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Arvind's Biology Classes Fees & Courses

Course Name Offers Duration Course Fee
NEET Biology --- - 55000/-
AIIMS Biology --- - 35000/-
AIPMT Biology --- - 35000/-

About Arvind's Biology Classes

Arvind's Biology Classes set up in Sector 37, Chandigarh gives preparing to exams, for example, NEET. Ideal from guaranteeing smooth working and train to giving persistent help to the understudies, the administration is constantly dynamic. The staff, then again, is among the best that you will discover. The quality of the establishment additionally lies in the numerous highlights it offers notwithstanding quality instruction. Test Arrangement is thought to be among the best. The SWOT examination of tests causes the understudies to pick up an astute photo of their qualities and shortcomings. Besides, the examination materials have been set up by specialists and are precisely intended to enable the understudies to get a handle on the ideas effortlessly. From lecture classes, revision classes and board classes, to major and minor tests, workshops, question counters and entrance classes –  Arvind's Biology Classes guarantees an organized system that helps give the understudies an aggressive edge.

Courses offered:

1. Competition Batch cum Test Series (NEET)

2. +2 Comprehensive Course (NEET)

3. +1 Foundation (NEET)

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Arvind's Biology Classes Reviews

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Kartik Choubisa Image
Kartik Choubisa

There are the monthly tests which help the students of this coaching to take over any question taught in this examination in here.


It's has am amazing environment and the best faculty in this education centre herein the teacher always encourage us to strive hard and help us to achieve our goals.

Rajendra Image

Teachers are very nice and I say the best teachers among various other institutes in this education centre herein , but management is fair.

Pihu Image

All faculty are really extremely talented and they have taught very well. Also these faculty have lots of patience to clear doubts in this education centre herein.

Inderjit Singh Image
Inderjit Singh

Very good environment to learn everything in this education centre herein related to exams.

AlfredPen Image

Good place for learning and teaching .I Like, the way of exploring in this education centre herein the new topic, which help me to understand.And also study do conceptual study.

Arpan Sharma Image
Arpan Sharma

The organization has extremely experienced staff here at this academic centre. They mark your positive and negative zones and help you to improve.

Jatin Saini Image
Jatin Saini

It was such a brilliant experience to present in front of the coaching institute in this examination in here.

Vishal Kumar Image
Vishal Kumar

You get a really good exposure here at the coaching institution in this examination in here, competition you can check your results at an all India level or on your batch level if you see that the results the institution is being providing out there at the coaching institution which is present here.

Mehak garg Image
Mehak garg

Most of the in the coaching is really brilliant in this examination in here. Since they are the best teachers who are working here in this coaching.

Somya Sharma Image
Somya Sharma

They also have had been great infrastructure in the coaching institutions in here in this town around here here for this exam.

Rydham Image

The teachers of the coaching institutions are always motivated us with lots and then have helped us tremendously to reach the high pedestal level being there which has been great in this examination here.

Satya Prakash Sharma Image
Satya Prakash Sharma

The coaching institute’s curriculum has had been really amazing out there in this examination in here and the modules of the institutes are being focussed in such a way being the in-depth understanding of the coaching institute which has been great, the practical side of the things if being considered, then the non-reliance on the bookish knowledge and then the excellence in all of the subjects of the coaching institutes in being there.

yukta sharma Image
Yukta sharma

Great coaching center it has had been for these exams in this examination in here! Very glad that I chose this institute for these exams. The faculty is beyond amazing, no doubt in that.

Asmika Image

The pace of the curriculum is in great and brilliant for these examsin this examination in here, the staff both academic and administrative staff is very supportive.

Deven sunar Image
Deven sunar

Since it was a nice experience and so much cooperative faculty for these exams in this examination in here and very good environment.

Mohammad Faizan Image
Mohammad Faizan

The teaching staff is one of their strongest suits really help me develop strong basics in this education center.

Soniya fayaz momin Image
Soniya fayaz momin

Realistic and pragmatic approach never gives me a feeling that I am going in wrong direction in this education centre

Dipak Image

Quality teaching quality study material quality all around in this education center

Sanjna sharma Image
Sanjna sharma

On the part of being the studentaround this study culture, I suppose that this coaching, has had been on the best part present here.

Tanu kumari Image
Tanu kumari

There are weekly magazines which help us to get the daily updates inside this institution which is great of the world around us and to know which is the event going to appear in the exam.

