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Career Power Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
Quantitative Aptitude for Banks Exams(190+ videos and 25+ Test Series)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
English for Banks Exams(190+ videos and 25+ Test Series)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
Radhey ki Reasoning for Banks Exams(190+ videos and 25+ Test Series)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
Data Interpretation for Banks Exams(190+ videos and 25+ Test Series)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
Bank and Insurance Supreme(5250 videos , 300+ Test Series)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
BANK+SSC (Subject Card-Advance Maths)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
BANK+SSC (Subject Card-GS)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
BANK+SSC (Subject Card-English)
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
SSC Tier I
Upto 20% Off
₹ ******/-
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About Career Power

Career Power, Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi is set up with the motto of helping aspirants to prepare for the entrance exams and attain success. The centre renders amazing coaching. Their focus is to ensure that their students have complete knowledge of the basic concepts before they jump to the complex and technical ones. We provide proper discussion sessions to solve the doubts. They help to build in necessary confidence which most aspirants lack. 

Courses offered:

Career Power institute prepares students for various banking and government entrance examinations. The fees for this exams are quite affordable and the institute provides relevant course material for the same. The list of courses offered is :

1. BANK REGULAR (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))

2. SSC Tier I (BANK+SSC) (Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exam)

3. INTERVIEW BOOT CAMP (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))

4. BANK+SSC (Subject Card-Advance Maths) (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))

5. BANK+SSC (Subject Card-GS) (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))

6. BANK+SSC (Subject Card-English) (Banks Probationary Officers Examination (Bank PO Exam))

7. SSC Tier I (Staff Selection Commission (SSC) Exam)

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Career Power Reviews

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Aditi Pareek Image
Aditi Pareek

The staff of this academy has had been very helpful, experienced in this education centre.

DOMASl Image

It’s a really normal coaching centre with very of the unique teaching methodology in this education centre.

Shubham Gupta Image
Shubham Gupta

They have had been provided a lot of the test series of the coaching which has had helped to understand the examination pattern in this education centre.

hitya Image

Some of the teachers of the coaching which has had been are very reluctant and they don’t put in much efforts as others in this education centre.

Surender pal Image
Surender pal

This is a best place all those youngsters who are looking for there for exams for exams for these courses career as an honest officer which is really very amazing here for exams for exams for these courses.

Shyoram Choudhary Image
Shyoram Choudhary

Students are provided with right material and proper guidance for career here for exams for exams for these courses, along with this regular classes which is really very amazing, proper doubt sessions and regular updates creates a plus point.

Gurvinder billing Image
Gurvinder billing

The training is regarded as deserving of its place in the best-instructing focuses as the students who breeze through the tests are Hindi medium students – acquiring a higher ascent these numbers as the years go on and for these exams for these courses

Sukhvinder Singh Image
Sukhvinder Singh

Personal attention to each student during classes adds a touch of flair to the methodology and inspires them to work even harder and for these exams for these courses.

Shubham Sharma Image
Shubham Sharma

The course is organized and has various booklets to suit it and for these exams for these courses. The course is finished in time giving a lot of uninterrupted alone time study.

Aman Image

They have an authentic empowering course of action masterminded so it’s amazing at Career Power located here. It creates a firm method of learning. They give propelled examination material.

Manish Image

The teachers show extraordinary substance, anyway, their pace is snappy so it’s amazing. It is difficult to appreciate. The study section is extraordinarily powerful and entrancing at Career Power located here.

shubham rawat Image
Shubham rawat

The association holds a forceful circumstance at Career Power located here which goads the students to accomplish their potential so its amazing.

Komal Mittal Image
Komal Mittal

Teachers provide best and authentic study material to the students. They sharpen the brain of student as in this exam . They take out fullest from the student.

Rattan singh Image
Rattan singh

You get a good exposure here as in this exam, and good competition you can check your results in an all India level or on your batch level.

Prabhu Singh Rathore Image
Prabhu Singh Rathore

I hope they bring change as in this exam courses soon which would help the student community.

