of the coaching institutes and the races at the coaching institution are really more than sufficient to having had achieve the goal for the same at the coaching institutes in this place. There are many things which you could learn in this coaching institute which have had been there.

Vansh Image

They have had much better staff then other coaching academies out there in the academy in this place. They have been really very better of the furniture and then has had been better environment for the studies in the coaching academy which has had been amazing.

Habits chobdar Image
Habits chobdar

For some of the students who are intelligent in this place, this coaching is a boon to boost the rank up and for the others, it is a way to secure better marks.

R Kaul Image
R Kaul

The material for the studying has had been is being detailed with the covering to the certain important topics which has had been there, though it has had never been not elaborate in being there which has been great in this place. Don’t expect to understand it much, though the faculty certainly has had been taken out with the extra time to explain things you didn’t understand which has had been there.

Navjeet kaur Image
Navjeet kaur

I really have no words for your wonderful teachings and support which is a great thing being here. Thanks once again.

arti singh Image
Arti singh

The Mock test of the coaching institutes and then what they have had been there in the conducted is what had had been up to the pattern in here.

Shubh Image

The teachers have been possessing excellent which has been great conceptual clarity in this place and go lengths to solve each and every doubt in the mind of students.

Bhavya Image

The short notes of the coaching institution with which they helped much to the memorise in this place things in a very short span of the time being there in the town which has been great.

K  S Tomar Image
K S Tomar

Teacher know the potential of the student and motivates the student to do hard work and reach their goal here.

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