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About Rau's IAS Study Circle

One of the leading names in Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Judicial Services exams, Rau's IAS, New Delhi as a coaching institute was officially established in the year 1953 by Dr. S. Rau Sir. With this, a milestone was carved in the coaching revolution. The praiseworthy vision behind their excellent endeavor was and has always been, to provide 100 percent genuine support to the students preparing for these competitive exams. Over this long period, the Study Circle has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving together, year after year, in pursuit of a single goal. With a passion to excel, the Study Circle has raged with the dynamism of a river which constantly renews itself and yet remains unchanging in its resolve to reach its ultimate destination. Throughout a journey lasting over six decades, the Study Circle has been at the cutting edge of real learning. Today, it is known as the most specialized institution of its type in the country, performing consistently at high levels and has acquired the rare distinction of achieving the highest success rate in the Civil Services Exam. The agenda of this coaching institute is not merely to teach and complete the syllabus; rather the larger schema is to deliver as many successful students as is humanly possible. More importantly, they are aimed at instilling human values and compassion into their students, to make them better human beings as the citizens of tomorrow. They do not only consider themselves as a coaching institute but a family, a group of persons motivated to do the best they can for our Nation. A coaching institute is not only for teaching the subjects; rather it is for a great social service to the Nation-by producing the best officers, not only the best in their official duties rather also the best in their societal and National duties.

Rau's IAS, New Delhi promises to teach to the best possible extent. And, to fulfill all their commitments made to their students at the time of admission. Stay rest assured that you have joined the best and the Number 1 Institute of India for Law. Their genuine results, the faith of the students in them, their work culture, their teaching pattern, etc., everything is an evidence of that. One of the primary reasons which make them the best is that their teaching pattern is totally exam focused and in depth. That might appear to be tough for some of the students initially, but that is the requirement of the exams. They have to live by it. The topics which are the most difficult and the most important are taught in the most exhaustive and detailed manner. The easier and less important topics will be taught less detailed and only as much as is required for the exams. In every subject, on some non-important topics, some burden is put on the students to prepare themselves. That constitutes hardly five percent of the syllabus for that subject. Their only appeal to the students is: Be regular and punctual to the classes; be positive and forward-looking; be open to the faculty—in case of any complaint, students can directly write and place the complaints to the authorities; have full faith in the organization that they have joined. The institute always tries their best give the students the best possible teaching, as they are always aware of the quantum of faith and the trust students have bestowed upon them, and moreover, they are always concerned with the fact that they have to remain the best and to produce the maximum number of outstanding results.

Features of Rau's IAS, New Delhi

The features of the institute are as follows:

Important and difficult previous years’ questions and other questions are comprehensively discussed in the class. Model answers of some of these questions are also dictated or supplied in writing. The students are advised to minutely follow these model answers and other answer writing tips and practice the other questions on the same pattern. If a student wants some other questions to be discussed he/she writes and gives it to the teacher who later discusses it in the class whenever he/she finds it suitable.

The students are alert and keen on writing the points when the teacher is explaining. The teaching style of different teachers in the coaching center is different and therefore the students are advised to quickly get accustomed to it for their own benefit.

Topic wise synopsis of all sub-topics and threadbare conceptual explanations and discussions—wherever needed, these discussions are dictated or is repeated to enable students to write it, or a concrete write-up on the discussion is provided.

For the Preliminary exams, they have a sufficient number of subject wise standard test papers. A student has to attempt these test papers in the classroom as and when a test is announced. It is compulsory for every student to attend these test papers. 14 days after the completion of a subject, a compulsory objective and subjective test on the subject is conducted.

Answer writing practice sessions are also held during the classes and the students are advised to take these sessions very seriously. The teacher would discuss the model answer to these questions in the class itself.

If there are any unsolved queries, one must write and give it to the teacher; the teacher checks whether he/she has to discuss it in the class or individually with that particular student. All the relevant queries of the students are brilliantly solved by the teachers.

Every next lecture may have a small portion of question round wherein the teacher asks questions on whatever he/she has taught in the previous lectures. Students are advised to be prepared every day. In case a student fails to respond continuously, the concerned teacher talks to his/her parents.