Chandan Kumar Image
Chandan Kumar

They cover Papers, and essay which made me adopt to write the answers in limited time, and with the great presentation at Career Power located here.

Aadish Tyagi Image
Aadish Tyagi

An extraordinary institution which helps flowering minds at Career Power located here to achieve their dreams.

Raman gaud Image
Raman gaud

Teachers would remind you and encourage you by telling the glorious success at Career Power located here. This is a very good way for taking out the best from a student.

Priyanshu Image

The institute is very helpful with interlinking of the subjects for these at Career Power located here.

Simran walia Image
Simran walia

This was the best of the choice , invested more money and time in this institute which has been great over here. Its convenient in here at this coaching centre

Ankit aggarwal Image
Ankit aggarwal

The staff of the coaching centre is very highly experienced and have been in the business for last 20 years which has been great over here. Its convenient in here at this coaching centre.

Garvit Batra Image
Garvit Batra

The tests of the coaching centrewhich has been conducted to help us to evaluate our position and efforts we need to further put which has been an amazing thing over here at this place.

Vineet kumar Image
Vineet kumar

To achieve a tremendous dream like this it is fundamental to pick the best bearing also over here at this Career Power. The arrangement of this foundation is extraordinary and modified in nature.

Omar Nabi Image
Omar Nabi

This establishment is calmly acclaimed for its contemporary approach of each expected of the subject over here at this Career Power. They deal with each subject relates to the present happenings in this coaching institution.

ShreYa singh Image
ShreYa singh

Awesome place. Awesome atmosphere. Awesome teaching friendly environment. I had not been disappointed. Good learning and good experience in this coaching institution. You would enjoy the whole journey over here at this Career Power. Just join here.

Anirudh Thakur Image
Anirudh Thakur

Almost everything is students, but the faculty team is always there to help you in any way required in this coaching institution over here at this Career Power. There is enough space to grow and come up with new ideas.

Vikash kumar verma Image
Vikash kumar verma

Sound institute with top faculty here over this place. So on my guarantee take coaching without worry from this centre. I also been one of those sulking and calculative student who does hell of searching on institute

Garima Balyan Image
Garima Balyan

Very practical approach towards the exam because they have the faculty who knows the exam pressure and also a small batch to provide comfy tutoring here over this place

Nitika Jaswal Image
Nitika Jaswal

Only worry was its revision cells not that likeable as their teachers here over this place. Solutions and test series

Ruchika khandelwal Image
Ruchika khandelwal

This coaching provides some of the best teachers present for these subjects here over this place.

gaurav Image

Conducive environment giving you the right environment for your preparation with efficient teaching methodologies over this coaching centre

Jally Bawa Image
Jally Bawa

Learning is top priority of this coaching centre gives you a good test series as well as well-educated staff in this coaching over here.

Suraj Image

Great management really helpful in changing my batch over this coachingcentre. Aside you will find top study solutions with a great methodology behind it

Anoop Jangid Image
Anoop Jangid

I had taken coaching from this centre in Jaipur and believe me it was a right choice. From faculty to study sessions to revision exercises over here at this place.

Garima Image

Easily one of the best coaching centre because of their student centred services. Teachers with a flair for teaching plus great revision exercises over here at this place in here.

Himanshu verma Image
Himanshu verma

Maths has been my predicament in the entire syllabus but this coaching centre makes math subject an ezzy-pezzy for me in this coaching over here.

Ram mishra Image
Ram mishra

Motivational sessions are organized from time to time over here at this coaching centre . there is an exam in about every 15 days that is enough for exam practice.


They know everything about students over here over here at this coaching centre and they also know how to teach students that they focus on study.

lovely kundu Image
Lovely kundu

It is reasonably ahead of its competitors over here at this coaching centre , given that its content and faculty are best in the industry.

lolkalo Image

Just joined the coaching so far the experience has been extremely pleasant here over this institutional academy. Staff has been very helpful.

Priyanka gupta Image
Priyanka gupta

As far as GS part is concerned I think that the faculties in almost every institute teaches the same but the management is better as compared to others over here in Career Power.

