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About Gyanm College Of Competitions

Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh is the best coaching centre in the City Beautiful that provides training for Bank PO and other allied exams. Every year, lakhs of students appear for such entrance exams but only those who study under the umbrella of right coaching coupled with the right amount of hard work are able to make it. Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh ensures that students grow and develop each day. Apart from plain studying, the focus is to develop and enhance the overall persona of the students. This, in turn, is actually essential to represent oneself in the job scene. No amount of knowledge is sufficient if one is not able to present the same. The vision of Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh is to create leaders for future who are able to tackle modern problems and manage the same with respect to every growing and ever-rising organizations in emerging India.

Salient features of Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh:

Well, talking about the most amazing features of Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh, here are a few that you can take a look at:

• Top faculty: Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh is one of the very few coaching centres in Chandigarh that has its faculty as retired bank officials and those who have retired from reputed services in the government sector. Along with them, a team of dedicated experts ensures that a student understands what is taught in class and is able to retain the same. With several teaching methods that are modern and hi-tech, Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh does it all for its students.

• Best infrastructure: Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh has a very modern and attractive infrastructure. Not only its classes but the overall construction is quite commendable. One can always book an appointment and take a tour of the coaching centre know more about it. We sincerely believe that rising competition forces you to take an extra step and ensure that you offer better services as compared to your competitors.

• Updated IT approach: Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh makes full use of technology. Their syllabus is well aligned with an online portal which students can access at any time of the day. Apart from that, one can also get access to daily magazines and current affairs on their website which is simply amazing. Gone are the days when one used to struggle here and there to manage upgraded syllabus. In fact, a lot of students have been heard speaking well about Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh’s upgraded syllabus.

• Current affairs magazine: Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh also has its current affairs magazine that it releases periodically. Even if you are not a student at the coaching centre, you can still buy that magazine from the open market at quite an affordable rate. This periodic magazine lets you get access to the most recent general affairs questions. Since the syllabus for current affairs is more or less the same for most of the government posts, it is quite a handy magazine for most students.

• Excellent results: Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh has been constant in delivering astonishing results. It has helped more than 40,000 students to enter into some of the other avenues successfully over the past years. The assortment rate is always on a surge. With an unquenchable hunger for growth, Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh is here to stay for long. 

• Books and other supplementary material: the wide-ranging study kit that is provided to the students is more than sufficient to sail through the examination. Their study material ranks one of the finest in the entire city. It is separated and subdivided into a number of modules and chapters to make things easier as much as possible.

• High competitive environment: while some might feel that a competitive atmosphere might become miserable for the students at one point in time, we believe that it is all a matter of standpoint. A candidate has to become accustomed to high scores and healthy struggle if he or she has to see the face of the entrance exam.


The following courses are available at Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh:

• Bank Coaching: coaching is rendered for SBI Clerk, SBI PO and the IBPS exam.

• SCC: one of the most sought-after courses in the country and the coaching centre, Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh offers to coach for SSC CGL and SSC SHL (12th). Gyanm is known for its continuous tendency of giving the best results so far. It also one of the highest selection rates in the city.

• CLAT: giving entry to the best law institutes in the country and admission to various PSUs, the CLAT exam is considered as one of the toughest law entrance exams. Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh ensures that students are given enough practice through mock tests so that they do not lose confidence during the exam.

• Insurance: exams such as LIC AO and LIC AAO are also prepared for at Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh.

• High Court: entry to the Punjab and Haryana High Court as a clerk is again a tough nut to crack owing to the high competition here. Coaching for the same is rendered here Gyanm College of Competitions, Chandigarh in the most efficient manner.
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Gyanm College Of Competitions Reviews

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Shikha Gupta
Shikha Gupta Image

Gyanm is the best institute I have across in Chandigarh for Banking as well as all Govt. Exams. I am highly satisfied with the study material, mock tests and well-experienced faculty that they have put up. Highly Recommended! Thank You!

sarabjeet singh
sarabjeet singh Image

Good guidance and extra query solving time is provided,The way they clear concept is very good.the coaching centre is very helpful ,all giving sufficient booklet material and notes and tests are taken regularly and doubts clear in doubt session.

