How To get 8 bands in IELTS

How to get 8 bands in IELTS

This article is helpful for you even you start your preparation for IELTS even before a month from the test. You can start your preparation by taking a model test. You can give most of the time to the writing section among listening, writing, speaking and reading.

How to get 8 bands in writing section

The most difficult section and you need to learn that how to write an essay in proper structure.

For task 1 of the writing section you would have to write a letter. If you focus on the following letters you would easily be able to get over the task.

  1. Complaint letter
  2. Request letter – business style
  3. Request letter – personal style
  4. Job application letter

For the second task, you would have to write an essay so if you focus on the following types then you will get over the task 2.

  1. Argument essay
  2. Discussion essay

For the both tasks, memorizing the formats of each paragraph would get the things done for you. The phrases that has to be used in each paragraph, connectives to join paragraphs, etc. are such things that you will have to remember.

To crack IELTS or to get 8 bands in IELTS, you will have to prepare draft of both the tasks and then prepare your final answer. First you have to practice the tasks without time and with regular practice you can be perfect and do it with time.

Going through Ace the IELTS and Ryan Higgin’s page is strongly recommended.


How to get 8 bands in listening section

Concentration is what required the most in this section. You should not divert your attention even for a second in this one.  You have to utilize the time given you before the clip starts to play to skim through the blanks that need to be filled. Just guess that what kind of questions can be asked. Just try to remember as much as you can in the audio clip.

Just underline the keywords on the question booklet that guides you through the tape conversation. If you start to loose it those underlined words would be of great help to you.

At the end of the section just look at the unanswered questions you have left try to remember the audio clip and then the first thing that comes to your mind is the answer.

You can refer listening practice tests from Cambridge IELTS Student’s Book and Barron’s Ielts Books. Incorrect spellings, singular and plural will penalize you and you will lose your marks.

How to get 8 Bands in Speaking Section

The first section of speaking is alike interview. The questions would be basic simple questions like where are you from? What do you do? Etc. you have to be well prepared for these ones.

The second section you are given a topic and you have to speak for 2 minutes on the topic. You have to make notes that what you would speak there for 2 minutes.

Do not stop talking for 2 minutes. You have to continue speaking for 2 minutes till examiner interrupts you.

The third part is also an interview. So it will be question so it will be easy.

How to get IELTS 8 bands in reading section

This is the easiest section. You get a lot of time for this section in the main exam. So this one requires the least amount of time while preparing.

You must pay attention to the number of words you are expected to fill. You also have to pay attention to the singular and plural from the answer. Incorrect spelling will also fetch you zero marks.






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