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A.K.Vidyamandir Fees & Courses

Course Name
Course Fee
Crash Course(JEE(Main+Advanced)(for class XII Appearing/Passed)
Crash Course(JEE Main)(for class XII Appearing/Passed)
2 Year Classroom Contact Programme(JEE Main+Adv)(for students moving from X to XI)
2 Year Weekend Programme(JEE Main+Adv)(for students moving from X to XI)
ELITE(Two Year Integrated Coaching-cum-School Programme(JEE Main+Adv)(for students moving from X to XI)
1 Year Classroom Contact Programme(JEE Main+Adv)(for students moving from XI to XII)
1 Year Weekend Programme(JEE Main+Adv)(for students moving from XI to XII)
100 Days Competition Batch(for JEE Main+Adv)(for students studying in class XII)
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About A.K.Vidyamandir

A.K.Vidyamnadir, located in sector 36-D Chandigarh, is one of the top institutes which provides coaching for engineering and medical examinations. The Institute who has a newly made branch in Chandigarh. The teaching faculty comprises of well experienced and well dedicated teachers. The study booklets provided to the students is well written and simplified for better understanding. The students get a competitive environment at the institute. The exams held is tough and helps students to get to know their weak points. A detailed understanding of the subjects is made which helps the non medical as well as the medical aspirants crack JEE main and Advanced and AIPMT respectively. The success rating of the institute has made it now the top institute in Chandigarh.
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A.K.Vidyamandir Reviews

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Lakhan Image

They embraced an altogether different and great path for at the season of arrangement here at this academic centre. They gave sound workplace.

Muskan Mehta Image
Muskan Mehta

Mental stage always rules your preparation. They pay emphasis in this coaching institution here here at this academic centre.

Vinod misal Image
Vinod misal

Thanks for the great personal attention and doubt clearing classes. Excellent individual monitoring has been provided and analysis on learning inside here A.K.Vidyamandir .

Ritu Image

The coaching has come to be over a perfect note with this exam out there in the other aspects of the coaching around in here at this coaching being there probably the best coaching in here.

Shashi Kumar Image
Shashi Kumar

If you are willing to find the best of the gate classes, probably the best coaching in here then this coaching is surely the one which is a really brilliant thing being there at this coaching around in here at this coaching.

Ravish Kumar Image
Ravish Kumar

Their success can be attributed to the core essence of the course they are providing which eliminates all the perceived weaknesses of other coaching centres in this coaching institution at A.K.Vidyamandir in this area.

Abhishek Image

I have seen many other coaching but this one is probably the best one in the town for many reasons. The teachers are amazing, the counters are timely and there are multi lingual batches into here in this institute.

Nobel Image

If you are really willing to prepare into here in this institute, then the teachers would give their best personally to you in preparing you for the exam.

Manavi raina Image
Manavi raina

All the present issues materials are ground breaking and the critical information with respect to the examination are through and through given meticulous and precise in exams like these.

Rajwardhan Singh Image
Rajwardhan Singh

Best of best here in this examination in here at the place. Teachers are very good giving a realistic and practical approach to the exam.

Ankit singh Image
Ankit singh

I like the fact they are very hard form day one here in this examination in here at the place. This ensure we didn’t drift off

Deep Image

The coaching institute’s curriculum has had been really amazing out there and the modules of the institutes are being focussed in such a way being the in-depth understanding in here over time at this coaching.

Saurabh Singh Image
Saurabh Singh

It has had been a really wonderful place which being providing with being the best study tips of the coaching academy and then being the education to the coaching students whom the desire to the succeed in their life in the being out there which has been great over time at this coaching.

Asma Parveen Image
Asma Parveen

The faculty here are not mere teachers but heroes for the students studying here being at this place .

Amita Sharma Image
Amita Sharma

They give their booklets which are a squeeze of many good books and concepts over here being at this place with good problems.

Kuldeep jain Image
Kuldeep jain

Best place to take up coaching for preparation and its good.The faculty is highly qualified and keeps the environment motivating.

Jasmine Image

This is the best institute for preparation of this exam and its good. The teachers prepare exam strategies and discuss with their students.

Balance Image

Doubt clearing sessions are there which has had been conducted in the coaching and short-cuts are awesome here and is a great coaching and is a great coaching in this examination.


When you don’t get to understand any of the topic for these exams, you may simply rush to the doubt couter which are present in the coaching institute being at this place.

Nishtha Image

Quality of the questions which has had been there which have been very good since which has been great then the coaching institute being at this place in those exams studies for before preparing, and then the paper checking is done by the faculty which has helped me a lot to improve my answer writing skills.

Mi Image

Ethics in those exams is being there with a very scoring subject in those exams, institution which has been great being at this place. And then it being really demands proper attention in the coaching institution. The faculty trains the students of the coaching institution for the exam in there.

virendra Singh tyagi Image
Virendra Singh tyagi

The institute provides a very competitive environment and exhaustive courseware for those exams which you are preparing. This has proven to be very helpful for many.

