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Center for Engineering Studies Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
IES --- - 55000/-
Gate --- - 45000/-

About Center for Engineering Studies

Centre for Engineering Studies in Chandigarh is a GATE and PSU preparation coaching institutes. The coaching institute prepares students for the GATE, IES and PSU. The teachers at the coaching institute are expertise in the branch that they teach at the coaching institute. There are doubt counters where you can go and clear your doubts. There are test series designed by the teachers at the coaching institutes by analyzing the previous years' papers. The study environment at the CES in Chandigarh is great and there are online test series every weekend where students can self-assess themselves. In the PSUs course, the coaching institute has the experienced teachers who prepare the students for the online and the interview exam. Also, there is post GATE counseling after the successful rank in the GATE so that the students get the college and the course they like.

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Center for Engineering Studies Reviews

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Pradnya Pandey Image
Pradnya Pandey

We as a whole understand that organization part work is one of the regarded livelihoods In my view preparing is most indispensable for this in light of the way that by teaching we all in all catch our own with an authentic way in exams like these.

Manasa Reddy Image
Manasa Reddy

Very methodical teachers to give right path to your exam here at this academically great centre in here. also they have a very good test series and doubt cells

Sai Kalyan Image
Sai Kalyan

Made great friends. great teaching. great test series here at this academically great centre in here. great doubt cells. overall a fantastic experience

Palak Virmani Image
Palak Virmani

I seriously lack at accent part but this centre has some amazing audio video mnemonic to help me with my accent struggles here at this academically great centre in here. thanks a lot

Arpan Gupta Image
Arpan Gupta

A very well accomplished coaching centre with study solutions their best feature here at this academically great centre in here. also a good teaching faculty

Ayesha Image

They will cover number of models in exams at this place at Center for Engineering Studies. The faculties will help the students how to bear the pressure during exams.

Sudhakar Rao Image
Sudhakar Rao

Their test series will help you to meet the different problems and difficulties you will face in real time at this place at Center for Engineering Studies.

Deepika Mahajan Image
Deepika Mahajan

Teachers give best and genuine study material to the students in exams like these. They hone the cerebrum of student. They take out fullest from the student.

Rahul Image

Doubt counters are constantly accessible to clear the entirety of your questions that are not clear in the class in exams like these.

Akansha Rawat Image
Akansha Rawat

It has been the best thing for the coaching institute for the preparation of the competitive exams in this here at this academic centre.

Ashish kumar Image
Ashish kumar

The teachers have been motivating the students here at this academic centreto the part of the coaching where they may crack the competitive exams here at this academic centre.

Jagga Image

The institute has a single minded approach to teaching purely for the sake of performance in entrance exams at at Center for Engineering Studies and its brilliant.

Manvendr Singh tanwar Image
Manvendr Singh tanwar

Study solutions are meticulously designed to build high bank core in your mind here at this academically great centre in here. complemented by their fine staff. thanks a lot for all the good times

Meera Soni Image
Meera Soni

They grasped through and through various and incredible way for at the period of the course of action here over this institutional academy They gave a sound work environment is outrageous.

Ankita dhaka Image
Ankita dhaka

They provide proper guidance, imperative study material, practice tests, and convincing sessions. The staff is valuable, experienced here over this institutional academy is outrageous.

aakash Image

Study material is updated and class hand outs are superb into this Center for Engineering Studies in this area.

Pooja arya Image
Pooja arya

Really good institution and well qualified staff into this Center for Engineering Studies in this area. This is the right place for you to pursue your dream of being a part of a group prestigious institution.

Vikrant Tyagi Image
Vikrant Tyagi

Preparations for some exams start well before the results are announced. Giving the student of this institute adequate time to prep up and so an edge over the others into this Center for Engineering Studies in this area.

Pratibha saxena Image
Pratibha saxena

There couldn't have been a better coaching than this one. As they treat you as their friends which is very fun way of learning which is something brilliant about this coaching

Harman Image

They are the best for a reason as they have best mentors to guide you which is something brilliant about this coaching. And help you throughout.

Sandeep Image

Teachers are very nice around in here at this coaching and I say the best teachers among various other institutes , but management is fair.

Priya Chhabra Image
Priya Chhabra

I learnt a lot from here around in here at this coaching. All faculty members are very experienced and supportive.

Sham Singh Image
Sham Singh

Doubt clearing sessions are held for the coaching institutes are the best of the kind and is a great coaching in this examination.

Ankita jain Image
Ankita jain

Everything has changed since I've joined this establishment for this kind of exams hereat. Simple examination material, standard test arrangement have spurred to score well and look into studies.

Sachchidanand Image

In cat coaching you have to focus on analytics great for this institute and us at this place. This is the most important out of all things as all student comes to a different fields.

Aniket kumar Image
Aniket kumar

The faculty of the coaching knows the performance this academy has been amazing of each of the student and helps them accordingly.