For G.S., Current affairs and Essays, there are special focused classes by specialists.

For Translation, English, Precis writing, Essay writing etc., there are special test papers for regular practice.

For Current Affairs and the latest legal developments & current case laws, there is a special monthly magazine free of cost supplied to the students.

The classes are absolutely interactive—to entertain all doubts of the students.

Courses Offered:

The courses offered by Rau's IAS, New Delhi focuses solely on the following concentrations:

Foundation Course: These are pathways programmes designed for fresh aspirants of the Civil Services Exam. These preparation courses aim at laying the right foundation and guiding aspirants to understand the demand of the UPSC civil services exam.

General Studies Integrated: The GS (Integrated) is a comprehensive classroom programme which prepares aspirants holistically for both the Pre and Main stages of the Civil Services Exam.

Optional Subjects: Candidates have to choose one optional subject for the Main Examination. The Study Circle offers such subjects which have maximum syllabus overlap/connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of General Studies.

Study Material: The study material published by Rau's Study Circle is prepared with a clear intention to comprehensively yet in a focused manner impart only the relevant knowledge and skills required to crack the civil services examination.

Targetted Courses: These are assessment programmes which focus on the upcoming examination only. They aim to cover only such themes on which questions may actually be asked in the exam. Targeted courses will benefit aspirants improve their scores manifold.

GS: Test Series (Prelims): This is an intensive self-study and evaluation program that helps aspirants understand the real demand of UPSC paper, revise all important themes for the upcoming exam and form individual strategies to tackle time, pressure, ability, and accuracy.

GS: QIP & Test Series (Mains): This is a highly focused programme targeting only aspirants who will appear in the upcoming exam. It is an exhaustive yet highly focused distance learning/classroom course that is designed to not only help aspirants become fluent at answer writing but also cover all themes expected in the exam.

Optional: Test Series (Mains): This is an exclusively targetted course most suitable for aspirants appearing in Mains 2018 or targeting Mains 2019. 

Interview Guidance: The objective of the programme is to work on the personality issue and the knowledge aspect of the candidate. The focal point of the interview is the aspirant and their Interview Guidance programme starts with keeping that in mind.

Continuous Learning Support– Online: In today’s date when the digital technology is playing a significant role in every aspect of our lives, it is only but natural that institutes make full use of it to impart students with the relevant knowledge and understanding of various subjects. Rau’s IAS has taken a similar approach in providing a last-mile connectivity when it comes to providing aspirants with study materials in remote places and villages around the nation. With the click of the fingertips, aspirants can access a huge repertoire of knowledge out there which would help them realize their dream of becoming a civil servant to dutifully serve their nation. 

As you can see it is quite evident that Rau's IAS, New Delhi provides all the prerequisites to making a successful career for a student in the civil services examinations. This is what makes it the leading institute all over the nation in terms of the much coveted civil services examinations. This is the reason why students from all over the country come here to obtain their extraordinary guidance in fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

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Rau's IAS Study Circle Reviews

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Urvashi Image

When students come out of the school they are not much aware of the learning methodology at Rau's IAS Study Circle, great coaching. They are taught the right methodology to crack exams.

Abhijeet Image

All shortcuts and references were helpful for the aspirants to crack the entrance exam at Rau's IAS Study Circle, great coaching.

Sushma meena Image
Sushma meena

Before joining this I was not at all confident that i’ll be able to crack the exam or not but after joining this they built confident in myself at Rau's IAS Study Circle, great coaching and I easily cracked my exam because of their teaching techniques.

Aslam Image

They pay very careful attention on every student activity at Rau's IAS Study Circle, great coaching.

Manish Image

They organise various events to interact with the toppers of previous years so that you can understand how to prepare for these exams at Rau's IAS Study Circle, great coaching.

Ranjot kaur Image
Ranjot kaur

The teachers of the coaching academy has been the most frankly way ever in the coaching academy in there which is an amazing thing at this point and that’s amazing.

Love sharma Image
Love sharma

A very effective institution which has had been there and then the knowledge efficient teachers which are very different from that of others in the coaching academy in there which has had been the best part of the same and that’s amazing.