Tejashvini patel Image
Tejashvini patel

They are the finest at what they do around in here at this coaching. Still can't imagine myself appearing for exam without sir guidence.

Sagar Image

The institute makes you feel the competition and also prepares you for the competition. It is the best institute for the preparation of these competitive exams and also prepares one for the boards also here inside this amazing institute.

TasmanGlofs Image

From my experience here inside this amazing institute, I advise the students to take admission in this coaching and can make their career bright.

Sneha Pattanshetty Image
Sneha Pattanshetty

As there for exams for those exams which you are preparing are small batches here for exams for those exams which you are preparing, personal attention is provided to every student.

Shalini Image

Fees of this institute may be more as compared to others but the quality of education is very very nice inside here A.K.Vidyamandir.

Rohan Patil Image
Rohan Patil

The faculty is very well educated and hard-working inside here A.K.Vidyamandir. They don’t leave any space for doubts. It is the best institute for cracking the exams at this premier institute.

Khushi Dubey Image
Khushi Dubey

The best thing about this coaching probably the best coaching for those exams which you are preparing is the studen’s welfare which the coaching shows in this town over this place.

Joginder Singh Image
Joginder Singh

This coaching is probably the best coaching when it comes to the test series, probably the best coaching for those exams which you are preparing doubt counters and the other things about the coaching in this coaching institution around here.

Satyam Image

The coaching not only prepares us for the exam for those exams which you are preparing over this place, probably the best coaching for those exams which you are preparing but also for the other exams which come along the way of the coaching institution being for those exams which you are preparing at this point.

Mahesh babu Image
Mahesh babu

In this coaching institute around here, the best part is that the things are prepared really very well out there in between the coaching academy around the corner of the institute probably the best coaching for those exams which you are preparing over this place.

Jitendra Image

Here in this coaching institutions, which we have get to do so many of the activities like the answer writing, the group discussions and then so much extra which has had been keeping us with the regular and then has had ben increases the interest and the confidence each and every day of the coaching institutions which has been great in this examination in here.

Poonam Image

The study material of the coaching institution which has been just the lucid which has had been there in the town which has been great in this examination in here.


Ethics and the case study in the pain for the many of the aspirants because it has been demanding the creativity, and then no one couldn’t develop the creativity in being the day in the institution which has been great in this examination in here. The same in the coaching academy which has been there.

Sara Image

The Ethics of the coaching institute and then the essay module helped me which has been great a lot to carve more and then more marks in the exam in this town in this examination in here.

Anurag Kaur Image
Anurag Kaur

One of the best coaching institutes as far as the quality of the prepared notesin this examination in here, the doubt counters and the other things seen.

Aamir Image

Talking about the Mains then the students who have taken the history subjectin this examination in here, the coaching is a boon for them.

Sahil mukkar Image
Sahil mukkar

There are serious things which every single student is concernedin this examination in here about but not in this coaching, we can study carefree and concentrated

Ritik Image

If you want the knowledge with the concepts then has had been coming here in this caching in this examination in here. Full doubts and then the clarifications and strong base building.

Daljeet Singh Image
Daljeet Singh

They just have good infrastructurefor these kinda exams, their teaching quality is really good and you feel like never leaving once enrolled.

Ravi Goswami Image
Ravi Goswami

Doubt counters of the coaching are always available to clear all your doubts that are not clear in the class or in a hurryat A.K.Vidyamandir in this area, there are separate doubt counters for the same.

Labhansh agrawal Image
Labhansh agrawal

This coaching academy has had been providing the best of the teachers and the best study material which have been provided to us by the coaching institutes and they really do an amazing job out thereat A.K.Vidyamandir in this area.

Shefali ❤ Image
Shefali ❤

There are separate doubt counter for the students for solving doubts by the teachers of the coaching institutionat A.K.Vidyamandir in this areaand then the coaching institutes have had always been in there in the coaching institute

Mani Image

I have had strongly suggested that every aspirant and student to join them for getting best coaching which has been great.For these courses in this convenient coaching

diksha khanna Image
Diksha khanna

Test series which has been conducted on the weekly basis inside this amazing institute have been a huge success.

Rahul verma Image
Rahul verma

Great experience was there at the coaching for these exams. Study material provided is very helpful and the faculty too is experienced and friendlyin this examination in here.

Sulbha Image

Great faculty is there at the coaching and then very helpful staff for these exams in this examination in here. Amazing study material and frequent doubt sessions are a big plus.

Amit Image

It Would have been definitely suggest for these exams and particularly for their mock tests which focused on building the base for the subjects and how to approach the examin this examination in here.

