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CAT 2020 65,000/-
CAT 2019 62,000/-
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About Educorp

EduCorp, Chandigarh is a place that you just can’t stop falling for. You are bound to get affirmative replies if you ask any student enrolled here, about its services. EduCorp, Chandigarh gives special attention to the dynamics of the management entrance exams so that students come up with changing and varying patterns. Being the only entrance exam i.e. management entrances that EduCorp, Chandigarh covers, you can be sure of the focus that is laid on the exam. So if you too wish to just ace the exam without having any second thoughts, EduCorp, Chandigarh is the name that you should look out for.

EduCorp, Chandigarh believes that students should be dealt with like pals and guided like kins. The passion of the professionals working here is something that surely imbibes confidence in all the people coming here.

Salient features of EduCorp, Chandigarh:

• Approachable professionals: EduCorp, Chandigarh sincerely believes that a stringent atmosphere only instills fear in students. Therefore it is important to let go off all your fears while preparing for the exam. One can easily approach the teachers here at any time to get help with the syllabus or other careers related advice.

• Surprise success parties: this might sound a little out of the blue but yes, EduCorp, Chandigarh believes in the power of relieving pressure and ensuring that students do not feel the burden of books during the course of their study. Surprise parties and other recreational activities form a usual part of the study regime here.

• Discussions: regular discussions on topics that the entire batch feels are of relevance are held here without a miss. Certain topics which a majority of students might feel are tough are discussed repeatedly so that no individual misses out on important study material.

• Study material: their study material is truly amazing. EduCorp, Chandigarh has the latest and upgraded books to help its students ace the exam. Apart from that, the chapters are quite easily explained owing to simple language and structured approaches.

• Doubt clearance sessions: EduCorp, Chandigarh is renowned for its doubt classes. Various sorts of tests bid for countless doubts. This coaching centre ensures that students no longer remain confused and their concepts are enhanced. All tests are duly discussed. Sometimes, weekend classes are also held to extend extra help to students.

• Test series: tests form a major element of the prep of any exam. Given the kind of competition that management entrances like CAT, MAT, XAT, NMAT and others have each year, tests help a student evolve drastically. Over time and during the course of your studies, you would realize that these tests would only enhance your confidence and overall prep. The tests at EduCorp, Chandigarh are designed and drafted by the best faculty members that are available in and around the city. These tests are either divided subject wise or difficulty level wise. Full syllabus tests are also a regular feature. They help you recognize your real potential.

• Management sessions: EduCorp, Chandigarh format integral part of EduCorp, Chandigarh. These sessions are taken by veterans in their fields. Regular guest lectures, workshops and seminars keep the students engaged. They also help the students understand what the world after an MBA looks like.

• Interview prep: through their comprehensive, inclusive and wide-ranging programmes, EduCorp, Chandigarh also trains its students for aptitude and ability pertaining to interviews. Since the interview sector forms a major portion of marks for a number of entrance tests, EduCorp, Chandigarh ensures that students are fully equipped with the necessary and desired skills.

Courses for management exams at EduCorp, Chandigarh:

The courses are a mixed bag of a number of batches and style.
• Regular batch: this batch is usually the most sought after. This is because it trains a student right from zero. Any student who has just completed school can appear for these exams. Usually, students join this course when they are somewhere in the middle of their college. This batch is comprehensive in its approach and lets a student prepare without any haste. The fee is quite nominal too.

• Crash course: this course is usually for those who release their will to appear for management entrance exams a little late during their college or after college but just before the final exam. The course here in this batch is completed within time but studying from scratch is not possible here. Lots of tests and doubt sessions accompany the regular teaching methods.

• Dropouts course: usually, in order to devote complete time to entrance tests, students drop a year after college. One can surely join this course since there is no worry of acing the college level exams. You also stand a better chance to clear tests this way.
A great thing at EduCorp, Chandigarh is that once you have enrolled yourself in a particular batch, you can attend as many extra classes or test series or doubt clearing sessions without having to pay a single extra penny.
So this was all about EduCorp, Chandigarh. Know more about it at the institute itself that is located in Sector 35, Chandigarh. In case you have any doubt regarding CAT or other exams, feel free to contact the Studydekho team by leaving a message. We would be happy to attend you and clear your queries.

In addition to the same, you can also scroll our website to know about other great blogs such as tips to clear an MBA entrance test and allied topics. Do not forget to drop a comment on how you found our blogs.
At Studydekho, our Endeavour has always been to ensure that students get the best of coaching. This is what drives as well as fuels our passions. Serving students and working towards the interests of students is our aim. 
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Educorp Reviews

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Shubham Mittal
Shubham Mittal Image

Teachers at this institute are well co-operative and friendly and their pattern of teaching is distinctive which makes learning much interesting and fun. I am extremely grateful to them for all the experience I had along with

manik Image

teachers are co-operative, doubts are clear in coverup batch, study material is also good and providing test series on time.

Stooti sharma
Stooti sharma Image

Educorp is the brilliant institute for cat. study material they are providing is sufficient and useful for preparation. doubts are cleared by the teachers so teachers are very helpful

Ravi Soni
Ravi Soni Image

study material they are providing is very useful, teachers are good, the environment is studious. proper doubt classes

Vivek choudhary
Vivek choudhary Image

amit sir and sumit sir both are a very good teacher and doubt session is also very good

Aditi Dhwal
Aditi Dhwal Image

teachers are brilliant, study material is good and the environment is also good. conducting proper doubt classes which is very important.

poonam dhiman
poonam dhiman Image

I will certainly gladly recommend educrop to shape up your future in a great direction and I thank educrop for all the support and guidance.

jatin puri
jatin puri Image

this is the best CAT coaching institute in the tricity

Sangam katoch
Sangam katoch Image

This is the best CAT coaching institute in the tricity

Ayush Gupta
Ayush Gupta Image

Undoubtedly, the best CAT Coaching Institute in Chandigarh. In the midst of so many coaching institutes that are making education a business, EduCorp is one place where you are genuinely treated as an individual. Thanks to their constant pushing to do better, I converted IIM-Calcutta.