vineeta kaushal
vineeta kaushal Image

institute is best,best place to learn,relevant study material,booklets are provided also.daily mock tests are conducted,overall best place to learn and grow.

kartik sehgal
kartik sehgal Image

Excellent pool of good faculties.Each faculty is really a master of his subject.,Teachers are awesome! we have an amazing learning experience,sufficient books material and doubts clear in doubt classes,weekely tests are taken also,caring and interactive teachers also.

harpreet Image

good teachers and staff in institute,booklets and notes are provided, peacefull environment,good infrastructure ,outstanding faculty and eperienced also,overall best place to learn.

nishant Image

it is well educated and a Great staff,Excellent teaching skills with teaching good ,given books material and assignment given,peacefull environment and also provided extra classes and notes and study material also to us.

himani Image

teachers are good, giving mock test and notes also, providing practise paper properly and extra classes are also provided , good and healthy environment , doubts cleared by teachers in doubt session, library and lab facility is little bit not satisfied.

anjali angural
anjali angural Image

institute is best,english teachers(vernica mam),ashish sir(maths teachers)are excellent,harman sir was best,study maaterial.notes,pdf and bags are also provided,tests are also conducted,all was very good.

akshay Image

teachers are very co-operative,staff is well educated and very supportive, giving notes properly,friendly environment, taking doubt session properly to clear all doubts ,experienced teachers also and neat and clean and hygienic classroom.

parul chaudhary
parul chaudhary Image

overall it is good experience,all teachers are good,provide us study material and sufficient notes , giving us extra classes, taking doubt session properly,staff is good and well behaved and well educated .

yamini Image

overall institute is best,teachers are well qualified and educated and experienced,daily tests are conducted on time ,study material are provided on time.

GEHSjbahshsjh Image

Incredible individual thought classes with consolidated test course of action for these exams. Test course of action relies upon the veritable test configuration giving a comprehension to the students.


Really impressive coaching institute all the modern e tools you are going to find here. Combines well the traditional tutorship in this coaching and modern e-technologies to give you a proficient learning

muskan Image

Reasoning section is really scares me but this coaching centre proves me all wrong with their studious tutoring in this coaching

Ashu Image

All staff are well discipline and very well educated and this is a great thing. Academic program is fabulous.

Sanjay kumar
Sanjay kumar Image

Personal attention is to be given to the classes with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great practice here which has been great.

Manisha Image

Excellent learning environment is there at the coaching institute which has been great. Outstanding Faculties coordination in large and management support in all the ways to excel the students.

Raman Image

The time has had allotted to each class is a very great an hour but which has been great each class runs only 20 to 25 minutes.

sunny Image

over all the classes of the coaching institute has been good we have to do more things about it which has been great.

Abhinav Image

The best part of this coaching institution is when the students have to take the load for learning about the technical exams, since all we have to do is sit and relax later.

ashish Image

A fabulous place to enhance your skills in mathematics and build yourself to the score higher in cbse board and IIT JEE examination in this coaching institutes.

ashish Image

This is oen of the best place for competition exams. All the teachers and teaching methods are amazing.

anil Image

The infrastructure of the academy is really amazing in terms of the coaching institute and the study environment which has had been provided there.

Ajit Singh
Ajit Singh Image

Faculty members of the coaching academy are really very brilliant. It is a way to show that the coaching takes a great care of the students.


The GK classes of the coaching are really very great and talking about the English class, the they offer the best one in town.

narinder Image

You get a really good exposure here at the coaching institution, and good competition you can check your results at an all India level or on your batch level if you see it in a sincere way.

Akshay Image

SSC is an exam where you have to be hyper focused in solving the question and this coaching teaches you that a really brilliant way.

shivalik Image

Faculty members of the coaching academy has had always been ready to clear all of your doubts which not at all don’t matters that it is small or not in the coaching academy. 


I was befuddled about my vocation alternatives. This institute has given me a bearing and persuaded me in satisfying my objectives which have been there at par.


This spot has had been roused me to work more diligently every single day in there which has had been here. The study material is all around made and the ideas are very much clarified.

Akash Singh Chauhan
Akash Singh Chauhan Image

The coaching instructing style has had been note worthy in there. It is class based not training based. The institute has an extraordinary study condition. The staffs of the academy which has been is exceptionally timely and accommodating.

parveen Image

This coaching place has had been motivating me to work even harder every day in there. The study material of the institution has had been well created and then the concepts are very very well explained.

