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Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
Diploma in Cabin Crew Services & Hospitality Management --- - 90000/-
Airport Ground Services (Airport Management) --- - 35000/-
Pilot Training (Commercial Pilot Licence) --- - 35000/-
Air Ticketing & Travel Management --- - 35000/-
Air Hostess --- 6 Mo 89000/-
Air Hostess --- 1 Yr 125000/-
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About Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA )

For millions of students who aspire to have an eminent career in air hostess/cabin crew/pilot jobs and thinks of the world a fascinating place and always wonder or amaze at the thought of traveling the world, Indira Gandhi Institue of Aeronautics(IGIA) is giving hope and wings to those dreams. Located in Chandigarh, IGIA has done an immense work in the aviation sector. 

A mammoth aviation training institute in Chandigarh which has in the past as well as now shaping the career prospects of many aviation enthusiasts. Also, as a result of their immense work, they have forged out a comfortable and commendable position in the aviation training industry. 

Therefore reaping the benefits of it by being a leading aviation training institute in Chandigarh as well as in India. Much because of their past and current work, they have gone one level ahead in comparison to other aviation training institutes in Chandigarh by going for international training and setting the benchmarks for aviation training in Chandigarh. Their aviation training programmes consist of wide varieties such as Hospitality & travel management, pilot programmes etc. Also, you can read the testimonies of their formal pupils and how IGIA helps them accomplishing their goals and objectives.

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Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) Reviews

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Sachin broka Image
Sachin broka

This institute, according to me, has now become one of the best coaching institutes for medical entrances exams inside this amazingly institute around.

Aman Raj Image
Aman Raj

Everything has been changed since the day I've joined this foundation at this amazing coaching institute. Straightforward assessment material Great studies with this institute around, standard test plans have impelled to score well.

Priyansh Kumar Image
Priyansh Kumar

You can understand everything really easily as they teach Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) it’s a good institute for studies located here the tricks and the tips to solve the questions provided by the coaching institutes.

pranay jain Image
Pranay jain

My friend has had gonet there and after four years he came back and give him a statement about academic programs to there yes that is very inspiring and the rule of academic there is very strict and it is mandatory for all candidate there to obey them for the examination teachers present here at this institute.

Mayank Singh Image
Mayank Singh

.This institute is quiet famous for its contemporary approach of each prospective of subject for this course all here. They deals every topic correlates with the current happenings.

Hadnain Image

They have had conducted the tests which improved my speed of question solving which is brilliant and great for Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) present here for. The tests include all important questions and numerical skills that are essential tools to clear the exam.

Manmohan parashar Image
Manmohan parashar

The teachers and staff are very cooperative and supportive with proper teaching for every course’s great pleasure to study in this institution great institution for thisthis institute is too good.

Vishal Singh Image
Vishal Singh

This Exam is a very scoring subject if taken into accordation, but it really demands proper attention with consistencyIndira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) has a good studying aura. The faculty trains us for all these things.

Mano Image

That is some great environment for around this institution

Ruchi Gupta Image
Ruchi Gupta

Doubts? Test series? Extra classes? Backup classes? Not a problem at all in this coaching institute. This is because of the fact that the coaching institute provides the best facilities to the studentshere inside this institute.

Jatin Image

You may find yourself at the best point when you take admissionhere inside this institute in this coaching since you would think that you would learn each and everything which shall be learned.

Vinod Choudhary Image
Vinod Choudhary

It has a team of focused faculty that ensure the completion of syllabusfor the centre of this coaching, delivery of study material and notes, and conducting tests frequently.

Sakshi singh Image
Sakshi singh

Its is generally excellent decision for who is planning for these exam in here.I considered in this instructing place for 8 months and I felt exceptionally glad to studythis coaching is good for this.

Sony Kumari Image
Sony Kumari

The institute hires the best teachers and they taught you in the best way with the best materialin Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) which is a great institute.

Madhu Image

Great is the team to assist you in every step of the way at this great institute for this level; Approachable and very helpful for these exams.

Neha Image

The students in the coaching are like orientations inside this amazingly institute around.

Vaibhav Mittal Image
Vaibhav Mittal

The lectures from the experts instructors in the academic institute has had given us a tremendous boost to my preparation in the institute.The videos were really clear and easy to understand, this is a great academic institute.They really saved my time and I was able to deal with both my job and bank exam preparation.

Janhavi Image

Every class didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only being here and the fourth one doesn’t start also which is good at this institute around.

Jiya. Jain Image
Jiya. Jain

When I joined the coaching, faculty said the course duration being here is four month but course did not complete which is good at this institute around.

Dinesh kumar Image
Dinesh kumar

They clears doubts of every student and classes are regular which is good at this institute around being here. Every single topic is covered by the faculty. The teachers provide study material which is relevant.

Girraj singhal Image
Girraj singhal

Faculties in the coaching institution were and are always ready to clear our doubts with zest and zeal at Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) around this city.

Lovepreet Image

Best Coaching institution is this one with best of the faculties and best personal monitoring. A place where students can find the right solution and right mentor in the coaching at Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) around this city.

thakur Image

The staff is highly experienced here at this academic centre and have been in the business for last 20 years.

Bhupinder Image

They leave no single topic from the syllabus here at this academic centre.

Shriya Kwatra Image
Shriya Kwatra

I believe that this coaching completes the basics of the engineering which students take around 4 years probably the best coaching in here to learn in this coaching academy which has had been there around in here at this coaching.

Sahil Makkar Image
Sahil Makkar

Best faculty of the city resides in this coaching. is it’s the best feature. Faculty takes on everything in a good care of their student in Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) and its good. Presence of the mentors makes person confident enough to take on the things.

Harshit dhaka Image
Harshit dhaka

The teaching administration of the institute in Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics ( IGIA ) and its good located hereis quite unique in its own way.

Punjabi boys Image
Punjabi boys

The overrall experience are very good the teachers are very good and i like test series and i like teachers behave and he was very experience teachers and i like its

The all teachers are good what I like it's 3 teachers it was very helpful and his behave is very good

Study Material
Yes the all study material are good and teacher are help in study and she was help solve hard question

Test series
The test series quality is very hard and i like the solve hard question and the teachers are help in tuff test series

Faculties: 4/5
Study Material: 5/5
Test series: 4/5

Saket bihari singh Image
Saket bihari singh

The best thing inside this place is that you will get the complete schedule of sessions everytime inside this place.

Shweta Image

They gave every one of the reports with respect to the tests and train in like manner in this academic institute institute. The personnel endeavors to bring each student. It ordinary training focus with a remarkable instructing philosophy.

Pratibha malviya Image
Pratibha malviya

This institute is just unbeatable in all standards and parameters of education all the mentor are highly skilled and talented it was my personal experience all mentor are very helpful in this academic institute.

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