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Mahendra Coaching Building Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
Banking --- - 35000/-
SSC --- - 35000/-
SSC --- - 35000/-
Railway --- - 35000/-
CAT --- - 35000/-
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About Mahendra Coaching Building

Mahendra Coaching Building Lucknow with a mission to provide quality guidance and personality development coaching to students, this institute has been serving people for a long. The institute is solely dedicated to entrance exam preparation, leaving it with ample time to focus on just one type of entrance examination. A lot of emphases are given to ensure that students learn how to handle stress rather than rendering long usual lectures in classrooms.  Mahendra Coaching Building Lucknow ensures that students attend special lectures and seminars which are a regular feature here. One can always expect assistance from his faculty members. With a high level of average experience, the faculty is well versed with the ins and outs of the exams. The interview preparation team is known as one of the best teams in the city. The fee is affordable or we could say, at par with other institutes giving the same type of coaching. The faculty members also render indispensable services by assuring each student their share of success. Even though this place is quite new in town, it has still done a good job in the coaching industry. With numerous courses under your umbrella, you can surely check out those that cater to your needs in the best way.

Mahendra Coaching Building Lucknow iligant work and the dedication of the accomplished staff have driven the route to its prosperity. The expense is very reasonable. The foundation offers different projects to the aspirants and there is no bias ness with regards to the nature of instructing. The institution readies the students for different meetings. 

Mahendra Coaching Building Lucknow is furnished with all the essential assets and aptitudes. We mastermind different exchange sessions where the students can examine their questions and improve their concept. We additionally offer to deride tests which are a rich blend of simple and specialized inquiries. We likewise give restrictive traps and tips to different selection tests. The staff is experienced and very much refreshed with their fields. 

The institute gives fastidiously arranged examination material and class sessions to improve their insight. The staff here is an amalgamation of rich scholarly experience and additionally enormous learning. They give internet instruction to different selection tests. The mission is the utilization of information through appropriate learning and teaching research-situated mentality. Remembering that every understudy is unique concerning the next and has distinctive prerequisites, the foundation is putting forth an extensive variety of decisions that are customized to suit his needs.

Mahendra Coaching Building Lucknow provides proper test papers and has resources that are beneficial for the candidate and helpful for drilling their brain to crack these competitive exams. We try to build a strong 'support line' between the student and the institute. We aim at creating a classroom, not a seminar room because the dialogue is more effective than a monologue. Every question in such exams require tricks to solve quickly, we have experienced faculty who would help our students to understand these tricks. The faculty is easily approachable and helpful. The involvement of students is very important to make the concept clearer. 

The academy also notifies the students regarding various exam dates and the syllabus to be covered. With technology-enabled systems as well as high-quality teaching, the focus is on staying committed towards its goal. The hard work put in by the faculty and the students are visible through the results of the students. These exams are to be attempted within a time limit, the student must be quick with the solutions to attain good results. We work together to build a healthy environment and make our students comfortable.

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Mahendra Coaching Building Reviews

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Kumar Animesh Image
Kumar Animesh

They additionally have great framework inside this amazingly institute. The organization likewise arranges some excitement programs for students so they can invigorate their psyches between studies. As I would see it's a decent foundation.

Anjali Image

Though the expenses at the foundation probably won't be reasonable however every one must go to the test arrangement which is in reality supportive to the student inside this amazingly institute.

Shalini Image

They need every single student to be fruitful and have the capacity to accomplish their fantasies inside this amazingly institute.

Kranti Rangrao Shinde Image
Kranti Rangrao Shinde

Career advocates are constantly accessible in foundation, so that on the off chance that you have any further inquiries identified with your course and test for clearing it inside this amazingly institute.

Raj Image

As there here at this academically great centre are small batches here here at this academically great centre, personal attention is provided to every student.

Sk kumar Image
Sk kumar

Always prepared to help at whatever point required be it an issue with any inquiry or some other issue inside this amazingly institute.

Sayali Deepak Zemse Image
Sayali Deepak Zemse

High quality study materials, superb test series, best results which is really very amazing here here at this academically great centre.

Govind kumar suwalka Image
Govind kumar suwalka

Teaches very effective which is really very amazing here here at this academically great centre. Tries to bring the student's understanding from very basic level.