Harman singh
Harman singh Image

This is one of the best coaching for preparation of the SSC. The teachers prepare exam strategies and discuss with their students in here.

aryan Image

This coaching institution which not only been providing and then subjective knowledge but also trains for the group discussions, interviews in there. The institute has a very well designed course structure in there.

vandana Image

This coaching institution was of my first preference which have been there I have decided to appear for SSC exams in here. They have dedicated experienced and highly qualified staff in there.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma Image

The teaching style of the coaching institution has had been very very impressive in there at the coaching academy. It is seminar based not coaching based. The institute has a great study environment. The staff of the coaching academy has had been very very punctual and then being helpful.

Harinder Image

Everything has had changed since I’ve had joined this coaching institution. Easy study material has had been there, regular test series have motivated to score well and take interest in the studies.

ayushi Image

If you have been looking for good faculty who helps you to clear all your basic doubts, then this is a really good institute.

Gauravleen Singh
Gauravleen Singh Image

I have had been recommend this as one of the best coaching institute for govt exam preparations. Faculty members of the academy and then the course materials are very helpful.

R.D. Jain
R.D. Jain Image

Good ameneties are there at the coaching, with some highly experience teachers teaching specially English teacher

Mohit salaria
Mohit salaria Image

The management of the coaching institutions which has had been listening to all the concerns of the students to get better ranks.

Andres A. Gonzalez
Andres A. Gonzalez Image

The only institute where you can trust that you are getting the best and updated coaching for competitive exams. Most recommended institutions have had been there in it.

Isha Image

Its One of the best SSC preparation in this coaching institution, where Every Single student getting personal attention and Individual Doubt Clearing Session. All Trainers are expert and always ready to help students in this coaching.

Raman Image

The coaching institution and the academy have been the best and most experienced team with the other facts in it.

Kajal Image

There are the online home test practises and the classes, which have had been really really awesome.

anju kumari
anju kumari Image

All the staff present at the coaching in here, present in the coaching institute are well disciplined and are very well educated. Academic programs of the coaching is fabulous.

ajay Image

The classes at this coaching institutes are amazing, the teachers are really helping and understandable in this ssc coaching.

Sujalsethi Image

All of the coaching in has had been the facts of the coaching institutes and the faculties in here the coaching are experienced in there.

Ravi kumar
Ravi kumar Image

The coaching institution and the academy and is very very good for those who work hard and also who trust the institute.

Parvesh Saini
Parvesh Saini Image

The course fee is economical as compared to other Institutes in the coaching academy.

Prabhjot Image

The teachers clears all the doubts of the students. Even they are updated with the new syllabus, the coaching updates us all in the coaching academy.

Sumit Image

The coaching institute teaches us about the new tricks and different ways to solve the questions so quickly so that our time could be saved in exam flawlessly in the coaching academy.

Garima Negi
Garima Negi Image

The coaching institute has provided us enough study material so that we can independently prepare ourselves without the notes making, from our own for various banking courses.

Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh Image

This institute is brilliant and definitely the value for money in the coaching academy.

meenu bhutani
meenu bhutani Image

They have had the best of the most experienced team in the coaching.

girish Image

Every class of the coaching institution didn’t start on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one doesn’t start also but overall the experience ha had been really brilliant in the coaching

Vikramjeet Image

Personal attention at the classes have been given to me with individual monitoring with complete test series is really great practice here.

Shubham Image

The coaching institution has has been provided us enough of the study material so that we can independently do the preparation from our own for various banking study.

Sugandhi Image

Value for the money has had been there for the Bank PO coaching. The Bank PO coaching utilises our precious time in a very significant manner. The coaching institute value the efforts of the students at the coaching.

Yash Image

Credit have been going to the faculty and the coaching institute for their study material that helped me to a great extent fetching good marks in the exam

arya Image

one of the best coaching institutes, they have highly experienced faculties who trained their students with quality education, The study material provided by them was a very helpful but not good water facility and not clean washroom.

Charanjit singj
Charanjit singj Image

The coaching institution has the facilities like speed tests, online classes and much more.

