Best 5 ways to crack JEE Mains & Advanced

1.Dream to Achieve

If you are appearing for JEE Main this year, then before anything else, have faith in yourself and your hard work. Be positive and let your mind understand that if you can dream it, then you can definitely achieve it with your sincere efforts.


Gail Devers, a three-time Olympic champion for the US Olympic Team, once said, “Keep your dreams alive. Understand, to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe”.


Coaching experts also suggest JEE Main aspirants to keep their motivation level high. Mr. Ramesh Batlish, who is the Center Head- FIITJEE (Noida center), says, “Stay calm, confident and trust yourself. Relax or indulge in meditation a day before the actual exam in order to give your best on the exam day”.


Say to yourself daily till the exam day- “I am excited about JEE Main and I can crack it easily”. This enthusiasm and positivity will surely bring better results. Having unnecessary tension will do no good.


2. Prepare a Timetable

By this time, you must have made a timetable for JEE Main Preparation. If not, then also no need to worry as you can prepare one now. One can excel in JEE Main and secure a seat in one of the best IITs, provided sincere and dedicated efforts are put towards achieving this goal. These final months are very crucial for every JEE aspirant and a proper plan is needed for the preparation. You should make a timetable to devote time to each subject as per your weaknesses and strengths.


Coaching experts also believe that having a proper timetable proves to be very helpful for the students. Shailendra Maheshwari, Director- Career Point, says, “Work according to a time table. It is better to have a plan than not to have any at all”.


A well-planned timetable will help in strategizing your preparation in the right direction. Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Director, Aakash Educational Services, suggests students to complete their syllabus by January. “Aspirants should try to finish the syllabus by January, especially fresher. As the remaining time is less, practice a little more”, he opines.


Pramod Vakacharla, who has been JEE Main Highest Scorer in past, outsmarted over 13 lakh candidates, who took the exam. Revealing his JEE Main preparation time table he says, “I dedicated around 11 hours daily on studies. I spent 4 hours on my daily classes and rest 7 hours on self-study”.


Toppers and experts agree in unison that sparing out some time to prepare a full-fledged timetable will definitely aid you in scoring well.


3. Strengthen Important & Key Concepts

This is the time when you should be working towards strengthening the most important topics of each subject- Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Not all topics carry equal weightage of marks. Some topics carry more marks, while others don’t. For example, in JEE Main Physics Syllabus of previous year, the theory part (section A) has 80% weightage while the practical component (section B) holds 20% weightage. Devoting much of your time on such topics that carry comparatively more weightage is recommended. You just need to practice such topics more.


Mr. Shailendra Maheshwari, Director- Career Point says, “Devote your time to topics as per their weightage from the examination point of view”.


Practise such topics more because if you have understood the concept behind these key topics well, then you will be able to solve a major part of the question paper correctly, which will ultimately lead you towards getting a good score.


4. Solve Previous Year Papers

By this time, you must have completed a major part of JEE Main Syllabus which means that you will be able to solve questions that appeared in last years. Solving previous year papers is the most important and required thing to do if you want to excel in JEE Main exam. JEE Main Sample Papers will provide you an insight into the type of questions, marking scheme and time duration. Solving these model papers will give you an idea about how the actual entrance exam will be.


Dr. N.K Bajaj, who has authored two books on JEE Preparation, told Careers360 in an interview, “Solving mock tests is very important to be habitual on the day of exam. It will prevent panic situations and will give you confidence as well”.


While practicing the mock tests, you will get to know your weak areas. So, you can devote much time to such topics and prepare them well. Setting a time limit while solving sample papers will improve your speed. Understanding time management during preparation will benefit you during the actual JEE Main Exam.



This time is the time to focus on your studies only, as all the other things can wait a little bit.  Don’t let any distraction come in your way during JEE Main Preparation. You can always get back on social networks and friends, but this precious time should only be dedicated for studies.


JEE Main Toppers of last year also believe that any kind of interruption can be very harmful. Parth Kothari, who grabbed Maharashtra State Rank 1 and All India Rank 11 in JEE Main Ranking,managed to get a seat in IIT Bombay. Advising JEE Main aspirants to be fully focused on preparation only, he says, “I knew that if I got indulge in friends, I could not make my way for IIT Bombay. I knew that everyone who might have felt that I am avoiding, on my success will share the happiness”.


Playing some sport occasionally or listening to soft music is recommended if you are feeling stressful after long hours of studies. Doing meditation to stay calm is also an amazing stress-buster.

Maintaining good health is essential. If you are not taking proper care of your health, then you may become sick, and suffer from weakness, headache or fever. This may disrupt your JEE Main Preparation. So, it is highly recommendable that you focus on your health, eat properly and sleep well.


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