Ravi Image

The teaching methodology here at the coaching is really very brilliant great coaching with good stuff around.The students get to understand each and evey topic very clearly.

Amanjot kaur Image
Amanjot kaur

I've had seen a very stunning technique for clarifying subjects and critical thinkingand it’s a great job done. The educators utilize various precedents and traps to enable us to become familiar with the points.


The course institute can help you to get the clarity in your concepts for these though exams and the depth in knowledge, They are also very friendly and assist you in all means possible.

Amandeep Kaur Image
Amandeep Kaur

The faculty of the coaching institute should make an honest effort to take along every student which has been great with this place. Its convenient with this place

Gungeet Kaur Image
Gungeet Kaur

The faculty of the coaching institute is extremely intelligent for this examination environment and helping as well. Their encouraging abilities are awesome and they additionally gets qualities and shortcomings of every student .

Siya Narvekar Image
Siya Narvekar

Value for the money is there. It has had utilised our precious time in a very significant manner into here in this institution. They value the efforts put in by the students.

Shalina sharma Image
Shalina sharma

This was the best of the choice into here in this institution, which has been in being invested money and time in this institute.


Like the attitude of teachers very motivated and professional body right to the last and at the same time can be a family if needed at this academic institution.

Nidhi verma Image
Nidhi verma

You would feel that challenge is exceptionally simple in the wake of the taking their class. You would have the advantage to take the speed test on each Sunday which is great about this institute.

palak Image

It isn’t an easy exam or a cakewalk to crack because of its legacy and is a great coaching. The efforts put in by both of the students and the faculty counts in this examination.

Saksham Chaudhary Image
Saksham Chaudhary

The tests led depend on test arranged example which is extremely helpful in our tests for this kind of exams hereat. Every one of the resources for this kind of exams hereat are experienced.

Mandlekar Alfiya Image
Mandlekar Alfiya

The association of the coaching institution has had a steadfast method to manage to educate just for execution in choice tests, and and it’s a great job done.

Ayush adhikari Image
Ayush adhikari

The study material and the practice question level of the coaching institute is likewise sufficient. The expense charged is ostensible and and it’s a great job done.

Adarsh Pratap Singh Image
Adarsh Pratap Singh

Amazingly reliable staff is here at the coaching institution and and it’s a great job done. Most of the bases are told all on. The connection is flooding with supporters who help you through every thick and dainty.

Lakshita Dhall Image
Lakshita Dhall

The things which we see through and its good afterall in the coaching institute includes a lots of things like the part of the other things which have been great in the coaching institute out tand its good afterall which is amazing thing and its good afterall.

Sadanand Uddhao sabale Image
Sadanand Uddhao sabale

The subjects are really very greatly taught in and its good afterall and I love it and its good afterall.

joel zombade Image
Joel zombade

The study environment is great. Students are very motivated and teachers are very experienced over in for those exams which you are preparing here.

Priyanta Image

I found it really hard to solve the questions, the teachers never gave up on me , they made me understand the formulas over in for those exams which you are preparing here and tricks to solve the questions.

Gurjot Singh Gill Image
Gurjot Singh Gill

The staff is highly qualified. They appoint experts who have been in the line since last 15-20 years over in for those exams which you are preparing here.

Anjaly Image

The teachers here have been a constant supporter over in for those exams which you are preparing here. They conduct motivational sessions and provide tips and tricks for the exams.

Shraddha singh Image
Shraddha singh

The tests being conducted at the coaching instituteisbased on examat this centre oriented pattern which is very useful in our examshere at this academic centre.

Manik Bharti Image
Manik Bharti

Great mentors of the coaching institutes who are always there to help you for anything and everything, be it related to study or be it any other stuff, they will guide you through the best possible way around in here at this coaching.

Shruti shama Image
Shruti shama

The best of the institute for the competitive exams and its good. Friendly mentors with good teaching skills. Good environment for me to learn.

Iqbal Singh Image
Iqbal Singh

This coaching institution is outstanding amongst other spot to grasp information. The faculty is completely immaculate in passing on thoughts and its good and aides in understanding ideas with most extreme consideration.

Rajon Image

Study solutions are class apart if you are looking at this angleand its goodwhile test series is little rigid otherwise fine tutoring centre

Pooja Image

Most of the teachers in the academy as in for these exams are experienced professionals from deemed institutions.

S Datta Image
S Datta

They are very usefulat Center for Engineering Studies located around here. There may be a pre-described format of how the elegance may be conducted

Vikram Image

They have very qualified and experienced facultyat Center for Engineering Studies located around here. For online practice, it provides us with the online practice test.

RapezBub Image

The best thing here is that you would get the complete schedule in Center for Engineering Studies located around here of the sessions everytime.

Jyoti Image

The tests are the best one could get in Center for Engineering Studies located around here.

Smritikona Mondal Image
Smritikona Mondal

Over my first class of the coaching institute, I felt goodIts convenient in here at this coaching centre.For the next day every class on the time was not good .It was boring because of their behaviour of teachinghere at this academic institution.