Vikas Image

The administrative staff of the coaching institute is really really great in the coaching institute.

Virender kumar
Virender kumar Image

This coaching institute has been really worth for the value your money and career.

Manpreet Image

The coaching institution has been provided us very enough study material so that we can independently prepare ourselves without the notes making, from our own for various banking courses

Priay Image

This coaching institution has been brilliant and definitely the value for money.

saurav Image

overall good experience, faculty is good but reasoning teachers teach us basic level, good management, books material are sufficient and all doubts clear in doubt section.

nancy Image

well, knowledgeable staff and helping receptionist, good infrastructures like neat classroom and washroom, but sometimes lift is not working, study environment and doubts are clear after classes also.

anjali angural
anjali angural Image

the best education center, all teachers are well qualified, reasoning sir is too good, sufficient books material and giving a properly mock test, friendly environment and all doubts clear in classes.

Vasundhra Image

teachers are co-operative and motivated, statisfacctory study material, calm and peace environment, properly gave doubt session.

Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar Image

overall good institute , teachers are good but issuing teachers teach lazy i.e not be active at evening batches, electricity problem lights off in management part, books material sufficient provide the magazine with carrying bags, doubt clear in classes.

Abhishek Image

Teachers were very helping mature and experienced. taken Timely class tests helped to test your knowledge, Even the small batch size, that makes interaction with teacher easily possible.

Pawan Image

overall is good, English teacher Piyush sir teaches in good teaching way but too much delaying of g.k syllabus is not coverup sufficient books material, study environment and doubts clear in doubt classes.

Pawan Image

overall is good, English teacher Piyush sir teaches in good teaching way but too much delaying of g.k syllabus is not coverup sufficient books material, study environment and doubts clear in doubt classes.

ritu Image

all staff and faculty very helpfull, Virender sir teaches g.k and rd sir teaches math subject too good, but not clear in advance math topic, properly giving books material, study, and calm environment, all doubts clear in doubt session.

vikas Image

teachers are well educated and easily understandable topics, all doubts are clear in doubt session, sufficient study material, peacefull environment and not cleaned washrooms.

jasmeet Image

overall best coaching institute , teachers teach good teaching, sufficient books material, making WhatsApp group through institute very helpfull , peaceful environment, taking all doubts in doubt session.

preeti Image

overall was good experience Faculty is so dedicated and very supportive, peacefull environment, doubts were cleared by teachers in the classroom but in books, material SSC level was very low.

sahil mehral
sahil mehral Image

teachers very co-operative and well qualified, giving sufficient books material, the environment is good but too much rush in the library .

kavita Image

all faculty is good, but teachers teach fastly focus only to complete their syllabus, not giving us practice time and extra classes, sufficient books material, good environment, classes doubts are clear in classes.

Richa Image

They have had the best and the most experienced team at the coaching.

Anamika Salhotra
Anamika Salhotra Image

Every class at the coaching institute started on time so, the whole time was elapsed in three classes only and the fourth one start also at time.

Anu dutta
Anu dutta Image

The faculty is stunning and truly pushes you to perform well. The material given is adequate enough to the tests. The online ridicules are extremely useful in the coaching institute

Sandeep kaur
Sandeep kaur Image

The best of the instructional hub. Simply be here and attempt it for yourself. You will feel the change.

amandeep kaur
amandeep kaur Image

The just institute where you can believe that you are getting the best and refreshed instructing for competitive tests. Generally prescribed.

Gurseerat Image

The administration tunes in to every one of the worries of the students to show signs of improvement positions.

Rajat Image

Not only are they professionals they also help us with our personal problems. They guide us, mentor us and help us to reach our desired and the goals.Highly recommended.

gurbinder kaur
gurbinder kaur Image

The coaching institute, established long way back, has so far won confidence, love and trust of large number of satisfied and successful students.

prinsu Image

It is nicely administered and you will face no problems here. They encourage to take mocks in the coaching institute

Pankaj sirswal
Pankaj sirswal Image

Excellent coaching for ssc and bank exams,well maintained environment and all study material is available there in the coaching institute.

Gulshan Image

The staff is young and enough experienced to share their knowledge for a good smart study

Amit Panwqr
Amit Panwqr Image

The institute provides the quality education and excellent guidance to the students for their careers.

