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About Ibt Institute

Every student has an ambition. But they do need to pass some tests to get into the field they desire. They need dedication and determination towards their goal. The competition in the entrances exams has taken hype. It requires high scores to get into the field one wants to. Ibt Institute Allahabad is set up to help our aspirants to fulfil their goal. We believe that their goal is our goal. The institute is enriched with resources and provides knowledge for cracking all the important exams that decide the fate of a student.

We provide quality, overall services and also advise students when stuck or in need of consultancy. The institution has been established with a professional attitude and with a team of highly qualified professionals, as well as a lot of experience, attained from diverse educational and professional backgrounds. These entrance exams are more challenging, different and demanding. So, understanding the need of every individual our experienced faculty puts in efforts to make them clear these exams. The faculty is easily approachable and open to any doubts. The experienced faculty provides proper guidance, directs the student to reduce the obstacles and also aim at attaining results by providing constructive guidelines.

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Ibt Institute Reviews

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Aman tiwary Image
Aman tiwary

It provides its students conceptual clarity and command for those exams which you are preparing around over topics ensuring understanding of even the most difficult topics at this course institute.

Deeksha Vashisht Image
Deeksha Vashisht

Whole environment of coaching was so good and classes were held daily around Ibt Institute which is a great coaching. They help everyone in class time and after the class if anybody is weak in any subject which is being taught here so he can take separate appointment then one faculty teaches you in a separate class around Ibt Institute which is a great coaching.

Naveen Jhajhriya Image
Naveen Jhajhriya

Tutors very respectable and have a neck to keep you mistaking the same mistake till you have learnt it from here in this type of course around. Very fond of their faculty. Thanks a lot

Abhay Image

They have had much better staff then other coaching academies out there in the academy into here in this coaching. They have been better of the furniture and then better environment for the studies in the coaching academy.

Ramji Mishra Image
Ramji Mishra

There are the monthly tests which help you do a lot to analyze your preparation when you take it really very seriously into here in this coaching; this is what that has been making the difference in the coaching institution.

Kuldeep Image

Providing efficacious solutions to the competitors who are going and its good after all around here.

Krishan Batra Image
Krishan Batra

Some parts of the coaching institute which I think the coaching institute strengthens in this type of course around here.

Sakshi Image

Most of the faculty is good and motivating into here in this coaching. Plus point is you can get your doubts cleared from the other teachers too, which will be present at auditorium of the coaching academy in here.

Vaishvi Maheshwari Image
Vaishvi Maheshwari

The education material provided covers the curriculum for the examinations at Ibt Institute located hereafter in about 9-10 months.

Krishnavatar meena Image
Krishnavatar meena

The teachers around this institution area in this coaching tend to make the students around this institution area smart in terms of studying about this coaching which is amazing thing.

Nawal Kumar Image
Nawal Kumar

The institute has had been hiring the best of the teachers and then they have had really taught you in the best way with the best material which has been given to you in the coaching institute into here in this coaching.

Sachin Babasaheb Rajmane Image
Sachin Babasaheb Rajmane

The course is for around a year and a half for these exams particularly. They motivate students at each step and help them to overcome their weaknesses.

Ashok Singh Image
Ashok Singh

Doubt clearing sessions of the institutes are the best. They have had provided good advice to the students and teach each and every concept with ease being at this place is great.

Pulkit Image

The foundation covers every one of the papers which is something great about this coaching here which are as of now imprinted in past paper this is an outrageous coaching.

Parth Gaur Image
Parth Gaur

Students step through week after week exam for checking their improvement and it is decent at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching.

Dheeraj Kumar Image
Dheeraj Kumar

They offer the option of either English or Hindi medium, with both regular batches and weekend batches for these exams particularly.

Parul Agrawal Image
Parul Agrawal

Teachers of each and every subject are very supportive and motivating which is really very amazing and keeps you engaged in some way or other here for these exam.

Ashkar Rahmani Image
Ashkar Rahmani

We are happy with the prepared notes and the booklets around this institution area which are being provided to us by the coaching institute which is amazing thing.

Vivek Image

The coaching helps us with the interview session around this institution area which is amazing thing is the most important session which comes along the way.

manish Prajapat Image
Manish Prajapat

The encouraging personnel can clear up the students question in quiet way at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching. This propels students to clear every single idea.

Ishu yadav Image
Ishu yadav

The coaching institution is one of the best one not in just the institute’s exam around this institution area but also for the other exams if you ask me for.

Harman Image

They have much better staff then other institutes out there in this place around this institution. They have better furniture and better environment for studies.

Rahul Image

The faculty of the academy here leaves no stone unturned to shape up the career of the students and then our career in here and that’s amazing hereat.

Chinthem Image

Now the exams is demanding for all the unique talent which we can develop by developing our own style of writing over this place here at this institution arena . Ethics case study and the essay related problems can also get solved through their help the students.

Seles Sohal Image
Seles Sohal

The sheets and the races provided are more than sufficient in this place around this institutionto achieve your goal. There are a lot of things to describe but in short this is best in my opinion and experience and the time that I spent in this place around this institution.

Nidhi Bharti Image
Nidhi Bharti

Great Institute with all the right tools for selection around this coaching place. Also a very good interview preparation is done here

Garima agarwal Image
Garima agarwal

Overall their short notes help a lot to remember things in a limited capacity to focus time. They have traps that assistance to take care of the issue rapidly at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching.

Sheetal chandela Image
Sheetal chandela

Personal consideration was given to each and customary assessment which is something great about this coaching here was done at the foundation denoting the focuses to be improved this is an outrageous coaching.