Thecoaching centre has had a very special point which is speed test for us, Its convenient in here at this coaching centre.I think this is very good point of this institutehere at this academic institution.

hitesh Image

They leave no single topic from the syllabusas in this exam.

Rimpi Image

It has always been good for the beginnersat this centrehere at this academic centre. Teachers are very helpful.

Dharmandar kumar meena Image
Dharmandar kumar meena

The establishment covers for this exam over this centreall of the papers which are starting at now engraved in the past paper.

HenrySep Image

They have a substitute vision for the hopefulsfor this exam over this centre. They have uncommonly. Fitting and clear ventures under their thriving rate.

Gaurav Image

This coaching centre will surely bring success as it has one of the best study material and quality doubt cells to prepare you comprehensively for the examin this examination.

jaskaran preet Image
Jaskaran preet

I never taken studies seriously so I am from the start was not that good but coming to this centre all my problems are easily waved off here in this examination. So thank you

amitcool241 Image


Manisha Image

It was very hard to find the right coaching first I got the reference from a website. I would like to suggest them to have better benches here at this institutional academy. But overall the classes were very well organized.

Ritik Image

Their test series and distant material are one of the best in the business at this coaching centre. It is created with a lot of hard-work and combining old papers.

Akanksha Image

I wish that each coaching becomes which has had been a great thing for these exams the same one as this one as my concepts are really very cleared now at his place.

Supriya Image

Great faculty is there at the coaching and then very helpful staff for these exams at this place. Amazing study material and frequent doubt sessions is a big plus.

Aaryan Image

The infrastructure of the coaching is awesome inside this amazing institute and really brilliant.

Vinod mehra Image
Vinod mehra

It has one of the best administration teams in town in here. A well-maintained past record about any student can found here in no time for those exams which you are preparing.

Santokh Singh Image
Santokh Singh

The administration is kind of smart in here for those exams which you are preparing. If you're smart in study, however unable to pay the fee they assist you.

Ashok kumar meena Image
Ashok kumar meena

The classrooms are well air-conditioned for those exams which you are preparing.

Prashant Bajajani Image
Prashant Bajajani

If you wish to study in the real for these exams in, this is the one which is the best part being at this place.

yQDUjeaBXnS Image

The most important thing for these exams is the notes and the DPPs being at this place, which this coaching provides to the best part of the things which you think you take the coaching for.

Ravinder Kaur Image
Ravinder Kaur

The video addresses are shocking and study material given by the instructor is splendid with their work control which is something brilliant about this coaching.

Rishikesh Meena Image
Rishikesh Meena

I was tuning in about this for quite a while yet finally I picked and joined which is something brilliant about this coaching. A lot of study material is similarly available on the web and expansive interchanges about the institution

Manroop kaur Image
Manroop kaur

. Its interview guidance programme is amongst the best in the town which is something brilliant about this coaching, regarded highly by almost all in the industry

Meenakshee Pandey Image
Meenakshee Pandey

Teachers are outstanding which is really very amazing. If you are looking for a unique institute this is the best place for you here for exams for those exams which you are preparing.

Harman Image

All its mock tests here for exams for those exams which you are preparing are exhaustive and extremely relevant keeping in view the changing pattern of competitive exam which is really very amazing their mock series has always been a helping hand to students other than this I suggest just meet the facility.

Akansh agarwal Image
Akansh agarwal

Environment of classes is well which is a great thing being here. The students are very attentive and this creates a healthy study environment.

Suprabha Image

There are Planned classes whcih schedule help you to plan your self-study time accordingly in the institute inside this amazing institute.

Ankush Image

Outstanding institution is this one for all the competitive examsin this examination in here which have had been held I here.

prakrati tripathi Image
Prakrati tripathi

The best part is that we are listened herein this examination in here.

Mirnal Image

We at this coaching do not face problems like revision, concepts, retention and the last but not least answer writing, time managementwhich is something brilliant about this coaching

Girish Chandra Image
Girish Chandra

With the help from the coaching, one can cover the whole syllabus through writing daily in 3 months and can repeat the same practice 4 times a year with different type of the questionswhich is something brilliant about this coaching.

Priyanka Image

The coaching institute is very very good for those who work hardFor these courses in this convenient coaching and also who trust himself/herself institute which has been great.

Junaid Image

Fees of the coaching institute were not very high which has been greatFor these courses in this convenient coaching.

Manav Thakur Image
Manav Thakur

The Institute grooms and sets you up for the trickiest request and gatheringsat Center for Engineering Studies located around here moreover so it’s amazing.

Mangyanger Image

The examination material given by the establishment is troublesome and draining, setting you up for the most desperate result possible so it’s amazingat Center for Engineering Studies located around here.

Kanishk Image

They provided all the updatesas in this exam regarding the exams and train accordingly.

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