Sanjiv Kumar
Sanjiv Kumar Image

There is in limited students in every batch so as to enhance the productivity and quality.

Vishali Image

It was my first day at intro the class , and it was an amazing experience i have ever had , faculty is awesome and the way they taught is mind blowing in the coaching.

pankaj sharma
pankaj sharma Image

The guidance by sir is best you can get. With individual session sir told me about my good points and being positive about them and also working on my weakness which helped me get through both Po and so interviews.

Mukesh Image

The institute has been a wonderful coaching institute. I have joined 4 months ago for bank and SSC exam.

bhoomika Image

Very good of the coaching institute for SSC, BANKING and other exams. Staff are very supportive. Try one demo.

Ankit Gwal
Ankit Gwal Image

The best institute in the area to offer right guidance, knowledge and tutoring to the students. All teachers and specially the director are very dedicated and experienced.

Sukhraj sidhu
Sukhraj sidhu Image

The institute provide candidates with the best course content, dedicated staff and impressive study guide through SSC Coaching.

Sourabh Kumia
Sourabh Kumia Image

The lectures from expert instructors gave a tremendous boost to my preparation. The videos were really clear and easy to understand. They really saved my time and I was able to deal with both my job and bank exam preparation.

Kavita Rani
Kavita Rani Image

This institute is good place for learning. People are supportive here and positivity in the environment. You can make it as a first choice for career counselling and learning.

Aditya Image

Since i have joined it has given me a more clear image of the concepts of maths and science . The teacher is very hard working and puts in a lot of effort for the student to excel .

Maninder singh
Maninder singh Image

It is a very good coaching centre for SSC preparation , the Staff is so experienced.

Anu83258 Image

Best institute in chandigarh

sumegha Image

Best coaching centre for bank ssc and others competitive exam. I cleared my SSC CGL by their help and support.

Madhu Image

Overall, talking about the coaching institute, the short notes of the coaching helps much to memorise things in a better way with very short span of time.

Manish kumar
Manish kumar Image

The best thing which I may find about this institute is the way they teach and guide the students to their best.

akshit Image

this is the best institute in town.. they are providing demo class before joining . so i attended demo and i joined this coaching . great coaching.. great faculty and faclities ..

Abhishek gupta
 Abhishek gupta  Image

I had taken a demo class in 2-3 institute before joining. so gyanm was the best institute. I want to crack the SSC, so I thought this is the best institute for preparation.

Megha Gupta
Megha Gupta Image

all staff is good and co-operative, helpful nature, all doubts clear in classes, provided an online test, an assignment was given timely.

Vikram Image

teachers co-operative and well qualified, books material(not update current affairs), sometimes crowded environment and doubts clear in classes.

Deepali verma
Deepali verma Image

Being student of this institute I enjoyed a lot...loved to study here...teachers are very good and well experienced.

mayank Image

Teachers are brilliant ... I like the teaching way. reasoning and g.k were very good. study material they are providing is very good. the environment is very friendly.

Bhupesh Image

overall teachers teaching way good but the problem on g.k teachers, not provided notes on g.k, environment good and no doubts.

Pankaj Image

teachers helpfull ha,study material (old pattern)reptitive questions in maths,envronment friiendly ,and no doubts

Tamana Image

All the teachers are very hard working and supporting. Every student is considered individually and valuable.

ritu chauhan
ritu chauhan Image

teachers are supportive but there is a problem in g.k session .....sometimes doubts are left ...., study material is best, the environment is friendly .

Kumari godawari
Kumari godawari Image

Excellent coaching ...

pardeep Image

teachers are good ....teaching way good, study material(update version )hona chaiye tha/old questions jyada hai .... the environment was good ... no doubts

Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma Image

teachers good but maths teachers (tricks)ni btate ha unka teaching way nahi samjh ara ,syllabus slow chlra ha,study material tikh ha,environment good or quant teachrs change hogye to new teachers doubts ni clear karate.

Deepali verma
Deepali verma Image

Excellent institute with great facilities and faculty ...had great experince

Geetika Image

teachers sab tikh ha,study material bhi tikh ha,enviornment bhi tikh or doubts bhi clear hojate h.