Amit Image

They found the faculties very knowledgeable and experienced in this field over here in Career Power. They put in all their strategies to tackle the examination

Gagan Image

In all competitive exams, apart from knowledge, strategy is very important and they will give you the right strategy over here in Career Power.

Preksha soni Image
Preksha soni

The experience of the teachers are good, they are also student friendly and knowledge is up to mark in this Career Power here.

Vaibhav Image

To crack the exams in over this academic coaching, all you need is to choose the best Institute which will prepare you for exams over here. This is one of the best you can get.

Tikam Image

I found that the best Daily Answer writing practice over this place in here.

Manu Image

The academic coaching over herehelps us all through all of them.

Rajpal singh Image
Rajpal singh

You will get to learn a lot of useful information which here all the way over here all the way over here would surely help you to crack the exam of the coaching institute over here.

Arshdeep Image

I have had been extremely grateful to my faculty and then the centre in the coordinators for being there for me 24×7 and guiding and counselling me throughout this year long journey of mine over here in this coaching institution, this is a great over here in this coaching.

Abhishek Singh Image
Abhishek Singh

Studying at the time of the institute was a great experience, this is a great over here in this coaching. The faculty here is very cooperative, hardworking and dedicated over this coaching in here.

Sudhanshu Image

It requires a dedicated, devotional, determined and above all a disciplined teaching professional staff over here in this coaching, this is a great over here in this coaching. And here undoubtedly i can proudly assert that the over here in this coaching as all these assets with it in here.

Priya Image

It's an incredible advance ahead for students this is an marvellous coaching over this institution and everybody whoever is related to such a dynamic institution. I feel pleased to be a piece of it.

ashvani bairwa Image
Ashvani bairwa

There are things which has had been a great thing Career Power, over thiss place, which could be taken to a really far level and this coaching has done so.

Amandeep Singh Image
Amandeep Singh

The faculty of this coaching institute is basically nice, as some of the teachers are being there in the perhaps that the best I’ve had ever seen, which has been great while the few others are really on average at the point which has had been there Career Power, over thiss place.

Ritika Image

An excellent facility, I know for sure that it's a pleasure to teach here and firmly believe that it's a pleasure to study here as well over here in Career Power.

Tanvi Tanvi Image
Tanvi Tanvi

The institute has helped me and even my friends to overall groom themselves so i would say that to accomplish your goals you must be a part of this institute and even i would like to provide my gratitude from the deepest core of my heart over here in Career Power.

Vijay Kumar meena Image
Vijay Kumar meena

All of the teachers are well qualified and have got the experience too over this Career Power. Always keen to take doubts and solve the problems of students.

Aman tyagi Image
Aman tyagi

This coaching is most valuable for hard working over Career Power and dedicated students .I always love Career Power .

Pooja bisht Image
Pooja bisht

Each and every student gets an equal opportunity to develop over Career Power her/his skill under the keen supervision of faculty which is not seen in most of the institutes.

Hrishika Image

This is the best institute. I took coaching from here and found it very focused over Career Power and helpful.

pardeep Image

I personally feel that teachers give attention to each and every students over Career Power. Batch strength is also limited.

Rahul jain Image
Rahul jain

The tests drove rely upon test masterminded model which is amazing for these exams useful in our tests over Career Power. All of the assets here are experienced.

Asha pal Image
Asha pal

It has given us enough examination material with the objective that we can unreservedly prepare from our own for the entryways for these exams over Career Power.

paras gupta Image
Paras gupta

Teachers are extremely useful over Career Power, they will most likely be unable to address every one of your inquiries in class itself yet outside the class they are extremely useful in here.

Govind Mourya Image
Govind Mourya

The institute helps in improving the personality of the student over this course in here They pay attention towards each and every student.

rajat bhanu Image
Rajat bhanu

Their study material is loaded with best methods, procedures and concepts over this course in here. The institute provides comprehensive study.

Simran Image

The foundation has an unprecedented point which is the preparation test for us then so it’s great. I think this is an extraordinary reason for this association.