Gagandeep Kaur Image
Gagandeep Kaur

Trainer was superb which is really very amazing here here at this academically great centre. Real time case studies presentations was too good. I highly recommend to all prep students.

Mukesh Gurjar Image
Mukesh Gurjar

Every student is treated individually that's why class strength in exams like these is kept to be limited. Really a great place to learn in the coaching academy.

Dr Krishna gadri Image
Dr Krishna gadri

  If you will work hard then this is a best Institute for you. Consequently you will be able to achieve your dream in exams like these

Parmod Kumar Image
Parmod Kumar

Teachers of each and every subject are very supportive and motivating which is really very amazing and keeps you engaged in some way or other here here at this academically great centre.

Shashikant mathur Image
Shashikant mathur

 This institute has changed my life in this coaching which has had been there at this coaching which was out there in the town. It was worth investing. I have cleared my exam in first attempt in exams like these.

Jasleen kaur Image
Jasleen kaur

 The Mocks were identical to the actual exams in the country in terms of structure, difficulty, and types of questions in exams like these.

vinay Image

The regular seminars of the coaching institutions which as well as then the revision module help a lot in preparation. The practice papers help in getting a competitive analysis which guides in improving performance in exams like these.

Vaibhav Agham Image
Vaibhav Agham

It has been a pleasure learning which is something great about this coaching here. Thank you for your guidance.

sirjan baskey Image
Sirjan baskey

This was my third time preparing for exam which is something great about this coaching here. I am very glad I took coaching here and could appear in for exam in such confidence.

Pradeep Kumar Image
Pradeep Kumar

Once I joined the coaching they leave no stone unturned and guide in the best manner possible which is something great about this coaching here.

Dr Ruchi Shukla Image
Dr Ruchi Shukla

Got to learn A lot from this coaching very happy to have joined these classes which is something great about this coaching here.

Abhishek Image

Very nice place to boost confidence and improve communication skills which is something great about this coaching here. I got alot of boost for my day to day life.

Inderjit Singh Image
Inderjit Singh

I am very pleased to have been selected to study at this lovely coaching which is something great about this coaching here. It has been a great decision on my part to have had classes from here.

Jitendra Image

The weekly test is a great idea for students to clear doubts which is something great about this coaching here.

Amandeep kaur Image
Amandeep kaur

The attitude of teachers towards us was friendly and highly practical in their approach which is something great about this coaching here.

Kuljeet Image

For some students with great intelligence level can grow more at the institute at this place at Mahendra Coaching Building here. as the faculty focuses on them more but I have seen many with low intelligence level but doing great here.

Naresh Watwani Image
Naresh Watwani

The institute as in this exam here is very good preparation for competitive exam.

Dayal joshi Image
Dayal joshi

The institute is not a very good choice as per my experience as in this exam here as I saw that the staff showed bad behaviour and made decisions based on personal bias!

Aditya Kumar Image
Aditya Kumar

It is the best way for getting the done job as in this exam here. Their branch is situated in major cities in India.

Akshata Image

This institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completion as in this exam here.


I strongly suggest every aspirant and student as in this exam here to join them for getting best coaching.

Ganesh phutane Image
Ganesh phutane

They have had provided the proper guidance, relevant study material for these type of exams, practice tests and motivational sessions which has been great Its convenient for these type of exams

Shyam Kumar Image
Shyam Kumar

With a strong group of academicians and research researchers helping students concerning study material, they are constantly accessible to clear up questions and here at this academically great centre in here.

Riya Image

They lead workshops and courses routinely to support the students with their arrangements and here at this academically great centre in here.

Navyugta Image

It includes an organized timetable inside which it expects to finish the schedule for the fundamental and primary examinations and here at this academically great centre in here.

poonam Image

All the charges structures, their highlights have been clarified legitimately. I have as of late joined the Test arrangement from the App on the web and here at this academically great centre in here.

Sohan Poonia Image
Sohan Poonia

Their achievement can be ascribed profoundly embodiment of the course they are giving which disposes of all the apparent shortcomings of other training focuses and here at this academically great centre in here.

Girisha Image

The establishment is extraordinary and the structure is also lovely so it’s amazing. The homerooms are specially furnished at Mahendra Coaching Building located around at. The staff in the foundation is exceptionally experienced. The students are also pleasant.

