7 tips to avoid stress and score well in your exams!

Exams are an integral part of Education system and hence we cannot run away from them. No doubt it causes a lot of stress to the students and it becomes difficult for them to cope up with it. But does that mean that we let this phobia take over our lives!?
We are under continuous pressure of doing good and better than others and are living in a world full of competition which leads to more stress of doing well every day!
Here are a few examination tips which can help you deal with your exam stress and help you to concentrate and take your exams well!

1. Manage your time
Time management is the key to success, for sure. It’s not just managing your day before the exam but also throughout, do not let your syllabi linger on. Keep yourself well updated with the amount of time you will need to study a respective subject. Give your best concentration to the subject you find the toughest. Distribute your syllabus into bits accordingly, practice writing your answers beforehand.


2. Eat Healthy and Properly
Eating healthy is as important as studying for your exam. If your intake of food is proper and on time, your mind will be in a sound mode. Do not let good nutrition slide down in your list. Try and eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your mind and body in best shape. Replace all your junk with healthy diets. Eat chocolates, if you like, as they are considered to be natural stress busters.healthy-food

3. Take a break
Studying is only good if you are completely focused. Human brain can only concentrate properly for about 45 minutes, so feel free to take 15 minutes rest after every 45 minutes and devote that time relaxing your mind by meditating or listening to good music. But at the same time make sure, in that period of 15 minutes, you are not exhausting your mind. Just let it loose.

4. Keep yourself Hydrated
Being hydrated helps our brain function efficiently. Be sure to drink as much water as you can while preparing for the exam. Also, take a water bottle with you to the examination hall as studies have shown that proper intake of water during the exam can boost your scores. While being hydrated is good, be sure to keep the intake of caffeine in check as it can make you feel anxious, on the other hand a cup of herbal tea can make you feel more relaxed.


5. Check for your environment
The place where you study can be a big factor in terms of your focus. Make sure you have a dedicated studying place which has ample light, no background noise and most of all no windows, as they can be a big distraction. If you cannot find such a place at home try a nearby library. Also, try and keep your books in a certain order so that you can find them easily without wasting much time.


6. Sleep well
Not getting enough sleep can make your brain less efficient. So make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep during preparations as well as the exams. Make a routine and try to follow it every night and make a habit out of it. Proper sleep will improve your memory recall and ability to concentrate. Never underestimate your sleep, give your brain sometime to assimilate knowledge into your long term memory so that you take your exams very well.


7. Avoid Distractions
Nowadays it is difficult to even count the number of times we check our social
networking accounts in a day. Self-Control is very important, you don’t have to detach yourself completely but have to make sure that it is not wasting your time. Being active on your Facebook, Instagram and twitter handles can wait, exams won’t. So keep yourself a little isolated from the outside world!


We all have to go through exams in our life, they are mandatory and hence there is no point cribbing over them, instead make sure you take them well and with open arms.
Try and use these ways to help you take your exams better!
Good luck, Champ!

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