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Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
Banking Exams --- 4 Mo 14000/-
SSC --- 5 Mo 15000/-
RAILWAY EXAMS --- 4 Mo 15500/-
AFCAT --- 5 Mo 18500/-
Combined Defense Services --- 5 Mo 18500/-
GOVT EXAMS --- 5 Mo 15500/-
Insurance Exams --- 5 Mo 35000/-
Spoken English --- 1 Mo 3000/-
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About Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd.

Chanakya's Coaching Centre is located in Sector 34 and is one of the best Bank PO and Bank Clerk coaching centers in Chandigarh. The coaching is led by experienced teachers who used to give their expert lectures in their respective subjects previously. The infrastructure is new with the latest teaching methodology for Bank PO exam analyzing the latest exam patterns and the previous papers trends.

Moreover, unlike many other coaching institutes, the best Bank PO coaching in Chandigarh offers you with the lifetime membership which guarantees you the classes until you get selected in the examination. Chanakya's Coaching Centre Chandigarh also offers you the well equipped Computer lab with latest technology computers so that nothing comes in your way while preparation. Also, it offers a library for your after classes studies.

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Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. Reviews

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Pavnesh Sonkar Image
Pavnesh Sonkar

With the help from the coaching, one can cover the whole syllabus through writing daily in 3 months and can repeat the same practice 4 times a year with different type of the questionsthis is extraordinary.

Roushan kumar Image
Roushan kumar

It is really an amazing coaching centre in Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. which is a good academy, in terms of the banking preparation.

Deepak Image

Best spot to take up preparing for readiness. The workforce is exceedingly qualifiedfor the centre of this coaching and keeps nature instigating.

Ojasvita Trivedi Image
Ojasvita Trivedi

The learning environment was greatly motivating and competitivein Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. a good institute.

Deepanshu chaudhary Image
Deepanshu chaudhary

The faculty here at the coaching institution which have had been amazing patience and answer all your queries. I genuinely thank all my mentors for helping me to the maximum, this is a as in this exam here.

Himanshu singh Image
Himanshu singh

Doubt clearing classes and easy routes are amazing here. These traps helped me to rapidly clear the examination and cross check my answersThis institute has good environment.

Tushar Image

It is one of the best coaching institute good methodology is this to prepare for the exam with affordable fee structure good methodology is this.

Narendra Saini Image
Narendra Saini

The guides have helped me in understanding the basics well and chipped away at my powerless focusesThis institute has good environment.

Naina pandey Image
Naina pandey

The workforce knows the execution of each student and connects with them as necessities might be. This foundation holds redo checking based structure, which gives stunning results for exams preparation like them.

Sanjib gayen Image
Sanjib gayen

The charges is practically equivalent to its rivals and the study material is incrediblefor the time being in this institute.

Kanishk Image

They spread every theme so that it will be useful in all dimensions of planningit’s a great institute for these subjects.

Yoshita suthar Image
Yoshita suthar

The coaching institute has had been for one of the greatest sign of the mentorship by offering the students with this coaching here around.

Harman Image

This is the best establishmentgood sessions here for study is marvellous. They give personality improvement classes when the test dates are close.

Vikas Kumar bairwa Image
Vikas Kumar bairwa

The staff is exceedingly qualified. They delegate experts who have been in the line since the last yearsgood sessions here for study is marvellous. The tests drove help us to survey our position and attempts we need to also put.

Dev Sharma Image
Dev Sharma

It was such a brilliant experience which is a great thing to present here in this environment of study.

Jitendra Image

I think that the best thing about this coaching institutions is that it prepares the students here in this environment of study.

Himani Gupta Image
Himani Gupta

The environment of this coaching academy around this study culture is pretty good to study as batches are not much of it in there.

Paras Yadav Image
Paras Yadav

It has had been an apt place, right institute for the beginners for anyone to begin their preparations for your competitive examination. The faculty in there since it has been very helpful and co-operative.

Rishikesh SINGH Image
Rishikesh SINGH

I feel very aggressive when I can’t solve a question, the teachers here help me a lot through this has had been an amazing stuff in here for these exams around this great teaching environment.

Shubham Kumar Image
Shubham Kumar

Sunday chapter wise test has been conducted regularly around this educational institution hereat. A series of preliminary exams are also held to score high in the exams.

Navugill Image

You would feel that challenge is exceptionally simple in the wake of the taking their class. You would have the advantage to take the speed test on each Sunday around this educational institution hereat

Ranjana Image

The foundation makes a timetable and takes standard assessments are held. They've been the best guide for me it’s a great institute for these subjects.

Khushi Image

Along with teachers, they have one of the best study solutions for the coachingsfor this education aura here. Teachers very helping and gives effective lectures

Mansi baid Image
Mansi baid

The institute provides Updated study material and especially daily online exercise is the best part of it here for the great teaching strategy in this institute.

sanju Image

Best efforts by teachers in these subjects with entertainment along with future benefits correspondent to these courses here for the great teaching strategy in this institute. Just feels like a family in the coaching institute.

Mandeep Kumar Image
Mandeep Kumar

This institute is an amazing place to studyat this academic centre which is cool, all the way through.The faculties at this academic centre which is cool, all the way through are helpful and understanding of the coaching institute at this academic centre which is cool.

Shafiq Ahmad Image
Shafiq Ahmad

I have had found it really hard to solve the questions which is brilliant and greatfor Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. the best one here, the teachers never gave up on me , they made me understand the formulas and tricks to solve the questions.

Gyansigh Image

Courses for the great course for this at these coaching for the exams are good. Affordable and quality wise great.