Yesh Image

The faculty of the coaching academy has had been great and that’s amazing. Focus has been really curated to be converged mainly on the preparation of the exam and then the tactics associated with it been there.

ABHI Image

Very good institute, good faculty, good help section desk and that’s amazing, and some of the other great thing like the good management at the part of this.

Vivek Lakhani Image
Vivek Lakhani

This coaching has had been leaving no stone unturned to shape up for all of our bright careers in the academy which has been there at this point and that’s amazing.

Parminder uppal Image
Parminder uppal

The teachers carefully assess your strength for those exams which you are preparing and weakness and help you work on it.

Mukhtej Image

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared with the course structure for those exams which you are preparing. The structure is explained properly in the class .

Parwinder kaur Image
Parwinder kaur

It is very easy to communicate and clear our doubts. Books are provided by the institute which are designed according to the course structure for those exams which you are preparing.

Maitri Image

Many even wait for the admission in this institute inside this for these kinda exams. The standard over tinside this for these kinda exams is just awesome.

Prakash Image

The Institute is very good inside this for these kinda exams. Faculty has good coverage of all the important topics which will useful for the exams.

Hunar Aggarwal Image
Hunar Aggarwal

I have always liked the materials and classes of this coaching inside this for these kinda exams because their material gives you basic and effective knowledge which is very important.

Sehaj Lamba Image
Sehaj Lamba

Its current affairs and test series materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test series to test their ability and it is of good quality and available at affordable price inside this for these kinda exams.

Seema Image

They cover each topic in such a way that it will be helpful in all levels of preparation inside this for these kinda exams.

Bavita Bansal Image
Bavita Bansal

The teachers carefully assess your strength and weakness and help you work over this area on it over this area.

Rishita Image

A foundation of the coaching as well as a spot wover this area you gets life. They not just train you to be a decent pioneer over this area, however guzzles great characteristics in you for as long as you can remember.

Amanpreet kaur Image
Amanpreet kaur

Since I have had long gone along with it has given me an all the more clear picture of the ideas of maths and science over this area. The educator is exceptionally dedicated and puts in a ton of exertion for the student to exceed expectations .

Sagartamta Image

The instructors of the coaching pursue a student focused over this area encouraging philosophy and their academic practices are profoundly established in qualities.

Niranjan  Prajapat Image
Niranjan Prajapat

The coaching institution has consistently helped me to accomplish my ideal outcomes or far better. I am certain it will be useful for different students similarly over this area.

Pratibha Image

The faculty of the coaching institute is generally excellent over this area and the spot truly agreeable.

Sheetal Image

This coaching centre in here is the best in the city with all the latest technology & high class faculty.

Vicky Image

The teachers of the coaching have taken the responsibility of the coaching students and are really very easy to approach and is a great coaching.

Yudhvir Singh Image
Yudhvir Singh

At this time, the coaching institute, the teachers of the institute come fully prepared with the course and the fee structure of the coaching institutes and is a great coaching.

dinesh bhadu Image
Dinesh bhadu

The faculty here at the coaching institution which have had been amazing patience and answer all your queries. I genuinely thank all my mentors for helping me to the maximum, this is a great academy.


The faculty and the students of the coaching institution are really great especially the management are highly efficient and organised. It is one of the best institutions, this is a great academy.

Sayed I mean hussain Image
Sayed I mean hussain

They have had found us to the resources truly proficient and experienced in this field. They put in the entirety of their procedures to handle the examination they have done an amazing job.

mandeep Image

It has a group of the institute which guarantee the fulfilment of the schedule, of the study material and the notes which is a great thing, and the directing tests as to often as possible.

shreya keshwar Image
Shreya keshwar

This is one of the best coaching institution which has been a one-stop answer for the issues identified with the IAS Mains examinations which has been great.

Ashwani Kumar yadav Image
Ashwani Kumar yadav

The best part is that we are listened here which is a brilliant thing for it and this is what really matters in this coaching academy, out there in it.

Liza diwakar Image
Liza diwakar

There are no misdirections in the coaching institute like it has had been there given like the other coaching which is a brilliant thing for it. The syllabus is just not covered, but covered with the efficieny.

