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This time, Studydekho brings to you Motion Institute, Kota, which is one of the top coaching institutes in the country for engineering, medical as well as other related Olympiads.

For all those who stand unaware, Kota has, in the recent times, become one of the most sought after places for top notch coaching. Each year, the influx of students from all over the country has only seen a rise. This is in addition to the fact that the institutes here are leaving no stone unturned to attract the maximum number of students. Right from content rich study to the best teaching methods, the race has become never ending.

About Motion Institute, Kota

Motion Institute, KotaThe vision of Motion Institute, Kota is to become a leading educator in the country. The institute was founded in the year 2007 and was established in order to create a coaching hub for preparation of various engineering and medical entrance exams. It bids to fill the demand and supply gap in order to cater to the needs of the growing number of aspirants. With a variety of courses under its ambit, Motion Institute, Kota promises to deliver its best. The institute has caught the attention of aspirants in no time and it is expected that the number of candidates under its umbrella will only increase over the years.

Courses offered at Motion Institute, Kota

To cater to the varied demands of the students, Motion Institute, Kota provides a myriad of courses to its students so they can choose the one which is suited to them.

The various courses available are explained briefly so that aspirants can get a fair idea of which course to opt for. However, for detailed information, we suggest you follow the links in the article and consult the website of this institute.

  • Acceleration (JEE Mains & Advanced)

This course is available for those students who have passed high school or 12th grade. Those who enroll themselves into this course are assumed to have known the basic concepts but lack the application of the same when a question is posed. Therefore, the main focus here is to ensure that students are able to apply the concept to a particular problem and find the best possible solution within the stipulated time. The course is designed in such a manner that no extra material needs to be consulted. In addition, periodic tests are prepared in such a manner that gives you the feel of a real engineering entrance test. The course aims to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the aspirants and focuses on their holistic development.

  • Target (JEE Main)

As the name suggests, this course is focused to prepare the students for the JEE Mains exam. This course extends for a period of one year. With a range of topics covered in the simplest manner, this course is suited for those who wish to attain max. information in the min. period. It is available for those students who have passed their 12th grade from any board.

  • Velocity (JEE Main & Advanced)

This course is for those students who are moving into the 12th grade from 11th. The syllabus is designed in such a manner that the student doesn’t face any burden with respect to the pressure of boards along with the pressure of clearing entrance exams. In this course, the students are taught the entire 12th-grade syllabus along with key topics of 11th grade. The faculty teaching this course is a blend of rich academic experience coupled with vast knowledge.

  • Fresher (JEE Main)

The course duration is 1 year and is for students moving to 12th grade. The focus is on maximization of learning. Along with quality course content, Motion Institute, Kota promises its students unmatched quality of periodical checks in the form of tests and feedbacks.

  • Speed (JEE Main & Advanced)

This course extends for a period of 1 as well as 2 years. The course is best suited for those who have just been promoted to 11th grade from 10th. The course is designed in such a manner that it first makes the student aware of easy concepts and then moves towards tougher concepts. This course is aimed at clearing the fundamental concepts of students. The course is in tandem with the latest syllabus of school level and allied competitive exams.

  • Foundation (JEE Main)

This course is divided into two academic sessions. Initially, the course begins with basic concepts so that the students don’t feel any burden. Gradually, the focus shifts to the entrance syllabus. The course is applicable to those who are moving to 11th grade from 10th grade. The course duration is 1 year. The main purpose of this course is to give students an edge over others who start their coaching at a later stage.

  • E-learning

This way, the students are provided with course material which they can access while sitting at home. For those of you who find it difficult to attend the live course or stay far away, this course can be a time saver.

  • Arjuna

It is a residential course that is exclusive for NTSE Qualified Students who have passed Stage 1 and 2. The course helps students inculcate a habit of proceeding towards the path of clearing tougher competitive exams. The focus here is on a strict daily schedule and concept clarity. The topics are taught in classrooms on a daily basis. The mentors ensure that the doubts are not lingering onto the next day. It is mandatory for students opting for this course to stay on the campus.

  • Drona

Drone is yet another residential course that prepares students for the toughest competitive exams of India. The course has its focus set on clearing the doubts of students as and when they arise.

  • Short term courses

Other short term courses include Abhyaas which prepares students for Board examinations, Dream Batch which focuses on revision and concept clarity of Class 11 syllabus and Commando Batch which focuses of the improvement of scores of graduating students.

Salient features of Motion Institute, Kota:

  • In depth analysis: the regular feedbacks given to students about their performance is a result of the in depth analysis of the scores of students. This helps the aspirants realize their weaknesses and work towards improving the same.
  • Doubt clearance: one of the crucial features of Motion Institute, Kota is doubt clearance. It ensures that no student goes home with a doubt in his mind. Special doubt sessions are a regular feature of this place.
  • Timely completion of course: it is imperative that the course syllabus is completed in time so that it leaves the student with enough time to revise the same. Motion Institute, Kota ensures that no student is kept longer than the duration promised in lieu of completion of syllabus. Timely course completion is a must here.
  • Renowned faculty: each faculty member has a rich experience of several years which gives them an edge of understanding student psychology. At the same time, students also get a chance to know more about the syllabus from sharp minds as them, thereby giving them an enriched experience.

So this was all about Motion Institute, Kota. We hope that you found the information useful. Make sure you gear up for your preparation because these exams require a lot of focus and hard work. Studydekho wishes you success.

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