Everything you need to know about IELTS 2017 registration

IELTS 2017 is conducted by University of Cambridge (Cambridge ESOL) ESOL, IDP Education Australia and British Council. International English Language Testing System is must for the students who want to work or study in the country where English is the mother tongue or is used a medium of communication.

It is conducted every year to test the English language skills of the students. The exam tests the comprehensive understanding of Listening, speaking, reading and writing of the English Language.

IETS Exam is of two types as follows:-

  1. Academic Version
  2. General Training Version

Academic Version

Academic Version exam is for the students who want to pursue their further studies in the foreign university or just for practice, basically its for the students who want to go to foreign for the academic purpose

General Training Version

General Training Version exam for the candidates who want to go to foreign for the practice or just for taking the experience.

The exam is conducted 3 to 4 times every month and around 130 countries accept the IELTS score.

Registration Process for IELTS 2017:-

Read all the information here before starting the registration process.

The application process for IELTS 2017 can be done by offline or online mode.

For Online mode:-

The candidates should register themselves online on the official website.

For Offline mode:-

In offline mode the candidate has to download the registration form online and fill it without any error.

Next they have to attach the demand draft of the prescribed fee for the IELTS 2017 and then post it to the following:-

IDP Education Pvt. Ltd., 2nd floor, Chimes Building, Sector 44 , Gurugrma- 122003, Haryana.

Phone:- 91-124-4411888, 91-124-4411888

Before actually starting the registration process. Please read all the information given on the website carefully.

In Person Mode:-

In some regions IELTS 2017 registration can be done by visiting the nearby office by attaching the demand draft of prescribed fee payable at Delhi, in favour of IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd.

Test dates of IELTS 2017:-

There are limited number of places where IELTS sessions are held. The registration has to be done atleast one month before the exam to make sure that you get a seat. For IELTS 2017 exam dates click here.

The writing, listening, reading test is held on the same day and the speaking test can be before, on the same day or after the exam. It can be held atmost 5 days before the exam, so stay alarmed, you will be notified with the date.

Registration Fee of IELTS 2017:-

Registering Online:-

11,800 is the fee for IELTS 2017. You can register with the IELTS online portal here by clicking here.

The fee can be paid by Debit/Credit card or Cash at ICICI bank, to get the slip click here and by demand draft in favour of IDP Education India Pvt. Ltd.

Registering Offline:-

  • Download Fill the IELTS form by clicking here.
  • After completing all the dates click here to select an appropriate date.
  • To pay by the Cash at ICICI click here for the slip, to get the slip.

Note:- Remember that you have to enter your passport no. while registration. So, you should have a passport while registration.


For online payment with Debit/Credit Card:-

  • No documents

For online payment with Cash/Demand draft:-

  • IELTS copy of the application acknowledgement that is received by them after the online registration.
  • Payment slip/acknowledgement copy

All the documents of the respective candidate should be reached at The mentioned address within 3 days of the registration of exam.

Candidates may also be asked to upload the acknowledgement slip of payment confirmation at ICICI bank. It would be asked to upload here.

If the candidate is below 18 years old at the time of registration or at the test day then, he should have duly- filled consent form (downloadble from here) which is to be produced at the time of appearing.


For online registration:-

You will receive a mail containing payment confirmation slip and the access to free course preparation “Road to IELTS”.

For offline registration:-

You will receive the payment confirmation slip and the credentials to access the free preparation course “Road to IELTS” after 7 days of your application.

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