Akshaykirti Image

If you ever hear a negative review about this coaching which is a brilliant thing for it, you can be relaxed that this one is the best coaching institute currently present in here in this town and this is a great point.

Abhishek Kumar Singh Image
Abhishek Kumar Singh

There are the daily update sessions are really very brilliant which is a brilliant thing for it and these are the ones which helps in the growth of the students. Help us to cope up with the GK stuff.

riya dayal Image
Riya dayal

The coaching institute’s strength is the faculty members of the coaching academy which they have had all the way along in there at the same point here at the coaching academy has had been there at this point of the coaching academy.

Hari Image

The fact is that all the thing s in the coaching institution are being going well and I don’t expect anything more about the thing sin this coaching institution at the same time of the coaching.

Arvind Image

About the rest of the things which I have had heard about this coaching institute, I believe that the coaching does an amazing job right here at this point of the coaching institute.

ram Image

If you want to hear my suggestion then by my suggestion it is the finest institution for the preparation of CDS, BANK and SSC.

Kamlesh Image

The study materials are totally unique and are created by their very own staff, in-house.

Anurag singh Image
Anurag singh

Learning has never been my best suit but this institute made me curious and makes learning a pivotal part of my life. Thank you for the all great fun as well as coaching

Prerna Gunjan Image
Prerna Gunjan

3 words to describe them: Excellent, Excellent, Excellent all I can say

Shivam Image

This IAS Academy has effectively prepared wannabes for over 10 years by influencing them to understand altogether the whole schedule and is a standout amongst the best for common administrations examination arrangements.

Aditi Image

The coursework is completely talked about with the students which make the study procedure clear.

brijesh Image

The instructors here have been a consistent supporter. They direct accommodating sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Mayank Image

Their sham tests would help you a great deal. They furnished us with preparing workshops which mixed us a ton.

vijay Image

They have a better than average module yet I will say staff itself was adequate.

bharti Image

Its present endeavors and test game plan materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test course of action to test their ability and it is of good quality and open at a moderate expense. Its present endeavors and test game plan materials are the best and lakhs of students apply for its test course of action to test their ability and it is of good quality and open at a moderate expense.

Gurkirat Image

The test series is also very famous amongst aspirants, notorious for being extremely tough and challenging.

Varundeep kaur Image
Varundeep kaur

Awesome place. Awesome atmosphere. Awesome teaching friendly environment. I had not been disappointed. Good learning and good experience. U would enjoy the whole journey. Just join here.

Abhishek Image

The classes are organized and they manage the students very well while serving them for the price they charge.

Pawan Kumar Image
Pawan Kumar

The course is for around a year and a half. They motivate students at each step and help them to overcome their weaknesses.

Shivang Dua Image
Shivang Dua

The association is commonly astounding getting ready for the centered test. The association has put in a bundle of undertakings to gather an establishment with such uncommon learning, motivation, and experience.

Aashu Image

Phenomenal learning condition. Remarkable Faculties coordination in broad and the officials support in every one of the ways to deal with surpass desires the students.

Sidak Image

The foundation has a remarkable point which is the preparation test for us. I think this is the incredible motivation behind this association.

Anita Image

Personal consideration was given to each and customary assessment was done at the foundation denoting the focuses to be improved.

Sagar chauhan Image
Sagar chauhan

To accomplish a huge dream like this it is vital to pick the best direction moreover. The system of this establishment is exceptional and rearranged in nature.

Pallavi Image

It gives the free session of the yearly toppers and study material to every one of it gets to. In general, it's the best foundation for test prep.

komal Image

This association gives theoretical learning just as trains for social occasion talks, interviews. The establishment has an incredible arranged course structure.

Prabhat Image

This is a standout amongst the best establishment for common administration test prep. The personnel is extremely agreeable and experienced.

Sanidhaya Image

The coursework is thoroughly discussed with the students which makes the study process clear.

Abhya Image

It's an extraordinary advance ahead for students and everybody whoever is related to such a dynamic institution. I feel glad to be a piece of it.

