How to give your best in an interview- BEST INTERVIEW TIPS EVER!

To do well in any kind of interview it is important to prepare. Going half-heartedly and completely unprepared in an interview slims your chances of being selected near zero. If you want to be persuasive and convincing in an interview you must be able to showcase your talent and how you will be beneficial to the organization clearly and completely.


Following are the steps you should take to do so efficiently:

1. Information gathering

First and foremost you should have complete details of the organization you are interviewing for. Having this information not only impresses the interviewer but also helps you in understanding the standpoint of the interviewer. You will also be able to ask pointed and clear questions for the position that you are applying for and you would also be able to explain how you will fit in.

2. Preparing your CV

The first thing that your interviewer is going to see is your Curriculum Vitae and having an impressive one can make all the difference. It is very common for the interviewer to ask you questions based on your CV, so make sure that everything that you write in your CV is true and be prepared with some answers beforehand so that you are not stumped by a question from your own CV, which will make a very bad impression.

3. Grooming and Clothing

Your looks are also one of the main things that you will be judged upon. Properly washed and ironed clothes are a must. Also, pay special attention to your hairstyle, is possible go for a haircut and give yourself a more professional look. Being conservative in the way you style yourself is better as you don’t want yourself being rejected just for wearing something that is ‘in’.

best interview tips!

4. Body Language

Words are not the only way of communicating, you can send a very strong message across just by the way you carry yourself. Making eye contact is also essential as it will show confidence. Make a calm and composed entrance, great your interviewers and wait for them to ask you to sit. Do not slouch at any time during the interview. Hand gestures are fine, but make sure your hands are above the desk and below your collarbone. At the end of the interview rise calmly, collect your documents and if convenient shake hands with everyone before you leave. If that is not possible at least try and shake hands with the hiring manager, it can leave a lasting impression.

5. Attitude and demeanor

The most important aspect of the interview is the attitude of the interviewee. If you have a know-it- all attitude at your job interview, you will raise a red flag in your potential employer’s mind. These days every interviewee gives the same pat answers to every question. If you want to have a stand-out attitude at your job interviews, be honest. Not only does being honest make you stand out, but also helps you avoid any future complications.

And don’t underestimate the power of your smile!

These were a few key points to nail an interview. Stay positive and spread your charm across!

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