Mansi choudhary Image
Mansi choudhary

To the point of the preparing, visit counterfeit tests, individual consideration and steady inspiration to perform better. Prepared and extremely experienced staff around this education institution hereat. Proficient and steady guides.

Priyanka Image

The expenses of this coaching institute is very low for this nature of educating gave here, which is difficult to be found somewhere else around this education institution hereat.

Gunjan rathore Image
Gunjan rathore

I think that the best part here is the private time which the teachers provide in around for this great exam coaching around here.

suuraj mehra Image
Suuraj mehra

I use to feel planning for focused tests would be troublesome The institute has good environment. The staff helped me conquer my dread.

Zorawar Singh Image
Zorawar Singh

The Coaching institute for these coaching exams supports the students by motivating them at the best in the coaching academy.

Ranveer Tailor Image
Ranveer Tailor

The institute has special point which is speed test for us and that’s extraordinarily great . I think this is very good point of this institute.

Jays Image

The faculty finishes the whole syllabus at this institute which is great in time which gives us a plenty of time for practice and self study which is a great thing.

Mohit Image

The teaching faculty of the institute inside this amazingly great institute and the content of the test series is excellent.

Parminder Kumar Image
Parminder Kumar

Their study material and practice question level is also up to, however it’s fee is little high but it’s worth to go there brilliant study environment here.

Harmandeep kaur Image
Harmandeep kaur

The preparation has turned out very well in this great institute with help of this institute.

Sumbul Khan Image
Sumbul Khan

They have good knowledge of exam pattern in this great institute , syllabus and explain concepts accordingly.

Amarjit Devraj Pal Image
Amarjit Devraj Pal

It's environment, class rooms all are very good at Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. and its brilliantly fine. Teachers are very good and experienced. I loved it's coaching.

Simran Sharma Image
Simran Sharma

Batches of the coaching institution are very small so the faculties are able to mentor each and every students properly at Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. and its brilliantly fine.

Adnan Image

Over all the classes are good inside this great study culture we have to do more things about it.

Vicky Image

The study environment of this coaching institute is amazingly great which is brilliant and great for Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. which is a great coaching . Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced.


I was being very sufficiently fortunate to get individuals with great relational abilities and helping inclination great things around being here.

Omprakash thakan Image
Omprakash thakan

The teachers teach concepts in innovative ways and ensure that all topics are covered with a lot of focus and depth at Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. and its brilliantly fine.

Abhishek Image

This spot has induced me to work all the more tenaciously every day and that’s extraordinarily great . The mull over material is all around made and the thoughts are incredible cleared up.

Prashant Image

Motivational sessions around this coaching place are conducted to improve students performances.

Mahesh Image

The most important part of the coaching institute being that the coaching given by the coaching has been utterly amazing in this coaching academy. I like this coaching because of these things in this great institute

CCC Pvt. Ltd. Image
CCC Pvt. Ltd.

We aim to provide the best training for all the competitive exams, Our expert faculty toils day & night to help the students get their dream job. Attend the free demo classes and get to know more about the trainers' expertise by yourself.

Som Image

Teachers are extremely useful, they will be unable to address every one of your inquiries in class itself however outside the class they are extremely useful in these skill examinations.

Sweta roy Image
Sweta roy

The Institute organizes career counselling sessions for the environment in this institute on a regular basis in which you will be guided on how to study and other information regarding your career.

Bhairvi Hans Image
Bhairvi Hans

This association was my first tendency when I appeared in Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. which provides great environment tests so it’s amazing. They have dedicated experienced and outstandingly qualified staff.

Mayank Image

The material for the studying has had been is being detailed with the covering to the certain important topics which has had been there, though it has had never been not elaborate in being there which has been great here for this exam in this city. Don’t expect to understand it much, though the faculty certainly has had been taken out with the extra time to explain things you didn’t understand which has had been there.

Rachna Image

Focus study with cooperative teachers. Good environment Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. is a great coaching for this exam. Even the weak student counts.

Atul choudhary Image
Atul choudhary

Here I got the ideas how to prepare the vast course Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. is a great coaching for this exam.

Dilshad Ali Image
Dilshad Ali

Personal attention is given to each student during classes at Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. great institute which adds a touch for these exams of the personal touch flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder.

Iram Image

In comparison to all the cities all over the India, this coaching in this city is really amazing for this examination purpose.

Sidhanshu Image

Test series of this institute is very important and subjective in Chanakya's Coaching Centre Pvt. Ltd. which provides great environment. Their motivational sessions are proven very helpful for the students.

Allan David Image
Allan David

The educators for these exams here around have been a consistent supporter for these exams here around. They direct inspirational sessions and give tips and traps to the tests.

Divyanshi kaushik Image
Divyanshi kaushik

I chose this coaching institution because it designs their own study material to cater to their own teaching methodology and the study material is very helpful for the culture here.

Abhishek Kumar Singh Image
Abhishek Kumar Singh

The faculty finishes the whole syllabus in time which gives us a plenty of time for practice and self study this is extraordinary.

S S ali Image
S S ali

I have been a student of the institute , and nothing can beat the passion which is great about the institute, dedication and sheer motivation of the faculties.

Suraj Image

I believe that this coaching is one of the best coaching institutesaround this teaching environment in this town for many reasons like the test series and the doubt counters in this coaching institute which you may see.

Deepak Chandra Bandooni Image
Deepak Chandra Bandooni

The teachers of this coaching academy are really very nice and all the classes are effectual. They even give extra timearound this study culture after class to clear our doubts.

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