Zaheee Image

I was trying for a Job from Past 5 Years and couldn’t able to get. This institute helps in all the ways and give a huge opportunity to do something in life. I m glad to be the part of it inside this for these kinda exams around.

Megha kohli Image
Megha kohli

They want each and every student to be successful and be able to achieve their dreams inside this for these kinda exams around.

Tony Chandel Image
Tony Chandel

High quality study materials are being provided along with the, superb test series, best results in this examination around here.

Mahendra helot Image
Mahendra helot

Teaches of the academy has had been very very effective in this examination around here. Tries to bring the student's understanding from very basic level.


It was sincerely a great experience at this coaching institution in this examination around here. Here at this coaching you not only improve your personality and the other things but then, also it enhance your capability and help you to explore your multidimensional approach to any challenge so that you understand the life of the coaching institutions.

Ritiksharma Image

Teachers of each and every of the subject are very supportive in this examination around here and then even motivating and keeps you engaged in some way or other in this coaching institution..

Jasmeen kaur Image
Jasmeen kaur

Trainer was superb in this coaching intuition which have had been here. Real time case studies presentations was too good in this examination around here. I highly recommend to all the prep students.

Priyanka Image

Missing even a singular location can cost a lot so it’s amazing. Their online prep courses are extraordinarily beneficial and extraordinary at Mahendra Coaching Building located around at. The staff is exceedingly experienced and has been in the business for the latest 20 years.

Sanjana Jindal Image
Sanjana Jindal

They administrate extraordinarily so it’s amazing. All are in actuality well request and proficient. All staff is planning at Mahendra Coaching Building located around at.

Riya gupta Image
Riya gupta

Im happy to be a student here and sure about the successful results in this particular institution.

Ankit pathak Image
Ankit pathak

This is best place for competition exams in this particular institution. All the teachers and teaching methods are amazing.

Rana Shubham Image
Rana Shubham

I have taken classes from many other institutions but my experience has been one of the best and its great job done by this institution. Very happy for what I have learned here.

Bhaskar srivastav Image
Bhaskar srivastav

It has been a pleasure learning and its great job done by this institution. Thank you for your guidance.

Anisha Tiwary Image
Anisha Tiwary

I am very happy to have joined here. Classes were usually organised well and its great job done by this institution. Teachers are very perticular with time though.

Nishil Patel Image
Nishil Patel

Amazing Institute with the best infrastructure in town and its great job done by this institution. They have an amazing set of people to guide you through.

Saumya Srivastava Image
Saumya Srivastava

The coaching is known for its quality education system and study material in this coaching institution, experienced faculty, and detailed explanations on all matters concerned at Mahendra Coaching Building around this city herein.


The concepts are taught with tricks helping us to solve them quickly being at this place here.

Rakesh beniwal Image
Rakesh beniwal

Timely completion of the syllabus, doubt class session, the test series were really really helped me a lot to prepare for my exam, this is a in at here.

Vanshika Nayyar Image
Vanshika Nayyar

Choosing this institute to prepare being at this place here. It is one of the most difficult exams and the institute has helped me overcome my fear.

Shankar lal verma Image
Shankar lal verma

The tests conduct help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put being at this place here.

Suresh Image

The staff is highly experienced being at this place here and have been in the business for last 20 years.

Atter kumar Image
Atter kumar

The preparation of these exams has never been so much of the cakewalk. It turned out very well with help of this institute. Each and every aspect of the institute is properly designed here in this institute .

Anjali Rajput Image
Anjali Rajput

Nice coaching module and instructive teachers here in this institute . Shaped my education for these types of the the coaching institution.

Yash deep Image
Yash deep

The exams’ syllabus of the coaching institution has been a long one. This coaching centre not only prepares the whole syllabus on time but gives you a very practical approach on how these types of the exams should be attempted here in this institute .

Shoaib mehboob sayyed Image
Shoaib mehboob sayyed

I chose this coaching institution because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful here in this institute .

Anu Image

The coaching institute in examinations like these creates a timetable and then takes regular assessments.


This coaching provides us with the facility in examinations like these like none of any other institutions provide.

