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About IIASM Training & Consultancy Services

IIASM Training & Consultancy Services is set up at Shakarpur, South East Delhi. The institute aims at Concept Centered educating to improve your coherent and logical reasoning, Involvement of most recent procedures for theoretical about the theme. The vision of the academy is to achieve excellence in its training programme by employing the best-experienced staff and helping the students to work on their dreams and make them come true. IIASM Training and Consultancy is set with the sole motto to help, train and guide the dedicated, interested and eligible youths in a manner that they become capable of achieving their dreams. The institute believes in the professional direction as well as result oriented mentoring. A total merger of the investigation centered inputs as well as information, the teaching techniques enables understudies to clear their essential ideas instantly. The equivalent is enhanced by high review contemplate material intended to supply to the scholastic needs of the understudies. We train our students to split exams which are not just tricky but difficult to clear. The faculty gives careful consideration of each and every child and prepares best course material.

Courses offered:

  • IBPS
  • UPSC
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IIASM Training & Consultancy Services Reviews

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simarjeet kaur Image
Simarjeet kaur

I believe that this for these exams for these courses completes the basics of the subjects which students take around great years to learn in this for these exams for these coursesit’s been great

Manish Image

The subject class is my one of the favourite class in thisfor these exams for these courses institutionit’s been great.


This for these exams for these courses is an amazing for these exams for these courses for the students who wants to prepare best for their exams and it’s been great.

Divya Thakur Image
Divya Thakur

There are possibilities that you would have to come across many of the things which you would have to be there for these exams for these courses


The teachers of the for these exams for these courses are really brilliant in teaching the subjects of the such exams like this oneit’s been great.

Aryan Avinash Waghmare Image
Aryan Avinash Waghmare

This coaching is one of the best coaching for that exam as far as I have seen in this town over this place.

Mohd. Mukim Image
Mohd. Mukim

They provide excellent coaching is this one in a very friendly environment which makes learning interesting at this coaching academy in this town already been there and that’s amazing.

Anuj kumar Image
Anuj kumar

Teaching methods and the Experienced faculty has had been there and then making the institution different from all of the other competitors in this field in this town and that’s amazing.

Lakhwinder singh Image
Lakhwinder singh

Some teachers of this institute are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts for these exams as others at IIASM Training & Consultancy Services in this area.

Manpreet Kaur Image
Manpreet Kaur

I strongly suggest every aspirant and student to join them for getting best coaching which is great stuff here at this institute being here.

A Manjula Image
A Manjula

This coaching institute has placed a special grit in my heart for these exams and has motivated me to work harder every day at IIASM Training & Consultancy Services in this area. The study material of the coaching is well created and the concepts are very well explained.

Anmol Multani Image
Anmol Multani

This institute is very excellent in providing education in the field of completion which is great stuff here at this institute being here.


Even the teachers did not come on time, most of the lecture time being here used to go waste which is great stuff here at this institute.

Himanshu jain Image
Himanshu jain

Good to be associated with this coaching institute for these kinda exams. Totally awesome teachers never think like teachers very friendly and studies are on another level

Amanpreet Image

Along with teachers, they have one of the best study solutions for the coachings for these kinda exams. Teachers very helping and gives effective lectures

Samrat Kumar Laur Image
Samrat Kumar Laur

They give a special training on ethics before the mains exam which is just mandatory or we can say like one should try kind of classes to be attended for these kinda exams.

Ravindra Kumar Image
Ravindra Kumar

Its branches are present all over India for these kinda exams. It is also good in technology. Faculty members are very cooperative.

Anil kumar Image
Anil kumar

. The learnings from the coaching institute establishment will be with me all through my rest of life over this area.

Ashish joseph Image
Ashish joseph

The staff is very helpful, experienced in this education centre here at this academic institution.

Palak preet kaur Image
Palak preet kaur

It normal coaching centre with a unique teaching methodology in this education centre here at this academic institution.

Ashwani Thapar Image
Ashwani Thapar

The institute has a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams in this education centre here at this academic institution.

Pawan kumar Image
Pawan kumar

This hasn’t been an easy exam to crack in this exam here in this education centre. The efforts put in by both the students and the faculty counts.

Saswat Sahoo Image
Saswat Sahoo

Doubt clearing sessions in the coaching institution are the best in this education centre here at this academic institution.