Deepika Bhiduri Image
Deepika Bhiduri

Trainer was superb great institution for thisthis institute is too good. Real time case studies presentations was too good. I highly recommend to all prep students.

pragya chaturvedi Image
Pragya chaturvedi

The coaching institution has had been providing us with an online portal which is available online and we are register user for this great culture here. The tests are really amazing.

shreya sharma Image
Shreya sharma

The teachers of the coaching academy works really hard for you to study betterfor around this institution. They give you many assignments which you need to follow as suggested by the teachers of the coaching.

Shrey Bhatnagar Image
Shrey Bhatnagar

The mentors of the coaching institute has had helped me in understanding the fundamentals well and worked on my weak points with here in this place.

Palwinder singh Image
Palwinder singh

If you want knowledge with concepts then come here. Full doubts clarifications and strong base building inside the institution.

Muskan Agarwal Image
Muskan Agarwal

Ever so great about them are their study solutionsfor these types of courses making the coaching experience a worthwhile. A fantastic experience for me

Nitin Kumar Image
Nitin Kumar

The institute has given the books and different materials to getting ready exam inside this institution hereat.And likewise lead standard test for understudy to improve themselves and discover their mix-ups.

Prince kumar Image
Prince kumar

I really have no words for the wonderful teachings and support. Thanks once again Arvind's Biology Classes the best coaching indeed.

Shiva Image

What I really like about is their communicative teachers really appreciate them for mentoring via the whole session is present in this education center. Once again thanks a lot

Sonam chauhan Image
Sonam chauhan

The study hall is generally amazingfor the exams in this institution. In the event that you need to make your profession in these exams and then equipped for managing Coaching in the academy, it's the best spot accessible in this brilliant coaching istitution. What makes it unique is showing quality and study material it gives.

Mohit singh naruka Image
Mohit singh naruka

This coaching is simply matchless! All of my doubts which have been laid to rest and I am marching ahead with my preparation for these exam over this Arvind's Biology Classes for this course herein.

Suman Rani Image
Suman Rani

Your determination, passion, hard work with the impeccable expertise of their staff brings it one step closure to get you national emblem on your visiting card round fare this coaching.

Himanshu priyadarshi Image
Himanshu priyadarshi

The environment of the coaching is amazing here around this institution. You are allowed to open your mind and think creatively about the problem. Helps me a lot.

Mudit Gupta Image
Mudit Gupta

They have had been given a great teaching methodology in the coaching and then lots of knowledge for their subject of studying in the coaching institution here for this exam.

Dinesh saini Image
Dinesh saini

The coaching academy is very brilliant. It has had been making their own study material. In their modules, there is theory, explanations, illustrations and many unsolved questions which are presented in front of them at the same time of covering the most of the part for the same here for this exam.

ashok kumar Image
Ashok kumar

This exam where you have to be hyper focused in the area of the coaching institution here for this exam.

Rahul Kumar Image
Rahul Kumar

All of the types of facilities are available in the institution here for this exam. The modules which have been provided in the academy has had a better understanding for the subject and the topic which have had been there.

B.R.sethi Image

The foundation has high-class libraries from where the books can in like manner be issued here. It is helpful for juveniles. Instructors are amazingly helpful. The instructors are accessible to questions. They influence their students to lock in.

Komal Choudhary Image
Komal Choudhary

The coaching institute which has been a really special point where it is a speed test for those exams which you are preparing. I think this is a very good point of this coaching institution for those exams which you are preparing.


The tests of the coaching institute are typically harder than the most recent years of the paper and subsequently is a really reasonable sign regarding what score can be accomplished in the test at this amazing institution.

Gyansingh Image

Teacher's of the coaching institute are of the awesome bore and abnormal state educating abilities at this amazing institution.

RINKU Meena Image

It’s a very of the gold institute for the executives tests, government employments tests and some more. It orchestrate pre sessions for students before selecting at this amazing institution.

sunil kumar Image
Sunil kumar

This type of the coaching institute is one of Asia's famous instructive consolidation which centers around diverse to the parts of training at this amazing institution; clearing inside its ambit each branch from therapeutic to law.

Anurag Image

The educators of the coaching institute here have been such a great experience however you likewise must be devoted in studies on the off chance that you need to break the tests at this amazing institution.

Sonia Image

Well and the disciplined organisation is this one in the coaching institute here. Not perfect but they give their best to solve the problem. Have appreciation for enlightened faculties & helpful staffs.

Ravinder Kaur Image
Ravinder Kaur

The faculties were very friendly here and they explained me the course details and all thing with patience of the coaching institute.

ajay Image

When I joined the institute, I was delighted to see the focus laid on the current affairs that is an essential part of preparing for these exams in the coaching institute.