Keerti sharma Image
Keerti sharma

This association gives theoretical learning just as trains for social occasion talks, interviews which is something great about this coaching here. The establishment has an incredible arranged course structure this is an outrageous coaching.

Sanwalaram Image

They adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparation. They provided healthy work environment good study coaching being here.

deepak zingade Image
Deepak zingade

Best spot to take up training for preparation which is something great about this coaching here. The workforce is exceedingly qualified and keeps nature inducing is outrageous.


It has a team of focused faculty that ensure the completion of syllabus for these exams particularly, delivery of study material and notes, and conducting tests frequently.

Rajdeep singh Image
Rajdeep singh

Classroom environment is conducive gives you space for individual growth as well as pushing you beyond your boundaries being at this place is great.

Sukriti Chauhan Image
Sukriti Chauhan

This coaching institute of the notes of the coaching are beyond anything. Triple boost my studies. Thank you sir for all of this being at this place is great.

Vanshita Image

The study material given by this training focus is extremely useful in planning over in for those exams which you are preparing.

Ritik Image

This is the best branch of the institute. It is really impressive to take coaching from here.The institute provides video lectures at Ibt Institute and its brilliantly fine. They are very helpful

Ravi Image

The coaching has come a long way for the exams, probably the best coaching for this institute here and the other exam’s preparation which are going on in this coaching academy over this place for this institute here.

Manvi Image

The institute provides very good study material is by far great. The teachers are very helpful over here around which is by far great and experienced. It has a great environment.

Preet Image

The study material is so intelligently designed being at this place here.

Sanjay Gopal Image
Sanjay Gopal

At this institute the teachers come fully prepared over here around which is by far great with the course structure is by far great. The structure is explained properly in the class .


This establishment is an impetus for money this is a brilliant institute. It utilizes our important time in an extraordinarily essential manner which is something great about this coaching here is outrageous. They regard the undertakings put in by the students.

Rohit Gurjar Image
Rohit Gurjar

It was a great experience at this coaching institute. Here for this exam, you not only improve your personality, also enhance your capability and help you to explore your multidimensional approach to any challenge so that you understand life which is really very amazing here for this exam.

Drah raj Image
Drah raj

Reasoning section is really scares me but this coaching centre proves me all wrong over this area hereat with their studious tutoring in this coaching over here

Divya garg Image
Divya garg

They provide a lot of test series which help to understand the examination pattern over here around which is by far great is by far great.

Dr.Shakuntala Image

In my opinion test series is of vital importance in cracking the exam over this area hereat in the coaching centre and you will truly find a great test series to give your preparation a boost over this place over this area hereat.

Mansingh Meena Image
Mansingh Meena

One time fees and life time study is unique feature of this institute which is really very amazing. Time bound test and capable faculty for the leads to sure result here for these exam.

Nitika Aery Image
Nitika Aery

They teach to believe in our own goals is by far great over here around which is by far great. They motivate until we set a definite target.

Sahiba Image

This coaching provides us with the facility which is great stuff here at this academy like none of any other institutions provide.

Charni Image

This is the best academic institute classes for these brilliant exams. Here faculties are always available to solve your doubts. A very disciplined and nice environment.

Suyash Image

Ever so great about them are their study solutions over this coachingmaking the coaching experience a worthwhile over this area hereat in the coaching centre. A fantastic experience for me

Asha Image

This is the best association for the status of the different exams this is a brilliant institute is marvelous great study culture hereat. The teachers plan test techniques and discussion about with their students.

Khushaboo Mehta Image
Khushaboo Mehta

Excellent faculty and reasonable fee for entrance exams coaching which is really very amazing. Highly recommended here for these exam.

shraddhagunjarkar Image

Some of the teachers at the coaching are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as others which is brilliant and great at right Ibt Institute herein.

ramesh Image

They have had motivated the students until we set a reasonable target and it’s a great job done here. They have the best and most experienced gathering. The workforce gives proper thought towards each student and causes them in a bad position.

Thanmal Image

The teachers conduct regular test series which has been very helpful for us being at this place here.

Gungun Image

Great and awesome faculty with a very effective over this area hereat over this coachingcentre methodologies right to the test series and classroom coaching

Ashish Yadav Image
Ashish Yadav

The teachers carefully assess your strength and weakness over here around which is by far great and help you work on it is by far great.

Sunil abrol Image
Sunil abrol

It has given us enough study material so we can autonomously plan from our own for different at this centre which is a brilliant part of this coaching.

Shubham Raj Image
Shubham Raj

I have learnt the techniques of facing interviews here for these exam. How to express myself in group discussions which is really very amazing is one the best thing.

S. Nakade Image
S. Nakade

The staff and administration puts in consistent support in these types of examination with skills and they took an average student like me to a great level.

Rakesh Image

Batch size pretty comfortable for comfy coaching and teachers very supportive available any time thanks a lot here in this type of course around

Ravi Singh rajpoot Image
Ravi Singh rajpoot

Getting enrolled into it not a guaranteed to clear exam, you have to maintain proper time schedule after joining as after classes you will hardly get the time to study, sometime classes here are exhaustive when they want to finish the same topic of the syllabus around Ibt Institute which is a great coaching, no doubts faculty is awesome in this coaching institution.

Nisha Nikam Image
Nisha Nikam

Everything has changed since I’ve joined this institute. Easy study material, regular test series have motivated to score well and take interest in studies being at this place here.

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