Ankit chaudhary Image
Ankit chaudhary

The students here become smart in terms of the preparation for the psus and the other exams which are being present in this coaching academy probably over the Career Power.

Abhishek Image

It helps the children to face various challenges related to career which is a great thing over the Career Power. They provide the appreciable facility and service .The teachers and staff are very cooperative and supportive towards there students.

Seema gupta Image
Seema gupta

This is my personal observation as many of my friends have been getting coaching here which is a great thing over the Career Power and few successfully.


They give a special training on ethics before the mains exam which is just mandatory or we can say like one should try kind of classes to be attended over this place over this place.

Aman kumar thakur Image
Aman kumar thakur

It provides the free session of the yearly toppers and study material to all its accesses over this place. Overall it's the best institute for this exam.

Tabeer Fatima Image
Tabeer Fatima

Best place is this one to take up the coaching for the preparation. The faculty of the coaching institutes is highly qualified at over Career Power and keeps the environment motivating which is brilliant and great.

Pooja Thakur Image
Pooja Thakur

Motivational sessions are there to be conducted to improve students performances which is brilliant and great over Career Power They provide proper guidelines to the students.

Aditya Srivastava Image
Aditya Srivastava

Motivational sessions are conducted to improve students performances which is a great thing. They provide proper guidelines to the students over this coaching.

Rajesh Image

Best place to take up coaching for preparation and this is a great thingover this coaching. The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

Mayank Mor Image
Mayank Mor

It was a good coaching institute and I'm thankful for the knowledge that I got over this Career Power here. Other things like a classroom, furniture, water supply, canteen are play but not up to the mark.

Vipin Tripathi Image
Vipin Tripathi

There is more focus on weaker students who have trouble in a competitive working environment over this Career Power here.


The coaching isntitute has had adopted very very different and a great way for at the time of the preparation in those exams over here.

Ravi Image

10) Just joined the coaching so far the experience has been extremely pleasant here over this institutional academy. Staff has been very helpful.

Aiman zubari Image
Aiman zubari

The institute provides better attention towards the each student and teach in easier way any student of any class can understand over here in Career Power.

ansh Verma Image
Ansh Verma

The centre was good, classes were big enough and infrastructure is good over here in Career Power.

Shivam dhillon Image
Shivam dhillon

This institute is one of Asia’s eminent educational incorporation which focuses on multifarious-branches of education over here in Career Power; sweeping within its ambit every branch from medical to law.

rajendrasinhchauhan Image

The teachers here have good experience but you also have to be dedicated in studies if you want to crack the exams over here in Career Power.

Raman Image

Online home test practice is amazing in here that’s marvellous. They likewise train the students for meetings. They give identity improvement.

Pratibha Image

Personal thoughtfulness regarding every student amid classes adds a dash of style to the approach and rouses them to work much harder in here that’s marvellous.

Namita Mathur Image
Namita Mathur

Choosing this establishment to plan for these types of the tests. It is a standout amongst the most troublesome tests and the organization has helped me defeated my dread in here that's marvellous.

Priyanka tiwari Image
Priyanka tiwari

The establishment has high class libraries from where the books can likewise be issued. It is useful for fledglings. Educators are extremely useful in here that’s marvellous. The educators are available to questions. They persuade their students to buckle down.

Parmod kumar Image
Parmod kumar

Motivational sessions are led to improve students exhibitions in here that’s marvellous. They give appropriate rules to the students with respect to the test design, traps to explain questions.

Vaibhav Kumar Singh Image
Vaibhav Kumar Singh

The staff always motivates us inside this place. You can understand easily by their teaching techniques. They also gave us Backup and Extra Classes for our better Results in the coaching institute.

Jahnabi Image

The Institute has the best facilities. They provide the aspirants inside this place with a very healthy environment for study.

Khushbu Image

This is one of the best coaching institutions which has been a one-stop answer for the issues identified with the examinations around here which has been great at this place.

nayati Image

Every classroom are air conditioner this was very nice in summer here in the coaching. The institute has high class libraries from where the books can also be issued.

rajesh Image

The study material given by this coaching centre is very helpful in the preparation of these exams.

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