Vijaya Image

Study materials of this institution are better than any other institutions for these examsin this examination in here. So far the experience has been amazing.

Arpita Image

They cover all the syllabus, current, and essay which made me adapt to write answers in limited time and with a great presentationon this place.

Ashwini Image

The institute is very helpful with interlinking of subjects on this place.

Gulshan Kumar Image
Gulshan Kumar

This institute is a one-stop answer for issues identified with the examinationon this place.

Admission Overseas Image
Admission Overseas

Sufficient it is for the support were given and its good. Well infrastructure is maintained.

Abhi Image

This batch of the coaching institute was very useful and its good. I had more exposure. The mentor helped us a lot in clarifying doubts and knowing more things.

Vishwajeet Singh Image
Vishwajeet Singh

If you are searching for these papers’ preparation then you should go for this instituteand its good, the way of teaching of their faculties are enough for the preparation


Taking my decision to enroll for this instituteand its goodto prepare for the entrance is the best decision made.

Kanika Jindoliya Image
Kanika Jindoliya

This is the best branch of the instituteand its good. It is really impressive to take coaching from and its good.

Ritika choudhary Image
Ritika choudhary

They gave every one of the reports with respect to the tests and train in like manner into here in this institute. The personnel endeavors to bring each student. It ordinary training focus with a remarkable instructing philosophy.

Shreya Aneja Image
Shreya Aneja

At this foundation the instructors come completely arranged with the course structure into here in this institute. The structure is clarified legitimately in the class .The coursework is thoroughly talked about with the students which makes the examination procedure clear

Amit Rana Image
Amit Rana

Wonderful tests rehearses pursued here to clarify test. The uncertainty sessions are very much planned and time tables are conveyed well ahead of time into here in this institute

Gaurav Rohilla Image
Gaurav Rohilla

The coaching institution has been really very good. You are made to learn each and every concept of the coaching institute which has been herefor these exams for these courses.

Bhavani Rajpurohit Image
Bhavani Rajpurohit

The coaching institution has been providing that the prepared notes so that students do not need any other books in this for these exams for these courses.

Moksha Bakshi Image
Moksha Bakshi

Some of the studentsfor these exams for these courses institution are the most talented in the class. There are experienced teachers of the various subjects.

Deepak Image

The students of the coaching institute are made to follow a strict time table which helps the students to build a routine, helps students to perform better in this for these exams for these courses.

Sony Image

The concept to deal the question is excellent and gives visual and audio connection bothfor these exams for these courses.

Sukhrajpal Singh Image
Sukhrajpal Singh

It has provided us enough study material so that we can independently prepare for these exams for these courses.

mayuri more Image
Mayuri more

They adopted very different and good way for at the time of preparation. They provided healthy work environment for these exams for these courses


The teachers of the coaching institution helps us to do better by making us enthusiastic and motivation at A.K.Vidyamandir located around here .

rutu Image

The best coaching centre to prepare at A.K.Vidyamandir located around here. Best Teachers for every subject. Best study material provided.

Monika Devi Image
Monika Devi

There are highly qualified and then the talented faculties over here not only enrich the students with subjective knowledge but also develops a competitive mind which helps them to clear the highly competitive exams of the nation at A.K.Vidyamandir located around here.

Aarti Image

If you really want to do something it become an alumni in A.K.Vidyamandir located around here, then you must surely go for this.

Manroop Kaur Johal Image
Manroop Kaur Johal

Teachers know the potential of the students and then motivates the student to do hard work in A.K.Vidyamandir located around here.

Jyoti kubade Image
Jyoti kubade

The Institute organizes career counseling sessions in A.K.Vidyamandir located around here on a regular basis which you will be guided on how to study and other information regarding your career.

Nipun jain Image
Nipun jain

. Inspirational sessions are directed to improve students displays for these exams. They give suitable standards to the students as for the test configuration, traps to clarify questions.

Mahavir s duhan Image
Mahavir s duhan

Online home test practice is stunning so it’s amazing. They in like manner train the students for gatherings. They give personality improvement.

Anil Image

I picked this association since it structures their own one of a kind examination material to consider their own one of a kind empowering logic and the study material is amazingly valuable so it’s amazing.

K s patiyal Image
K s patiyal

If you are really looking for some amazing coaching, then you should probably take admission into this coaching which has had been a great thing.

Anuj kumar Image
Anuj kumar

I feel like this is the most amazing which has had been a great thing, time specific institute since the students present here always get time for the self studying.

harry Image

Teacher a reliable source for a profound teaching. The only thing maybe you have to worry is their batch size, it may vary student to student

shabnam Image

The teachers and then the staff of this coaching institution has had been very cooperative and supportive with proper teaching for every course’s great pleasure to study in this institution around.