Palak sharma Image
Palak sharma

Thousands of students all over India come here to take coaching for IAS preparation from the best faculties.

pawan Image

The teachers keep on motivating students to work harder and to add up introduce various activities that would help us to boost our morale.

parminder singh Image
Parminder singh

Doubt clearing sessions was a disaster as a single teacher could not explain doubts to all students.

Tarun Image

This is the best institute. They provide personality development classes before and after the NEET exam.

sultan singh Image
Sultan singh

Great personal attention and doubt clearing classes are provided to the students. Excellent individual monitoring and analysis on learning.

Arshdeep Kaur Bajwa Image
Arshdeep Kaur Bajwa

Colossal brand in ias coaching, they have the famous names in their faculty.

purnit kaur Image
Purnit kaur

This is the best coaching institute for Civil services in New Delhi. They are the true professionals and they bring out the best results from the students.

mehak Image

Students are helped to focus and take seriously the coaching for the entire course. They help to improve the overall development of the peer. They are surely the best and everyone should go for them for ias coaching.

Shantanu Image

Overall a front runner in ias coaching market in the city. Ultimate faculty teaches here and make the way easy for students to achieve their goals in their journey.

Mansi Gupta Image
Mansi Gupta

End place for those who want to be civil officers, they have you can say magic or something and they make the students clear the exam easily. They make students at ease and help them to work in pace and imbibe lots and lots of stuff to increase your knowledge.

Seema Image

Students are regularly kept motivated to work extra hard and grow with pace to match with the competition level. They are undoubtedly the best civil services coaching institute.

kapil Image

 Nice institute with superb faculty and student-friendly habitat for learning and getting trained enough to crack the examinations.

tanvi Image

There is a very positive response for rau's in the ias coaching arena in the regions. Their name attracts the students and no introduction is ever required.

Anju Image

Very enjoyable studying environment prevails in the campus, discipline, and punctuality is made habitual to all, even the same rules apply for the staff. Great management.

Arsh Image

It is the best place for civils coaching for the state as well as center exams. The faculty is exceptional and they motivate and guide the students over the line with the experience and talent they possess.

Bavneet Image

The mentors are level excellent, they have everything versed well and they teach really well in their subjects. Proper counseling is done regularly to keep a check on progress and track on students.

tanu Image

The best IAS preparations are given here. rau's ias have made a mark in the crowd and they are now such a successful and familiar name in the students.

mumtaz Image

Tutors are very helpful for your civil services coaching, the perfect gurus to lead you to become civil servants for the nation.

Ardhya Image

Nice coaching academy, number of friends recommended RAU'S to me when I was looking for a good as coaching institute.

Ishita Image

This is surely the best institute I have ever been in...the teachers here are Godly gifted and they lead them to success with their guidance and blessings.

ushim Image

The ambiance is fantastic, coaching is given by the prime names prevailing in the market for so long. Was so happy after clearing the IAS exam, with their support and guidance.

vaibhavi Image

This is the best civil service preparation academy, they have renowned faculty having years of teaching experience in this field. They are the all that a candidate needs to successfully clear the IAS exam.

Khushman Image

The faculty of the academy is awesome, all the teachers are extraordinary and smart. The handle the classes very well and guide the students in the right direction. Personality development is another aspect which is polished in the students, time to time different activities are held by the academy.

Priyesh singh Image
Priyesh singh

I think students aspiring to become civil servants, need not ponder anywhere .rau's is the best IAS coaching institute in the region.

sagar Image

Want to thank the whole team of Rau's academy for the wholehearted support and guidance, preparing me for the IAS exam.

sahiba Image

Truly it is one of the best coaching centers in Delhi. Up to date study material and regular tests, building confidence in the lads to reach the destination.

reetika Image

 If you have aspirations to be an IAS officer in life, then this is the place you want to be in. Good Luck.

Vishal Image

Classy faculty, who motivated and imbibed trust in me that I can clear the IAS exam, and lead me to the victory, for me this is the best place.

parneet Image

This institute is the best when it comes to IAS or PCS coaching in Delhi. The study is to the point, precise and sufficiently covered both for pre and mains. Well experienced teachers...highly recommended.

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