Khushi mangal Image
Khushi mangal

I was here in an intermediate batch when I had prepared in examinations like these for the exams. The institute has always been ventilated and the spacious rooms.

Gouramma Kattimani Image
Gouramma Kattimani

Many students of the other batches to come to attend a few classes in examinations like these of ours because it allows us to.

Deepak Image

The teachers teach to believe in our own goals for these exams at Mahendra Coaching Building which is a great institute. The teachers motivate us until we set a definite target.

Ruchi goyal Image
Ruchi goyal

Environment of classes is brilliant for these exams at Mahendra Coaching Building which is a great institute. The teachers of the institute are very helpful and build a healthy study environment.

Sanjay Image

The teachers of the coaching institute teaches us the new tricks and the different ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved for these exams at Mahendra Coaching Building which is a great institute.

Sangeeta Yadav Image
Sangeeta Yadav

The staff and the officials at the association are outstandingly chosen so its amazing inside Mahendra Coaching Building is great. The study material is so definitely organized.

Kaustubh Desai Image
Kaustubh Desai

The instructors don't cling to a lone source so its amazing inside Mahendra Coaching Building is great. They aggregate materials from various sources and give the best information.

Gagandeep singh Image
Gagandeep singh

The over here in this coaching in the town has specialist teachers for different subjects who focus on teaching the concepts in such a way that students are able to apply them and eliminate the options to arrive at the right answers, this is a inside this institution.

Saloni Image

Teachers are very supportive and motivate you each and every day to achieve your goal great place though.

deepak ghai Image
Deepak ghai

The teaching faculty was so good and hi-tech mikes were used so that students are able to listen to the teachers great place though.

abhishek verma Image
Abhishek verma

There are many teachers appointed to clear your doubts which in itself a very good thing great place though.

Dipti Gupta Image
Dipti Gupta

The teaching here is totally based on practical life. It has a great teaching team that teaches well to every individual great place though.

Badal kumar Image
Badal kumar

Starting from faculty, all the teachers are very knowledgeable plus for these kind of exams in Mahendra Coaching Building around here the way they teach topics is pure great plus with time you get access to their site which has enormous useful content.

Himanshu Gupta Image
Himanshu Gupta

Personal attention is to be given to the classes Its convenient in here with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great practice here which is a great thing around.

Sanketh C A Image
Sanketh C A

Personal attention is to be given to the classes Its convenient in here at this coaching centre with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great over here practice here for these courses for these exams.

Mayank Image

A nice institution which provides a calm ad quite environment for studies which is great about this institute.


The charges structure is very moderate and the organization gives grants. This is the best activity an organization takes looking great so far.

Diya sharma Image
Diya sharma

At the time of the exams. This coaching co-operates with us and we can ask doubts anytime we want at Mahendra Coaching Building around this city.

Rahul girdher Image
Rahul girdher

The study material in the coaching is the best and daily test series is also more important in great institute for these courses.

Munfaid khan Image
Munfaid khan

The finest, The Best, The best classrooms best faculty best environment For studies highly recommend in this great institute.


The coaching has have an excellent coaching material for this institute here which is provided to all our students, which has had been serving which has been great as the supplement to the classroom teaching and then enabling for the students to keep in touch with what has had been being taught in the class and then practice questions in which it was there.

Niyati Image

Study material is what awes me. Everything is systematic right in their coaching module, revision exercises and test series and that’s extraordinarily great.

Preeti Image

The faculty of the Mahendra Coaching Building has the best environment has had been really very experienced and knowledgeable. They have had been keeping their lessons for the effective and engaging.


Excellent individual consideration classes with incorporated test arrangement for the study environment. Test arrangement depends on the genuine test design giving an understanding to the students.

Naveen gautam Image
Naveen gautam

The course fee is economical for the study environment like this as compared to other Institutes.

Anup patel Image
Anup patel

Choosing an institution for these exams was one of my main dilemmas inside this beautiful culture. Thank god I came with this institution at the coaching.

Aaditya Image

These institutions mostly have various branches in different cities and all have different faculty and Quality of education at Mahendra Coaching Building and its brilliantly fine.

Harman Image

If you come across any kind of the difficulty which has had been a great thing, this coaching institute would do so in no time around the study ambience. I believe that this coaching is the best out of every other coaching present around.