Riya bisht Image
Riya bisht

Extremely good and then dedicated teachers who would have believe in strengthening students fundamentals in the coaching.

avinash Image

This coaching academy has had been providing the best of the teachers and the best study material which have been provided to us by the coaching institutes and they really do an amazing job out there

Lokesh Image

If you come across any kind of the difficulty, this coaching institute would do so in no time. I believe that this coaching is the best out of every other coaching present around.

Abhinav Image

One of the best coaching institutions which are being present at this town at the same time . The teachers are very good and work towards developing the interests of their students into their respective subjects .

sunny Image

This coaching institute is really a productive one according to me. The infrastructure is undoubtedly marvellous in this coaching.

sanjau Image

The administration of the coaching institution is very very vast. There are no such prob in the administration and the admission procedure is very easy.

Rosy Image

Special attention of the coaching institution towards each of the student is given. And I’m personally very happy with the service they provide.

Lakhbir Singh Image
Lakhbir Singh

Every subject at the coaching intsitute has had its own lectures and auditorium classroom is provided. Here u can practice online mock test for your preparation.

bhanwar lal meena Image
Bhanwar lal meena

Every penny at the coaching would worth it .they are very hardworking and sincere towards the student.

kanchan Image

The study material of the coaching institute & teaching methodology adopted are far far better compared to all other institutes.

rishabh joshi Image
Rishabh joshi

They have had given legitimate direction, pertinent study material , practice tests and inspirational sessions. The staff is useful, experienced.

Shalu Image

You could be comprehend everything by basic techniques. You can likewise have regular tests and online classes that none of some other establishments give.

Sandeep kaur Image
Sandeep kaur

The workforce of the coaching institute educates at an exceptionally high pace. It is hard to comprehend themes now and again.

ashwani Image

The staff of the coaching institute is exceptionally qualified. They choose specialists who have been in the line since last 15-20 years. The tests led help us to assess our position and endeavours we have to additionally put.

Harsimran Image

Very knowledgable teachers are there at the coaching institution! They teach with different ways to understand. Teachers are always open to discussion and motivating .

Ankita Image

Place with incredible coaches and personnel and care staff. This is extremely an institution one can look upto for readiness for JEE tests.

tanzin sonam Image
Tanzin sonam

Even on the off chance that you contemplate a specific subject, despite everything you'll discover new information on it. All the personnel are continually eager to help and guide you towards progress.

sachin dahiya Image
Sachin dahiya

They gave every one of the reports in regards to the tests and train in like manner. The workforce endeavours to bring each understudy. It typical instructing focus with an extraordinary educating approach.

Jagdeep kaur Image
Jagdeep kaur

This foundation is extremely fantastic in giving training in the field of fruition. The idea to bargain the inquiry is magnificent and gives visual and sound association both.

Rajat Image

The establishment has a distinct feature which is the training test for us. I think this is generally excellent purpose of this establishment.

rahul bhandari Image
Rahul bhandari

The teachers has a vast experience. They teach with clarity and will clear your every doubt no matter how much you ask.

Arindam Bandral Image
Arindam Bandral

Study room well equipped library encourage students to come here any time throughout the day & seek assistance from their mentor

vishal Image

This institute has excellent faculty and i would like to recommend it to everyone.

Komalpreet Kaur Image
Komalpreet Kaur

The faculty of the coaching is well versed with the pattern, and the teaching is methodical and interactive.

Top Engineering Colleges in India Image
Top Engineering Colleges in India

Thank you for sharing information with us.It will be helpful for every one,

Nidhi Bharti Image
Nidhi Bharti

Faculty is fine bit management is poor. Transport system is inefficient.

rijul srivastav Image
Rijul srivastav

In my opinion Akv just for time pass because in it didn't get attention

Sunny Sandhu Image
Sunny Sandhu

I am studing in AK Vidyamandir. It is good institute but only for maths,bio and chemistry not for physics

saurabh singla Image
Saurabh singla

Medium understand. Institute is good. Physics is not good here but

Simran Hayer Image
Simran Hayer

This institute is the best institute. the faculty is very good. teaching method is very good.

Ayushi singla Image
Ayushi singla

Friendly and helpful teachers, regular doubt sessions.

tripat saggu Image
Tripat saggu

Teachers are helpful but its still better to go for individual tutions. institutes are not much beneficial.

Aman Kumar Image
Aman Kumar

In comparison to today's scenario of education parameters akv lies very low. No one will be doing +1 & +2 again and again so I would say give ur best shot for the first time itself. And prefer individual coaching institutes instead of institutes like allen, AKV,Bansal,etc. Both have their advantages and disadvantages but according to me go for individuals. Moreover, this depends on the student.

Tej singh Dhillon Image
Tej singh Dhillon

Nice faculty...but management is not efficient..

Sambhavi Gupta Image
Sambhavi Gupta

The teachers of this institute are very co-operative.Doubt sessions are held regularly and tests are held every fort night.

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