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Career Point, Kota has been serving students for 24 years. Each year, several students come here to gear up and prepare for some of the toughest competitive exams that take place in the country in the field of engineering and medicine. Career Point, Kota gives credit to its team, its teaching methods as well as its student centric view when it comes to narrating its success story. Its mission has always been to cater to the lives of students till the time he steps into his professional life.

The fact of imparting quality education through the systematic training modules has been rooted in our traditions and culture quite deeply. Taking the same ideology forward, Career Point, Kota attempts to enable students to develop themselves intellectually and realize their full potential so as to realize their dreams.

We at Studydekho have compiled all possible information pertaining to offers and courses at Career Point, Kota so that views get an overall picture of the prospects here.


The following courses are offered here:

  • Class XI + Foundation Course for JEE (Adv) and NEET: this course is a two year course with an aim to develop the foundation of concepts and their application. The course helps to shape the ability of problem solving in students. It also improves their reasoning. Along with entrance exam preparation, this course also provides coaching for school syllabus. This course is priced at Rs. 1,25,000 approx.
  • Compact Course for JEE Main and NEET: this course has been created with a view to providing intensive preparation for JEE Main as well as NEET. The faculty tries to cover the syllabus in an effective manner so that students can understand the concepts along with their application in the most holistic manner. The course also helps build confidence, speed as well as accuracy in students. The course duration is of about half a year. The fee for JEE Main is about Rs. 1,05,000 while the fee for NEET is Rs. 1,26,000.
  • XII Appeared/Pass + Target Course for JEE Main and NEET: this is a one year course for those who have already appeared for or have passed high school. The course invites direct admissions and is available in English as well as Hindi medium.
  • JEE Main Achiever Batch Course: it is held for repeaters or 12th pass students who have been meritorious. Those students who appeared for entrances but couldn’t achieve their desired result due to certain loopholes in their preparation can opt for this course at Career Point, Kota. Also, those who have held a distinguished academic record can also aim for this course. The course fee is around Rs, 70,000.
  • Enthuse Course for NEET: it is a one year course for those students who wish to prepare for their exam within a year along with their ongoing prep for board exams. The course invites direct admissions for the same. The fee for this course is Rs, 1,25,000.

Note: The amounts mentioned above are only for reference. Students are advised to visit the institute to know the exact details.

  • Online test series: the objective of this test series is to ensure that students practice what they learn all throughout their prep. The tests are a blend of easy as well as critical thinking questions. The test pattern is scientific and surely gives the students a good idea of what the real exam would look like. The price range for this test series is about Rs. 3000-4000.
  • Video Lectures: Career Point, Kota provides video lectures to aspirants through pen drives, SD Card, and DVDs. It contains lectures by the best faculty in the field of engineering and medicine. The viewers can make notes as and how they like. One can also get access to video solutions to exercise sheets that are provided along with.
  • Pre Foundation Courses: So that students get a feel for their higher classes and in order to build a strong foundation, Career Point, Kota has introduced foundation classes ranging from Class VI to Class X. There is no selection criterion for these classes. One can see the difference and development in himself over the years by enrolling into the course.

Features of Career Point, Kota:career point kota

Career Point, Kota has been pioneering the field of coaching for a long time now. Here are some unique features that can make your stay at Career Point, Kota memorable:

  • Hostel facility: the hostel facility here is one of the most well known in Kota. Students who come from far off places do not have to worry about finding a place for their stay since the hostel provides the perfect environment for studying and prep.
  • Revision batches: it comes without saying that revision is an important element in the preparation of every exam. Career Point, Kota provides a free revision to its regular students. These courses are scientifically prepared so that the output can be maximized in the shortest time possible, leaving students with ample time for self study.
  • Distance learning programme: there are a lot of students who feel that they can study by themselves only if they have some good course content with them. Career Point, Kota offers a holistic distance learning programmes by providing the best course curriculum to students all over the country. The course is well divided into chapters and is prepared to keep in mind, the mental ability of students at large.
  • Personal Care: who doesn’t like to be given individual attention? Career Point, Kota imparts a personal monitoring system. It keeps students in the loop by ensuring that each student feels the comfort of coaching and does not lag behind in class.
  • Motivational and academic seminars: stress-free prep can only be ensured if there are certain mechanisms that restrict burden upon students. Career Point, Kota organizes regular seminars and motivational lectures by renowned personalities so that they rejuvenate themselves and begin their prep with the same vigor and excitement.
  • Video lecture library: a library serves a dual purpose of that of ensuring a conducive environment as well as ensuring comfort. The library here at Career Point, Kota is a great place to study since one can get access to all video lectures that have been prepared and numbered beautifully. You can access the same even if you happen to miss a class. It is always better to hear the lecture from the mouth of teachers than grab half information from peers or other people.

We hope that you found the information useful. If you wish to know more about Career Point, Kota, feel free to book a personal appointment and meet its faculty. The staff here is extremely helpful and welcoming. You can also take a tour of their website to know more about their courses and offers.

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