Simarjeet kaur
Simarjeet kaur Image

The special faculty is available for doubts. Ultimate teachers, best study material.Very nice institute

Sakshi Image

This is one of the best place to work on and chase your dreams of cracking the government exams. Faculty is so dedicated, classroom environment is good and each day you end up learning so many new things.

Kajal Image

Batch timings issue except all good

ritu chauhan
ritu chauhan Image

Gyanm is the best institute for bank, SSC and govt exam. teachers are very helping of this institute. the environment is good. and practice paper they are providing is very useful for preparation

Sajan Khurana
Sajan Khurana Image

Good coaching and good teachers. had good experience in gyanm

pardeep Image

Teachers are good, doubts are cleared but study material is not updated

Sajan Khurana
Sajan Khurana Image

Teachers are good . study material according to me is very useful, environment is also best .they are conducting proper doubt classes

Vinit  Image

very helpful institute.... teachers are so experienced...i like the way of their teaching.....nyc!

Sidharth Image

Worst classrooms and teachers are inexperienced. How can one study in strength of 40 students in a class. Would not recommened this to anyone.

Pradeep sharma
Pradeep sharma Image

I am extremely happy with gyanm. The facilities here are excellent, the teaching staff well experienced and detailed study material.

Navi  Image

Which is the best coaching institute in chandigarh for bank po and ssc ?? I dont know where to join . .please help me guys

Anuj Dixit
Anuj Dixit Image

Gyanam sec-17,Average institute. Not very good. I am regretting now. Dont evr join dis instituttteee.......most importantly the management is not good,simply waste of time

Hemlata Verma
Hemlata Verma Image

Gyanm sec 17:-Its a d grade inst... Never go for this.... They are just spoiling the name of gyanm... I really wasted my money..

rohan verma
rohan verma Image

Awesome institute ...its being pleasure for me to be the part of it ....such a helpful mates....cooperative teachers

rohan verma
rohan verma Image

Its being pleasure for me to join this institute .....the teachers are very helpful....cooperative ...best one

rohan verma
rohan verma Image

Its being pleasure for me to join this institute .....the teachers are very helpful....all the mates are cooperative ...best one

rohan verma
rohan verma Image

Its being pleasure for me to join this institute .....the teachers are very helpful....all the mates are cooperative ...

naina Image

Well behaved mates .....heathy atmosphere must join this institute. .....its gud one...its being pleasure for me

rashi Image

Gud experience ......teachers are also .... Experienced as well as cooperative... Osm ...I lyk the atmosphere

deepali Image

I lyk this institute ......well mannered mates .......frndly environment with healthy atmosphere........

falit sharma
falit sharma Image

Best place for coaching ..... Gud experience thy teach us best .... Teachers are very nyc here......I lyk it

akash Image

Excellent ,awesome .....gud one for banking coaching .....best institute ever seen ....here ...nyc one

Himanshu  Image

Cooperative mates ...... Helpful members .... Gud institute for coaching of banking ...... I lyk this institute .....best one

ruhani boria
ruhani boria Image

Very gud for banking.... Awesome institute ...healthy atmosphere .... Excellent institute for coaching ...

karan Image

I lyk this institute ...... Gud for banking. ....awesome institute ..... Very nyc mates and teachers

kajol Image

NYC ....institute I lyk it cooperative teachers ....helpful mates .....healthy atmosphere ... ................. Best institute .......

deep Image

great institute for bank po..although I found teachers a li'l less attentive... but staff is cooperative though. good coaching insinstitute.

deepak Image

the best coaching institute for competitive exams ever found.....

Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma Image

went for the coaching of bank po.had a good experience but felt that teachers don't give much attention.

asha sharma
asha sharma Image

best place for the coaching of bank po.Truely worth it!

sheena attri
sheena attri Image

nice experience....staff is co-operative.....on the whole it's good for banking and SSC toooo

Shubham sharma
Shubham sharma  Image

Excellent coaching centre

Jannat Agarwal
Jannat Agarwal Image

Experience is good and they teach us better but English class is little boring... Bt education is good here.

Rajat Saklani
Rajat Saklani Image

best institute 4 banking. . ????????????

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