Top Courses After Graduation – Part II

College life is one of the most cherished times of any person’s life. Primarily, this is because you are devoid of the larger tensions in life pertaining to jobs, salaries, leaves, family responsibilities and the like. Probably all of us who have graduated would be willing to go back in time and relive the joyous moments with our pals.

However, the real stress starts when one is in the last year of his graduation because that is when a student begins to realize that he will soon pass out of college and will have to face the real world outside.

Well, for those of you who are thinking along the same line of thought, we are to provide you some guiding careers you can look out for once you graduate. Remember, there is no best career but there is always the best person in every career. Be the latter and you would never have to regret your choice in life.

In this blog at Studydekho, we shall tell you about the various careers you can opt for while you are in college. Most of these careers do not stringently co relate with the field in which you are graduating but then it always gives you an edge over others if you know the basics.

Take a look at these high end careers and make a careful choice before you settle in life.

top courses after graduation

Here we go!

Sales and business development:

This is a career that can never go out of demand till the time there is manufacture and rendition of goods and services respectively in the economy. If you have the skill to communicate with the other party and interacting with people is what you love, a course in this regard would be a good option. Many companies hire freshly churned graduates for high end jobs.

The good part of being in this field that there is no dearth of incentives and perks since it all depends on how well you can sell your business idea to others. The growth rate is always on a rise. Even if you wish to later pursue entrepreneurship, this kind of a atb in the beginning of your career will surely give a boost to your skills. In the age of start ups, a lot of fresh companies hire talented students even before they graduate. Choose a good management college yourself and you are good to go.

Advertising and communication:

The age of competition has forced all types of businesses to market themselves. As a result, the field of marketing and advertising has seen a never seen before growth. For those who have a creative mind, a job in a good advertising agency is always a good idea. The job involves analysis, conceptualizing and implementing marketing campaigns, etc. One can always look for a variety of colleges that offer a regular as well as a diploma course to ready students for this kind of a job. Depending on your academic performance and the tier of college from which you have graduated, you can expect a starting salary of INR 15,000 which can go as high as 30,000 per month.


Only a person living under a rock would not know the number of people that appear for management related entrance examinations each year. The number has seen only an increase over the years owing to the number of foreign as well as domestic companies that are expanding their operations. If you have an MBA degree from a top management college, there is nothing that can stop you from grabbing the best jobs in the country as well as abroad. Interestingly, a lot of diploma or 1 year courses have also sprung up that not only save the time of those looking for an early opening in the corporate sector but also help students grab maximum information in the minimum time. Make sure that you work really hard during the course of your college so you are well equipped to handle the pressures of the global corporate functioning.

Foreign accounting:

Gone are the days when people used to think that CA or CS in the sole course that can render a good job with a decent salary. With the incoming of multiple foreign firms in the country, a lot of foreign accounting courses have taken precedent over the regular ones. Courses such as ACCA are gaining popularity since they promise a high clearance rate along with a good job in some of the best accounting companies that exist in the world. One can always read about them and get a fair idea of how these courses function. Apart from this inherent benefit, another advantage is that one can work part time and prepare for the papers at the same time since there is no formal coaching required for these courses. Do check them out if you find time.

Digital marketing:

Digitalization has changed the perspective of customers. Probably even the smallest of companies are ready to spend a considerable amount of their revenue in the digital marketing pool since they know that it is one factor that can make or break their business. If you also have an interest in the field, check out colleges that offer courses in digital marketing. Trust us; it is one of the most lucrative fields that are seeing the light of the day. You could start as a web designer or content writer or a social media page handler. There is no prior knowledge or qualification required for such a course although it is always advisable to know a few basic things about information technology.

Once you gain some significant experience in this field, you can become a freelancer and earn clients depending upon your scale and quality of work. There is no dearth of work in this field. The salary is sky rocketing. All you need is interest and skill and that is all to contribute to your success.

Mass Communication:

If you have a knack for research, if you like to speak and if you wish to make a mark in the field where all it requires is sheer talent, then mass communication is the right field for you. Please do not think that that a person which a mass communication degree becomes a news reader only. There are varieties of careers that are covered under the ambit of this course. You can either make a career in print media or digital media or probably become a research analyst as well. You can also join even management companies and manage their marketing section. The opportunities are never ending. Also, the rise of institutes all over the coaching providing a holistic training in this regard has seen an increase over the years. You do not need a specific pre qualification to start your career in this field. One can expect salaries ranging from half a lakh to a lakh per annum in this field.

So this was all about the various career options that one can choose from. We at Studydekho strive you provide you the best and the most authentic information pertaining to academics. Make sure you check your blog every once a while. We would be glad if you can contribute your valuable feedback to the feed.

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