Navjot kaur Image
Navjot kaur

Highly focused faculty, hand chosen study material, regular tests have led the institute to produce best results in certain exams into here.

Prarthanna Mittal Image
Prarthanna Mittal

Here focus is not only on study, but also on overall development of personality. Epitome of coaching knowledge here into here.

Hanuman Kumawat Image
Hanuman Kumawat

A great institute at national level. Faculty as well as pedagogy is aspirant friendly here into here

Anup jothe Image
Anup jothe

Really helpful staff and up to date study material. Different concept of study circle. I like this study place here into here.

Suchi sharma Image
Suchi sharma

All the teachers are friendly as well as caring and totally dedicated towards helping all the students here into here.

Danielsup Image

The Institute provides teaching in a really good manner here in this education centre. You can understand everything easily as they teach tricks to solve the questions.

Indrayani Yadav Image
Indrayani Yadav

The classrooms are very neat and environmental is good for the preparation of the exams here in this education centre.

Simran marwaha Image
Simran marwaha

They provided books for better results here in this education centre. Fees are not very high. The faculty is highly experienced.

Nirmal iman singh malli Image
Nirmal iman singh malli

The institute is an extremely helpful institution which not only helps in the nourishment of young minds but also helps young brains for selecting a nice career here in this education centre.

Sandeep Singh Image
Sandeep Singh

Coaching has the best faculty- the team of teachers and the benefit is that they arrange extra activities to cheer up students like orientations and more to motivate the students here in this education centre.

Shubhangi pardhi Image
Shubhangi pardhi

The coaching has got the most experienced teachers who are experts in their particular subjects here in this education centre.

Suraj Sharma Image
Suraj Sharma

Test arrangement are phenomenal. The video addresses are demonstrated useful in this exam.

Priyanka shrama Image
Priyanka shrama

The methodology of this foundation is one of a kind and rearranged in nature in this exam. Here u will discover coordinated instructing for all the three phases of the examination.

Shivani Image

We all realize that these exams work has one of the lofty with astonishing employment which numerous students need it yet they don't get much facility in this my view instructing is most vital for this because by training we as a whole catch our with a legitimate way.

imran khan Image
Imran khan

The coaching institute helps in improving the character of the understudy for these kinda exams. They focus towards every single understudy in it.

Vikram Singh Image
Vikram Singh

Their study material of the coaching institute is stacked with best strategies, systems and ideas. The institute gives far reaching study for these kinda exams.

Neha Image

Regular classes, personal attention, and experienced teachers in this academy. I have experienced a good atmosphere. I have learnt and grow. It helped me in my career over this amazing place.

Gaurav. Agrawal Image
Gaurav. Agrawal

Personal attention given to all over this amazing place. One to one interaction sessions are the key.

Dheeraj Image

We learn how to share our view points and faculty are always ready in this academy to help us and boost our morals. I love to be a part of this Institute over this amazing place.

Riki Image

The environment in the Institute is very good to study in this academy and teachers are so much motivating that i gets motivated everyday at my institute over this amazing place.


This is the best institute i have ever come across. Study material in this academy is syllabus oriented over this amazing place. Frequent test papers are conducted. Best and hardworking faculties!

Prabhdeep kaur Image
Prabhdeep kaur

This is an exam where you have to be hyper focused in solving the question and this coaching teaches you that a really brilliant way for the exams.

udit nayyar Image
Udit nayyar

If you think that the coaching institute would increase your skills and help you with the best possible which is amazing thing, then you are to your best and you should do that right here.

Khushboo Image

There is online test series program is one of a kind as this provides the students with the actual exam situation for the exams.

Tanishq Image

The faculties of this coaching institute are fully supportive and they teach in such a way that students will be cleared with their concepts for the exams.

Anuj Image

In most of the other coaching classes, the teachers keep changing very frequently but in here teachers stability ratio is very high for the exams. It becomes very helpful for the student if the same teacher is teaching you for the whole session.

Ankesh Janbandhu Image
Ankesh Janbandhu

I think that this institute have one of the best teachers for the exams. They help the students and also motivate to crack competitive exams which you want to crack.

Shivam kapil Image
Shivam kapil

I have had picked this institute since it structures their own study material to take into account their very own training strategy and the study material is extremely useful for exams.


Math is one of my weakest point since I am not very good from childhood. But this coaching centre has been brilliant and then converts my weakest section into strongest in there for exams.

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