Best 5 IAS Coaching in Srinagar

Most of you are already familiar with the beauty of Srinagar. Srinagar both historically and commercially is of great significance to India. But you haven’t seen, it’s coaching outlook or many of you are learning for the first time. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the prominent IAS coaching institutes in Srinagar. When it comes to IAS/PCS/civil services officers our minds automatically go to states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as they produce the most number of officers. Though Srinagar has not been seen as an ideal place for the IAS coaching, over the years the state has produced some of the finest talents in the civil services industry. Moreover, in 2017, 15 Jammu and Kashmir locals cracked the IAS 2017 and in 2015 9 students cracked this exam.

We have listed out the top 10 IAS coaching institutes in Srinagar tested and reviewed by our site. Student’s success ratio, end to end guidelines, proficiency of institutes, faculty competence, and fee structure are all considered. If you are a Srinagar local, then this blog will surfeit all your needs. The listed IAS coaching in Srinagar has been serving for a long time producing some of the best results in UPSC exams in the state. Both offline and online courses can be availed depending on the IAS institute in Srinaga.

List of Top 5 IAS Coaching in Chandigarh

ALS IAS Academy

ALS IAS Academy an institute where success is granted, delivering almost 20% results consistently. This institute branch in Srinagar is one of the prominent ones with quite good result ration.

The ALS IAS Academy Srinagar is house to some of the finest faculty. Moreover, teachers here concentrate on the thinking process rather than simply lecturing. They teach you in both Hindi and English medium covering a wider spectrum of subjects. The most noteworthy aspect of this coaching is that they follow a unique learning approach.

Its starts off with workshop then training programs, self-study, self-evaluation. Lastly frequent class tests and writing sessions. Also, they offer one of the best IAS coaching material. That’s why number 1 in our IAS coaching in the Srinagar list.

  • ALS IAS Academy IAS coaching in Srinagar offers the following courses:
  • General Studies Strategist Foundation
  • Optional General Studies
  • Prelim Cum Mains
  • GS MAin Fast Track Course
  • GS Prelims Test Series

The Mission IAS/KAS Academy

The Mission IAS/KAS Academy is another prominent coaching in Srinagar. Under the launch pad of Delhi’s one of the best faculty, this IAS coaching has been changing the lives of students. Right from acing all three levels of IAS – Preliminary Test, Main Examination and Personality Test it has registered a special place in the IAS industry.

Moreover, this IAS coaching inst in Srinagar gives positions every year amongst the top 30 successful students. Also up to now, over 5000 students have been helped by this coaching. Also before anything 10 teachers are employed specifically for General studies and the Institute has an exclusive education center with all the latest technology. Thuswise one of the best 10 IAS coaching in Srinagar

The Mission IAS/KAS Academy IAS coaching in Srinagar offers the following courses

  • CSAT
  • General Studies


This coaching in Srinagar offers a vision where like-minded people come and there is an equilibrium of preparation & opportunity. The Civils, Srinagar has one of the best faculty all hailing from Delhi and likewise the best coaching material in the city.

This IAS coaching in Chandigarh offers a practical approach to the judiciary exams. With obviously tremendous support from their faculty. Moreover, this IAS coaching branch packed a full punch covering all 3 sections i.e Prems, Mains and Interview. Moreover, this coaching offers foundation courses who wish to undergo preparation immediately after 10+2.

The Civils IAS coaching in Srinagar offers the following courses

  • Foundation Program

Step Up IAS

One of the prominent IAS coaching centers in Srinagar, StepUp IAS, is one to go for. They not only look after the preparation strategy but also foresees the growth track of every IAS student. They employed industry experts who outlook each and every step of students. Step Up IAS principle lies in how you programmed your whole study structure for IAS studies.

This IAS coaching institute helps students tackle this exam by supervising their strategies and availing the best of classroom coaching. Moreover, it is one of the few facilitating strategy buildups with classroom training.

Step Up IAS coaching in Srinagar offers the following courses

  • GS Foundation Course
  • Personal Guidance and Supervision

Kashmir Study Circle

Kashmir Study Circle has an overall approach when it comes to the preparation of the UPSC/civil services exam. This IAS coaching in Srinagar not only emphasizes on your study curriculum but effectively tackles the interview process too. Moreover, the teacher dignities here are very reputable and qualified personnel. So the guidance and strategies are done with the lastest IAS exam pattern & trends.

Kashmir Study Circle offers the following courses

  • General Studies

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