Gurnoor Kaur
Gurnoor Kaur Image

The environment and aura at Educorp is very friendly and motivating. Teachers are very helpful and accommodating. You don't just grow academically for CAT at Educorp rather what you achieve is an overall development of your personality!

Kirandeep singh rai
Kirandeep singh rai Image

Awosome work here and the all over faculty is good i love visit here coz this place is full of piece and power

Vinayak Image

Educorp institute is not just a coaching center but aura of the whole place is so enthralling that one always feel motivated to give their best. Each and every one is so friendly including the mentors who are always there to help students out regarding any issue. Really ! One of the best plavce i have studied from.

Rohan Image

Educorp is the worst institute I've ever been in my life.. Even the Teachers there.. Don't know how to teach

Dimple  Image

Nice institute..... study material is best ....faculties r awesome for MBA in chandhigarh ....helpfull enviourment

Bijju Image

I did coaching of CAT course ....i got good marks by the help of this coaching faculties ..... well educorp

Chinku Image

Good study material well described every topic mathmatics is best......i got a good job from this institute help....thx alot educorp

Ammy Image

Good institute in chandhigarh .... helping enviourment of classes ...motivational lectures.... good job educorp

Akshit aggarwal
Akshit aggarwal Image

I don't much like this institute as the study material and teaching method was not so's ok one

Harshit Image

I like this institute ,I get academic help from this institute a lott as they make me nurture with the skills........

Paras Image

A very good institute ,they have a very good study environment and excellent teachers......A good institute for the learners

Surya Pambu
Surya Pambu Image

Amazing institute...friendly and warm learning environment...helps u to study as well as shape ur persinality fr future world...undoubtedly awesome institute

Kiran Kaur
Kiran Kaur Image

educorp is not just an institute in race of many other trying to ace in cat preparation. its much more than that! speaking from my own exprience it has been a life changing process from day 1. mentors are just not mentors over here they are like your second home. with their guidance one can achieve the dream to ace in cat for sure. they are best in this field. comparing educorp with others would be a question mark on its capabilities which are far most the best i know. i dnt know much convincing this is to anyone who is looking for best place to fulfill their dreams but its the place which kept my fire burning and that was much more than i can ask for. enough said! :D

Roohi Shorey
Roohi Shorey Image

You just can't find even one negative point about Educorp,it is the best institute in Chandigarh.Not just for getting brilliant CAT scores,but also to grow,in every sense.The 2 ultimate teachers,mentors if if I say would be better,are simply amazing,they can be your best friends and guide for decision of choosing Educorp ,is one which I can say was the most beautiful decision. Thanku so much Amit sir and Sumit sir

Pulak Kalia
Pulak Kalia Image

educorp is the finest institute to take your coaching from. individual attention is given which is the best part. amit sir and sumit sir both excell in their fields and r very good teachers. but most importantly, u emerge as a person from here, because apart from studies, u are taught to cultivate a strong value system for your life, something that you don't get to learn elsewhere.

Shweta Malhotra
Shweta Malhotra Image

Educorp provides a good environment for studying. Teachers are excellent, best persons I have ever seen. The study material is very good and comprehensive. whole staff is really friendly , you feel like home. You won't just get to know how to crack cat but also how to live your life ! I love my decision to chose Educorp.

Charmi Sahni
Charmi Sahni Image

After having seen almost every institute in the city, I joined Educorp. The first thing I noticed here is that the management /administration of the institute works like a team. They motivate you to do better and open new avenues every time you reach out to them. The teachers are amazing, They focus on holistic development and learning rather than sticking to 'CAT' and 'MBA'. Educorp always amazed me by going one extra step to help students. There are several institutes out there in India that push you towards your goals. Educorp pulls you there.

Swati Gupta
Swati Gupta Image

A very good institute with very good teachers.The study material is very nice and sufficient for preparing for the tests. Nice Institute.

Sahil Purohit
Sahil Purohit Image

The teachers are the best I have ever seen. They are so dedicated and always helpful. You won't get as good guidance anywhere else in tri-city. They are the batman to my gotham. I am so glad i chose this institute.

Anurag Bhaskar
Anurag Bhaskar Image

Its an exceptionally brilliant institute with a very talented and friendly staff.The teachers guide us through the time so well we do not face any difficulties and even if we do they eliminate them with their expertise. You won't regret choosing this institute.

Ananya Godbole
Ananya Godbole Image

Its a really good institute and the teachers here are just amazing. They cover every aspect of the MBA entrance. And the methods of teaching are very innovative. The study material is adequate and accurate.

Vikram Jain
Vikram Jain Image

One of the best institutes for management exam preparation which includes the best faculity in Amit and Sumit sir and the finest and up to date study material,along with personal and consistant mentoring from both the teachers helping the students to realize their strenghts and weaknesses and realize their true potential.

Tanya Manocha
Tanya Manocha Image

Awesome teachers and their teachings.. how to study is not taught there.. but how to live your life is taught there...

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