Anchal Sharma Image
Anchal Sharma

The faculty here is very good and brilliant in the brilliant coaching is this been here at this point.

Yashpal Singh Image
Yashpal Singh

Faculty members of the coaching academy are really very brilliant here around this environment. It is a way to show that the coaching takes a great care of the students.

Anuja Jadhav Image
Anuja Jadhav

The staff and administration puts in consistent support here around this institution and they took an average student like me to a great level.

Rizvi rai Image
Rizvi rai

Best coaching institute I have studied in so far in this coaching academy at this environment here as seen so far in here,

Arun Image

Missing even a single lecture can cost a lot and this is a great thing here around this environment.

shivam Image

The students are allowed a chance to confront the focused for this study environment world through the different competitive tests and exercises of the coaching institute.

Aman raj Image
Aman raj

Online home test practice is stunning around this coaching institution hereat. They in like manner train the students for gatherings. They give personality improvement.

Vinod Patidar Image
Vinod Patidar

The teacher specifies on the particular topics how to deal with being at this place. This makes it easy for us to understand the exam pattern and prepare accordingly good study coaching.

Mohd Alam Image
Mohd Alam

This institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completionfor this course all around here.

Nileksh Image

They teach us new tricks and ways to solve questions quickly so that our time could be saved for the time being here.

Lakhu Image

They found the faculties very knowledgeable and experienced in this field for Mahendra Coaching Building which is something great. They put in all their strategies to tackle the examination.

Priya Kishor Kale Image
Priya Kishor Kale

There are things like the exams’ prepared notes which helps the students to the best part for thisfor the amazing course for this exam institute in there at the same point which is amazing thing it’s been great.

Ransíngh adhana Image
Ransíngh adhana

In this institute, the study material, the entire set of the chapters are given in the sequence that it is very easy to readin Mahendra Coaching Building with good teachers.

Sunny singh Image
Sunny singh

No doubt in my mind they are the best at training young aspiring minds this institute is great for this. I thought at first it will be really hard course but staff here helped me immensely to gain confidence and trust in my abilities.

Vivek Ojha Image
Vivek Ojha

The teachers are very experienced and the way of teaching for these complex exams is pretty good in this course institute. Helps a student to develop his/her right from the base level of a subject.

Nikhil Image

The study material given by this coaching centrein Mahendra Coaching Building with great teachers located here is very helpful in the preparation of exams.

Komal rathore Image
Komal rathore

The result produced by the institute every year around this great teaching culture stands as testimony to their skill , expertise, efficiency and competency .

Rakhi Image

Thank you for all your effortsat Mahendra Coaching Building is a good institute. Teachers are very good and motivated especially these exams requires every bit of grind you can give.


Teachers are outstandingthis institute is great for this examination. If you are looking for a unique institute this is the best place for you.

Himanshu malhotra Image
Himanshu malhotra

The coaching institute has been a great and foundation is additionally nicewhich is something huge about this institute. Every study hall has air conditioner, this was exceptionally decent in summer present in this coaching.

Vivek Image

The staff is in all respects agreeable and supportive for these exams paper. The educators are effectively receptive. The uncertainty clearing sessions are held to clear the ideas.

Madhu ray Image
Madhu ray

The teaching was a great blend of theoretical and practical knowledge this coaching has some great culture. I have never seen an institution so involved with students.

Sweety Image

It is the best way for getting the job done. Their branch are situated in major cities in India in this institute which is perfect.

Rajan singh gautam Image
Rajan singh gautam

The best thing about the very essential being of the notes is that the questions for fathoming harps on issues outside the material likewise, with the goal that it makes you think huge things here.

Sachin Image

This coaching institution encourages you to gain proficiency with the genuine fundamental ideas in an exceptionally unpredictable manner in Mahendra Coaching Building for here.

Utkarsha Khadse Image
Utkarsha Khadse

Very good classes are held by the institution and also they provide required study material which is really helpful Mahendra Coaching Building has the best part as a coaching.

Rajendra prajapati Image
Rajendra prajapati

The educators keep animating students to work for this coaching centre in this city all the more persistently and to incorporate present diverse activities that would help us with boosting our soul.


Their study material and quality of teaching is according to my assessment which is very amazing the best in the town for this teaching strategy here.

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