Satyam Kumar Image
Satyam Kumar

The coaching institution has the facilities like speed tests, online classes and much more in these coaching institutions for those exams which you are preparing.

Ram akhil Image
Ram akhil

The establishment gives extraordinary study material here. The instructors are incredibly valuable and experienced. It has an exceptional space. Their examination material is overflowing with essential request and thoughts covering each and every fundamental subject.

Shubham dixit Image
Shubham dixit

Most likely the best organization in exchange with best resources and best homeroom culture an understudy can get in the coaching institute here.

Rajesh chauhan Image
Rajesh chauhan

The staff here is extremely useful and the nature of training gave is likewise superb in the coaching institute here.

Anchal Image

. Superb academy is this one and ,very much accommodating to get accomplishment throughout everyday life here.

Kiranjeet kaur Image
Kiranjeet kaur

It was an incredible involvement with the coaching institute here. Here I came to think about self. I have learned so much here , i feel its the best place to learn and succeed.

Anjali Image

I hope they bring change in the courses here and soon which would help the student community.

Rajbir singh Image
Rajbir singh

This is outstanding amongst other coaching institute to split your assessment here with great faculty. This institute gives the best instructing faculty.


In the event which you need to learn tricks and then get the suggested, that you really need to change your character and, at that point break the test independent from anyone else then this spot is for you here.


Online home test practise is the awesome one in the coaching which is brilliant and great. They have had also trained the students for the interviews with this Arvind's Biology Classes here. They provide personality development

Aditi Sharma Image
Aditi Sharma

A communicative teachers group is a pivotal factor in my studies in this education center. Thanks a lot

ishan sahni Image
Ishan sahni

I was never the brightest when it came to education. But the involvement of teachers and staff here helped me alot into here.


In my views they are the finest when it comes to the training for aspiring into here. I am convinced they will take chances as far as the training and doubt session goes.

Parul Verma Image
Parul Verma

) I would strongly recommend this place as they are the best at what they do into here. Their sincere dedication towards algebra has truly been inpecible .

Amitesh yadav Image
Amitesh yadav

The institute provides us with the excellent coaching, studious environment at Arvind's Biology Classes in this city. On top of all of this of the class, faculty are not only teachers but like your parents!

Sarpreet Singh Image
Sarpreet Singh

The environment in this coaching is most traditional and competition is very high so every student learns in a better environment at Arvind's Biology Classes in this city.

Avinash tiwari Image
Avinash tiwari

One of the best coaching institutes is this one being present here at the same time, in terms of everything which you see and understand at the time of this coaching institute which has had been present here on this part in this examination.

Abhishek saini Image
Abhishek saini

If you want to join the right coaching institutes in this examination, for the same one this is the perfect one for the same thing in it.

ravinder kaur Image
Ravinder kaur

The YouTube lectures is always an option to study anything which you want but this coaching never gave me a chance to do that in the coaching institute around in this examination.

Akrit Image

Since I have had long gone along with it has given me an all the more clear picture of the ideas of maths and science here. The educator is exceptionally dedicated and puts in a ton of exertion for the student to exceed expectations .

Ramee Image

You could understand that everything by the simple tricks you can also have facilities like speed tests and online classes with this Arvind's Biology Classes here that none of any other institutions provide which is brilliant and great.

Arshdeep kaur Image
Arshdeep kaur

The faculty of the coaching has been indeed very good and the materials for these exams and tests are similar to what you may expect in the actual exams in this examination.

Sumit kumar Image
Sumit kumar

It Would have been definitely suggest for these exams and particularly for their mock tests which focused on building the base for the subjects and how to approach the exam in this examination.

Raja sohail abass Image
Raja sohail abass

It's been a really great experience so far with the coaching and then the content taught in classes is really satisfactory and the classes are fun too for these exams in this examination.

Khushboo negi Image
Khushboo negi

It's been a brilliant learning I will have with me life long for these exams in this examination. It's not only about academics but also about finding purpose in life and being a good human being. Great institute.

Ajeet Kumar Rath Image
Ajeet Kumar Rath

Great institution with best faculty in this examination. They solve each and every doubt. The staff keeps you motivated and guides you from time to time. Study material is also very good for these exams in this coaching.


The teachers at the coaching institution are highly experienced as in this exam and put in a lot of time and efforts to help the students with their subjects.

Harleen Image

The teaching staff of the coaching institution has been very well disciplined for those exams which you are preparing. The staff of the coaching institute is very cooperative and helpful for those exams which you are preparing. The staff has a very reasonable rate which is pricy the education provided which has been provided for those exams which you are preparing institution.

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