Life at IIT

College life is the best part of education. Fun, studies, learning, everything reaches on another level at college and if you are at the one of the best colleges in India, your life is going to be completely different. Being in IIT is a great achievement in itself. Be it any IIT with a great power comes a great responsibility and with a great freedom comes a great distraction. So here are some of the points that explain a life at IIT.

  • Waking up 15 to 20 minutes before the class.
  • Completing every work just before the deadline which makes IITians able to work in pressure in future.
  • If you think that IITians study day and night and are perfect in everything then you are completely wrong. At IIT more than 80 percent students touch books just before the exams and crossing every level of imperfection they become innovative not perfect like a programmed machine.
  • Think what can happen inside a classroom? Hi-tech classrooms? Intelligency crossing limits with cross questioning? Attentive nerds? Well that’s what never happens. Most of the students are either sleepy or are talking to someone who matters on their cell-phone clicking pictures of Life at IIT.
  • IIT life is full of cultural fests. Infact the “Mood Indigo” of IIT Bombay is the best youth fest of the Asia. IIT’s have 3 fests including all those tech fests and cultural fests you have heard about and then there are inter IIT’s and much more.
  • Talking about night life, most of the students are awaked till 2 or 3 at the morning. Always sloppy but attentive to reply your texts.
  • Most of the geeks at IIT are lazy enough to even bath so they find their own ways to get things done giving birth to future inventors.
  • Though IIT is a technical institution still you can be anything you want and many of the students have done that efficiently too. You can pursue career in any of the field Thanks! To the resources provided by the college.
  • Talking about friends then you will get the best friends of your life from the college.
  • Well IIT is full of expectations, great packages and broken dreams. Everyone expects too much from you that you end up frustrating.
  • Your birthday celebration is amazing in the hostel, at first you would be treated as a slave and then after as a king.
  • Facilities huh? Well IITians get it really well, concessions, concessions everywhere defines a good Life at IIT. Whether it is a restaurant or a rail travel you will definitely get a good concession.
  • Most of the time you are going to skip your breakfast when you are at IIT. You will hardly remember taking breakfast if you have lived a life at an IIT.

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